Kid Muscle Freak


By Bobaroo

My giant cock started ramming up the Kid's ass. I had to really force it in at first because he was clamping down so hard. But soon my balls were slapping against the Kid's ripped glutes as my shaft plunged all the way into him.

Meanwhile the Kid had started slamming into George's ass. I could also see that the Kid was still straining against George, trying to force his arms back up away from his sides, where George's iron grip kept them. As I said, George was incredibly strong from the workouts I forced him to do. He was able to curl 100 pounds with one hand, but I could see that he was having a hard time keeping the Kid under control. My cock got as hard as a steel pipe at the thought of this kid outmuscling my lover, who had to be twice his age. The Kid had forced his arms out away from his side, despite George's efforts. The Kid was gritting his teeth, from the effort he was making to free himself, as well I'm sure from the sensations of my dick bashing his prostate while he fucked the older muscle dude that he was struggling with.

George was panting from the effort of containing the Kid. Since we were facing the mirror I could see the sweat pouring off his forehead, his chest hair matted with sweat from his exertions. With each inhalation George's chest boomed forward, striations of muscle jumping into relief. By now the Kid had his arms straight out at his shoulders. The heads of the deltoids were bulging right in front of my face. I slammed into him while I saw the brutal twisting of his shoulders. I saw the look in his face then in the mirror. His mouth was in a twisted smile because he knew that he was going to win. He was slowly bringing his arms up, even as he continued to ram George's ass.

"Yeah, strong man. Thought you were gonna beat me. Still think so now? Still think that you're stronger than this kid?" he taunted George.

George was gasping, and gurgled out, "Never give in to you."

I watched as the Kid brought his huge arms up. The biceps were starting to flex now, and I realized for the first time how truly freaky this kid was. He was really young, and only about 5'5", but his arms had to be at least 21 or 22" around! The peak started to show as the Kid continued his slow flex to conquest. Suddenly, he jerked his hands up and completed the double biceps pose. I saw him in the mirror, his arms cramped up into twin mountains of dense, vascular muscles, and he had grabbed onto George's wrists, holding them up in his triumph. I focussed on the back view of his arms right in front of me and then moved my head so that it was resting on his right biceps. The hardness of his muscles, as he flexed tighter around my neck, was unbelievable to me. Harder even than George's 20 inch guns. I was able to move a little to lick the vein that pulsed on top of the peaked muscle that imprisoned me.

At the sight of George conquered and me in the mirror, hypnotized by the Kid's muscles and power, I started shooting. I was slamming the Kid's ass, even as he held me in place with his huge arm. He kept pumping George, and my cock squirted hot load after hot load into the Kid's ass. His asshole was clamping around my cock like a steel clamp, and each contraction of his made me shoot again. George had started spraying his cum onto the mirror several feet in front of him. Each glob made a thwacking sound as it hit the mirror. Finally, I stopped moving my hips, completely spent. George was bent over at the waist, breathing deeply, the last drop of cum hanging from his swollen cockhead. The Kid stood there, a nasty grin on his face. These two older studs had been worn out by him, and he was getting off on it.

I pulled my long cock out of the Kid, and he slowly pulled out of George. Then he turned my lover around and struck a quick most muscular pose. George just stuck his face in the Kid's pecs, trying to nuzzle the nipples pointing downward from his Herculean chest. Both George and I started feeling the Kid's muscles, marvelling at how hard, dense, and vascular they were.

"Kid, how old are you anyway?" I asked. "Nineteen?"

The Kid smiled again and said, "Guess again."

"Eighteen then."

The Kid smiled and said, "I'm __."

"No fucking way," George screamed.

"These fucking muscles are a kid's muscles," the Kid said, puffing out his chest. "Muscle freak kid."

I looked at him a little closer and thought that it may be true. His cheeks and chin were very smooth, as if he didn't need to shave much. And there was very little hair on his body, which I had just thought was lack of hairiness in general. But there was nothing youthful about his cock! Even half hard now it was at least 6 inches long. I had seen it before it rammed up George's ass, and it was thick and covered in veins.

"You can't be that young, guy," I said. "No one that young could be so strong."

"Believe it man. I've been huge forever. Even in the fourth grade I was stronger than my old man. I was outlifting him when I was 11, and he was one strong dude."

I couldn't believe how fortunate I was that I had met this Muscle Kid after all.

"Kid, show us how strong you are," I asked. •

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