U4IA Gym


By StevePwrBear

When I woke up, it had taken a minute or so to remember what I felt while I was unconscious. It was like a dream: A vision that almost escaped me. I rubbed my eyes and then it hit me. I remembered that I was in complete euphoria. I remembered having the feeling that you have the second before you cum. That point where you are totally over the threshold into that absolute high. That amazing feeling like no other on earth: Only this time it was constant and continually building up stronger and higher than ever and not diminishing. I saw images of every man that I had ever yearned for in my head. Bodybuilders, Muscle Bears, Daddies, Cubs, Huge masculine men with Pure Power Dripping off of them like honey. Each and every single one of them was filling me with pleasure: Touching me, squeezing me, lifting me, licking me, sucking me, fucking me, and cumming in me. I felt as if I my body was the center of everything sexual in nature. That I was growing as a being of immense power and proportions. The euphoria was beyond any comprehension that anyone or I could ever imagine. I could feel myself on the verge of the most intense orgasms I’d ever known, but I kept in that state of threshold for what seemed an eternity. This is what I remembered going on in my mind.

At the same time, back in the physical world, my body went into a state of complete god-like transformation. My muscles bulged to insane proportions, with numerous violent bursts of energy. The first of which threw Jeff and Carl off of me. Even with all of their amazing strength they said it was impossible to hold on. They told me that my body exploded in powerful thrusts of growth and bursts of cum. With every blast from my cock, cum showered the entire gym, dowsing it with a glowing light. They started to get back up, but as my spunk landed on them, it immobilized them in an orgasmic frenzy. The lust for me, inside of them was completely overpowering and took control of every one of their muscles. All they could do was helplessly watch the scene unfold before them and cum repeatedly all over the place. They became a part of my euphoria, as their cum mixed with mine and was absorbed into my body, helping to put me further through the Change. They watched in hunger, as my entire body grew in 10 huge growth spurts, which took less than 5 minutes to accomplish. My legs lengthened several more feet. My torso expanded to absolute mammoth size. It lengthened and stretched everywhere with muscle. Jeff said my head grew like a sponge absorbing water. The muscles in my face and head pulsated to amazing results. My jaw became completely defined, my cheekbones pushed up and out. My neck bulged out with noticeable thick muscle. My skull expanded about 6 inches around, which did so to accompany my growing brain inside: More on that later.

The next growth morphing was my arms and even more muscle mass over my entire body. Carl said it looked as if someone hit stuck an air compressor down in me and switched it on high. My legs ballooned to the size of large tree trunks. My thighs each were almost 4 feet in diameter. My arms stretched and built up to a mammoth godlike size. My upper arms measured 52” around. My entire arms were thick and rippled with muscle from shoulders to fingers. My forearms measured at 25 inches around. Jeff told me that with one of the violent bursts of growth I slammed my arm down and through the wrestling mat and the concrete floor. Dust and fabric sprayed everywhere. As my arm came back up out of the 2-foot hole I had some large pieces of concrete clenched in my fist that I crushed into powder within seconds.

Then my torso expanded and tightened, again. My back became 7 feet wide, with enormous lats, traps, and glutes. Yes, my ass grew to the size of two large beach balls that were hard as granite. They were perfectly shaped beyond anything anyone had ever seen in any magazine. My pecs, already large and firm from before, grew to immense foreboding mountains of pure muscle. The nipples were as large around as the bottom of a pop can, and as long as 5 inches.

The strands of thick muscle over my entire body became visible under my skin and literally pulsated with the gargantuan power and strength in them. You could even see it though the hair that had covered me in perfect patterns like a warm coat. The hair on my chest met with a perfectly formed treasure trail that ran down to an immense forest of thick dark pubic hair. I stayed bald, but my goatee became thick and longer. My legs and arms grew some hair, which was just enough to help outline all of my muscles on me making them even more pronounced. My ass had just enough fine hair to coat it golden. In fact most of the hair on my body, made me look like a golden statue of power.

The last and final growth spurt was of course, my cock and balls, which had been shooting hot buckets of glowing cum 20 feet in all directions. Because every amount that hit Jeff and Carl made them shoot their wads even more, it was a continuous chain reaction that only stopped when I eventually stopped cumming from ending the transformation.

The size of my cock grew to almost 3 3/4 feet long and over 1 3/4 feet around. It was made perfectly. Every vein and skin feature on it was attractive. The mushroom head was shaped like a perfect helmet. The width stayed wide from head to shaft to groin only slightly getting wider to about 2 feet around the base. Which kept it at a full 40% arch when soft, which was very rare. I was almost always at least semi hard the rest of my life. My balls were now the size of large soft balls, and my entire ball sac was constantly pulsating as it produced more semen, only stopping when it completely refilled.

When I opened my new eyes, I could see that the room was glowing with a pulsating light. Jeff and Carl were both glowing as well and sleeping from exhaustion. It was then that I noticed I had an amazing feeling of power and pleasure running through me continuously. Surprisingly, I didn’t even look down at my body at first. Instead I noticed how small the gym looked, almost cramped. In fact, so did Jeff and Carl. They were still huge behemoth men, who were absolute giants to me before, but were so much tinier now. That was very weird to me. I needed to stretch so I went to lift myself up and I laid one hand on a weight bench. It started to buckle under my weight and I noticed that my hand covered most of the bench. In shock I reared back and fell with a huge thunderous bang to the floor. The whole building shook and a couple of tiles on the ceiling came crashing down.

This woke Jeff and Carl with a jolt.

“What the fuck was that! Where’s Ste…Oh MY GOD…,” was all Jeff could say as his eyes bugged out.

Carl jumped to his feet and backed up several inches with a look of awe and maybe a little bit of fear in his face.

“Oh my God, Steve, look at you. You…you’re a God” Jeff shouted with shock and glee in his voice.

Then I looked at myself. It was amazing. I was an absolute giant. Muscles packed upon muscles packed upon even more muscles covering my body like mountains. My cock was freaking huge and was extending even longer and thicker due to the amazing turned on feeling running through my body again.

I sat up and got onto my knees. I couldn’t stand or I would have gone through the roof. Jeff and Carl walked toward and in front of me, standing on either side of the head of my swelling cock. Even with its hugeness and heavy weight, it still stood straight out and arched up some. Their mouths wide open and the look on their faces were of complete yearning and bewilderment.

“This is unbelievable. I…you…this…wasn’t…we…I…can’t


“Shut up Carl, you’re rambling” Jeff said as he punched Carl’s arm. “This is definitely beyond what we thought would happen to you, Steve. It’s beyond our wildest dreams. We knew you would be the alpha male, but…Oh my God. It’s beyond that. Wait till the other guys see you. Wow. They are going to cream themselves. There’s so much to go over and learn for all of us. When you started to change, we couldn’t believe it. You were passing us up by leaps and bounds. I’ve never been so completely turned on in my life. With every shot of your cum that hit us it sent electricity straight through us and we came and came till we both passed out from exhaustion. I can’t speak for Carl, but I am totally in awe of you. In fact I think I’m in love with you. Oh Yes, I’m totally in love with you. I need you. I…” Then he stood silent and I could see his body trembling. A blank but lustful look was on his face.

I knew Jeff was telling the truth because just then I could actually feel exactly what he was feeling inside. It came over me in a rush, pouring through my veins. Something inside my head turned on full force. I knew what his emotions were and how completely and utterly turned on he felt. How he longed for me with every fiber of his body. I could physically feel his love for me.

I looked over at Carl and I could feel it from him, too. In fact, his feelings were even more intense than Jeff’s. I also knew and felt that while Carl had wanted me since the locker room encounter, it was just sexual in nature, until now. Now he was so completely in love with me, he couldn’t speak and he was seriously entranced. I had longed for him, too. I wanted Jeff as well, but I knew that Carl was to be my mate forever and Jeff and the others would be my loyal subjects. I realized that I had the ability to control them.

Carl was different, though. Even though both of them were in a trance for me, that I had somehow induced unknowingly, Carl’s love for me was going to stay with him. I didn’t know how or why I knew this, but I did. I was like a God, with the body and mind of one.

They both stood there, totally transfixed on me with a wild desire in them that I was actually feeding off of. It made me feel even stronger. I could tell that I was literally causing them to want nothing in this world other than me. Their eyes became glossed over. Their lips became moist as saliva slowly ran down from the corners of their mouths. Their cocks swelled and lengthened immediately as vast amounts of precum leaked from them. Their breathing became heavy and fast. They softly started to moan. I thought that they both might cum quickly so I willed them not too. It fucking worked. They started to calm down a bit. But were still in a state of sexual highs. I had to be sure, that I could make them do anything for me, so I went for the gusto.

I looked straight into Carl’s eyes and asked him with my mind, to turn towards my cock. He did. I did the same with Jeff. Same reaction. I told them to hold it with both hands and lick it with their tongues; covering the head and entire shaft, not forgetting my balls either. They did just as they were told, never blinking or resisting. I had total control of them. My God, what a gift this was. As they licked me, I willed them to both make love to my cock and balls together. They did this with a passion I had never seen or felt before. Carl was the first to expand his mouth and he took my cock head in effortlessly. I’ve never felt suction like that. He literally felt like a velvet Hoover. He was able to get over half of my shaft into him. I knew he could go further, but I loved the feeling of where he was.

While Carl was sucking on my cock, Jeff was licking my balls and lower shaft, darting his tongue in and out. He then put one of my soft ball sized nuts in his mouth and sucked on it, sending new sensations running through me. I thought it was time for them to enjoy each other as well. So I made Jeff stop sucking on my balls and suck Carl’s throbbing cock, but only as the way I wanted him too. He did just that. I had him get under my legs and dick and in front of Carl on his knees. I told him that in one swift move he was to swallow Carl’s 2-foot cock to the nuts. His mouth expanded and he went full force and buried his face deep into Carl’s pubic hair. The immediate sensation of his cock entering a warm, wet and smooth throat was too intoxicating for Carl. His thunderous vibrating moan of ecstasy, along with his immediate plunge to bury his face in my crotch sending my cock deep into him, put me over the edge as I shot rivers of juice down in his gullet, causing him to cum into Jeff with the force of a waterfall, who in turn, shot a lake of cum all over the floor. It didn’t stop there; next I fucked Jeff while he sucked Carl some more, all of us cumming two more times. Then both Jeff and Carl double fucked me, both cumming once. Then I held them both upside down and double sucked them as they both took turns sucking me in a standing 69 position, where I made us simultaneously cum together. We could have gone on forever like that, but after about two hours of fucking, sucking, and making love to each other, I needed to know more of what I had become, so I willed them to stop. They did, but I could tell that it disappointed them.

“Turn and face me again and then I want both of you to come back to yourselves. You will leave the state of euphoria you are in. I release you from my grasp for now.”

With that they both turned and blinked as they came out of the trance.

“What, what happened?” asked Carl groggily.

“I had control of you.” I said with a new found pride.

“You what…had control of us? What do you mean?” Jeff said, slightly alarmed, as he was coming too. “How did you do that? That’s something new.”

I explained to them what had happened. Both said they remembered most all of it and loved every second. They both wanted me like no other, during the whole time. They said that they were helpless to refuse my wishes and that they wouldn’t have wanted to anyway. Jeff explained shortly that I had grown beyond what they thought I would and that my mind must have grown as well, making me telepathic or clairvoyant. That’s when I looked at Carl and told him with my mind that I loved him very much and he was going to be my partner for life.

He smiled and hugged my leg, kissing my inner thigh. Jeff looked at Carl with a surprised look, but realized what just happened. He knew now too, just how much Carl and I loved each other, and that was fine with him. He just wanted us to all be our “group”; which we would be.

“Jeff, what is going on with me? Please explain all this to me so I know what to do or how to understand it. I have a lot questions. Am I going to stay this big? Can I turn it off and on? How strong am I? Why can I not only read minds, but also make people do what I want? What are my limits?”

“Endless, as far as I know. It’s time to tell you everything so you can know exactly what we are all about. By the way, the other guys should be here shortly and when they do, can you make them do something for me.”

“Sure, I suppose I could try”

“Cool, I need you to make them take your cum, however you want too. Fucking them, having them suck you, whatever. Since you have this power to make people do stuff you want, you can make it go so much quicker for all 5 of us, to be on the same level. Carl and I have both been with you and are part of you forever. We both can feel you inside of us. I think that’s how you can control us. I know the guys are going to want you badly, but maybe to control them you might have to cum on them so they absorb some of you first. That way it will be easier for them to fall into the trance. I understand how much you and Carl are closer, and that’s fantastic, but for our purpose of why we are here, and why you are what you are now, love is irrelevant. For us to be a unit, we all have to be a part of each other, and especially to be a part of you.” He turned to Carl to say, “You understand right, buddy?”

“Yeah I understand, it’s okay with me.” Carl agreed. He came back over and grabbed my thigh, “But I need some time alone with Steve, too, Jeff. We need to be away from everyone for at least some part of every day: Even if it’s sleeping together at night. Okay?”

“Okay, but just remember,” Jeff said in a somewhat bitchy tone.

“Remember what?”

“Remember, what’s important.”

“I know what’s important.”

“Do You?”

“Yes, Dammit”

“That’s fine, Carl, but remember, the four of us, needs to be replenished on a daily basis, too.”

“Of Course.”

“Of Course.”

All of their talking and bantering was going no where, I didn’t know why they HAD to be with me or what was going on. “Okay, ENOUGH!!” I bellowed, shaking the building. “You two are like the Chipmunks on that old Warner Brothers cartoon: A couple of dizzy nuts. Tell me, what the fuck this is all about.”

Just then the door opened to the gym and three extremely muscular, but very small, guys walked through the door. I looked at the clock and it read 6:35 am. The morning sun was beaming through the open door, silhouetting them like small Greek God statues. It was Bo, Eric and Joe. It was the rest of the “Group”. Maybe now was the time for some answers. •

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