U4IA Gym


By StevePwrBear

Bo, Eric and Joe had all met out in the parking lot of the Gym around 6:00 am, like Jeff had instructed them too. Jeff had talked to each of them the night before when they were all working out. He told them that this was the night when Carl and him would try to bring Steve into the “group”. He said that he thought Steve might end up being the leader they needed to complete the circle; because of how much and how fast the samples of their sperm were affecting Steve. He had grown and taken to the preparation of the Change at twice the normal rate. The mysterious Dr. Arootgom (air-oot-gom) who had been Jeff’s “Sports Medicine Doctor” for the past couple of years had mentioned that this would happen. The Doctor told Jeff that one of the six would be far superior to the other five and that he would be the leader: The Alpha Male. This Alpha Male would be able to do things the others could not, some things that even the Doctor could not imagine. Up until now, Carl had shown the greatest amount of change and superiority, but there was something about Steve’s rapid advancement that made him think he was the One. Dr. Arootgom told Jeff that no matter who it was, the rest of the group would have to become part of the Alpha Male for the “group” to flourish. Also, they would have to replenish themselves with his life force, to maintain their abilities. Up until tonight, they had all tried to become part of Carl and visa versa but to their dismay; there were no new signs of progression within them. Jeff was beginning to think that they weren’t going to be a complete “group” because they weren’t able to become part of an Alpha Male, but tonight he was hoping that would all change.

All five of them couldn’t explain it, but they had taken a special liking to Steve from the first time he entered the gym. It was almost magnetic. How would these huge muscle bound men be interested, let alone, be turned on by an overweight, hairy, man when other men, who were far more the Alpha Male type, had worked out at the gym? To their amazement they never doubted how they felt inside. Steve, quite literally, captivated them. Especially Carl. It was easy to see their growing attraction for one and other, especially since the locker room incident. They others didn’t seem to care, in fact it when Carl told of what had happened to Steve and him, they all got rock hard listening to the explicit details Carl gave; except Jeff. Even though he acted like it was fine, somewhere deep down inside Jeff hated the thought of Steve and Carl together. He was very jealous and hurt that he had done most of the work up till now. He should be the one to be by Steve’s side; to be his lover. It made Jeff feel lonelier than he already was. He missed his old companion. He missed the one man who meant more than the world to him.

Dr. Arootgom he told Jeff that once The Alpha Male became apparent, and was fully Changed, all six of the “group” would be able to accomplish any task laid before them: Tasks that no normal human beings on Earth could accomplish. They would be the dominant species, caring for the public and protecting them. They themselves would no longer be mere humans. They would be Supermen, with superhuman strength and each having the ability to do amazing feats like no other man on earth. In fact, Jeff found out that no one had ever realized the “Superman” comic book hero was tailored after a man who was part of such a group, just exactly like what they were going to be.

Knowing the whole story, Jeff would become so turned on that whenever he would think about it he’d cum in his pants. He always loved Superman, ever since he was a kid growing up in Metropolis, Illinois: The town named after his Hero. He would have fantasies of himself, as a skinny twig of a boy at 9 years old, being carried away by the big, muscular Superman. Later when he was a teen, he discovered the art of self-pleasure, and his fantasies of Superman became much more erotic and sexual. He envisioned Superman rescuing him from a horrible fate and they would fall in love, having out of this world sex like no two people on the Earth ever would. He even tried to look like his idol, dying his hair jet black, wearing Clark Kent glasses instead of the ones his mother bought and imitating the man as much as possible. Kids would pick on him, but he didn’t care, because he knew that one-day he would be just like Superman.

As a kid it was total fantasy, but as a young adult, he not only yearned to be with Superman, he knew he wanted to BE Superman. He joined a gym and lifted every chance he got, day and night. He took steroids, muscle building vitamins, protein shakes, and anything else that would help him get big real fast. In a matter of a couple years, he had become the biggest guy in the gym. He was becoming his idol, and that made him he feel incredible. At 25, he started competing and winning many titles. Then on his 28th birthday, he took some of the money he was making from endorsements and decided to open his own gym. Because the cost of living was cheaper than in a suburb of Chicago, he moved to Akron, Ohio and started his own gym. He bought into the franchise of World Gym. It was a complete success. Jeff had it all, a thriving business, fantastic health, and a lifestyle where he could be himself. But, even after everything he had accomplished, he felt something was missing. Something just wasn’t complete about his life.

On April 19, 1998 he was at the Arnold Classic Fitness Convention in Columbus, Ohio. He was walking down the isles when he noticed a booth with a man who was the biggest, strongest, and sexiest being on earth. There was a large photograph of a real Superman with his arms on his waist and his suit torn to shreds. He was enormous, and nearly naked because had grown almost completely out of his clothes. Jeff popped the hardest boner of his life and an instantaneous wet spot formed on the front of his shorts. The sign under the picture read, “Be stronger, bigger, harder, and better than all of the other Supermen. You too can fight for truth, justice and liberty. Dr. Arootgom can show you the way.”

Jeff snickered at the slogan. Talk about campy, but what a vision of pure muscle and mass the guy in the picture was. It was clear that this most be a morphed picture of a Superman look-a-like. Then Jeff looked down. The man under the sign must have been in his late sixties, but he was built like a brick shit house. Muscle cascaded over him like the Gods had made him and broke the mold. Even though he definitely showed signs of age, his features were chiseled and firm. He had a square jaw, dark ocean-blue eyes, grayish/black hair, and damn if he didn’t have his hands on his hips, just like the picture. “If the superman in that picture were real, this would be him as an old man. But that’s impossible, Jeff thought.

The man shook Jeff’s hand with an amazing grip, that nearly crushed his had, but sent shivers up his arm and straight to his crotch.

“Hi there, big guy, I’m Dr. Hercule Arootgom.”

“Hey there, I’m Jeff, I was really turned…o…impressed by your sign.”

“Thanks, why don’t you have a seat and I’ll tell you all about it. Wow, Jeff, it’s uncanny. You look like me when I was younger. All muscled up and I’m sure, not an imperfect part about ya.”

“Was that you?!” Jeff asked pointing up at the man of his dreams.

Hercule just chuckled and shook his head. “I wish. The man up there has been gone a long, long time ago. He’s just a phantom now: A memory if you will”

“Wow, that’s some great morphing job. Did you do that on your computer?”

“I don’t own a computer.”

“OH…Well whoever did that is really talented: You can’t even see any blurring or mistakes on him. I wish someone could make me look like that?” Jeff coyly pleaded.

“Well then, we should talk for a bit. You’re my first and only customer so far, even though it is early”

After taking an hour to explain how his methods and elixirs can produce amazing results and showing his own transformation in pictures, Hercule had Jeff totally hooked. Hooked on the product and hooked on him.

Jeff thought to himself that he never even looked twice at a man over 50 but this one was different somehow. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew he was hooked on the man. He could feel his cock straining against his tight shorts, begging for release.

Jeff and Herc (as he liked to be called) hit it off so well, that after spending most of the three days of the convention by the Doctors booth, Jeff asked him out to dinner, for a proposal of sorts. Jeff wanted Herc to work out of Jeff’s gym. He told Herc that it would be a fantastic opportunity for both of them. He also noted, to himself, how strangely attracted he was to the Doctor. It would be great just to work alongside the strong old man. There was something so familiar about him, that made Jeff feel like he knew him most of his life.

After pretending to battle the thought of moving from Columbus to Akron, Herc accepted the offer, already knowing he had found his legacy, in Jeff. The next year that followed, Jeff and Herc had become close friends. At first Jeff had taken Herc’s elixir drinks with great anticipation of becoming huge, but the process was slow. He gained about 5 inches everywhere, but this was over a 10-month period. Then one night, about 11 months after they had met, Herc knew it was time to bring Jeff to the Change. Just before the gym closed, he added his special glowing ingredient, and handed it to Jeff, who drank it down to the last drop. Jeff commented on he much better it tasted then before. It made him feel sexy and amazing from the moment he finish the glass of creamy juice.

The next day, when he woke, Jeff felt as if his bed had shrunk. He got up and walked naked to the bathroom. When he looked in the mirror he couldn’t believe his eyes. He had increased his whole body size to nearly become the most mammoth muscleman he had ever seen. Not as large as the Superman in the booth photo, but well on his way. Jeff stared in amazement at himself. He looked like a God; just then, a pure sexual pleasure in the highest form starting coursing through his body. His cock engorged to well over 20 inches. It started to fill at the base getting wider, thicker and heavier. The Head was next as it expanded like a giant mushroom cloud getting larger and rolling higher in the air. Drops and streams of precum started pouring out of the Head like a slow dripping faucet. Then the most intense part came as his shaft started to fill with an immense density and weight. As it lengthened it became heavy and full. Veins bubbled up and snaked down the shaft like beads of water racing down a window on a rainy day.

Jeff not only felt his body changing but his whole feelings and insides were changing. Testosterone ran through his veins at super increased amounts, making him feel 20 times the masculine man he already was. He looked as his huge cock like a proud father for the first time. The feeling of elation and pure manliness overcame him. He growled a low thunderous pitch that came deep from within him. His cock was now fully erect and about as large as a baseball bat. Jeff was so enthralled with it and in such a state of male highness that he came in a matter of seconds, with such force it threw him back against the wall. Not once, or twice, but five times in a row. Each time he tried to regain control, but he was totally out of control. He was an animal. He felt totally euphoric. They were the strongest and most intense orgasms he had ever felt. At one point he tried to hold onto the sink, but ripped it completely out of the wall, causing water to spray over him mixing with the beads of sweat and cum. Twenty minutes and 8 orgasms later, when his cock finally went soft, it was still enormous. The head was huge and it was at least 12 inches long and eight inches thick. He felt a strong desire for more. He yearned for more. There was a knock on his front door.

When he opened the door, standing before him was his savior, Herc. He grabbed the aging muscleman and kissed him deeply. At first just to thank him, but his passion grew stronger and he ripped all the clothes off of Herc and sucked the man’s fourteen-inch cock deep into his throat. Jeff was completely and utterly in total euphoria. It was what Herc needed. He exploded huge amounts of his glowing muscle juice into Jeff’s stomach. Then Herc fucked Jeff, with all his might and strength. They completely wrecked Jeff’s house with their violent animalistic sex, breaking furniture, windows, doors, and even Jeff’s work desk. Their passionate ransacking ran from 9:00am till after 1 the next morning. Both men were insatiable: Fucking, Sucking, kissing and love making over and over again. Jeff came over 18 times and Herc almost over 20. Every time Herc came, he came inside of Jeff, which made him grow more. By 10pm Jeff had increase his size 5 times. He was a mountain of muscle. He was Superman…almost.

Their relationship lasted for about a week. All Jeff could do was eat, have sex with Herc as much as possible, and sleep. He loved his new body getting bigger every time. The only problem was that about 5 hours after they had sex, Jeff’s body, while still enormously huge, would return to size that would not overtly label him a freak in society. The just wasn’t being his Hero, Jeff always wanted more: More of Hercule’s delicious cum inside of him.

Then one day, when Jeff was at the gym to do a bunch of neglected paperwork, he had to take a huge piss. He couldn’t wait to get home and have Herc fuck him all night long. He thought he was alone when he walked in the empty locker room. There was a loud groan, as Jeff entered. He turned just in time to see Herc jerking off and cumming all over the gym shower. It was like a huge geyser erupting, painting the entire area. Everywhere he came, it glowed. It was an eerie golden glow; almost metallic. Up till now, Jeff had never seen Herc’s spunk because he had always came inside of Jeff’s ass or deep in his throat. Hercule said he was old fashioned and didn’t like the mess. Jeff thought it was a silly old man’s ritual, but didn’t mind it cause every time Herc came in side him, he felt amazing: Till now.

“What the Fuck are you doing?! And WHAT the FUCK is THAT?!” Jeff said as he pointed at the glowing nectar, angry that it was on the walls and not in him.

“Calm down, Jeff. I had to release my essence for a reason. Please take some and spread it on me.”

“Are you insane, what the Hell is going on?”

“It’s time you know everything. Just do it my love. I beg of you.” Herc had never begged for anything. He was always the dominant one in their relationship, being the one to shove his great cock deep into Jeff. Maybe there is a real reason for this, other then Herc has lost his mind, Jeff thought.

“Please babe, tell me what’s going on?” Jeff asked as he scooped up some of the glowing liquid, tasting it, feeling the warmth of it go down into him and then rubbing it on his lover’s chest. As he touched Herc’s skin it became red hot, burning him. “Ooowww, What the Fuck?” Jeff fell back and stumbled out of the shower area onto a locker room bench.

“I’m sorry, it’s part of the process. I don’t have long left and you have to caring on the legacy.” Herc said sounding winded and panting.

“What are you talking about legacy and how long you have left? Are you sick?” Jeff’s demeanor changed.

“No boy, just past my prime, I can’t keep doing my tasks that I’m bound for. I need you and some of your friends to be the new “group”. I’m the last of the old. The others are gone. They left here and now have joined the Shrine of the Gods: Where I’m about to go now,” He was wheezing heavily now. His chest started to glow from the inside and not from the coat of cum on the outside.

He must be really bad off; he’s talking nonsense. Jeff thought.

“Here, take this amulet and read this parchment after I leave. You can tell no one about all of this, except the five others of the “group”. You will know deep inside you, how they are. Advertise the growing potion to get them to come to your gym. Make friends with them and bring them into the “group”. They will love you for it, I promise. Please do all it says and then read the rest of it to your friends; after they all have changed, like you have up till now.” Herc stumbled against the wall, becoming weaker, as he walked toward Jeff. In his hands were a gold chain and old parchment. Both of which, Jeff did not remember seeing before. Christ, Herc was naked in the shower and jacking off for God’s sake. Where the Hell was he going to hide a chain and a large roll of paper? Jeff shook his head like he wasn’t sure what was happening.

“Here, my boy, take this and put it around you neck. I give all this to you as a gift. A gift of something you’ve wanted all you life. A gift of…” Herc stumbled again and fell down on one knee.

Jeff jumped up and ran over to grab the man he loved, who was growing increasingly feeble by the second. A tear started to run down Jeff’s cheek. “Jesus, what’s the matter with you. Why…why are you doing this to me. I love you. I truly love you. Why, GOD DAMNIT, why?!!”

“SHUT UP, The Gods never Damn anything. People do. Don’t you forget that, EVER” Herc spit out. Jeff nodded and bowed his head. “It’s okay, Jeff. You’ll understand everything very soon. You must put this on, now. It will show you the way.” Hercule slowly raised his arms and put the necklace around Jeff’s head. The instant it touched his skin, Jeff felt a calming warmness rush over him. He didn’t know how, but he knew it would be okay. He knew that somehow he was chosen for a great task. He knew that Hercule wasn’t dying, that he was going to change for the better. He knew that he was chosen to do great things for all who needed it. He knew that he was going to be a real SUPERMAN.

Just then a blinding flash of light shot out from Hercule’s chest, encircling him and throwing Jeff against the opposite shower wall. He could see that the old man start to change. He was becoming younger, bigger and more virile. He was regressing his age quickly, morphing from 68-wrinkles disappearing, hair getting darker, skin getting firmer. 48-chest and arms filling with bigger, bulkier and chiseled muscle, ass getting firm and lifting, his cock getting gargantuan and his balls drawing a little closer to the body. 35-face getting chiseled, legs getting bulky and chest and arms mounded even more, hair on his head filling in thick and black, cock became four times its normal size and his body lengthened. 26-with another blinding explosion of light the transformation was complete. Jeff’s mouth dropped as he marveled at the sight before him. Standing, in the flesh, was the Enormous Superman from the picture. Oh my God, Hercule was Superman. Jeff started to cum in his shorts. He knew that for the rest of his life he would be able to cum on the spot whenever he thought of his man. His Superman.

Hercule’s voice sounded like thunder, “Come here, my boy, I need to say goodbye to you.”

“Goodbye? What do you mean Goodbye?” Jeff’s heart sank to the lowest pit of his stomach.

“I have to go away now. It’s time you carry on. You’ll know what to do. Just remember two things. Never use your gifts for your own selfish gain and never, ever intend on taking the life of another. Both of these things will make you lose your gifts immediately and you’ll never regain them again. Now come here and kiss me goodbye.” Hercule’s booming voice started to tremble Jeff’s heart as well as the shower walls.

The kiss was long and passionate. Hercule held back his strength in hugging Jeff, knowing he would have crushed him in two. His massive cock showed no restraint though. It rose up between Jeff’s legs and ripped through his shorts entering his willing and stretching ass. Jeff’s eyes rolled in the back of his head as if in a trance as he moaned in shear delight. It was as if Hercule’s cock had a mind of it’s own. It started to rise and fall, expand and contract as fucked Jeff so deeply that he felt completely filled inside his whole body by it. Hercule never broke the kiss with Jeff or his hold on him. He never bucked his hips to aid in his cock fucking his lover. He wanted his cock to take on a life of it’s own. He willed it, too. The intense euphoric feeling that Hercule and Jeff were having, was far beyond anything they had ever experienced. Hercule loved this man with every being of him at this moment. This was no longer just a quest to keep the legacy going. It was a moment of pure love, pure connection, and pure ecstasy. Thrust after powerful thrust sent waves of pleasure through both of them. Jeff’s legs were off the ground as Hercule let go and watched as Jeff literally rode the massive cock. The look on Jeff’s face was that he was near his own orgasm. That was all Hercule could take. He exploded his last and final rush of cum up into his lover with a force of freight train. Gallons of himself emptied out and filled Jeff with his magically life force, causing Jeff’s own cock to bust through his shorts and immediately cum in large streams of glowing cum. It sprayed everywhere for what must have been two minutes straight. During that time, Jeff grew over 4 inches everywhere on his body. Jeff felt Hercule’s body begin to shake and with another blinding flash, all that was left of his love was a memory and the will to carry on a legacy. The torch had been passed. The transformation of Superman was complete. It was time to start anew. •

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