Kid Muscle Growth

The growth of James


By iceman75

James took the protein drink from his brother's dresser and swallowed about half of it in one drink. He wiped his mouth off with his extremely ripped forearm and waited for something to happen. He put the formula down, a little disappointed that nothing had happened yet, but as soon as the formula hit the dresser, he started getting a strange feeling in his stomach. It was tingling and cramping at the same time, he pulled his shirt up to look at it and saw something amazing, his abs were tranforming from a nicely packed 6 pack he had before to an unbelievably ripped 8 pack that was perfectly separated and also extremely striated. Then the feeling was going to his shoulders, the same thing happened, his shoulders grew hugely, they were big before, but now they were beyond massive, all three heads were seen and the striations were so deep that you could lose the tip of your finger in them. Each body part was gone through like this, his biceps, his forearms, his thighs, his calves, his pecs, all of his already muscular body parts were made to be even bigger and more ripped than even the biggest bodybuilder he had seen from the magazines. He may have been nine years old and still was the same height at 4'8" but he had to have gained over 100 pounds of huge ripped muscle. It occured to James that he was now more muscular proportionally than any bodybuilder that ever existed. It was then that he hit a most muscular pose in his big brother's mirror, the explosion was unreal, first of all, most of his clothes, except a small bit of his jean shorts and his fruit of the looms had been ripped from his body from the growth. Second of all, this pose caused his muscles to grow even bigger than they were, almost to the point of hiding his head under the shoulder, pec and arm muscles that this super kid now possessed. His muscles were so big now that if he stepped on stage at a Mr Olympia, even the biggest bodybuilders would be shamed by the size of this 9 year olds muscles. You decide what happens in the next chapter!!! •

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