Kid Muscle Growth

The amazing Muscle Bros.


By Muscl4life

James was in a word - PISSED! Nobody would harm David. "If you touch one single hair of my brother, I'll make you PAY!" The door opened and two huge staff guys came into Rutherford's help, they've launched their huge bodies against James, but the wonder kid just absorbed the impact, such mass was packed in his absolutely huge figure. The kid grinned and looked at the thin doctor on his hands - "You think those wimps are gonna stop me?" The kid just threw Rutherford's body against the surveilliance camera and the scientist fell painfully on the floor, and James turned his attenion to the two henchmen in front of him. - "Listen you punks, I'm only gonna ask once, Where's Dave?" James took a step foward and the huge gorillas were so scared they actually took a step back. "Look, kid, w-we don't want any trouble with you..." One guy said as he serached for something in his pocket, but the very next moment he saw James lifting him and his partner, one in each hand. The kid shook them violently two tiny vials fell on the floor. "What's that shit?" James asked looking to the vials on the ground. "That's ... a new version of AMM, our latest development" James smiled and was about to go get the vials. "Listen kid, Doctor Rutherford is right, we don't know how fucking huge you're getting, if you take more formula, it may be harmfull. "To whom? Me or you guys?" James said as he threw the two guys out of the room. James simply squatted and grabbed the two vials, one was blue and the other red. Since the kid had no pockets he just held the vials on his huge paw and punched his way out of the room. dragging Rutherford's body with him. "DAVE? DAVE? Where the hell are you?" James yelled aroud the corridors. Suddenly, the wonderfully muscled kid just stopped and his jaw dropped. He was completely shocked at the sight of his BIG BROTHER! David was simply magnificent! His 6'3" tall frame was completely packed with hgue masses of MUSCLE. He had completely outgrown his clothing, so ripped and huge his muscles were. James and David only exchanged looks and they bursted into laughter. The brothers hugged each other, Dave lifted James from the ground and he kissed his muscle child in the cheeks. "I Was so fucking worried about you, Jimmy!" Dave kept hugging him. "Hey! Don't call me Jimmy, you know I fucking hate it!" James flexed his muscles trying to break free from his brother's grip, but for the first time he felt a power comparable to his own. James kept silent and looked to David - "You're HUGE, bro!" David was serious, then he smiled beautfully - "THANKS!" Dave lowered James and they just kept looking at each other, admiring their insanely huge physiques. For the first time, they realized they were so similar! Their faces, their posture, and especially the gargantuan muscles. It was like the same impossibly muscular man, at 5'8" and 6'3" versions. "David, what the hell is going on here?" James asked a little worried. "James, I don't know for sure, but I think our friend here can clarify the things a little bit. David lifted Rutheford's body. "Hey, I've knocked out his helpers, let me get them!" Soon, The impossibly huge brothers have assmebled Rutherford's staff in the main room of the sinister complex. "Start blabbing, before I let my brother James squeeze the truth out of you!" David threathened the scientist. Rutherford was very displeased witht the situation, but he understood that the brothers wer in charge now! "According to my quick analysis, your brother James had taken so much AMM in so short time that he actually his genetic structure, but I can't precise how bigger he'll grow, but he is only 9 years old!" Rutherford excalimed. Dave quickly grabbed him by the collar - "Tell me something new!" James watched proudly his older brother handling the situtation. "Y-you have been altered, too!" The doctor said qucikly and James was the scared one now - "ME!?" "Yeah, you! Didn't you swallow your brother's very first orgasm? Well, you've drank a jism so drenched in AMM that it had surely changed you as much as James!" The brothers looked each other and they blushed. "Doctor" James was incredibilly calm " CAn you say what will happen to me? I mean, I won't grow another head or something like that am I?" Rutherford stood up and the kid let him free - "Listen guys, I know I've got carried away but you could just destroy years of my work! I couldn't risk that!" "Doctor, I can asure it was my fault James ever found the powder, but he is so fucking HUGE, look at thim! Have you ever seen anyone so MUSCULAr before?" "I could start with you!" Rutherford pointed at DAvid and the over muscular teen noticed that he was just as muscualr as his kid brother - "Yeah, but he looks much more massive!" David hugged James and played with the kid. "Anyway, you kids have gone too far with the AMM! As far as I can tell, both of you have turned into muscle freaks!" Rutherford smiled "But I don't blame you, it is very temptating, i must admit it, I've wanted to try the AMM in myself, but as a scientist I needed to be imparcial and my mind couldn't be afflcited by any chemical unbalance" "But we are gonna be okay, aren't we?" David asked still horsing around with James. "Tell you what, I'll just ran a few more tests, get some samples of blood, and then we can run a few computer simulation, and you're free to go, but I wanna stay in touch, because now, the two of you are my giant muscular "guinea pigs" "Okay, but you won't chain me this time, or I'll kick the asses of those skinny guys!" James provoked the huge staff men. The tests resutls were shcoking! Both David and James had been altered beyond discription - DAvid had grown to 467 pounds, a gain of 167 pounds, thanks to the AMMx25, since he tried a much more potent version, the results were still to come. Besides, his mind blwoing 43 inches guns and 81 inches chest were awesomely ripped muscular as well as the rest of his gargantuan physique. Rutherford had concluded that David was currently 5 to 7 times stronger than his previous state and he would still grow much more, as the AMM is absorbed by his organism. James's tests were even more impressive - The 9 year old kid was 25 pounds heavier than his titanic older brother at the incredible mark of 482 fucking ripped pounds - Such mass packed in a 5'8" frame was so freaking, and yet so sexy! Especially becasue James had a 11 inches flaccid cock along with matching freaking huge balls. James guns were 45 inches around and his chest tapped at 83 inches, his shoulders were now pratically five feet wide! It means James was almost as wide as he was tall! The scientist concluded that James was about ten to fifteen times stronger than an average male, but due to his peculiar condition, James would keep growing for a long time... "Hey, how come you have two inches on me! You shorty!" David teased James who answered by fleing his bigger guns - "Guess, you're still a toothpick, skinny!" While James was still returning from the exam room, the scientist called David in particular "David, I am aware that James has gotten two vials from my staff!" DAvid looked at him and agreeded - What's with those vials? "They're still in testing, one is the AMM booster, and the other, well think about an AMM for those who had already consumed large doses of AMM!" Rutherford smiled. "I developed those for a future scenario, when my AMM would be consumed with so much intensity, that many bodybuilders would soon overdose it, wanting even more impressive results, so I would provide the answer for those needs... "So, if James takes them..." "I can't even think the possibilities, it could also be very dagerous to your brother, remember he is just a kid..." "Yes, doctor, I won't James hurt himself, but how can we be sure he still has it?" "I know he has, but I want him to take it, in the right time, I wanna know how huge can he grow, just get him to wait the necessary time..." "Well, in that case we'd better distract him..." David's eyes had a glint when he finshed the sentence. "There's lots of normal and AMMx10 , I will give it to you and James, so you can have fun growing more or even making other people grow..." "What's going on?: The ultra muscular kid asked. "I was just telling your brother, that i have some clothing from my staff guys, they're gonna be a little tigth for you, but it's better than if you go home in the nude!" The scientist snapped and Hal entered carrying a box full of clothes - tank tops, shorts, everything for his oversized muscle brothers. "Thanks, Dr. Rutherford!" James said as he squeezed himself into a jeans, of course he just tore the excess of fabric on the legs and he improvised himself nice jeans shorts. "No problem kid, and please call me William" "No prbolem, Bill!" James said as he tried his shirts - "Fuck! Those are very tight in the arms!" "Flex them!" David said and James obbeyed, the farbic just ripped so hugely peaked the 45 incches gun was and one, two, three, James had a tank top! Dr. William grabbed a case full of AMM and gave to David. "Here you have enough AMM for a hundred doses, I think you don't take it all in one night, remember it has an absortion period" "You mean, we can grow more?" James had that same glint in his eyes - "James, even if you didn't take more AMM, you would grow huge for over months now! More AMM is only gonna make it happens faster!" "Can I have it now" The almost 500 pounds kid was ready to grab the muscle powder, when David lifted it higher - "Don't you think we'd better do it at home, you've just got yourself new clothes, they're gonna be very rare now, since you are wider than a wall!" "OK! OK! I'll do as you say, skinny!" James compromised and thanked Dr. Rutherford once more "I took the liberty to take your car here, I hope you don't mind!" Hal said giving the keys to David, not without blinking to the mamooth sized teen. "Thanks!" DAvid grabbed and pretended he didn't notice the henchmen's intention - "Let's go shorty!" "Right after you, skinny!" The car felt really small for the muscle brothers, DAve had to go in the front part alone, because James and him were to damn wide to go together! "AWESOME!" James kept yealling as he flexed his enormous muscles - "We're so fucking muscular!" "Yes, bro! I think you're the biggest motherfucker in the whole world! So much for Yates or Coleman!" David said looking to James through the mirror. "How much bigger can we grow?" James asked once more "Jimmy, we don't know for sure, but you are gonna be bigger than a house!" David said joking him. "Are we near home?" James asked with a low voice "Yes, we'll be there in no time..." David looked back and noticed what was behind that question. James was storking his 18 inches hard cock - "I liked what you did last time, can we repeat it?" Daivd smiled - "sure, shorty!" They arrived at home and vanished to the gym. James was actually carrying James, he was so horny, he ripped their clothes off. "Before we do it, you should keep the vials you got form the guys safe, we might break them" "How do you...? You wanna have them?" "No, let's just wait a little longer, and see how much we can grow, besides we have tons of AMM!" "Sure!" James kept the vials in his room and returned to see David, who was now completely hard with his 16 incches rod. "Gee, skinny, your cock is so huge! Isn't it to big for you?" "Shut up and fuck me!" David ordered. "But I don't know how..." "Easy!" David got in position, poinitng his anus up to James - "Can you connect the dots?!" James licked his lips, he was so hard, and so horny, he attacked David's butt wildly, and his brother screamed "A little gentler, will you?" But he was loving bing fucked by the mega muscled kid. James got it and he inserted the rest of his immense manhood gently up Dave's butt, who only moaned - "Now!" he groaned and James start pumping his immense rod into Dave, nice and slowly, then his pace got a little faster. James was marveled, he never had felt like this before, he was mastering his brother's ass so easily. He wanted to feel just like he felt when Dave blew him. He looked at his side and saw the AMM case. He managed to reach for the case, still fucking Dave and grabbed a handfull of the powder and ate it, washing it with some gatorade, he grabbed another handfull and gave it to DAve, being gentler than ever. The impossibly huge bros. kept on their amazing fuck session, enjoying themselves when the AMM kicked in! James couldn't help noticing his legs swelling and his chest ballooning, his shoulders getting even wider and his biceps packing with awesome mass! His cock was also growing inside Dave who yelled with pleasure! "James, I am growing!" Dave said as his whole body ballooned in sheer muscle definiton, his shoulders were getting so fucking wide, his biceps 45 inches, he would be the same size of James if the kid didn't had the powder himself, and now David could only feel his kid brother growing inside of him. James felt his power increasing, his muscles swelling he and he was fucking DAve without mercy, pumping as strong as he could, feeling his muscles freakier! "MUSCLE! MUSCLE! MUSCLE!" James screamed as he fucked DAvid, pumping his growing shaft and flexing his now 48 inches biceps! The mega kid just lifted David from the ground and ipaled the much taller brother! He lifted Dave immense weight up and down pressing hims against his rod! "Quick! Do as I say!" David oredered as he managed to plunge off James's 20 inch cock out of his butt. The brothers qucikly assumed a 69 position, DAvid was really showing Jams what to do, but the kid was one hell of learner! David came right into James' mouth and almost the same time the muscle kid bursted inside David's. The brothers kept sucking each other as their mind blowing orgasms seemed to subside, but then it hit them! Their combined cum, AMM and the previous dosages finally kicked in! James and DAvid just swelled in size, growing more musclar at each minute, they just hugged each other, feeling their enormous size getting even freakier. DAvid was growing taller, passing the 6'6" now, and no signs of stopping, while James was still 5'8" but getting more muscular than ever! He just packed in muscle, feeling his cock getting even longer. James just made DAve get on his knees and resumed fucking him, feeling his cock getting even thicker. "You have such a tight ass, skinny!" "And your cock is so huge, shorty!" David teased James as he felt himself getting even more muscular, his shoulders thicknenig, and his biceps peaking higher and higher! The feeling was just so intense, the brothers lost the sense of time,a nd they fucked hard without stopping for over threee hours, when the finally collapsed over each other, drenched in sweat and cum! James had his immense cock inside David, and when the older brother realized it was still rock hard! "James, wake up! Geez, you're still hard!" "H-hmmmmnnn! Hey skinny, get your arse off my cock!" James joked, managing to plunge off his brother's ass. DAvid kissed him deeply, feeling his cum in Jame's mouth. When they finally got up, they went bananas! DAvid had grown to an impressive 7 feet tall mark, he was in a word gigantic! His muscles seemed magnified, and his ebauty oncly increased! He weighed 575 pounds, and his muscle mass had become so thick he seemed a living wall. His 50 inches guns, 92 inches chest, 62 inches legs and 20 inches cock made him look fantastic! But JAMES had become even freakier! He was only 5'10" he had to grow two inches, because of the sheer mass he had packed, but now he was pratically 5'5" wide, weighing nothing less than 620 pounds! James was so massive, his guns seemd overdeveloped comapred to the rest of his body, he had 58 incehs guns, 103 incehs chest, 70 inches legs and a two feet long cock! The brothers watched their refelcetions at the mirror. DAvid realzied how much taller he had gotten, and James couldn't beleive how fucking cool he was! Although his face was still somewhat childish, he had a berad! A fucking beard! Sure it was still just a four o'clock shaddow, but it was clearly noticeable! James got his giatn brother in his arms and threw him up and down - "WE'RE THE MUSCLE BROS!" David and James were so fucking huge they kept the whole time flexing anf felling each other's hardness. James's guns were so abnormally huge they were much bigger than his head, but totally awesome. "You wanna armwrestle?" James asked flexing his 58 guns - "My huge arms are almost the size of you toothpick legs!" "I am in!" DAvid accepted and they engaged into a mind blwoing armwrestle. although James were stronger, David knew how to use his taller frame and he managed to drag the dispute for wuite a long time, but James' strength was so immense, it was impossible to DAve to beat him. James finally made David's arms touch the bench and he screamed - "VICTORY!" DAvis was fascinated how strong his 9 year brother was, and how stronger he would get! He grabbed James in his arms and they kissed - "WE'RE THE MUSCLE BROS!" "I am STARVING, skinny!" James complained - "You know I am in growth time! FEED ME!" They rushed to the kitchen and ate the whole food! While James ate a whole turkey, David vanisehd with the ham. "I've been thinking, James, you can't go back to your school! You have a beard for heaven's sake! How come they would believe you're just 9?" "and who would like to come back for elementary school?" James answered stuffing his face with ice cream. "You're just fucking huge! DAvid smiled finshing his milk." "And feeding me is gonna be a problem!" James commented as he went after his third burger. Sudennly they both froze when a car parked at their garage. "UNCLE DANNY!" The brothers screamed. James and David's parents had split up five years ago, and his mom died two years ago. Since their father is a rich executive of huge conglo he thought it was better for his children to leave a simplerlife with his brother Danny. Daniel Harris is a 6 feet even 250 pound brunette thirhty something stunt man. He had no wife or kids, just enjoyed his life, but since his older brother Mark was actually the one who supported him while he was "between jobs" he was forced to accept his nephews to live with him. It turned out to be a great thing, because the three of them shared their love for bodybuilding, Danny was actually the first to encourage James to pump iron! He was very proud of his boys, James was really strong for his age and David was so fucking huge! DAnny loved his physique and he would really love to start a carrer as a bodybuilder. "You think he will notice?" James asked flexing his chest. "Well, let's see I am seven inches taller and almost 300 pounds heavier, and you are OVER 500 pounds heavier and over a foot taller! OF OCURSE HE'LL NOTICE!" James just resumed eating - "There's nothing he can do about it!" "You're right! Let's just see his reaction!" DAve kissed James forehead and they kept comparing the sizes of their absolutely huge guns. •

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