Kid Muscle Growth


By Corwin

Uncle Danny couldn't believe his eyes. His two nephews had become muscle gods in the matter of hours. There was no way James could go back to elementary school, so Danny had to make arrangements to have the boy home schooled. David became the school's star athlete, excelling in football, wrestling, softball, track and anything else he tried. His muscle gave him power, speed, strength, stamina and a nearly insatiable sexual appetite.

Uncle Danny was the first to be given the growth powder Dr. Rutherford had given them. He took it slowly, so not to attract too much attention. His guns grew from 19s to 24s when he won the regional bodybuilding competition. His chest was 63 when he took the state. His legs were a phenomenal 45 when he took the nationals and got his pro card. Danny was the first pro with 30 inch guns and 70 inch chest. Because he was older than the boys, the AMM didn't effect him as much.

David also shared the formula with his coach, though the man's 27 inch arms never grew to the size Uncle Danny achieved. David also shared the formula with some of his team mates, though he made sure none of them grew as big as he and James. The football team became undefeated, no other team able to match their power. The wrestling team competed as heavy weights and super heavy weights, and pinned any competitor in seconds. After all, the smallest of them had 22 inch guns and a chest over 50 inches of ripped muscle. What team could compete against that?

James's strength continued to grow. Uncle Danny installed a special gym, and continually had to upgrade it. The AMM caused James to undergo a rapid puberty, and the boy reached 6 feet by his 10th birthday. The growth continued at a more normal pace after that, though Jame's strength seemed to double every month. Even though he was becoming stronger, his freakish size didn't become much bigger. It was as if his body was growing into the muscles it had. This seemed to depress James, though David and Danny reminded him that he was still the biggest man this earth had ever seen.

For the first few months, the boys kept in touch with the doctor and his two assistants. Then, something happened and Stan was gone. David got Hal to admit that Stan was jealous of the boys size, and this had caused some sorta fight. After a few months, they didn't think anymore about it.

Several days before James's eleventh birthday, things would change. David and Danny were training James. In reality, nobody could train the hulking youth. He had grown to six three and weighed 520 pounds. The boy could curl eight times his weight, and bench 25 times that much. Today was an arm day, and James was pumping like no tomorrow.

"Check out the peaks on these," he said as he flexed his show mucles after a particularly heavy lift. He was pumped to the max. David couldn't believe how hard James felt, almost like a diamond.

"Squeeze harder, skinny. Dent these rocks, if you can." James knew David couldn't. He was so much stronger than his brother, he loved teasing him. The AMM in his system continued to give him strength beyond compare.

David squeezed James's arm with everything he had. His forearm burst into ripped cords of power, David had crushed bricks and dented I-beams with his grip, but they had no effect on James's hard muscle.

"Hey skinny, I'm waiting. When will you start to squeeze?"

"Fuck you. Damn James, you're like superman, invulnerable or something."

"Ya know bro, you're right. And I've been thinkin. Remember those two vials we got from Doc Rutherford. Maybe we should think about taking them. You and me. 60% for me, 40% for you." James grinned.

"I don't know, bro. I think we should wait, at least til you're 12 or 13."

"Ya, you always want me to wait. But I want to grow NOW!"

Danny spoke, "That's enough James. You should wait. Those vials are in the safe in my office, and that's where they are staying until your 13th birthday. And that's the last word on that."

The three continued to pump, unaware that a stranger outside the gym's window had finally heard what he wanted to hear.

That night, Stan made his move. He had scoped out the boys' house for months, and knew every room. He used a ladder to crawl up to Dan's office window, and broke it in. It only took him seconds to twist open the safe. His 29 inch arms and powerful grip wouldn't let him down. He held the two vials of the super AMM formula as Danny burst in.

"What the fuck! Stan, what are you doing here?"

"Taking what should have been mine all along," Stan said as he popped open the vials. Danny rushed him, but it was too late. Stan swallowed both liquids.

James and David rushed in the room as they saw Dan wrestle Stan to the ground. "He took the vials." Dan screamed. Stan didn't seem to be resisting.

"Shit, that was suppose to be for me!" said James as he pushed his uncle off Stan and lifted the intruder into the air, then power slammed him on his unmovable knee. Stan made a sick "ooffing" noise.

"Hey, he's not growing yet!" said David, picking the limp man up and locking his arms behind his back.

"Heh. No, not yet. Doc told me about these formulas. He called them his failsafe. Said Hal and I should use them if anything got out of control. That's you son, out of control." Stan sneered at James. "Trouble is, you were too bizerko. We didn't have time. I asked the doctor for more, but he wouldn't do it. Said after seeing what happened to you, he had to consider the ethics of the situation. Fuck that." Stan spit and turned to Dan. "That pro card should have been mine. The kid's damn strength should have been mine."

"Shut up, asshole. I'm the strongest thing around and always will be." James made a huge fist and drove it into Stan's 8-pack. Stan made another sick "oof", but that's when it started. With a jolt, his muscles began to grow. His torso widened 3 inches, and his arms grew.

"Hold him David," yelled James as he drove a series of power punches into Stan's chest and abs. Stan began to struggle. With each punch of James, Stan grew bigger. As he fought James, Stan grew.

"Something's happening James, can't hold him much longer." Dan came and grabbed one of Stan's now 40 inch arms, using both his hands to contain the man's growing power.

James drove a massive knee into Stan's hardening cobblestone waist. He smacked the man and punched him with force enough to demolish a building. Stan just smiled. The more James punished Stan, the less effect it seemed to have. Stan's body seemed to be growing and getting harder. James let loose a series of power blows and realized that his hand hurt. Stan slowly raised his arms from his back, lifting David and Dan off the ground. He threw them at James with such force he knocked the muscle stud off his feet.

"Don't you get it yet, boy. That's the fail safe. A modified AMM that takes the energy of an attack and turns it into muscle. You and your kin here just made me stronger than the three of you combined. Thanks. Now stand up and flex, or else."

James got to his feet and stared into Stan's eyes. He made a mountain of a bicep and said, "Or else what, wimp. Ain't no way nothing can beat this bicep."

Stan flexed his arm. It was bigger than James. "Except maybe this one." Stan placed his hand atop James' peak and squeezed. James had never felt such pressure. He fought, but Stan dented James' bicep like it was clay.

Stan threw a massive punch into James' abs, causing James to buckle over. "Until next time, boy." Stan turned and jumped out of the window. He ran from site before the three could react.

James couldn't believe it. He had been beat. His brother and uncle were nearly unconscious. It took them nearly an hour to recover and start to clean up the mess. That's when Dan said, "We need to talk to Doctor Rutherford." •

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