Kid Muscle Growth


By iceman75

James Harris is a nine year old boy who has spent the last 6 years of his life working out in his private gym, a small section in the basement of his home. He already had quite impressive development, matching most boys 5 or 6 years older than him. But he was not satisfied with his current muscle and power, he wanted more, much more, he had always wanted to be the biggest and strongest person on Earth, even as far back as 4 years old. There was no question that he had enormous strength for someone his size, 4'8 and weighing 85 pounds, but he not only wanted to be strong for his size, he wanted to be so strong that the World's Strongest Man contest would be like a playground to him, he wanted to be so strong that he could lift the heaviest sumo wrestler in the world and throw him out of the ring without even trying. David Harris, a 17 year old athlete at Mason Briggs high school was known for his impressive physique and unbelievable strength. He was 6'3 and weighed 300 pounds of solid muscle. But it was overshadowed somewhat by the fact that his nine year old brother, who was a foot and a half shorter and weighed 215 pounds less than him was starting to show real power and muscle when he lifted, not big enough to rival David, but still strong enough to have lifted his max bench of freshman year, 315 pounds. David now benched over 500 pounds with ease, but the thought of his little brother being almost as strong as he is, was unsettling to say the least. That is why he bought an experimental muscle building formula home from one of his coaches. He didn't want to take it now because he didn't want his little brother to catch him with the formula, he wanted all the growth for himself. David walked out of the room with a smirk on his face and went to the kitchen to catch a bite to eat. Just as he slammed the door, James opened his, knowing what had just occurred. James looked around to make sure his brother wasn't coming back and opened his brothers door. He looked around searching for bodybuilding magazines, but found something much better, a protein drink that said it guarenteed muscle and strength growth if taken properly. James smiled as he grabbed the muscle growth formula off the dresser. He knew this could be his chance to get bigger and stronger than ever before. What will happen now? •

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