Atomic Muscle

A Child's Life (part 1)


By Corwin

Derek's first memory was of his mother, or that's who he assumed she was. She was nice to him, fed and clothed him. He also remembered his father. He didn't live with him, but he came by sometimes. While his mother was nice to Derek, she seemed different to his father. He remembers her yelling at him, and crying. Sometimes she seemed afraid. Derek didn't understand why, but that was the way it always was.

The last time he saw his mother was on his third birthday. Like his first two birthdays, both of which he remembered perfectly, his mother seemed busier than normal. Being a child with a birthday coming up, he thought she was busy doing stuff for him. As he grew older, he realized he had been wrong.

The day before his birthday, a stranger showed up at their apartment. Derek knew that his father was lots bigger than other men and way stronger. The man that showed up, though, was big like his dad. His mother seemed to know him. She called him Butch and kissed him and started to cry. Derek didn't like it when his mother cried, but she explained that she was crying because she was happy to see Butch.

His mother spoke to Butch for a long time. Butch explained that after she left him, he was sick for a few months. Then he talked about going to the gym. Derek knew about gyms. They were places that made people strong like his Dad. Derek decided to listen more closely, and he remembers everything perfectly to this day.

"I was mad, Becky. No one had ever beaten me. You know how strong I was, but maybe you don't know why. You see, there was this accident. It changed me. It made me strong. This chemistry guy, he said the chemicals changed my DNA. It made me a super man. Never thought I'd meet anyone like that kid."

"That's when I decided to get even stronger. Needed to. I had been number one for so long, I didn't know what else to do. I went to the gym and pushed hard. I got a stronger, but not fast enough. I wanted more. I went back to the scientist."

"But Butch..." Mom tried to interrupt.

"Let me finish. The science dude couldn't believe how big I had gotten. He ran some tests, took some blood, and measured me. I was huge, but not as big as the kid that beat me up. After his tests, he told me that the chemicals that made me strong had maxed out. Ya, I could get a little bigger, but not much. I got mad and nearly wrecked his lab. He got scared and that's when he told me that he had been studying those chemicals. The things they had done to me. He understood it. He told me to leave him, but to come back in a week. During that week I hit the gym and got a nice pump."

"When I went back to the lab, I huge guy was there in a white lab coat. I didn't recognize him at first, but it was the doc!"

"'Got something to show you,' he said, and took of the coat. He wasn't wearing a shirt underneath, and his bod was almost as big as mine. He took off the scrub pants he was wearing, and his cock was huge like mine. Even his legs were thick and defined like mine were. 'It worked,' he said. I was getting pissed. I didn't need no more competition, and here this guy used the chemicals on himself. He could tell that I was about to beat him to a pulp, when he put his hands up and begged me to stop."

"'You don't understand. I needed to test the treatment first to see that it worked. And look!' He made a double bicep pose. 'Measure them.' They were 39 inches. I knew mine were now 42, so I was bigger. That made me less mad."

"'I wanted to make sure it worked. You are one beautiful man. Ever since the accident, I dreamed about you. About your power and strength. I could never hurt that. If this treatment didn't work, I'd rather kill myself or worse than damage your perfect body.' This guy had it bad for me. 'But the treatment did work. I figure, if I give it to you, you'll became five times as strong as you are now. You'll be invinceable.' That's what I wanted to hear."

"He gave me the shot. I stayed with him until I got your letter, then I came here. Babe, he was wrong. I'm ten times stronger than I use to be. Look."

Butch stood up and grabbed his shirt. It ripped like paper. Derek thought Butch looked like his Dad, with big strong muscles. Butch raised his arms and the big muscles looked like mountains to little Derek. Butch said, "Sixty one inches of incredibly dense and hard muscle. I've lifted fully-loaded Mac trucks with one hand and tossed them over 100 yards with little effort. I'll get you away from that creep. No way he's got my power."

"That's what I wanted to tell you," Mom said. "His power's not his. He gets it from that belt he wears. Once, when I got him drunk, he told me all about it. When he's not here, he lives with some doctor. This guy created the muscle belt, and he keeps giving Saylor more power. His arms are 65 inches the last time I measured them, and that was six months ago. He keeps getting bigger and stronger and stronger."

Butch looked bewildered, like he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Mom continued. "That's why we got to get the belt away from him. Without the belt, he gets weaker. You can beat him. You can kill him." Mom started to cry, and Derek ran to his room. He didn't want his Dad to die.

When Derek woke up on his birthday, Butch was still there. Butch was wearing a white muscle shirt and blue jeans, and Derek thought how he looked smaller than his Dad did. Butch told Derek that they were going to play hide-and-seek, and not to tell anyone Butch was in his room. Butch helped Derek get dressed, and Derek asked Butch if he could feel his muscles. Butch laughed, and let Derek hang off his tree-trunk arms and punch him in his steel-hard stomach. Derek liked how strong Butch was. It was just like his Dad.

Soon, Derek heard someone outside. It was his Dad. Derek wanted to run out of the room, when Butch blocked the door. "Remember, hide-and-seek. Don't tell him I'm here. It's a surprise." Derek smiled and nodded his head, and Butch let him out. He ran and his dad caught him and threw him into the air, then hugged him and let him down. Derek loved his Dad.

It seemed to Derek that his Dad played with him all afternoon. Derek had almost forgotten about Butch, except when he would catch a glance of Butch peeking out of his bedroom door. Derek's Mom and Dad seemed to be getting along. There wasn't the yelling he had heard on previous visits. Derek's Mom was even apologizing for being mean to his Dad in the past. His Dad seemed happy.

In late afternoon, his Dad said, "Hey little man, why don't you go play in your room for a while. Your Mom and I would like some private time." Derek pouted. "Just for a while sport. Then the three of us will go out and get something to eat and have some birthday cake. OK, sport?" Derek nodded yes and went into his room.

Butch was waiting for him, but didn't seem like he wanted to play. Derek sat down with a coloring book and played by himself, while Butch stood next to the door. They could hear Mom and Dad making lovey-dovey noises. His Mom sounded real happy, telling his Dad how big and strong he was. He heard them making kissing noises.

"Want me to get bigger for you baby? I'm kinda small now. Only got about 45 inches on these guns."

"Oh hon, you don't gotta do that now. I wanna see something else."

"Oh. Oh ya."

Derek heard a thump, like something heavy hitting the floor. Then Butch suddenly pushed the door open and flew out of the room. There was some scuffling and Dad's belt came flying into Derek's room and hit the wall, leaving a big dent. Derek started to cry and ran out of his room.

In the living room, Derek saw his father half lying and half sitting on the floor. Butch was standing over him, arms akimbo, and his Mom was behind Butch.

"Remember me, wimp?" Butch said to Saylor. "You don't look so tough now, do you? Here, let me help you up." Butch reached down and grabbed Saylor under the arms and lifted him to his feet. "Kinda light. You lose weight or something, little guy? Oh, I forgot. I grew a bit since we last met. Like 'em?" Butch made a huge double bicep pose. "Sixty fuck'n inches. I heard you tell the little lady you got 45s. Kinda puny, huh. Ah wait, where are my manors. I forgot to greet you real proper, with a hug."

Butch walked toward Dad and Dad swung at him. Butch caught it, and shook it. "Yes sir, Saylor, I've been looking forward to seeing you again too." Butch then pulled Saylor forward into a bear hug. Saylor flexed his huge muscles, and Butch grinned. "Yes sir, nice hard body you have there friend."

Derek stopped crying and watched as his father flex. Derek liked it when his father spread his wide lats and made his chest huge mountains of muscle. No one was stronger than his Dad. But Derek noticed that Butch did look bigger, lots bigger. And his Dad was struggling to keep his muscles pumped out. It looked like Butch was pushing his Dad's muscles back into him, forcing his Dad to be small. His Dad seemed to be having trouble breathing.

"Hey, friend, you know those hard muscles. They seem to be getting kinda mushy. Guess these big muscles of mine are harder than yours, huh? You like feeling them against you? Here, let me show you how hard my muscles are. I ain't even trying yet." Butch flexed harder, and Saylor's flex weakened. His wide lat spread was dented by the mountainous arms of Butch. Saylor's huge pecs were flattened and forced concave to make room for Butch's undentable chest.

Derek couldn't believe what he was seeing. His father's face was red and his body was going limp. His Dad was weazing, unable to breath. When Butch finally let go, his Dad fell to the floor, barely conscious. Butch put his foot on Derek's Dad's back, forcing him to the ground. His face turned red, unable to breath with the crushing force of Butch's thigh. His Dad passed out.

Butch walked past Derek and into Derek's room. He came out moments later holding the belt. "Get some water and wake him up," he ordered Derek's Mom. She ran to the kitchen and threw a glass of water over Derek's Dad.

"Wha!" Saylor was startled and dazed. He saw his son, tears running down his face, then the bitch that was the kid's mom holding a glass. His face was wet. Standing next to the left of him was the man that was beating him. He reached for his belt, but it wasn't there.

"Need this, wimp? Ya, Becky told me all about it. She also told me how you've been abusing her, keeping her hostage here to your whims. Do ya like beating up on people smaller and weaker than you? Well, I ain't none of those, 'specially when you don't have this belt."

Saylor reached for the belt. It seemed to want to come to him, but Butch's grip held tight.

"Wonder what it would do for me? Think I'd look good with stronger muscles?" Butch flexed the arm that held the belt, his sixty inch bicep forcing his fist to move up and out of the way of its power. "Ya, I think these peaks could use a few more inches, don't you? Becky here says you've gotten up to sixty-fives, and these here aren't that big. Yet." Butch stressed the 'yet' so it sounded like the threat that it was. He lifted his muscle shirt wrapped the belt around his waist and began to loop it through the buckle. The belt made a slight crackle that Saylor recognized as meaning it was charged and ready.

Saylor made one last reach for the belt, but Butch was ready for him. As Saylor's raised himself, Butch's foot smacked him in the chest, knocking his breath out, flipping him over and knocking him on his ass. Only his still substantial muscle saved him from broken ribs.

"Now, let's see what this baby can do." Butch pulled the belt. As it passed the first knotch, bolts of power shot threw Butch's body. His ten pack thinned as his chest and back expanded, shredding the muscle shirt. His arms grew larger and the seams on his jeans began to pop. As he passed the second knotch, those seams couldn't take the pressure of his more massive thighs and burst. By the third knotch, Butch was wearing only the belt and his white BVDs. They were also straining to contain massive glutes and a snakelike dick. Butch continued to pull, as waves of power caused his muscles to expand more. Butch muttered, "fuck ya" as he felt stronger and stronger as the power infused his body. He stopped on the fifth knotch.

"Whoa man, that was one wild ride. How'd I look." Butch flexes into an amazing crab pose, he lats forming a huge triangle to his narrow waist. The width of his back push his monsterous arms away from his sides. His pecs were like half basketballs, and pushed his arms so far forward it was amazing he could reach around them. But he could, as his flexed arms were wider than most men. The seperation in the muscles of his thighs formed deep values.

"Butchy, I've never seen so much muscle." Becky squealed. Derek thought his Dad could be bigger, if he wanted. In fact, it made Derek mad that this Butch took his Dad's belt.

Saylor tried to look cool, but there was terror in his eyes. Without his belt, his muscles were weakening. Now Butch not only had his original strength, but it was multiplied by the power of the belt. Butch now had red "S" tattoos on both delts, and a yellow lightning bolt over his brick-like abs. These tatoos were signals of the power the belt was supplying him, power that was rightfully Saylor's. As Saylor looked at Butch, he had to admit the belt had never made him that big. Butch was fantastic, and Saylor couldn't even imagine how strong he must be. He knew, though, he was about to find out.

Becky walked over to a table, and pulled out a tape measure. Butch indicated to throw it to Saylor. "Measure 'em!" he commanded. Saylor started to stand, but Butch was above him. With his pinky, he pressed against Saylor's back, stopping him from rising. "Crawl!"

Saylor had no choice. Though it was only his pinky, it felt like a ton of bricks on his back. He took the tape from Becky. Butch knelt down and flexed a huge bicep that totally covered Saylor's face. He tossed the tape around it, and lined the edge up to a number. It was between ninety and ninety-one inches. Saylor gulped and read the number.

"Hey, babe, didn't you say this guy only got up to sixty-five? These cannons dwarf his puny guns." Saylor saw that Butch's arm was a good three feet tall, and almost a foot wide. "Bet they're damn hard too. You think you're stong, don't you puny. Try and crush them."

Tentatively, Saylor removed the tape and placed his hand on the peak.

"I said squeeze!" Butch shouted.

Saylor's forearm bunched into sinewy muscle, and he squeezed with all his might. There was no effect on Butch's arm. Saylor's muscles began to cramp as the titanium hardness of Butch's muscles held his grip at bay. Without the belt to replenish his strength, Saylor felt his grip weakening against the unlimited power that was now owned by Butch.

"Now my turn. Flex 'em!" Saylor's eyes widened at the order, but he had not choice. Saylor raised his right arm and flexed. He figured it couldn't be more than forty inches now. Butch was forcing him to use his energy reserves, and his shrinking mass was the result. Butch rubbed his hand over Saylor's gun, then pinched it between his thumb and pink, and crushed the muscle with no apparent effort. Saylor screamed in pain, but Butch only grinned. He crushed Saylor's weakened arm for another few seconds before he let go.

"Hey, man, I remember when I thought your muscles were big and hard. Now they're baby soft. Not like these." He flexed his tricep into amazing hardness.

Saylor needed to escape. He made a break for the window, but Butch was faster. He grabbed him and slammed Saylor into the wall. Butch pushed his index finger into between Saylor's pecs. Though Saylor pushed with all the might in his body, he couldn't move. Butch's belt crackled with power. "You ain't going no where, wimp. I'm bigger, stronger and faster than you've ever been, and I'm going to make you pay for what you did to Becky. Now, go to sleep." With his free hand, he flicked his index finger into Saylor's skull. It was the hardest punch Saylor ever felt. As he lost consciousness, he remember seeing the anger in Derek's eyes. •

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