Kid Muscle Growth

James a.k.a. Muscle Freak Kid


By Muscl4life

Both Coach and David got really scared, at the sight of James eating the muscle growth formula raw powder. "That powder isn't the same stuff you've taken home, it is ten times more potent!" Coach screamed as he simply ran away from the upcoming menace to his life! "Coach! Where are you going?" David tried to grab him, but the enormous bulk of the coach ran pretty fast for his size. "AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!" David looked back and saw his little muscle brother screaming in pain. He forgot all about the threat James represented and ran to help his kid brother... "James, James are you alright?" David tried to help James but the enormous size of his muscles made him so hard, and thick David could barely hold his body on his lap. "D-David, I feel like burning... Help me!!!" James screamed and David went crazy, he wanted to help his kid brother more than anything, but he didn't know how. He noticed the bag of the powder, completely empty at Jame's side, the older brother found a little "post it" in which was writen a phone number. David was so scared he didn't even noticed that he had already grabbed his cell phone and dialed the number on the paper. "Hello!" A deep voice answered on the other side. "Please, I need help, my brother took the raw powder of your formula and he is having some kind of reaction..." "Say no more, just tell us where you are and we'll send our staff" David didn't even thought about what he was going into, what kind of people was that, or the things they coudl do them. Suddenly, James simply got out of David's lap and ROARED! He was packing with sheer muscle, BIGTIME! James was smiling, he inspired pure confidence, his mindblwing physique was sweeling each time he looked at him. James was sure to be three feet wide, and at his size it meant he was almost as wide as he was tall! "DAVID! Look at me! Look at ME! I'm HUGE" James jumped up and down feeling his increasing size. This time, James was apcking muscles so fast that he seemd to be inflating in front of David's eyes. The over muscular kid walked trying the size of his growing legs, it was so freaking sexy! His legs were so thick, engorging at each moment, his chest was now so wide he could barely walk, but he looked so brave, and so incredibly bold that DAvid was actually feraing his figure. "There's something wrong here..." James commented as he looked at the middle of his legs, noticing a thick dark hair growing all over his espetacular body, then James moaned with pleasure as he felt his muscles thickening even more, ripped masses of muscle fibers engorged his already incredible musculature. James felt his entire body shaking, his muscles started packing muscle twice as fast as before. He just looked at David and smiled with an evil grin. He grabbed his 6'3" tall 300 pound older brother and started curling him with just one arm "Gee, Dave, you're so fucking light!" What do we have here?" James dropped DAvid and went toward the Coach's car and lifted it over his head, feeling the weight getting each time easier due to his never ending growth. He just got bored with that and tossed the car away, looking for his next toy. "James, you shouldn't be stressing yourself, you've just fainted a few moments ago, we don't know for sure what might happen to you..." "That's easy, skiinny big brother, I AM BECOMING THE STRONGEST MAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD! James screamed flexing his now, unbelievable 32 inches arms, and even him got impressed! "WOW! Look at that muscle! Come here wimp, feel that muscle!" James oredered and David obliged more than willing, he felt the hardness and the power of that muscle cramped in his tiny figure. "Man I'd kill for a scale right now!" James screamed as David kept rubbing the immensity of his biceps. James body continued packing overwhleming muscles as David rubbed the enormous 35 inches biceps. David couldn't avoid but sproting a huge hard on, his 10 inches hard cock was completely exposed, bursting out of his jockstrap. James' eyes widened as he saw the huge cobra of his brother, and he unconstiously reached for his own kid's dick, but then his eyes recovered his mean look. "Oh, Dave, I think you're no longer bigger than me in the cock department anymore!" James said as he let his growing cock out of his shreds of clothing. David looked scared at his little brother's 9 and a half inches semi-flaccid cock! It grew longer and thicker as well as the immense balls, they hangu dow his knees, while the cock reached the 12 inches mark, a whole foot in cock, and it wasn't completely hard yet. James laughed as David kept rubbing his still flexed biceps... David couldn't resist anymore, he just had to do that, he leaned his head and wrapped his mouth around the thick head of James's cock! The ultra muscular kid was geting his very first blowjob while his msucles kept on packing, and he felt that it only increased his muscle growth. "Oh, fuck! That's awesome!" James mumbled as his brother sucked on his cock. James body swelled even faster now, his muscles so ripped they looked they would just explode. Then, James felt his balls tingling, they wer increasing their size and thickness, but he felt more powerful, he just grabbed the back of David's head and forced it increasing his brother's pace, and feeling hismelf getting each time bigger, each time stronger, his muscles grwoing insanely, kid or no kid, no man had muscles so big as his! He had dsone it! he was the most muscular man in the planet! James shot his very first load into David's mouth, and he kept shooting and David kept on drinking, soon James felt his growth finally decreasing adn he moaned as David fisnihed his fountaining cock. James grabbed David's limp body and he made him lie down in the ground. James knew that he was now, over any standard, he was MUSCLE in its most extreme definition. He looked at himslef and smiled, savoring the power in his tremedous body! Nothing could stop him, he was POWER! It was then, he felt a little pintch in his thickest neck, he just ignored, maybe just a bug, he was the most powerful man in the world, how could that hurt him? Just then he noticed the blu van approaching and his vision fading into blur. He only had time to see a bunch of guys dressed in laboratory uniforms grabbing his falling body...

James woke up, feeling the strong excent of chemical products. His first try was to get up, but he was chained to a huge table, and the more he struggled the stronger the chains got! "I see our little boy finally woke up!" A tall thin man said from another room, protected by a glass wall. "I AIN'T NO BOY! I AM THE STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD!" James said trying to break free "You are probably right, little James, we've never had such tender boy trying on our products before!" "What the hell are you saying?" Suddenly, a door opened and the tall man approached James. "My name is Dr. Rutherford, I have invented the Anabolic Muscle Maginficator, AMM as we called it or simply "Muscle Powder". We have developed this particular growth formula to the sports nutrition mraked, but we had to be secure from any side-effects first, and since the FDA's testing policy is very severe we had to use less orthodoxalways, like giving samples to school coaches, or personal trainers, just to spread the news... "That's how David got his powder?" James asked furisouly " Where's DAvid, what did you do with my brother?" "He's just fine! Quite a little show you two gave back there, I am supposing it was your very first orgasm... Great!" Rutherford smiled. "My dear James, the reason you were brought into my presence, is simple: no one had never took so much AMM during so short period, especally in such tender age as yours..." "So, what?" James tried over and over, but this time he was really stuck! "Well, for starters, you didn't think the effects weren't immediate, did you? I mean once you've takedn the formula for the first time, it will cause an intial chagning, but then it wil keep on making the muscular mass thicker and stronger, for weeks, maybe months! "You mean, one dose would make me grow for such long time!" "Second point is the amount you've taken. Normally we recommend two tablespoons per day diluted in water or milk, but acording to our calculaitons, after the incident with Caoch's stuff you had just consumed aproximatelly 25 times the recommended dosage. "25 times? What can it cause me?" James asked this time a little apprehenisve. "In third comes the age matter! James, your organism was already preparing for you upcoming puberty, and the effects of the AMM into your organism were defintive and shocking - Since your muscle fibers are stil forming, the AMM actually made your fibers 500 percent thicker and more dense - which menas that you're organism became at least 5 times stronger than an adult human being!!" "I am FIVE times stronger than an adult? COOL!" "That's not all of it, James - Since you have taken so much in so short time at your tender age, I'm afraid you genetic structure had been altered. "What you mean by that?" "Well James, your sexual organs had already mattured, as you could see a while ago, but that's not the end of it, we are positeively sure that you didn't synthetise not even 10 percent of your potential for muscle growth! "What?" "Your body will change even more, James, you alredy have adult oversized male parts, but they'll keep on growing because they are genetically programmed to so such thing, the fact that you have so much AMM running inside your organism will only increase the effects of your muscle growth!" "COOL!" James yelled, but Rutherford didn't pay attention "I'll show you how cool it is!" the doctor placed a mirror in front of him and James almost fainted. "Your body weight is currently 450 pounds, with 0.7% body fat, You are four and a half feet wide and at 5'8" tall, I'd say you're really freaking! Your biceps were 40 inches aroun, and the chest tapped at 79", the legs read 50 inches and your penile size is 9 inches flaccid, 16 inches hard!" James was smiling, he was never so proud of his body! "But I'm afraid you won't be able to come bakc to the normal world, because it would jeopardize years of research and investment, we shall keep you away from the rest of the world!" "HEY! WAIT A MINUTE! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" James tried to break free once more, but this time he felt his muscles suddenly growing once more! James felt his body growing even thicker, his muscles sweeling in size and power and even his cock was growing longer... Rutherford looked scared at James and he tried to escape, but it was too late, James broke free from his chains and he lifted the doctor with just one hand. "WHERE IS MY BROTHER?" James asked with a raging atittude. •

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