U4IA Gym


By StevePwrBear

At 5:47am, Bo pulled into the dimly lit parking lot in his Dodge Ram pickup. It was a typical looking truck for a ranch owner from Texas. The bright red paint was covered with grit and grime from his life out in the Wild West. There was a top-of-the-line winch on the front of the cab and a large hitch on the back to haul his 20-foot horse trailer. The bed was scrapped and scared from hauling loads of wood, stone, and metal, to build his dream ranch from scratch. He was especially proud of his fully stocked gun rack on the back window, which held 3 rifles and a crossbow. This was a man’s truck. It didn’t have a CD/Tape/FM radio, air-conditioning, power windows or doors, or anything frivolous. The most important thing to Bo was the powerful four-wheel drive. Bo loved power and everything that had anything to do with power. Bo got off on power. He would get a hard-on when it had to do with anything that became stronger and more powerful. Especially himself. He’d workout with an erection every time. Even when doing manual labor jobs he would become aroused, feeling his muscles working and growing. He loved feeling strong and being a strong man.

He was a rustic, caustic and an extremely butch man, as well. There was nothing about him that would even hint to the fact that he loved to fuck and suck men. Never doing anything half-assed, he fucked em till they were like rag dolls in his arms. Everything about him oozed pure masculinity and being a hard-ass redneck. Most of the time, he was quiet and laid back, which to most people would come across as being an asshole or rude. But, if that’s what they thought, Bo didn’t give a fuck. He knew he was superior than most and he loved to show it off. He was definitely a cowboy in every sense of the word, except that he was half Sioux Indian.

His pure authentic Texan hat barely hid a pair of beautifully dark coal eyes. He spoke with a heavy western accent, like he was a descendent of John Wayne. His face was rugged and handsome with a bushy handlebar moustache, that he loved to drive men wild with as he ate out their ass. More often than not, he had a 5 o’clock shadow, so no matter how much he shaved, his face was dark and manly. His dusty black hair was cut short over his ears and parted to the side. He wore nothing but Wrangler jeans that hugged every massive bulge on him and his favorites were his cowboy boots that were re-soled 3 times. He hardly ever wore a shirt, because as he put it, ‘I don’t like the feel of anything covering something God intended to show the world.’ When he did wear a shirt it was either a tight white tee or a white tank, which you would swear was a second skin painted onto his body by Michaelangelo.

His body was a golden gift from the Indian Spirit Gods, looking absolutely huge even before he would grow for the Change and become a member of the “group”. His chest, rippling with muscle, had two huge dark and pointed nipples from years of major nipple play. His left nipple was pierced with a #2 gauge ring, because ‘if it ain’t big it ain’t on this slab of bull beef.’

Bo had many quirky sayings and funny names for body parts of himself.

A former lover and tattoo artist branded Bo’s entire back with a mosaic “coat of arms” of his Sioux heritage. In the middle of the artwork, was an Indian spirit that looked so much like Bo it was eerie, even though it was supposed to be a real Indian spirit from ancient folklore. At the base of the tattoo, which was below his pant’s waistline, were two bear’s paws going down to his ass, grabbing it firmly with the claws cutting into his skin. His ass was a complete work of art, beautifully sculpted, fully packed and hard as finished marble.

His legs were very bow-legged and thick. It could have been from riding any one of his 8 mustang horses, or as Bo put it, from his humungous “rip-roaring ramrod of steel” cock between them. When “The Monster” (as he also called it) was released out in the open, it easily rivaled his prized Mustang’s huge member. It always looked half hard even when it wasn’t. The foreskin draped over the head with an extra inch of rawhide left over, making his cock 7 3/4 inches soft. When he was hard, there wasn’t a man in Texas let alone the world, that wouldn’t be awe struck. Through the years, many had yearned to worship it, straight and gay. It would rise and expand to over 14 inches long and 7 inches around. The head would literally pop out of its cave and you would wonder how it ever fit inside, becoming as big as a full-grown red apple. It weighed over 10lbs and was solid as a "slab of beef". Defying gravity his cock would point up at a 35-degree angle and never go soft till it shot load after load of white-hot custard everywhere. It never would ooze out, but instead shoot 8-10 full steams of hot cum up to 5 feet at a time. When he jacked off, he loved to aim it and swallow his cum. The cowboy was made of Pure Bred Stock.

He was like a stealth fighter. With every movement of his body, you could see the muscles working to carry his 6’5” frame. His was a huge chiseled masterpiece. This cowboy was a shining marvel even before he entered the group, but after he did he was far beyond the Sioux Indian God painted on his back.

The day of Bo’s change was by far Jeff’s favorite. That day Jeff would bring all three; Bo, Eric and Joe through the change separately. Bo would be, by far the most intense, then Eric and Joe together at the same time, with Bo’s help. The four of them would meet later with Carl (who had already changed) to complete the group, or so they had thought.

Bo noticed how large the gym was enormous in comparison to the flyer he had received. Earlier that morning there was a pamphlet about “U4ia Gym” under his door to the hotel room. He was in town traveling with The Gay Rodeo from Austin and wanted to get a good workout before the competitions started. The gym at the hotel, sucked, so he opted to take up whoever had sent the flyer. He also noticed that ever since looking at the pamphlet of the gym, Bo felt extremely horny for no reason that he could deduce. There were no pictures of men on it, just a large gold medallion. He noticed that whenever he held the flyer in his hands he would get hard. He just knew that he needed to find the place and find it fast.

The smell of the sweat, grease and testosterone filled the air causing Bo’s stallion to stir. He walked over to the desk and felt narcissistic pleasure when he saw the receptionist’s jaw drop. The boy’s eyes were fixated on the lengthening snake in Bo’s tight jeans. It was now halfway to his knees and pressed tightly against the straining fabric.

Bo noticed how hot the little stud was, too. He surely couldn’t be over the age of 21, but the boy was filled out like a middleweight bodybuilder with mounds of flesh and muscle in the large teen’s massive frame. His nipples looked enormous pushing against his yellow t-shirt. In fact they were so big, they were pointing down from their weight. Bo thought, this kid must’ve been lifting since he was five. His biceps bulged like baseballs and his 8 pack of abs were clearing etched in the yellow fabric.

“Up here, little doggie!!” Bo said as he took an upside down two fingered peace sign in front of his crotch and led the boy’s eyes up to meet his.

“Oh, I’m sorry sir, can I..I..help you. It’s just that you are really awes...What can I do for you?” The Boy said while searching to catch his breath.

“Yes, I’m in town for a week and I’d like to sign up for a pass here. Hey Junior, eyes up here, boy.” Bo commanded. He continued when the boy looked back up, “I’d like to sign up to do some working out. How much is a pass for a week?”

“Well, sir, it’s $75.00 for the use of just the weight equipment. $130.00 for the full equipment and sauna package or $220.00 for the full service package. By looking at you, I expect you’ll be wanting the full service one?”

“The full service package? What’s in that?”

“Yes, well…sir…you get to workout with anything in the building, use of the sauna, whirlpool, lap pool and you get a personal trainer to show you around and give you a personal massage after your workout. Plus, depending on any upgrading you might want, there are different supplements you can take and maybe even have a private session with the owner, Jeff. He’s helped many of the men in here grow huge & strong. He certainly has a special gift. Since he opened the gym, most of the men in the area workout here and everyone is getting huge. I’ve gained 8 inches over my whole body since I started working here 2 months ago.”

Bo’s eyes widened, “Eight inches and two months!? That’s impossible.”

“No, Really, look, here’s a picture of me when I first started.” The boy handed Bo a framed photo showing a skinny little twink boy that barely resembled the hot receptionist sitting before him. The transformation was amazing.

“Jeff’s working out right now. You can see him though that window over there to your left. You can’t miss him. He’s the biggest body in there. What a God!” The boy was slowly panting and moving rhythmically in his chair.

Bo leaned over to get a better look at the kid and noticed the boy’s impending mound in his shorts while his hands rubbed the fabric with long purposeful strokes. The log in there was not as massive as Bo’s, but darn near. His thighs were huge and coursing with muscle. In fact Bo noticed the right leg of the shorts were starting to rip under the strain of holding in the kid’s hugeness. God, this kid must be strong as fuck.

Bo’s cock started to lengthen more.

The boy’s eyes again fixated on Bo’s crotch. He gave his prick a tug and the boy moaned softly. Then, slyly smiling and trying to calm his own impending lust for the boy, Bo turned around and looked through the window.

What he saw made him moan louder than the boy, and caused his cock to instantly go past semi-erect to rock hard status, filling his jeans with the full 14 inches of massive lust. Something came over him and he nearly fell on the boy. There in front of him was the spiting image of Superman bench-pressing over 1800lbs: this huge man was lifting almost a fucking ton effortlessly.

Bo moaned again and again with every rise of weight that Superman lifted. Amazingly, he started to feel the power of the man coarse through his own body.

The seam on Bo’s jeans started to split.

He noticed that except for a tight red jock, the man’s body was completely naked and glowing with sweat. Everything about this Superhero was enormous.

There was more tearing and ripping of fabric.

This “Superman” was definitely larger than any bodybuilder on the planet and the animalistic manner of his lifting was sending Bo into pure bliss.

There were other men in that room, too, but none of them were working out. They were all transfixed as Bo was, watching “Superman” lift the weight like he was lifting a feather pillow. Every man was rock hard and some had started to cum, showing massive wet spots. Some were cumming in their shorts at such huge amounts that they were literally drenching their shorts so much so, they were dripping on the floor. Some of the men had taken their clothes completely off and were pounding their cocks, spewing load after load of uncontrollable orgasms that covered the room with juice. The all looked to be in a trance of pure sexual euphoria. All of them were slowly moving closer to "Superman" as they came and the giant didn’t even seem to notice.

Bo was totally transfixed, himself. He couldn’t move or look away. A sexual fire was building in him like he had never experienced before.

Then with another rip in his jeans he had a feeling of wetness running down his leg. It was precum flowing like tap water out of his shaft.

He couldn’t explain it, the second he saw this Superhero God, a huge wave of lust came over him. He felt such a need to be with this man that he knew he was about to cum himself and not be able to stop. The Precum flowing out of his prick started to increase to the force of a faucet. He looked away with jolt, stopping his rising orgasm.

“I’ll take it, I’ll take the whole fucking enchilada. I want to meet the owner. I don’t care about the cost. I want to meet him. I’VE GOT TO FUCKING MEET HIM, NOOOOW”

“Oh yes, yes…ah…but there is one problem. He seems to be booked solid today after his workout and I don’t think…”

“I DON’T FUCKING CARE WHAT YOU THINK. What would it take to meet him now; Right now, boy? What do you want me to do to make it so I see him now? Do you want this?” With that Bo tore open the rest of his ripped jeans and his full 14 inches leaped out and onto the receptionist’s desk, with a loud thud.

The muscle boy gasped and leaped back against the wall, ripping his own shorts clear up to the waistband on his right leg, causing his own huge member to ricochet off his leg and smack his abdomen. He quickly regained his composer and dived for Bo’s huge Monster. In an amazing swiftness he gobbled up the shaft in his mouth and sucked it halfway down the log, like a starving baby bird, whimpering in loud bursts of joy and lust as he sucked harder and deeper. Within seconds, Bo had ripped the boys shorts clear off of him, so he could play with the kid’s huge engorged cock. It was almost as thick as Bo’s 7 inches but not as long, being only about 10 inches in length. Bo held it in his hands as he again, looked out the window to see Superman fle xing in a mirror. The Huge Man’s ass, stared right at Bo, with shear perfection. Men were now, sucking and fucking each other in an uncontrollable frenzy. Hands were all over the God’s body, pawing and worshiping him. Mouths were kissing and licking the huge thunderous legs, licking the sweat off his thighs and sucking on his massive feet and toes. The smell of pure power and animalistic sex filled the air. Huge sensuous charges of raw male electricity coursed throughout every single male body in that room and throughout the entire gym. Men that were in the locker rooms, taking showers, in the pool, in the sauna’s were in a total euphoric trance, shoving their cocks into each other and anything they could find. Not one man there was in control of themselves.

Except Jeff. With every shot of cum from the men he grew stronger and hornier. Absorbing their essence into him. Then he felt a new presence, one who excited him beyond all the others. His third man of the group had arrived. He was in with Chad.

The erotically charged power within Bo was overwhelming as he rammed all 14 inches down the Chad’s throat causing him choke and gasp loudly for air. The Superman in the window turned and looked directly at Bo. He smiled and did a crab pose that actually made Bo shove harder into the boy. In fact when he looked down Chad had all of his cock and one of his balls in his mouth. The boy was also turning blue. Bo yanked out his cock and Chad caught his breath, long enough to say, “I want it. I gotta fucking have it. Give me that fucking cock NOW, SIR!!”.

Bo knew what the boy wanted and knew what he wanted too. That fucking muscle globe of an ass. He grabbed the boy and threw him up on his back on the desk. Bo grabbed the middle of the boy’s piss colored tee and ripped it off in one swift move. Never guiding his cock and without any lube to ease the impending violation, Bo’s spat twice on his cock and shoved his way deep inside. Chad screamed in pain at first and then in pleasure begging for all of Bo’s cock in him. The grip on Bo’s cock was amazing. Chad’s ass was like a penis pump with an ever-increasing suction pulling Bo’s cock deeper in him.

Bo was in a complete state of euphoria when he looked out the window into the gym and jumped at the sight of Superman at the window peering through and watching the show. Bo’s eye’s transfixed on “Superman’s” enormous cock that stretched the red jock and pushed in the screen of the window. Bo began to pull out, wanting to dive for the Giant Cock, but Superman nodded for Bo to stay in the Chad’s hot ass and continue. Bo watched as the men were all writhing and climbing up onto the SuperGod, cumming over and over again. Then he grabbed his 14-inch rod and shoved hard into the willing muscleboy ass. It was the most beautiful thing Bo had ever felt.

Not being able to take any more stimuli and Bo exploded into Chad with a force of ten extreme orgasms. He had never cum so hard in his life. In fact he came with such force that he literally blew the boy off of his cock and showered the room with his spunk. He must’ve come for about 2 minutes straight because it was enough time for Jeff to come up behind Bo and twist his nipples, lifting the cowboy off the floor, making Bo cum even more. As he was exploding, so did Chad. Bo glanced down and noticed that the boy was able to aim his cumshots with amazing accuracy, just like he would do to himself. Two long shots went in Chad’s own mouth and with a wink of his eye to motion Bo to open wide, 5 extremely large globs perfectly sailed into Bo’s mouth and down his throat. God, it was delicious. This in turn only made Bo cum even more. He felt like he was flying as he felt “Superman’s” grasp harder on his nipples, lifting him further off the floor. Just then, Bo started to feel stronger too. He felt 10 times stronger than before. He knew it was impossible but it made him cum even harder.

Then Jeff grabbed Bo and lifted him up over his head shoving the 14 inch snake clear down his own super muscular throat. His throat muscles massaged Bo’s dick and kept up the intense orgasms. After finally stopping his orgasm, Chad ran over to a small refrigerator and brought out a large carafe of glowing liquid. When Bo’s nuts were completely drained of all of his nectar, Jeff released him and laid the exhausted man on the floor.

“I was the one who invited you, Bo. My name is Jeff. I have sought you out from millions of men and for a long time now I knew that you would be one of the group. I’m so glad you’ve come to join the family. I know how you love power and everything to do with power. Well, Bo, I can give you ultimate power, beyond your wildest dreams. You will become like me, Bo, you will become an all powerful Muscle God. Do you want this?”

“YES.” Bo nodded in his weakened state, knowing how he yearned for such power.

“Fantastic, then you must drink this. It will start your change and make it so we can finish to make you be like me.”

“Okay, but who are you, I need too…”

“Relax, Bo, just drink this down and you’ll see. You will love this. You new real life is about to begin”

Jeff handed Bo the carafe and helped him down the glowing spunk from Jeff’s own massive body. Bo drank ever last drop of it. In fact his tongue darted out to catch any residue off the glass. It was delicious. It didn’t even taste like cum. It was indescribable.

Jeff thought, “God, this cowboy is amazing!” He knew Bo couldn’t have taken his cock to get the nectar by mouth or ass, so he would give him a small enough drink to change him just enough to be able to take Jeff’s massive member in him and complete the change.

In a matter of seconds, Bo felt a shearing pain in his stomach, then enormous heat. He doubled over and thought he might pass out. But before he would go unconscious he saw and felt something amazing. He felt his body expanding and his clothes tearing off of him. He felt more powerful than ever in his life. Then all went black. •

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