Kid Muscle Growth

James vs. David


By Muscl4life

James flexed his arm and his 16 inches biceps peaked ripped than never and he smiled at his bigger brother. "I have just take some protein powder, can you already tell it?" David widened his eyes as he realized the sheer size of his little brother's arm - "James, this isn't it right, you're only nine years old! This stuff can really fuck with your body, please give it back to me!" "Why? Because you don't want me to be that strong too?" James asked pretending to be offended. "James, you know that's not true! I am bigger than you because I am older, you'll be big in the right time!" "The right time is NOW!" James flexhed his chest and his pecs swelled in mass and definition. Then he walked to the bench press - "Tell you what, if you can beat me at the bench press, then I'll give back your formula!" "James, you may have gotten some muscle, but I am still far stronger..." "BUT, if I by any chance beat you, I'll get to keep the formula to me!" James offered his hand and David was stupid enough to accept the challenge. "You first brother!"James showed the place. David placed himself and loaded the bar with 300 pounds, then he lifted it and completed three whole reps and put the bar up again - "I know you are pretty strong for your age, but I think you'd better stop here... It was too late, James had already set his cargo at 500 pounds, he lowered the bar before David could stop him and he lifted it back, then he did another rep and so the lifted the 500 pound cargo over ten times, before he placed the bar up again. "Oh, dear, I think I've just beat you, didn't I?" David was shocked, he never expected his brother a mere child could lift 500 pound it meant the kid could easily lift him... Too late, David felt his 9 year old brother lifting him from the floor and pressing him over his head. "You know, David, you feel so fucking light after my warm up!" James pressed his brother over his head over twenty times, until he finally lowered him. "I get the formula to myself!" James yelled happilly. But big David wouldn't let this go so easily, he just launched himself into his kid brother, who had just time to grab his arms and throw him against the wall, which caused a huge noise. James qucikly ran to the place where he had kept the formula, he knew David would recover very quickly. The ultra muscular kid just had time to grab a pithc of water in the bathroom and he quickly dumped ALL the formula inside. David ran upstairs, looking for his little muscle brother, and he entered the bathroom just in time to see James drinking the last drop of the muscle growth powder. "NOOOOO!!!" David yelled as James wiped his mouth and licked his fingers - "Better not waste any of this!" David stood there, shocked as James felt the formula kicking in, but much stronger this time. The kid doubled in pain as his young hyper muscles cramped at once, he fell on the floor and David waited for the worst, but soon he hear the moans of the kid and then he realized what was happening. James body was drenched in sweat, his muscles were swelling faster than the first time, and much stronger now! David watched in awe as his little brother's body changed quickly into a freakish muscle monster! James gained pounds by the seconds! His pecs were growing at an incredible rate, his legs flexed impossibly hard and ripped and his arms, the kid was packing faster than David could notice! 17...18...19..20..21..22..23? twenty three fucking huge inches in a 9 year old boy! "FUCKING COOL!" James yelled as he realized the size of his enormous muscle in his guns. James was at least two and a half feet wide, and being only 4'8" it was really noticeable! But then his bones started cracking, and he felt the pain growing stronger again! David realized James kept on packing muscle like never before, and this time he was packing muscle over muscle! Jmaes was actually growing taller, just a little bit to accomodate his incredible muscle mass, soon the 9 year old was about 5'6" tall but his weight didn't stop increasing... James had a glint in his eyes, each time he noticed his muscles growing insanely huge now! He was actually taller, but he was so much massive! He had the muscles of Lou Ferrigno in the body size shorter than Jet-Li! James' kid clothing jusr ripped off his body as his muscles easily outgrew them, the shirt and pants remained attached to his body so tight they were... When the growth finally stopped, James had his hands on his narrow waist. His chest had grown so much wider that his waist seemed to have disappeared, especially because he had enormous thick pillars of legs. His shoulders were so wide and strong the sie of cannonballs "SORRY SKINNY! BUT THAT FORMULA WAS MINE!" James said noticing how deeper his voice had become. David was speechless, he couldn't say anything. James just went to the bathrrom scale and he cheered when he read the weight: 275 fucking huge poounds! "Iam still 275 and my arms are already bigger than your skinny guns!" James flexed his muscles and showed them to his still silent brother. David said nothing he just looked into James eyes. "we gotta go, NOW!" David used his much taller figure to just embrace James and lift him. "HEy, what the fuck is going on? Let go of me!" James protested but David managed to thow him inside the car and lock the doors, then he turned it on and they left the house. "Where the hell are you taking me?" James asked still furious. "I want the guys who made this stuff to exam you, you're turning into a FREAK!" "Hey, it's MR. FREAK for you!" James teased David flexing his 23 inches arm... •

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