Steroid Experience

First injection

"I did my first cycle at the age of 22. I had been lifting seriously for 9 years and was 5'10" 215lbs at around 17% bf. My goal, the whole time I had been lifting, was to get that thick, cut muscular look like the guys on the cover of Men's Health. After continually bulking and cutting, bulking and cutting I was very disapointed with my results. I was never able to put on muscle without getting fat and I was never able to lose body fat without stripping off all of the muscle and strength I had just spent the last year building up.

One day I was buying my normal suppliments creatine, hydroxycut, ZMA...the works. I noticed that there were new pro-hormone stacks on the market. I resolved to buy one of these expensive stacks the next time I went into the store. The next week I went to the store with money in hand and spoke to the owner. He was a huge guy and a succesful competitve bodybuilder. No one needed to tell me that he was juicin' but he was going on and on about how he took this stack of andro-somethin'. I realized how stupid i was being. I knew that only real gear would give me the results I wanted...but, by resolving myself to take the andro stack I had really resolved myself to use real gear.

I have never been the type to do anything haphazardly. I bought all the books i could find. When I had read them all and had a good understanding of how all of the basic steriods worked I bought a subscription to an online steriod board. I read and read and read some more. It was the first thing I did when i woke up in the morning and it was the last thing i did when i went to sleep at night.

Finally after a couple of months of research and saving I decided to do a cycle of finaplix, winsterol, equipoise and testosterone propinate with clenbuterol and T3. This cycle was supposed to do every thing i wanted. Help me add a few pounds of muscle, dramaticly cut body fat and increase my strength. I remember the anticipation of waiting for all of my packages to arrive so could get started. I ordered finaplix pellets from one supplier, a fina conversion kit from another,pins from an online store, half of my gear from a friend online and the other half from yet another supplier.

I had done everything right...planned out my cycle to the day for the next few months, searched everywhere for the best prices, run the cycle past my buddies online...everything was falling into place. When my fina kit arrived I had already been saving the fina pellets in the fridge for about a week and in a stupid rush I managed to screw up the conversion. When I received my next kit I very carefully made my fina and set up everything so that i could do my first shot the next day...NINE MONTHS after I started my research.

Early the next morning I loaded up my first syringe with 200mgs of equipoise. I can still see that damned pin staring at me. That 1.5 inches of 22 gauge steel tubing scared the s--t out of me. For half an hour I scrubbed the skin on my thigh with alcohol as though convinced that it had become unsanitary in the minute since I'd scrubed it last. Finally I summoned all of my balls thinking of how long I'd waited, how much money I'd invested and how many girls would want me when I looked like a cover model and I sunk that frickin needle into my thigh as hard as I could.

My whole quad seized up and my leg was a stiff and strait as it had ever been in my life. I aspirated looking at a weird bubble of pinkish liquid floating out of the needle and then slowly pressed to plunger down, shooting the oil deep into the muscle. As time went on the cycle called for everyday shots and I came to look forward to them. My strength shot way up and so did my weight. The problem though was that I wanted to cut weight and ate too much to accomplish that goal because I liked the strength gains. I also didn't eat enough to see any real signifigant size gains cause I wanted to lose fat. Ultimatly at the end of the cycle after freaking myself out with the T3 and clen (nearly gave myself a heart attack) and learning the hard way why mixing prop and winstrol is a bad idea (couldn't walk for 4 days) I had managed to stay almost the exact same weight as when I started. Only now I was a bit leaner and way stronger.

Following the cycle I had severe mood swings, dizziness from the clomid, panic attacks and depression. I know now that I went way too crazy with my first cycle and I learned a lot. Fist of all I am going to do another cycle soon...but of only winstrol and primo using signifigantly less gear. The first cycle left me with gyno under my left nipple and i have no intention of having it flare up worse than it already has. I also want to see how much benefit i can get from gear if i really watch my diet. I have been making great natural gains since coming off steriods in the last six months. I believe that the one cycle may have had a positive effect on how much muscle my body can hold naturally.

My advice to anyone looking into using steroids for the first time would be to learn as much as you can before you even think about taking a pill or sticking yourself. Steroids really do have psychological effects and I strongly urge you to use milder gear first to see how you react before jumping right into using heavy androgens like fina. Even after all of the crap that I put myself through, the close calls using T3 and the terrible depression that followed my cycle, I am going to use gear again. You feel so good on them and they work so well that it is hard to train natural ever again. My hope is that some of you will read this and decide not to use steroids and that others will take the time to learn how to use them safely. Happy training.

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