Kid Muscle Growth

James meets the coach


By Corwin

David drove as fast as he could. He used his cell phone to call his coach, who told him where the secret lab was. The coach would meet them there.

James sat in the passenger seat with his eyes closed, as if meditating. In his mind, James was sensing his new muscles, feeling their power, and urging them to grow more. He could feel it working, though not as quickly as before.

David would look over at his brother as he drove, the mass of muscle on such a small frame. He was jealous of his brother's power. If the coach's friends couldn't reverse the effects on James, maybe they would give him more powder so he could grow as strong.

They arrived at a small warehouse in an industrial part of town. David parked, and James opened his eyes. He looked at David. David saw a twinkle in his little brother's eyes that scared him.

"Got a secret for you skinny," James said. He flexed his arm, and it was now two inches bigger than before at 25. James grinned and turned to the locked car door. He placed both hands on it and pushed. His arms erupted into veins and muscles. There was a sound of metal bending and cracking, then suddenly the door flew off the car. "Yes!" James yelled in triumph. He looked at David. "You didn't really think a locked car door could hold me, did you?"

As James stepped out of the car, he noticed a man standing there. The man was at tall, probably around 6 foot 3. He wore a large flannel shirt that tented over a large chest. The man's arms were huge, though not as large as James's.

"You must be David's brother. I'm his coach. You know, I gave that powder to him. You shouldn't have taken it. That was wrong."

"Nothing wrong with being strong as far as I'm concerned."

"Well, there's more powder than what I gave to David. I even took a helping or two myself." With that, the coach flexed his arms. His biceps shredded the shirt and grew to 24 peaked inches. The tall man grinned, grabbed the shirt and ripped it off. His pecs were huge and covered with fine red hair. He had a rock solid 8 pack and his massive lats were forced his arms from his torso.

James wasn't impressed. He flexed his upper body into a massive most muscular pose. The coach did the same. David looked on in awe at the two massive bodies. His coach had always been fairly muscular, but now he was better than any Mr. Olympia competitor. The problem was, James looked even bigger.

"I don't know coach. You look kinda wimpy to me. Not as small as my brother, but wimpy none-the-less. Can you do this?"

James walked to the back of David's car. He bent down and lifted the rear of it with ease. He continued to lift and worked his way to the middle of the car. He knelt down, lowering the car, then powered it up, lifting it over his head. James's legs were ripped pillars of power, veins pulsing as he held the car.

"No problem," said the coach and he crouched under the car. He grunted as he lifted and took it from the smaller boy. The coach lowered the car slowly. As he curled the car to the ground, his arms bulged with raw power.

"Pretty good," mocked James, "but I bet you can't even take my arms down." With that, James raised his arms above his head.

The coach towered over the smaller boy. He had the height advantage, and his body felt and looked powerful. The coach grabbed the boys hands and squeezed. James grimaced and then squeezed back harder. The coach's hand cracked. He wouldn't be doing that again soon. The coaches arms tensed as he exerted his considerable power against the boy. "Aargggg," he groaned as he forced James's arms down slighly, only to have James force them back up. James 's cannonball shoulders burst into three distinct ripped heads as he contained the strength of the older man. Sweat began to poor off the coach's face and chest as his muscles failed to overpower the smaller boy. James smiled.

David stared transfixed at the site of his little brother out muscling the larger man. He made eye contact with the struggling coach, and saw man's eyes dart to his truck. The door was open, and on the seat was a bag of the white growth powder. David began to run toward it.

The sight of David's run drew James's attention. He saw the open truck door and the bag of powder on the seat. His mind worked fast as he suddely used his now considerable mass to toss the big coach at David, knocking them both down. James lept to the truck and grabbed the powder.

"Wondered when I'd get more of this," he said as he began to swallow the raw powder. •

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