Steroid Experience

Better and Better

"In June 1997, I was first introduced to the gym. To say I was keen would have been an understatement! I loved working out, and the thought of me possessing a body worthy of a Greek warrior was so inspiring. So I kept going to the gym for 2 hours plus, 5 days a week. Not only that, but I was reading the magazines, taking the supplements, and generally my life revolved the gym. You could say that I had become obsessed, and unfortunately, I was skipping lectures, and bombing out at university. But never mind, who cares!? As long as I had the chics and an awesome bod, I'd be the man!! That was my line of thinking..

By the end of 1997, I had gained a few pounds of muscle, but I wasn't even ripped. Not only that but I had failed 3 papers at uni, and girls were nowhere to be seen. Nevertheless, I bought more creatine, HMB, protein powder etc...1998 was going to be my year! And it was to a certain extent. In August 1998, I had brought my bodyfat down to 9%. I was lean, however I looked like a rake because I had stripped my body of a bit of muscle during dieting. I had pulled a few gals by that stage, which made me happy. But the worst thing of all for that year was that I had failed 5 out of the 7 papers I had enrolled in at university. I was depressed..I had high hopes for making it into dentistry school. My parents/friends never even knew about my dire academic situation. I straight out lied to them - and that hurts even today! My parents were paying for university, and here I was saying I'm in dentistry school! I even faked the exam results sheet!! Those last two years were all about total destruction for me. I was a 'ripped' bag of bones due to over-training, no chics in sight, my BSc degree was a disaster, and I was telling lies to everyone! :( I knew I had to do something..

At the start of 1999, I read a bodybuilding book. The book told me how to train properly and how to avoid over-training to build muscle. It made it seem simple, so I tried the routines. Not only that, but I was determined to do well at university. I knew I could at least pass all my papers if I put my mind to it. During that year, I added 20 lbs of muscle, and I was benching 130 pounds for reps! I did manage to pass all my papers too, being awarded an A for two of them :) However, I was still not satisfied with my rate of progress at the gym. The gains were coming steadily, but I was not lean..I just looked normal - a far cry from my goal of achieving Greek God status!!

During the year 2000, I continued with my gym work. Pushing the poundages up and up. Up to this point, I knew about steroids, but I was so adamant about not taking them. I don't know why, but I thought that all steroids would make you go bald, get 'bitch-tits' etc..and I even thought the pros were just using whey powder and creatine!!

I started doing a lot of research about steroids online. The thought of becoming superhuman and 'one-of-a-kind' by using these substances were a dream come true. I learned that if steroids were used in excessive dosages, side effects would come into play. I learned about all the different steroids, their dosages, the use of anti-estrogens etc. Next I started reading the discussion boards everyday. This kinda became a hobby for me inbetween my studies. My 'research' lasted about 3 months, and then during November I made an order from an overseas supplier. My order was for Deca, 200mg a week for 6 weeks. I wanted to start out on the minimal amount of juice since my body had not been primed with steroids, good gains would still be possible. The first injection didn't pose any problems. I was nervous at first, but after injecting in the quad, I wondered why I was worried at was so easy! I made a few gains off the Deca..about 5 pounds of quality muscle. My lifts went up too :) My bodyfat was about %14, but that didn't concern me..My experimental first cycle was a success. I started out planning my next cycle for April 2001. It was going to be 500mg Sustanon every week for 8 weeks. Oh by the way, my grades were even better than last year. I got all A's and I completed my BSc degree. I even got into dentistry at last :):) Plus I had a steady girlfriend too..Life was good :)

At the start of 2001 I set out a few goals. By the end of August I wanted to bench 220 pounds for reps, and then from August onwards I wanted to drop my bodyfat to single digits but still keep my strength. In March I received my supply of Sustanon, and I commenced with my bulking cycle. I ate 3500+ calories a day, trained hard and injected. By week 5 I had gained about 10 pounds, but my strength was not soaring like other users of Sus said it would. By the end of my cycle I was up another 5 pounds, but still my strength hadn't boosted by much. Looking back, I think I was using fake Sustanon :( I didn't have any acne, my balls hadn't shrunk, no pain after yeah I guess it wasn't real Sust.) My lifts were still becoming a bit more respectable however. 280 lbs for squats, 200 lbs bench, bodyfat was 16%.

Now it's August and I've just received the goods for my summer cutting cycle. I'm going to do 16 weeks of Equipoise at 400mgs/week, and 50mgs Winstrol everyday from week 10 to week 16. I've got the bulk now, so hopefully my dream of being a Greek God will become a reality by summer time :) The extra knowledge of steroids/training/dieting has definitely helped so far.

So far, I am happy with what steroids have done for me. I started off slow and steady,and used a minimal amount of a relatively safe steroid. I haven't even touched D-bol yet, but when I do, I know I'll be all the better for it. DO YOUR RESEARCH, and know what kind of substance you're sticking into yourself! Remember, there are numerous fakes floating around out there, so be careful. Good luck!!:)" •

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