Atomic Muscle

Amazing Inheritance


By Muscl4life

Twelve years had passed since Derek moved in with his father, the mighty saylor. Actually, Saylor and Derek barely see each other, becasue the muscular fathe always was out searching for new preys, huge muscle men who were pinned to the ground and humiliated by Saylor's unmatchable power.

That was only the slightest changes occurred in his personallity, over the years, Saylor had changed so drasticaly that Derek barely recognized the caring, loving father he once knew.

Although Saylor became each time stronger, more muscular and powerful, he paid each time less attention to his son, and it really made poor Derek feel terribly alone in the island where he lived along with Saylor and the miserable old doctor who had been practically enslaved by Derek's father, in order to creat stronger versions of his muscle belt.

Since they spent most of the time together, Derek and the doctor became friends, and much more than that Doc made Derek his pupil, he taught the boy everything he knew about sicence and his amazing discoveries.

Saylor had prohibited Doctor of creating Derek his won belt, probably because the authorital father knew Derek would surely overcome him, if he had a muscle belt for himself.

Since, Derek was conceived under the influence of Saylor's musclebelt, he had his entire DNA incredibilly altered, increased, enhanced way beyond human capabilities.

Every since he was a child, Saylor knew his Derek wasn't an average kid. With seven year old Derek could bench over 300 pounds and his muscles were bigger than most of the men Saylor captured.

When Derek turned nine, he was already stronger than Saylor, if he wasn't wearing the musclebelt, and since then the father acted differently with his son, he didn't want the kid to train heavy, he actually envied the giant muscles his nine year old son had developed, after all even Saylor was shocked seeing his 6 feet even son wieghing over 300 pounds in pure muscle size and definition, with a 14 inch flaccid cock between his legs.

That's when Saylor started losing it, he orederd Doc to create strnger versions of his belt, in order to make him bigger than Derek, to have arms bigger than Derek's, the father competed with his son for muscle size, but it was an unfair battle, since Derek had no belt, although Saylor always envied his son, whenever he took his belt off, he remained incredibilly muscular, still bigger then Derek's but the kid was still much stronger than his father, Saylor simply knew that.

Sicne he didn't want to upset his father, Derek almost never used his abnormal powers whenever Saylor was around, he knew it made his dad furious.

After a lot of tests the doctor realized Derek was far beyond human standards, he was actually much stronger, clever, faster, powerful and especially more muscular than any human being would ever be!

Doctor Z realized Saylor could never knew about his discovrey, for Derek's own sake, the sicentist kept his secret with him.

Four months had passed by since Shane had defeated his father, transformed his fellow doctor in one huge muscleman and lived fucking happily ever after.

The teenager was confused, he knew his father was a real bad man, who raped people and abused them every possible way, but still he cared about him, and everytime Derek watched in the surveillance camreas tapes how Shane defeated his enormous father, draggin all the muscles he had, making him look punny and old, the kid cursed the muscular Shane and his Musclebelt. Fortunatelly,one year before the final battle,

Saylor sent Derek to another island he had ilegally acquired, where the boy would be safe and sound from his enemies, but it also meant, Saylor didn't want to see Derek near him, to avoid realizing how much bigger his son grew everyday.

Shane and the others left the island the very next week, even Doctor Z has remembered him, no one seemed to care about poor Derek. He found the place where Doc and the others had burried his father, his former huge body couldn't resist much longer without his precious muscles.

Derek prayed for his father's soul and felt sorry for not being the son he always wanted.

And so, Derek realized he was once more alone in the world! fortunatelly his father had left him everything he had stolen in many yers of his crime life, and Derek was very rich, he owned two islands and many other assets.

Also, he was incredibilly clever, he alreday had mastered everything about Doctor Z's ressearch and he actually found some points which could be imporved,

Finally Derek was only 15 years old but he is 7 feet tall and weighs 650 incredibilly muscular pounds! His chest is over 130 inches around and his arms are 90 fucking huge inches, his legs are 115 incehs, he has a 24 incehs waist and a 30 inch flaccid cock, and the boy had NEVER tried any muscle belt his entire life! Derek searched the lab and found the notes about his capablities, he remembered how Doc commented about his amazing power, but having Saylor as father, Derek always thought he was just a normal kid, never noticing that his father only looked bigger and more powerful than him, becasue the power of the musclebelt!

The enomrous kid always wanted to try his father's belt, but he noticed it coul make his late dad very sad, and he would not like that, all his life he wanted to have his own muscle belt and prove once for all he was the strongest man in the world! It was then he said -

"Why not? I am rich, intelligent and more powerfull than most of the world! I can reach far beyond dad! I will make my OWN musclebelt!"

It took him almost a whole year, but it was reall an incredibilly little time, given his superior intelligence, he found Doctor Z's notes and actually imporved them. "The former versions only increased muscle size, and overall strength, I think I can go beyond that!"

Derek's plans were promising, he used his intellect to develop an updated musclebelt, which he called POWERBELT - it was three times thicker than the previous ones, and twenty times heavier, made of pure neo titanium, a new kind of high resistance metal, but with incredibilly flexibility.

Derek also worked on the energy source, his belt gathered every kind of avaiable energy in order to convert it into muscular mass, and not just that!

The 15 year old huge kid knew that his cells were better than anyother man, but he wanted more!

He developed a new system, which allowed the belt to stimulate his cells and make them even more powerful, this way Derek not only would get bigger and more musclar, but also have a new set of powers, that only his superior condition allowed him to develop.

Derek connected the belt to the nuclear plant of the secret laboratory, and the new belt was completely charged now with more power none of the previous versions together would have. Derek also worked on the symbol for his belt, but he considered that his father's symbold would be a perfect tribute, so he made a three times bigger version of the Saylor's emblem, so much bigger his belt was.

Fianlly the time to face his destiny arrived. Derek had ran lots of computer simulations and he knew the results would be amazing, but he was still afraid of them.

"TIME TO GROW!" Derek yelled and placed his belt at the 5th of his 27 notch belt.

Thunder bolts surrounded the already impressive boy.

His chest balloned incredibilly,

His legs thickned and got even more muscular

His already huge 10 pack stomach, popped out more pronounced and ridged his muscles grerw amazingly,

His cock grew harder than ever he was almost 4 feet long, 2 and a half thick!

His shoulders widened to almost 6 feet apart, and his arms! They are reading unbelievably 180 inches guns

Derek'a waist shrank down at 18 inches, when compared to his now 200 incehs chest and his 190 inches legs, it was like he had no waist, especially becasue of his enormous balls hanign in the middle of his muscle pillars.

Derek's red hair grew longer, reaching the middle of his back, and his blue eyes got turquoise shade, his skin was now tanned and he was completely smooth.

The wonderman opened his eyes and watched his image in the mirror!


He thundered with his now lower voice, realzing how much bigger he had gotten - He was still 7 feet even but he had gained 350 pounds of pure muscle, which made him precisely 1000 pounds of pure muscle mass.

He flexed his guns noticing they had doubled in size, and they were longer now, almost tocuhing the ground, sp he would be able to pack even more muscle mass!

Derek noticed his cock and actually fondled the head between his cleavage, feeling how much muscle he had now!

Then he went outside and tried his new powers, he came clsoer to a huge pile of metal scrap, which shoud weigh over 100 tons, he placed his right hand under neath it and PRESSED Soon, the enitre metal mountain was easily lifted, Adn Derek realzied how much power he had gained.

Next, he embraced the pile of scrap and crushed it, the muscles got even more ripped, he sweated more than eve, themetal kept shreding and becoming more compact, the size of his muscels augmented, and the veins got even thicker, and finally Derek made it, turining the over 25 feet tall pile into one tiny baskettball sized amount of scrap, which weighed over 100 tons.

Derek smiled, he kicked the basketball and it seemed a rocket being launched out of the planet.

The powerful kid grinned and realized he now had ultra high speed, he ran over ten miles in just one second, feeling his heart pump faster than ever, he looked at his giant cock, and started beating it at the same speed, feeling his orgasm building in stronger than ever!

When Derek finally came, huge gallons of cum, he noticed he was flying, at almost 300 feet high, he could see his lab, his airplane, everything Saylor had left him.

But at that moment, Derek noticed his father's greatest gift to him. His superior strength, beauty, intelligence and capabilities, he was the next step in evolutionary process..

"I will prove the world, my father was not a bad man, I will help mankind, with my powers, in his name SAYLOR IS BACK!" Saying this he pulled another notch in belt and grew even more powerful, he flew into the sky searching for something he could do, something BIG, that would prove the world, Saylor was definitely back, bigger and better than ever... •

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