Steroid Experience

A 94 MPH fast ball

"I am a 20 year old college baseball player. With all the hype that is going on in the media about the pro's jucing, it just seemed inevitable that I would someday be taking steroids. Through out my high school days, I had taken every supplement under the sun. From protein to creatine, glutamine to growth hormones, andro to, well, you get the picture. All of the negative hype about anabolic steroids made it sort of taboo for me.

Then it all happened one day in my dorm room. The background picture on my computer was of Barry Bonds. He was hitting a 98 m.p.h. fastball about 450 feet. Then it all came to me and I said, out loud, to my roomate. 'I am gonna do it. I'm gonna shoot up...I ain't got anything to lose.'We both got very excited and I did about a week of research on the net and found some pretty good prices. Finally I decided to buy about 2 months worth of Sustanon 250, Dianabol, and Clomid.

I'm a pitcher and I ended the spring with my fastball at 84 m.p.h. After taking the cycle for 2 months, I had no side effects whatsoever. I have a pretty rough lifting regimen, but who doesn't. At the end of the cycle, I put on 20 pounds of pure, lean mass, and I am so cut up that you would just have to see it...a written description would not do me justice. I was put on the gun yesterday, topping out at 94 m.p.h.

This is a testament to the Sustanon/Dianabol cycle I took. It cost me about $250, as I found out that you get what you pay for in the supplement industry. I would definately consider taking another cycle in the future. We have a saying in college baseball about making it to the playoffs and making it to the next level. 'Whatever it Takes!' I definately feel that taking anabolic steroids is one of those whatevers that it takes!" •

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