Kid Muscle Growth

Kid's smartness


By Muscl4life

"Yeah, we need to see Dr. Rutherford, but my guess is Stan had already tried to find him" James said while lifting a couple of 500 pound dumbells to clean up after the destruction Stan made. The boy was visibly depressed and David went to his rescue. "Hey, James, you couldn't beat him, he had both of the vials..." The brothers hugged tightly and Danny hugged them too/ "He was tough, but I am sure I can get him next time!" James had this shine back in his eyes - "But we gotta find William anyway, God knows what Stand can cause to him!" The muscle family returned to the lab where they met Dr. Rutherford for the first time, and it was completely wrecked. "Looks like Stan had already been here!" Danny concluded after lifting the steel door from the ground. "Quick! It's Hal under that pilke of scrumbles!" David yelled and they tried to lift the rocks, but only James was able to lift them. Hal was still conscious but very hurt. "Hal, where is William?" Dave asked still holding the assistant in his arms. "Stan's been here, he was HUGE!" "I know, but where's William?" "Right here, skinny!" James said while lifting a huge steel door which was over the scientists body! The crew got both of the scientists back home, and treated their wounds. Hal recovered pretty fast thanks to Dave's care - DAve always had a thing for Hal. Dr. William finally regained conscience and soon everybody was sit on the living room. The family told him what Stan did and the scientis was very scared. "After David started appearing in the news as a promessing athlete and Danny sure would be the next Mr. Olympia, Stan got mad at us, he wanted more formula, but I coulnd't risk loosing control again, I was very lucky with you guys, and Danny had taught you very well, that's why even James didn't turn into a menace" "But now, Stan had taken the vials, I don't know what can happen to him!" "He didn't get both of the vials!" James stood up proudly showing the blue vial in his enormous hand. "WHAT?" Every one asked confused. "You think I wuld give up my muscle to you? NO WAY? When you asked for the vials, I knew you wouldn't get off me untill I gave you, so I just gave you one, the red one. I opened the blue vial and kept its content safe in other tube from my kid's chemistry set, the one you gave me for my birthday - What Stan drank was just that blue gatorade!" David smiled - "You're very smart, shorty!" "Indeed, it may save us!" Rutherford reached for the vial and James hesitated, then he handled the little tube to the scientist. "Remember when I told you there was two formulas, an AMM booster and an AMM for the AMM?" avid nodded and James went furious - "You knew what them were all the time?" "Anyway, fortunatelly James managed to keep the most powerful of my formulas away from Stan!" "You lost me doctor!" Danny laughed in amix of happiness and excitement. "The red formula was the AMM booster, it enhances the effects of the Magnifier previously intaken by the user, since Stan had lots of AMM in his organism, he grew to the size we've seen, but different from what he thought it wasn't a fail safe unless you drink both of them!" "The blue vial is so potent that I am afraid not even James is ready to test it, yet! Once I've developed the AMM formula, I've came up with this formula that will not only increase the mass, but will make it so much denser that the muscle fibers will grow to 80 times their original size - Wich means that the organism shal increase it's mass in such a way that it will just keep growing FOREVER, everyday!" "I've always said blue was my favorite collor!"James teased. "Problem is that the human genes, not even those affected by the AMM are capable of synthetizing this serum - but it doesn'a apply to you boys - and probably you two Danny!" "I know James and Dave still have sex together, and you probably joined them, right Danny?" "OH YEAH!" The brothers said in chorous - "He has a pretty tight ass!" James teased as Danny blushed. "Well, James mutation made his genes completely open to AMM, more than anyone else, and through his emissions he's given it to you guys" "That's my brother shorty!" Dave tesed and James replied - "You'd better watch out, I am still in puberty!" "That's another good point James!" Rutherford stood up! "I have my own lab at home, neither Hal or Stan know where it is, let's go there!" The house was pretty distant from the town, almost a huge farm complex, but they drove fast and soon they were at Dr. Rutherford's secret private lab!

"I developed AMM here, and then after I've got finnancial support, I've built the former lab, but it was here that I kept my most valuable notes!" "Nice house, you have here!" David commented. "Thanks, but now let me show you something!" The doctor pressed a button and a computer simulation started running. "Ever since you were transformed James, I knew you would be a milestone to human kind, you are grwoing so fast, and your puberty isn't even done yet! Your organism had grown beyond AMM, actually your own body is producing AMM right now, in your glands, drenching your organism with muscle growth inductors!" "Is it safe?" Danny asked nervous. "To him, it's prefectly helatlhy, but to anyone else it could be harmful!" William said reaching for the safety vault. "Thinking about James condition, I realized that he didn't need simple AMM, it would only work as a vitamin shake for him now, so I've developed this!" The vault opened and Rutherford grabbed a strange purple gel - "Meet the Ultra Muscle Builder - UMB!" "What is it?" James asked marvelled "This is a muscle growth formula special tailored for you, I was hoping to give you this when you turned 16, but we have urgency!" Rutherford grabbed the blue vial and poured it inside the same beaker - "I've developed it to work along with the blue liquid, so only your genes could assimilate the potential of the combination" "Doctor, is it safe for an 11 year old..." DAve asked hesitiating but James interrupted him. "Bro, you know only I can stop Stan! Look at me I am 6 feet tall 635 pounds! I ain't a child anymore, you've seen it I have changed, let's just move on!" James and Dave kissed and he turned to Doctor - "I am ready!"

Wiliam nodded - "This will change your life in the most drastic way, you'll not recognize your body after this, but I can asure that's all you've ever dreamt of!" The doctor handled the beaker to James, and the kid gulped it down. It tasted weird, but then it started burning inside his groin! "LOOK AT HIS COCK!" David exclaimed as the growth started from his tremdous two feet long hard anaconda, qhich quickly grew another foot in length and half of it in thickness. James felt his shoulders widening, and his abs popping out like never before - 24 pack! His legs were so thick now, they were thicker than Danny's chest! "James you're growing taller!" Danny noticed that his nephew reaching 6'5" in height almost as tall as David. "This formula was specially developed to help James go through his pubescent times faster, using all the AMM he has in his organism, he will finally become everything he is capable of being!" "But you had mixed it with the blue vial!" David commented "Yes, it will increase the effects of the changes wich were already made, every single ounce of powder will be increased, and since your brother already produces his own AMM..." "OH MY GOD! I AM HUGE!" James screamed as he reahed David's height. Their eyes were at the same level for a little time, and then he started looking down to face his beloved older brother. DAvid kept looking at DAvid and relaized his chest was now so fucking huge, it should be over 120 inches, the guns were monstrous maybe over 65 inches... "I guess you're no longer shorty, shorty!" David teased and James just grabbed him in a tight hug and kissed his lips. James was packing so abnormally huge now, it seemd his skin would burst any minute now! James flexed his guns and his cock spewed his copious cum. "Quick drink it!" David obbeyed James order and he wrapped hs mouth around the impressive shaft. DAvid kept drinking until he was full and James grew bigger during all the time. Dave just collapsed on the floor as hig own growth started, Unlce Danny was next, he drank almost as much as DAve, and he also felt his own growth kicking in. Even Hal had his turn, he just drank a little after Danny doubled in growth spurt aniticpation. James kept smiling as his growth increased, his muscles expanded and his strength wasgoig through the roof! "Hey Doctor, why don't you try a little of me! You could use some muscle on those bones!" James barely said tose words and he broke into another muscular growth spurt. "I don't think I should..." William was shaking, he just kept looking at James as the boy grew even bigger. "Enough thinking, start enojying!" James walked toward him, he was so fucking immense! He towered over William looking percetly muscular and stll growing. "You were responsible for this!" James flexed his guns and Bill fall in his knees, James carefully placed his still cumming cock in the scientist mout an he started sucking like a baby beeing breastfed by the first time. James smiled, he understood his POWER now was reaching his true level, he looked at his monstrous physique and screamed in ecstasy, while Dr. Rutherford was finally feeling the effects of his own formula. He was about to fell on the ground, if David hadn't kept him. "Hey skinny! You're done growing? LOOKING GOOD!" James complimented his 7'5" 750 pounds brother. "Looks like Uncle Danny too!" David commented looking at the 7 feet tall 665 pounds behemoth. "Boy, I can't wait to fuck you two!" James compliemted his sibblings "Mind if I join you?" Hal said as he lifted up - A gorgeous 6'8" 570 pounds lab assistant! James looked to DAvid who was already licking his lips and blowing a kiss to Hal. "Oh, fuck, that feels so good!" William said still in DAvid's arms. He had already broke the 300 pounds mark and it was only his first dose! Meanwhile James realized he just kept growing more muscular all the time and now he was so fucking enormous, not even if sum all the muscles of the rest of the guys, it could reach his stats! "If Doctor was right, your muscles are 80 times denser tha ours, which means , you are supposed to weight much more than we, and your muscular tissues represents 75% of your total bodyweight!" Hal said while he kept feeling his nwely grown muscles!" "80 times denser, huh? I wanna see that Stan guy dent those muscles now!" James growth finally stopped. He had finally reached his true self. 8 feet tall, 6'5" wide, 1687 pounds, he was more tha twice heavier than his skinny brother David, his arms were 100 inches around, his chest read 173 inches, his legs 126 inches and his cock measured 3'7" inches long. "WEll doc, I think we're ready to kick Stan's ass, what you think? "Let's make him suffer!" The doctor said as his own cock spewed the load on his face. •

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