Kid Muscle Growth


By Corwin

James dumped the remaining half of the growth formula into an empty jar. He grabbed the bottle of David's normal protein powder, and poured it into the now empty super-growth formula. James knew he couldn't hide his phenominal growth, but he didn't want David to find out until he was ready.

David was James's idol. It was David that taught James how to lift weights, and they had worked out together for several years. Recently his older brother had been acting weird. He stopped working out with James. James knew his own gains were the cause.

He left David's room and heard his brother return a couple minutes later. James hid the remaining growth formula under a stack of clothes in his room, and went to the family's gym.

David had been the last to work out. The bench was loaded with 500 pounds of weight. James looked at his massive chest and flexed. Chords of deep muscle ripped to the surface of his nine year old skin. He took his position on the bench and tried to lift. The bar seemed light. He slowly lowered it to his chest, the raised it with ease. He laughed and pumped out 25 reps. He wasn't even tired. He loaded the bar with 4 more plates, and cranked out a set of 10. His chest was pumped like never before, and he felt like he could go on forever.

James grabbed a couple of 150lb dumbells and cranked out 20 tricep kickbacks. He grinned as his triceps formed a massive horseshoe on the back of his arms. The 150s felt too light to do shoulder presses with, so he grabbed a couple 200s. This is what David used for flies, but the weight felt like nothing to him.

As he put the weights down, he heard someone in enter the room. It was David. He looked angry. "What have you done?" He came over and shoved James in the chest. James didn't budge. He simply raised his arm, dsiplaying his massive bicep. •

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