Atomic Muscle


By Corwin

When Saylor came to, he was on the floor seated next to a wall. He tried to move his arms, but they were bound to his sides. He looked down, and saw that steel I-beams had been wrapped around his chest and legs. It held his arms firm to his sides. He tried to bend his legs to stand, but he couldn't bend the beam around his legs. He was trapped.

As his head cleared, he could hear Butch and Becky in their bedroom. Becky was such a muscle slut, he should have known that she'd want to bed massive Butch as soon as possible. He looked toward Derek's room, and noticed his son peaking out the door. As soon as their eyes met, his son came running to him.

"Daddy!" Derek said, but Saylor hushed him.

"Whisper boy. Don't want Butch to hear you," but they hadn't. Becky's screams and moans had drowned out Derek's shout. "What happened after I was knocked out?" Saylor asked.

"Mommy and the mean man talked. Then the mean man jumped off the balcony like you do, but he jumped up and over like he could fly. Then he came back with those metal things and wrapped them around you. Are they made of clay, Daddy?"

"No Derek. He's just very strong."

"Not stronger than you, Daddy. You're the strongerest."

Saylor chuckled. "Not anymore. The bad man has Daddy's belt, and he's using it to be stronger than me."

"Oh, he took the belt off when he went into the bedroom with Mommy."

"He did?!"

"Ya. Mommy told him to pull it tighter and he did, then he took it off."

"Do you know how tight he pulled it?"

"Ya, I counted. He made it go to the eighth hole. I can count bigger than that. His body got all big and puffy, then they went into Mommy's room and he put the belt on the back of the door."

Saylor thought for a second, then said, "Little man. Daddy's in trouble. The bad man wants to hurt Daddy. He took Daddy's belt, and I need it back. Do you think you can get it for me without the bad man seeing?"

"Sure Daddy. I don't like the bad man. I don't like what he did to you. You gotta beat him up, and I want to help. I'll be real quiet and get your belt." With that, Derek ran down the hall to Becky's room. The moans coming from the room didn't change, as Derek came running back down the hall with the belt on his shoulder.

"Isn't that heavy little man?"

"Nah. The belt likes me." As Derek said that, the belt made a slight crackle. Saylor knew his belt weighed over a hundred pounds. The Doctor needed to make it heavy to hold all the power. Saylor had thought Derek would need to drag the belt down the hall, but his son treated it like it was just an ordinary belt. He knew Derek was a special child, smarter than other kids. Apparently, he had some affinity with the belt, but Saylor didn't have time to worry about this now.

"Bring it here son. Good. Now, can you get it around my waist?" Saylor flexed his abs and forced himself away from the wall. He could barely move, the I-beam was so heavy and Saylor was weakening, but he forced himself. Slowly, he managed to straighten an inch or so, but it was enough. Derek's small hands reached behind his Dad, and he threaded the belt around Saylor's waist. "Good boy. Now, can you put the leather through the buckle?" Derek smiled. He was helping his Dad and together they would beat the bad man. Derek slid the leather through the buckle.

Saylor took a breath. Now the hard part. Saylor forced his arm near the belt buckle. Slowly, his fingers got the end of the leather. He forced his hand to get a good grip. Then he pulled. Hard.

The buckle crackled and the power returned to him. His depleted muscles began to harden. As he forced the buckle past the second notch, he began to grow. The I-beam tried to contain his mass, but Saylor would have none of it. He pulled harder, getting past the fifth then the sixth notch. The beam began to bend. Saylor flexed, demanding more power from the belt. He pulled it past the tenth notch. He spread his legs and the beam holding them shattered. Saylor stood and the beam holding his arms twisted as his arms pushed free. He buckled the belt on the last notch. He rubbed the buckle and flexed his now sixty-eight inch arm. The muscle power flowed through him again.

Saylor looked around. The I-beams had crashed into the floor, breaking a hole into the apartment below. The sounds from the bedroom had changed to confusion and people rushing. In seconds, Butch emerged, a towel wrapped around his waist. Becky was right behind him.

"What the fuck is goin' on out here? How'd you get that belt back?" Butch yelled, his exteme muscles tensing in anticipation of a fight.

"Does it matter?" Saylor mocked, flexing into a super-striated crab pose. It was meant to intimidate Butch, but it didn't. Butch was huge, even bigger than when he knocked Saylor out. Saylor knew his only hope was thgat now Butch lacked the power of the belt to feed his muscle. Butch was bigger and stronger, but it wouldn't last without the belt. Saylor's problem was making sure he survived that long.

Saylor lunged at Butch and through his hardest punch into Butch's stomach. It was like punching a mountain of solid rock and nearly broke Saylor's fist. It only made Butch mad, as he instictly whaled an incredibly powerful blow into Saylor's chest. The blow was powerful enough to send Saylor flying through the balcony's glass door. Saylor began to fall the four stories to the ground. The belt crackled as Saylor righted himself in the air to land on his feet, cracking the asphalt as his powerful legs absorded the impact of his fall.

"Damn, can't let that happen again," he muttered as he cleared his head. He looked up and saw the hole in the side of the balcony that he created. Derek was standing by it, and Saylor had a thought.

"JUMP!" he screamed to his son. Without hestitation, Derek leapt from the balcony. Saylor jumped and caught his son in mid-air, and the two landed safely. "Run behind those trees over there. I'll get you when I'm through."

"I love you Daddy," said Derek as he obeyed his father's instructions.

Saylor walked to the building. The balconies were supported by beams. Saylor grabbed the corner beam, and ripped it from the building. He quickly went to the next beam, and did the same. In less than 15 seconds, he had destroyed the supports holding up the balconies. Saylor rubbed the buckle of the belt and threw himself against the side of the building. Weakened, the entire side of the building collapsed. He heard people screaming, thinking an earthquake was destroying the building.

With the wall destroyed, Saylor could see the main supports for the building. He approached the thickest supports. Wrapping his arms around it, he squeezed. The metal fought him, but he was tougher. The thick support cracked, then deformed under Saylor's muscle stress. As Saylor squeezed, the beam became thinner and thinner. The weight of the structure on top began to force the weakened support lower. Unable to support the building's weight, the remaining supports began to buckle. Figuring the direction of the fall, Saylor let out a primal scream and pushed on the beam. Saylor jumped clear as the building crashed and disintegrated into a heap of metal, glass and bricks. The screaming of the people inside stopped. The dead don't scream.

Saylor's belt crackled as it replenished the power in his body. The rubble of what was once an apartment building smoldered and there was a smell of gas in the air. Suddenly, there was a groan from the rubble, then an explosion. From the smoke, Saylor saw Butch walking toward him. He carried Becky, who was unconscious but breathing. Butch was noticeably smaller than he was in the apartment, but still much larger than Saylor.

"I'm gonna kill you!" Butch put Becky down and launched himself with incredible thigh-power, fists first into Saylor's body. Saylor struggled, but Butch was still much stronger. Butch pinned Saylor's arms to the ground, and Saylor estimated that Butch's arms were at least 20 inches bigger than his. That was substantially smaller than the 35 inches they use to be.

"You think you can hurt this body with steel and concrete? No way man! These muscles are harder than any damned building. All I had to do was flex my wings and I shelter Becky, but a damned brick hit her. When I'm through killing you, I'll get her to a hospital." Butch stood up, lifting Saylor over his head and threw him into the heap of rubble. Saylor flexed his body into steely hardness. His belt crackled as his muscle protected him from the rubble. Quickly getting to his feet, he grabbed a slab of wall. It must have weighed over a ton, and launched it where Becky lay.

"NO!" Screamed Butch as he launched himself, intercepting the projectile and letting it shatter against his body.

"Let's see how long he can keep that up!" Saylor thought, as he launched another multi-ton chunk of building. Then another. With each, Butch let the concrete shatter against his near-invulnerable muscle. Saylor managed to get off ten throws before Butch turned around and caught one. He threw it as Saylor threw another rock, and the two collided in the air. The smoke around Becky had cleared enough that he could see Butch again. As he suspected, the exertion of each impact had weakened him. He was now nearly Saylor's size.

Saylor made his move. Grabbing a five-ton hunk of building, he ran toward Butch. Butch grabbed Saylor, but it was not longer easy for him to contain the belt-wielder's power. The fighters were chest-to-chest, as Butch tried unsuccessfully to break Saylor's grip on the multi-ton piece of wreckage. Saylor poured his power into the fight, forcing Butch to call upon all his strength reserves. Saylor could feel the man weakening. Suddenly, Saylor dropped the wreckage hitting Butch's powerful back. The blow caused Butch to release Saylor.

"What's the matter, big man? Not feeling so strong anymore? I'm justing getting pumped!" Saylor taunted, picking up the unbroken wreckage and tossing it at Butch. "Here, catch."

The hurling mass was headed straight for Butch's chest. Instintively, he moved is hands to catch it. The force of the throw caused him to step back, nearly crushing Becky's unconscious body. Taking a deep breath, Butch hurled the wreckage back at Saylor, but it fell just short.

Saylor grabbed the biggest peice of wreckage he could find. It was double the size of anything he had thrown before, and must have weighed twenty tons. Saylor's belt crackled, feeding his arms power to lift the mass. Still, Saylor could barely move it.

Butch watched as Saylor approached with the wreckage. "NO!" he screamed, as he fought with Saylor over Becky's body. "You can't. I won't let you hurt her."

"Fine, " said Saylor, a grin coming across his face. "Here." Saylor let go of the wreckage. What had been a fight for control of the massive weight was now Butch's fight to hold. His huge arms bulged. Saylor made a bicep, and placed it next to Butch's. Butch was now slightly smaller than Saylor.

"Man, that thing looks heavy. Glad you got those big muscles, aren't you, eventhough it looks like these guns are bigger than yours now. Ya know, I thought that was almost too heavy for me. Hope you don't drop it."

Butch said nothing, concentrating on holding the mass so it didn't fall on Becky. Beads of sweat began to trickle down his face. He tried to take a tentative step away, but he nearly fell. The mass slipped an inch. Butch cried out and stopped it.

"Man, you look like you're getting tired." Saylor picked up a piece of bent steel and tossed it into the air. It landed on the mass, causing Butch to nearly drop it on Becky.

"Whoa, man. What's the matter? Can't a powerhouse like you deal with a little more weight?" Again, Saylor flexed his arm next to Butch's. Butch was significantly smaller now, his once mighter body returning to its normal size. Saylor guessed Butch's arms were now only 64 inches, compared to his 68 or 69 inch cannons.

"Ya gotta help me. Can't let her die this way," Butch grunted as he began to loose control. The weight sank lower. "This is between you and me, not her. Arghhh..." Butch fell to one knew, trying to brace the weight. His massive body was now almost normal. He could feel the enhanced power leaving him.

"Really? She set me up. You both did. You wanted my power and tried to steal it. You lost, and now you must pay. Why should I care if she dies. I've killed before and I'll kill again. With the power I got, who's gonna stop me. Certainly not a puny fuck like you." Saylor rubbed the belt buckle. He bounced his pecs and flexed his ten-pack abs.

Sweat was pouring off Butch. His strength was failing, and he couldn't hold the slab any longer. With a final effort he tried to push it away. He failed. The slab fell, crushing his leg and Becky. Butch cried out in both emotional and physical pain. Saylor stood over him, smiling.

Suddenly, Derek came running over. "Daddy. You won! You beat the bad man! I knew you would!"

Crying, Butch said, "But your mother's dead."

"But my Daddy won! Daddy, will you take me home with you now?"

Saylor's smile broadened. He looked at Butch, who was appalled. "He's Daddy's boy," said Saylor.

Saylor picked up the slab that had crushed Becky. He dropped it on Butch, who didn't even try to move.

He and Derek left, not looking back. •

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