The Game


By Demetrius

The lights dimmed, and Marco stepped from the chariot. As he removed his cape murmers and gasps came from the crowd. What's the big freakin' deal?" Paul remarked to Ralph. "Pretty ordinary looking to me. Must be a bunch of homos. Getting so excited about a man! And a pretty run of the mill one, at that."

Marco spoke. "From your reactions, you like what you see." The crowd howled in agreement. "This arm," he said, as he flexed the 20-inch bicep for the crowd, is a result of my first MONTH of experimentation with a serum which I developed 43 years ago. I began taking the formula when I was 17 years old.

"So what?" said Paul," a 60 year old guy in pretty good shape. I can beat anything he's got. Look at how these guys are reacting to him. It's embarrassing. Bunch of queens! My arms are a good two inches bigger than his." And he flexed to prove it. Ralph and Paul then realized Marco was looking right at them.

"I know from the reactions of the crowd," Marco continued," that you can't believe it's true, but I am 60 years old. The serum, you see, is very special. It not only gives you phenomenal physical strength and bodily perfection, but it slows the ageing process too!" With that he did a lat spread that caused the audience to yell, and then the yell turned into a cheer. He shifted to a side chest pose that caused another sensation in the crowd.

Paul just laughed and threw back his head. "Hey, double-bi for this guy, Ralphy. NOW!" And they both struck poses that Marco could plainly see. "Now stand up and turn around, Ralph," Paul said. "Side chest for the queens. NOW!" . Some of the audience members reacted to the two 17-year old studs, and they whistled and clapped. Having gotten the reaction they wanted, the boys slapped their usual high five and sat down again.

Marco ignored them, and went on. He had plans for them later."I am just the beginning of the line. I gave the serum to all of my sons who are now standing behind me. I changed the formula slightly with each of their births. As you can see as you look at number 1 to number 11 the results only continued to astound me. I have shown you my 20-inch arm, but even the smallest of my sons has surpassed me with a 22-inch arm, and all of his other measurements have surpassed mine, too. The increases should be obvious to you, right down to my 11th son who has a 25-inch arm."

"I'll have that by next summer," Paul boasted to Ralph, easily! Let's get on to something good." Marco heard the conversation, and again ignored the boys.

"I contined to work with the formula carefully," Marco said, "and soon I discovered I could regulate the size of a developing human's body parts by a slight change in the chemicals I mixed with the juice of our berries. As my children began to have children, I administered dosages to them that formed the bodies you see in the group of 60 to my left."

"But tonight you have come here to see a phenomenon. My sons are here only to show you the beinnings of the experimental stages. They will be available after the show to answer questions and speak to you about the formula. My grandsons, however, are here for a different purpose, as you will soon see."

Ralph and Paul looked over the group that contained the 9-year-old and all of the other light-heavy and heavy weight bodybuilder types. THEY had something to show. "Move this granddad off the stage," Paul said. He was ready for the real beef to show off. "So now, it is time to introduce you to my crowning achievement. My greatest experiment. From his birth until tonight, his 16th birthday, he has been given twice the dosage I gave to any of my sons or other grandsons. He has been exercised twice daily since he was 6 years old - working with free weights and machines, running, and swimming. His progress has been incredible. He has been fed only the formula I created. By age 8 he was 5' tall, 125 lbs. and could bench press 175 lbs. By 12 he was 6'3" and weighed 300. His bench was 450. A 12 year old lifting 450 pounds! After hitting puberty, he has grown beyond my wildest expectations because of a simple fomula from the berries of a tree that grows right on my farm. Think what you could achieve with only a little of this formula. But more about that later."

"Now, gentemen, I present to you a phenomenon, a living, breathing, massive gargantuan, a superlative freak of super genetics and nature, the largest man on the planet today. My grandson. Gregor!"

Music began to play. It sounded like the theme from the movie "2001." From the ceiling a platform was being lowered. All of the lights in the room dimmed to black, and four huge spotlights turned onto the platform making it's way to the ground. The crowd was chanting and whistling. Descriptions, any descriptions are unworthy. He was incredibly tall, had a completely shaved head and the chistled facial features of Adonis. The crowd hushed in awe as they began to get glimpses of him.

As the platform continued to slowly fall, Marco went on. "Gentlemen, what you see before you has bodily proportions that mankind has only dreamed of. Calves: 29 inches! Thighs: 42 inches! The men were gasping. Chest: 77 inches, shoulders: 92 inches, tapering down to a 31 inch waist! A difference of 61 inches, gentlemen! Wrist: 14 inches, Forearm: 24 inches, and biceps," he paused" 41 inches! 15 inches bigger then any known human." People cheered and yelled.

His neck, what little there was of it, was exactly the size of his head. The neck was attached to two shoulders with truly basketball-shaped deltoids. It was impossible for this creature to see the crowd below him, because his chest stuck out from his body at least 9-12." What a phenomenal shelf they created. His arms were at his side, but they stuck out almost parallel to the ground because his massive lat development wouldn't allow him to lower his arms any further! He had the most incredible 8-pak. And his quads! What were these things that should have been his legs? Muscle on muscle. Veins bulging! Calves of granite.

He wore a brown leather wrap around his waist (the type you might see Hercules in in those old movies) and sandals that were laced along his powerful legs and calves. He had some sort of pack at his right hip, held in place by a black leather belt. He never moved. He never waivered as the platform completed it's descent, and the herculean giant was deposited safely onto the ground.

"Ralph!" No answer. "Ralph. Still none. "Ralph, he's 16! Just 16!," Paul said as he stared at the god before him. Ralph hadn't spoken. Nor was he going to. He had turned slightly away from Paul because he didn't want him to know that he was as hard as a rock, and his 10" erect dick was sticking out of the bottom of his shorts. "Ralph," Paul called out again. "Look at his eyes, how blank they are. He just stares straight ahead." And suddenly Paul stopped speaking. Gregor, as if he had heard Paul above all of the noise of the crowd, turned his head in a machine-like way and stared right into Paul's eyes.

Marco quieted the crowd, and again addressed them. "I see you are impressed with my creation. Now for a little demonstration, would all of you please stand?"

And the crowd obeyed, mesmerized. Even Ralph (now with his hard-on under control) and Paul stood. "Now, I have a $100 bill for any man who can keep from getting a hard-on while we play this little game. We will play until there is only one man who isn't erect. If at any time you fail the test, you must return all of your earned money to me."

"Please!" said Paul. $100 bucks a try. Ralph, we're about to be able to afford those 'roids after all!" Ralph was silent.

"GREGOR!" called Marco. "Double bicep pose, 'NOW!' " POW! The monster obeyed. His solid steel came to life! What a sight! The peaks of his biceps were as high as his head! Marco moved in front of him and began to pound on Gregor's arms. He made hard, direct hits that didn't cause any movement at all! Men suddenly looked down as their cocks began to harden. They were hardening just because this hulk was showing them his arms. Bulges were everywhere! "Now, gentlemen, do we have any winners?" Only about 400 hands went up in the crowd of 900. 400 men had resisted the sight. Marco smiled as his sons distributed the $40,000.00. He wasn't worried. Ralph and Paul were $100 richer! "Congratulations to the winners. The losers should keep playing anyway. Ready?"

Marco turned to Gregor who was still holding the double bicep pose. "Gregor, 'NOW!' POW! Gregor went to a massive tricep pose! Mounds of horseshoe shaped flesh sprang to attention on Gregor's incredible arm. The sound of underwear ripping was obvious. Men were so hard their dicks were breaking out of their underwear. The men who had hardened before found their rods stiffening and tearing through the cloth in their pants. 550 men stood there in front of Gregor, fully erect. Another 250 had begun to bulge. Try as they might, they couldn't stop it from happening.

"Hands!" said Marco. "How many of you do we have left. Ah, only about 100. Those of you that lost, please return your money to my sons, and, once again congratulations to the winners.

Paul looked down. Ralph had stiffened! Paul was shocked. "Ralph!", he yelled. Ralph just looked down, trying to get his eyes off Gregor. Marco was still $2000.00 poorer, and he aimed to get it back. The other 100 men, holding $200 each were ready for the next step. "OK, gentlemen, I think my point is almost made, and our little game is almost over. Gregor, 'NOW!" Gregor moved his hands to the front of his massive chest and ever so slightly rubbed one of his massive pecs as he spoke! "BOOM!" uttered Gregor! And he flexed his right pec and smiled. That was it. Clothing tore, shorts came completely off. Sweatpants enlarged to their fully stretched capacity.The rest of the 100 had hardened immediately - including Paul! 900 men with stiffened cocks standing in the middle of a tent, fully erect. All of them were shouting for Gregor, cheering him, swooning at the sight of him. To work them up even more, Marco once again gave the "NOW!" command to Gregor, and he started flexing his massive arms and pecs AT THE SAME TIME, in rhythm, driving the men into a frenzy. The entire time Gregor kept calling out, 'BOOM! BOOM!' as he flexed his pecs - left then right. 'BOOM!' 'BOOM!' 'BOOM!' 'BOOM!' he kept repeating as men were shooting all over the tent. Moaning, screaming, sighing, clothes ripping. 'BOOM! 'BOOM! 'BOOM! Gregor kept saying as he alternated his right and left arms and flexed his mountainous pecs. Men were fainting, swooning! All watching this massive muscle god, standing there just flexing his pecs and biceps. •

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