The Totem Pole


By Demetrius

Paul was completely conscious now. He could hear the roar of the crowd, and he was fully aware that he was suspended far above the ground, at the mercy of this man-machine! He kicked. He wiggled! He tried to resist, but he was held firmly. There was no escape. Marco was leading the crowd into complete bedlam. He was loving it. They would soon be at the point where they would do anything he said. He was a pro at this. He knew how to work a crowd! "Gregor!" he yelled above the roar, "ENTER HIM!" And the monster slowly looked up at Paul, staring at the doll that had been given to him to "play with." He looked into the crowd again, and stared with his emotionless face. Not moving. Then, it appeared. A sickly sweet smile. Toothfilled! Broad. He had what he wanted. A toy like a regular man would buy in some porno shop to get himself off. He took hold of the "little man" he had above him and slowly the insertion began. The tip. The most difficult to take, but the most satisfying to Gregor. Two inches. Five. Paul was screaming. The crowd was roarng! Eight! Ten! He could feel the rod inside him, passing near his navel. He cried out, screaming screams that drove the crowd wild. Fifteen. Eighteen. The monster was somewhere below his chest and still coming. Twenty. Twenty-three!... and Gregor stopped. Paul's cries ceased as he waited. He couldn't take any more! NO MAN COULD! He was writhing in pain. And as suddenly as Gregor had stopped, he began a pumping motion that plunged Paul up and down on his shaft. It was like being attached to a jack hammer. Rapid, quick, short thrusts.

Up-down-up-down-up-down-up....fast jerks, like a vibrator. And with each repetition Gregor's pole sank a fraction of an inch deeper into Paul. Gregor knew how to do this. He could make the doll take his full 39" a little at a time.

Paul was past hurt. He was delirious. He figured he was going to pass out. The dick was somewhere near his throat! Would he just suffocate and die suspended on this massive prick? But he could still breathe! Why? He should be dying, but he was still taking short, even breaths supplied by oxygen from where? Gregor's shaft? And then it happened! The end of the pole shot out of Paul's mouth, causing his head to thrust straight into the air. Forcing him to look up. Unable to straighten his head. The beanstalk continued to rise! 28"! 35"! 39"!!!!!!!!! And it stopped. Gregor stood still, with his hands at his sides, as if he was doing a lat-spread, heaving breaths that made his goliath pecs rise and fall. He loved this! He looked out into the crowd. The crowd was stunned. Silence fell. Paul passed out. Nothing moved except Georg's massive chest. There stood the giant with a 6 foot tall man, 230 lbs., suspended 15" off of the floor, his entire body's weight resting on this titanic dick, with a full 12" of cock flowing from his mouth. Then Paul started to stir. He wanted to yell, to cry out for help, but he couldn't. Something blocked his sound. He throat was full. He couldn't make a noise. His feet were off of the ground, he was looking up, and the only control seemed to be in his arms. He started to try and lift himself, useing Gregor's waist as support. Gregor didn't move. Didn't bat an eye. "Gregor!," shouted Marco as Paul continued to struggle.

"TAKE HIM OUT!" And Gregor allowed his dick to drop slowly into a prone position, lowering Paul until he was perpendicular to the floor, his body facing down toward the hay and dirt, his eyes looking straight at the crowd. Marco shouted "NOW!" And Gregor flexed his dick, causing it to fly up toward his pecs of steel with Paul along for the ride. CRASH! The back of Paul's head hit the mounds of granite, and Paul was knocked unconscious again, resting on Gregor's pole. "Twenty-five!" called Marco. Secure him!" And as Gregor waited, Twenty-five ripped Paul's jock off of him and used it to tie Paul securly to Gregor's waist. Paul's 10' erection was exposed, pointing outward for the crowd to see. He was caught. Gregor and Paul existed as one being. When Gregor turned, Paul turned, If Gregor walked, Paul "walked." Ralph just stared at the sight...and he was envious! He wanted - needed to feel the power of this god. But still, he never moved. "Twenty-three, twenty-four; TOTEM POLE FORMATION!" shouted Marco, and the fraternal monsters crossed slowly over to the mesmerized Ralph, and lifted him like a docile, unresisting baby and carried him to Gregor. "Gregor, NOW!" called Marco, as Gregor accepted Ralph from the muscle studs, holding him out in front of his massive body for the awakening Paul to see. Slowly Gregor turned Ralph around to face the crowd and then raised him high above his head. Then carefully, gently, he fastened him firmly on the 12 inches of his cock rising from Paul's mouth. Paul's face was pressed firmly against Ralph's ass.

"Now, while we set up for a little demonstration, I always think it's best if Gregor begins his workouts with a little road work. 'Gregor, LAPS!" called Marco, and Gregor began to move. Lumbering at first, thrusting his massive tree trunk thighs into motion. He ran around the main ring of the tent, doing his laps with Paul and Ralph suspended on his erection, staring stupidly ahead, their bodies being pumped by the movement of the enormous stud. The crowd was again in a frenzy. Shouting, calling to Gregor as he made his second lap. His chest muscles flexed and relaxed; his arms pumped as he glided across the tent. "BOOM! BOOM" went his feet as they hit the ground. Gregor was working up a sweat, his body beginning to glisten in the lights of the circus tent. Paul and Ralph just rode along barely aware of the motion. A platform - the type you see at power lifting events, was being moved into place. All of the "weights" were moving into place around the platform as they had done many timesbefore. Gregor was completing his 6th lap and his chest was tremendously pumped from the workout. He carried his own body weight, plus 440 extra pounds which he easily managed! The crowd cheered and counted the laps each time Gregor ran past. "EIGHT!" they shouted! Ralph was in a state of euphoria and Paul was still trying to understand just what was happening to him. The moving Totem Pole went on! •

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