Exercise Time


By Demetrius

It was quite a while before the tent quieted down. The screaming and moaning continued as Gregor kept showing off his chest to the frenzied crowd. They all wanted him, especially Ralph!

Paul stood in disbelief as he watched the turmoil and he continued to try and speak to Ralph who just stood there jacking off. Marco had been watching the boys since the pec demonstration had begun, and he had been formulating a plan. Smiling, Marco motioned for quiet, and walked up next to Gregor. "That was indeed successful, I must say. I believe I have all of my money back. So, now for part two," he said. "Gregor! STILL!" And Gregor stopped flexing his chest and moved his hands back to his sides. He waited, still looking ahead with the same blank stare. "You may have wondered," continued Marco, "why Gregor wears such a long skirt of leather instead of a posing brief or other suitable attire. Well, gentlemen, observe!"

And Marco began to slowly remove the "leather skirt" from Gregor's waist. As he pulled it away breathless murmers came from the crowd as they saw a penis 12" long, as thick as a baseball bat, still absolutly flaccid and resting between Gregor's mammouth thighs. Below it hung a ballsack filled with two balls that were the size of oranges! "Gregor, ERECTION!", said Marco. Just like that, Gregor began to grow! 13"! 15"! 17!" his tool was stiffening until it stood out 20" in front of his body, parallel to the floor! "WEIGHT ONE!" Marco called, and the youngest child, 135 lbs., stepped forward and took an inclined push-up position using Gregor's dick as his perch. "NOW!" said Marco , and the child did 25 push-ups without even moving the erection. It never dropped a centimeter. "WEIGHT THREE!" said Marco, and the first child moved back into place as a 145 lb. child came forward and took his place under Gregor's pole in an incline pull-up position. "NOW! said Marco, and the child performed 25 pull-ups on the rod of steel. Gregor never moved or blinked, as if he didn't know it was happenng. "WEIGHTS TWO AND FOUR!" called Marco, as a 135 and 155 lb. "weight" came forward. The second "weight" moved back into place as two and four climbed up and straddled the rigid dick. IT NEVER MOVED! "Gregor, RED PILL!" shouted Marco, and Gregor opened the pouch at his side and swollowed one of the red pills. "ENLARGE!", called Marco, and Gregor's already massive dong began to grow with the 290 lbs. still in place. 21"! 22"! 25-28-30"! It was mindblowing. "WEIGHTS FIVE AND SIX!" called Marco, and 2-165 lb. teenagers added their weight to Gregor's two and a half foot pole. A total of 640 lbs. riding the monster cock! As Marco yelled "POSITIONS!" The childred held on to Gregor's dick. Gregor lifted his massive arms and locked his hands behind his head. "EXERCISE! shouted Marco, and Gregor started to pump the 640 lb. "weights" up and down in a smooth rhythmic motion. Only his dick moved; the rest of his body stayed motionless. He closed his eyes and smiled a broad smile as he savored the feeling of having his monster dick exercised.

"Gregor can contine to perform this exercise until I tell him to stop. He can lift as much as 1000 lbs, with his penis over 300 times, so this weight and repetition will cause him no problem. Now while he does this, I am going to need a volunteer from the audience." Hands shot up everywhere. "Here", said Marco, crossing to Paul and Ralph, "are my volunteers." Ralph stood motionless, unhearing, staring at Gregor's bucking cock. He was hard as a rock, and was slowly stroking himself with a slight smile on his face. "Get away from me, fag!" shouted Paul, and leave Ralph alone, too! "WEIGHTS THIRTY-SEVEN AND THIRTY-EIGHT! called Marco calmly. And two 315 lb. Mr. Olympia types stepped forward. They had 28" biceps and surpassed any professional bodybuilder in sheer mass."HOLD HIM!" Marco said to weight thirty-seven. Paul thought, "I can take this shithead! He's got 50 lbs. on me, but I can flatten him!" As Paul swung at him, weight thirty-seven reached up and stopped his fist with one hand. Paul winced with pain and tried to swing with his other hand. Thud! His other hand was trapped in a second vice. He cried out in pain. Suddenly his hands were behind his back and he was struggling unsuccessfully to get free. "WEIGHT THIRTY-EIGHT, OUT! shouted Marco, and with one punch thirty-eight sent Paul off to dreamland. "Take him to Gregor," said Marco. And thirty-eight bent down and threw Paul over his right shoulder, and walked to the center of the tent where Gregor continued to pump his dick. He dropped Paul in front of Gregor. Thirty-eight and thirty-seven went back to their places.

Ralph hadn't moved. He was mesmerized by Gregor. His body, his eyes, his smile. He was entranced by this 16-year-old super human! "GREGOR, STOP! called Marco, and the pumping ceased immediately. The same blank look returned to Gregor's face. His arms were lowered to his sides, but his dick remained rigid. "WEIGHTS! PLACES!" said Marco, and the four returned to their places.

"GREGOR! BLUE PILL!" said Marco, and Gregor took a blue pill from the pouch and swollowed it. Immediately his erection began to change again. It was moving from it's lowered rigid position slowly up into a perpendicular position. At the same time it increased in length again! 35"-37"-39"! Thirty-nine inches and pointing straight to heaven. It was 12 inches around, resting perfectly between Georg's two humongous pecs.

"WEIGHTS SEVEN AND EIGHT!" called Marco, and two 165-lb. 14-year- olds moved forward. They were only 5'3' tall but had 24" arms and 58-inch chests! "LIFT HIM!" said Marco to the boys, and they scooped Paul up off of the floor, still unconscious, and held him off the ground with their arms extended above their heads. Paul was 6' 9" in the air, facing the Gregor's abs! Paul's feet were 6" off of the floor. He looked like he was being offered in sacrifice to this god. "GREGOR, LIFT!" said Marco, and Gregor looked 2' below him to the top of Paul's head! He lowered his arms slowly, and lifted the unconscious Paul to his eye level, effortlessly holding him in place. Seven and eight returned to their places. Paul's feet were now dangling almost three feet off of the floor, and he was slowly gaining consciousness. Opening his eyes he saw a face before him. Paul tried to fight, but couldn't struggle in the monster's grip. "GREGOR, PREPARE HIM!" Marco shouted, and Gregor turned Paul toward the audience and then held him in one hand! Paul was sitting in the left palm of this giant, muscle stud, 16-year old! Gregor's bicep bulged as he lightly bounced Paul in his palm like a baby. The crowd roared! Then Gregor started to rip Paul's clothing off. He grabbed the muscle-T and RIP!!! it was gone! Gregor laid Paul chest down in his right hand, and grabbed his shorts by the rear. RIP!!!! Paul felt the pain as his shorts shreaded and disappeared. He wore a jock, no underwear. Gregor grabbed Paul by the jock, and held him out in front of him for the audience to see. The monster had Paul suspended in mid-air with one hand!

"DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!" shouted the crowd. "Do what?" Paul freaked! Slowly Gregor lifted Paul high above his head. He was being held at least 11' high, as if he was the torch on the statue of liberty. He could see Gregor below him, staring into the crowd. "Show the people your prize, Gregor. NOW!" Then Gregor began to walk around with Paul, showing him off to everyone. As he passed his screaming fans he began to raise and lower Paul like a dumbbell! 220-lbs. of flesh being used as if it was nothing. 30 reps. 50 reps. Then Gregor threw Paul toward his left and caught him with his left hand. Then he pressed him for 50 more reps as the audience screamed and cheered. "DO IT! DO IT!" they called. Paul was fully awake now, and totally realized what was going on. "Ralph!," he screamed. "Help me!" But Ralph couldn't hear him. He was too busy stroking himself and getting off on the power of this incredible kid. •

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