Steroid Experience

Crazy About My Hot, Steroid Built Muscle Mass

"I'm an italian 18 years old and i started with roids at 16 in jannuary of 2000.I lived in a ill-famed quarter with a very hot situation, everytime i went out i came to beat and plundered litle money i had. This was until 14 wnen after three years of abasement i decided to twist my life.I wanted to get strongest and bigget to beat everyone was looking for trouble.I started boxing and a grat oriental art kung-fu.I worked with perseverance and devotement driven by great motives, i totally neglected every entertainment (not that before i was joyous, treatted like a punk and a scarce success with girls) and i took more crap in a year than a normal person does in 5-6 years.

Now i needed only more power,i was knowing powerlifting.My coach told me to get especially a big bench (triceps, pects, deltoids) essentially together curl with bar(biceps) to make fists very strong.When i started i was tall 180cm and weighted 73kg ( 6 0" 160 lib. for americns) and i could lift only 50 kg\\110 in bench press and 80 kg \\176 in deadlift and i don't want talk about curling.After six munth with powerlifting methods and discovered excellent genetics i already could easy reps with 100 kg in bench press and 160 in deadlift uniequipped 15 years and half old weighted 78 kg.

Anyway to exploit genetics at my best i needed much time and i hadn't so i decided to start a roids cycle and asked them to a pusher just out of gym.I saw him again ten days later , he scraped-up halostein, oxandrolone , anadriol , which i paid him in five rates. I was very exited and so i started immediately with 10 tabs a day of oxandrolone 260 mg anadriol 40 mg halostein for eight weeks except for halostein after 4 weeks when i heared that two 17-alpha\\epa-toxic (oxand,halostein) are too dangerous in the same cycle.

At fourth week of cycle i weigthed 88 kg with 8% bodyfat and i gained other two kilos(lean mass) until end of cycle and the strengh was incredible. I ' ve just turned 16 and i could lift 160 kg\\350lib for easy reps and a 1RM with 185kilos (400lib) i worked for explosive for twich-fast-fibers with 90 kg\\200lib my deadlift 1RM was up 230 kg(500lib.) and i could curling 3 reps with 105 kg\\230lib!!!!!!My strengh was really terrificant everyone even in my hood was frightened about me no more someone wanted to disturb me but now i wanted to use my strengh and strong aggressive caused by roids, the girls was crazy about me say that i was hot and my mass muscle (46 cm\\18,5 inches) armsand strengh exite them.

By this moment my life became a hell, lost the guide of kung-gu oriental influence(with this strengh i felt like a god so i left the kung-fu) thinking only to f--k often with girls sometimes with prostitutes(my testosterone levels ware about 400-500mg a week) thinking only to beat (i don't yet know now how many fight i was in, once i 've beat a security disco addicted who didn't want that i entered) and other criminal records.In this period i knew a beatigul girl and i fell in love.I thought only about her and naturally about roids which i took periodically, but with her dangerous side mind effects were less. the stengh gained a bit together 4 kg leanmass but she left me.

I returned on violence way to find peace hurting other person until i understood that was the moment to growth now in mind.I entered in a church where i met a great reverende who turned ligths at real importance of life and real way to go on, don't fight parents who are looking for our best, respect everyone love brotherliness and other important moral-laws like these .i changed so that i left roids, violence and old world back.

i continue with powerlifting drug-free and i want to have the same strengh like i used them.i've almost reached it i can lift now 185kg \\400lib. 1Rm deadlift 215 kg\\485lib 1Rm curl with bar 1Rm 100kg \\220lib! and weight 94 kg with 10%bodyfat but i've great genetics like said at the beginning.the reality is for most people this power is impossible drug-free, it's right to use anabolic steroids for a normal person who strongly desire lifting so, i'm not contradicting, because i m not moralist. i believe who desn't have right genetics can use roids but i'm also saying that those who can get bigger and stronger naturally have not to assume them especially for dangerous minds created by their side effects i prooved in my experience.Hey men to make it short if you have great genetics use them totally with heavy workouts long recovery and big food, if you are normal and want to get strongest and biggest show the balls and get them heavly.Good luck!!" •

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