Kid Muscle Growth

What happened to David


By Corwin

David awoke in the van, the taste of his brother's cum still in his mouth. There were three men in the van. The two in the front of the van were huge, their muscle bulk barely able to fit in the van's seat. Each had huge arms that rivaled the coaches. A third thinner man was leaning over James, taking his pulse.

"Who are you?"

"Oh, you're awake. We're glad you're not hurt. We're the people you called."

"You made the growth powder? You gotta help my brother?"

"This is your brother? I'm Dr. Rutherford. That's Stan driving and my assistant Hal. Tell me what happened."

David relayed how he got the powder from his coach, and how James had stolen it. He told how he had freaked and taken James to the warehouse where he out muscled the coach and taken the enhanced powder.

The doctor took out a calculator and looked deep in thought. "The Anabolic Muscle Magnifier shouldn't have been used on one so young, let alone in those doses. We'll have to run some tests, but from my calculations, a normal nine year old would be stronger than several hundred men."

David was going to tell the doctor that James wasn't a normal nine year old. He had exceptional strength to begin with. Then David realized he didn't know anything about these people. Could he trust them? He saw Dr. Rutherford take a blood sample from James.

The van arrived at an isolated building. Dr. Rutherford gave the orders. "Stan, take James to the examination room. We'd better restrain him. Use the magnetically coupled restraints. They're the strongest we have, and they should hold him. Hal, take David to the observation room and have this blood sample analyzed."

Hal placed his hand on David's shoulder. The man was huge and strong. David had no choice but to go with him. David decided to make the best of it, and try and get more information.

"Boy, you guys are huge. I work out, and I'd love to be in your league. "

"Thanks kid. The doc knows his stuff. We've been taking the AMM for a couple months now, and, well, you can see the results for yourself."

"How big are you guys, anyway."

"Bigger than most. Thought we the biggest til we saw that brother of yours. I got 27 inch bis and a 67 inch chest. My quads are over 40. Stan's the big guy, though. He's only 19, and got a couple inches on me everywhere it counts. The doc says that the closer the puberty, the better the results. Guess cause your brother's still a kid the results were even stronger on him."

The observation room was a lab with several monitors. David could see Stan, James and Dr. Rutherford on one of them. Stan was placing James on a table and wrapping chains around.

"Hey, what are they doing to James."

"Don't worry. We just don't want him to hurt himself or us. Those chains are made of a special magnetic material. They actually become stronger the more force is applied to them. From what the doc said, your brother would have to be ten times stronger than he is now to break them. And ain't no way that can happen."

Hal become preoccupied with analyzing James's blood. He placed it in an electron microscope, and looked at something on the screen. Then Hal picked up a phone.

"Doc, there's something you should know. Looks like the kid's DNA is messed up. The AMM effected it somehow. And from what I can tell, it looks like the kid only absorbed about 10 percent of it. Most of it is still in his blood." The doctor said something. "OK, I'll do the analysis."

Just then, David saw James start to wake up. The Doctor put down the phone and began talking to him.

Hal took something that looked like the growth powder, and placed a drop on the blood. The blood seemed to foam, the the powder vanished. Hal look perplexed, then scared. "Shit. Your brother, was he a strong kid?"

"Ya, pretty strong."

"Oh god. I gotta warn the doc. If I'm right, your brother might have had a genetic mutation that made him particularly susceptible to the AMM. Those chains can't hold him. Wait here."

Hal ran out of the room. On the monitor, David saw James get agitated. Then he began to grow. His muscle pushed against the chains and snapped them. He grabbed the doctor and said something. Next, he saw Hal and Stan burst into the room. There was a struggle, then the camera went out when something hit it.

David didn't know what was happening, but he knew he needed to help his brother. It was his fault this all began. He looked around the lab and found a jar labelled, "AMM Experiment x25". He found a beaker and filled it a quarter way with the powder, then desolved it in water. He drank.

Seconds later he doubled over with pain. It felt like it lasted hours, but it was only moments. When it stopped, his clothes began to fill tight. His muscles were growing. He felt stronger. His shirt burst, unable to contain his massive arms. Buttons popped as his pecs and lats thickened. His jeans ripped unable to contain the power of his thighs and calves.

The growth continued as David ran down the hall looking for the examination room. He broke into one room, only too find it empty except for a mirror. He couldn't believe what he saw. His muscles were huge. He flexed a bicep and estimated it to be 43 inches. David was as big as James.

As he admired himself, he saw Hal fly down the hall as if thrown like a ball. David heard James coming. •

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