U4IA Gym


By StevePwrBear

Jeff knew what was coming next and did what he had too, even though he felt like never letting our ecstasy end. Somewhat reluctantly, he lifted me off of Carl and laid me down on one of the nearby wrestling mats’. Both of them stopped their emulsification of my body at this point to get me into this position. With all the muscle juice I had ingested from them, they were feeling a bit drained. But, in a matter of minutes, they would completely replenish their seed and be ready for more.

I closed my eyes for a moment to rest, since my body had slowed down transforming for now. When I opened them up, both of them stood, no actually towered, over me like muscle-bound giants. Jeff must have been over 10 feet tall and 4 feet across and Carl was much larger at about 12 feet tall and 5-6 feet across. Their bodies were like rock walls and their cocks were still rock hard, standing straight out from them and over me like the massive swords of gallant knights. Even though I had already grown into a mass of muscle, the two of them looked like Gods from my viewpoint. I think I was starting to fall for them. Especially Carl.

Just looking at them, made my cock start to jump to attention and fill with power and lust. I noticed that they couldn’t keep their eyes off of me either. Jeff seemed excited, as Clark Kent must’ve felt when he accepted his awesome power for the first time. Carl…well Carl looked like a starved beast eyeing down its next meal, ready to pounce and completely ravage every inch of me.

“Look at yourself, Steve. You’re a muscle monster already and you’re not even near complete. Damn, this fucking rocks! I knew it had to be you from Day 1. Fuck, are you turning me on like crazy.” Jeff said as he stepped over and above my head, blocking out the beams of lights on the ceiling. As “Superman” stepped into his correct place for what was coming up for my next phase, a extra large drop of shiny cum dripped from his massive steel rod and hit my lips and chin. I moaned instantaneously with pleasure as it absorbed into my skin and mouth.

“My God, Steve. You are so fucking beautiful.” Carl exclaimed with want and envy in his voice. “I wasn’t even as big as you at the same point of My Change. You must be twice the size I was. This is absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to feel the power inside you.” I had to see what they were talking about, especially a huge Viking like Carl.

I lifted myself up on my elbows and looked across my slightly twitching body. As I looked at my chest I moaned an approving sigh. My stomach was rock hard but not a full six-pack, more of a marble slab. Then I let out a yell. My initial shock was that my dick was so enormously huge to what I was used to seeing on myself.

“Whoa, Holy shit, I’m fucking HUGE” I said in awe.

It wasn’t as big as Jeff or Carl’s, who now had the cocks of Gods, but at 16 inches long and 8 inches around, it was the largest and most exasperating thing I’d ever thought would be a part of me. I felt a rush of adrenaline just looking at it. It laid on my stomach and lower chest like a huge snake, pulsating and charming me to want it: To suck it. That feeling came over me hard and swift, hitting me like a train. I wanted my cock in my mouth. I started to open my mouth as if to call it to me and then it started throbbing even harder and rising up, ready to strike. It grew quickly and I bent my head and back up to meet it. The head of my python was right at my lips. I stuck out my tongue and opened as wide as I could, drawing me to me. Within seconds, I was sucking my own cock for the first time in my life. It was such a immense thrill that with only a few sucks, a intense erotic pleasure greater then before, came in huge waves as I started cumming like a cannon. I released my cock from my mouth to witness my gun firing at me. It sprayed its bullets all over my chest and face and I tasted my own muscle-charged cum for the first time. I noticed as I shot, that my semen was dimly glowing like theirs had been. As it soaked me, my body actually soaked it in sending more waves of pleasure, which grew throughout me, making my orgasm even stronger. It hit the back of my throat in a steady stream that I couldn’t control or stop. I had no need to swallow as it ran down like water in a drain. The more I came the more euphoric I felt. I was in a trance as my body started to grow again, building muscle on muscle. I was starting to lose all reality when…

“Hold off there some, buddy!” exclaimed Carl as he grabbed my cock and squeezed hard, stopping the flow.

“FUCK” I yelled.

“You don’t want to waste it all just yet.”

“Who’s wasting it, I’m recycling it.”

“Don’t get smart. You’ve still got a ways to go before becoming like us. You’re going to need some of that spunk for the process. This is just the beginning. Trust us, there’s much more” He almost sounded jealous.

As the spasms in my cock and body were again subsiding, I took a longer look over my entire body and was amazed and in awe of myself. Now I could really understand what those two were gawking at. I was now bigger than I ever thought I would be. There was no doubt that I was larger in height. I must have gone from my normal 5 foot 10 inches to over 7 feet of rock hard muscle. It looked like I was getting massive everywhere. My chest, arms, legs, neck, ass and even fingers and toes were packed with muscle. I now realized what Carl had meant when he said that I was bigger than him. I was actually bigger then he and Jeff were when this night had started.

I took my hands and ran them across my body, feeling every mound, crevice and firmness, which sent more streams of pleasure through me. I wasn’t completely, over the top, huge just yet, but I was definitely bigger than the largest bodybuilders I knew of. Nasser, Jay Cutler and even Arnold in his heyday had nothing on me. My body was very thick, vascular and I felt like I could lift a house. My hair had grown much thicker in all the right spots, over my entire shell of muscle. The feeling of pure power running through me was orgasmic. I could feel cum rising in my cock again, but so did Carl as he squeezed it tighter. I took my hands off of me and closed my eyes, trying to diminish the pleasure.

When the spasms finally subsided, and my cock wasn’t going to shoot everywhere, Carl let go of it and laid it back down onto me with two hands. The burning feeling that had raced through me before, was getting more and more intense, again.

Jeff asked, “Are you starting to feel really warm everywhere?”

“Yes, it feels as if my blood is starting to boil and my skin is getting hotter.” I replied. Sweat stared pouring out from my pores.

“You’re about to start the second phase now.” He said with excitement in his voice. “Feeling the heat in your body is very important to the process. No matter what you feel from now on, let it happen; it will be okay. I promise. And Steve,”


“I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen next, okay?”

“Sure,” I said with just as much pain as there was pleasure to my voice.

“I know it’s getting more intense inside you, but pay attention. First you’re going to have two more times of Change occur to you, the one coming up and then after another brief lull, one more. This one, now, is going to be the most intense. Also, this is the best part of the Change. You see, Steve, this is where Carl and I must enter your body and feed you internally for a while.” My eyes must have gotten really wide thinking about how they were going to get there enormous members in me, because Jeff finished, “Calm down, you’ll be able to take us. You skin and body is extremely pliable now. It’s one of the many gifts of becoming this way. You’ll expand to fit our cocks like a glove giving all of us the most optimal pleasure possible. It’s going to be fucking fantastic.”

“We better hurry,” exclaimed Carl, “his body is starting to turn red. We’ve only got a window of a minute till that passes; otherwise we’ll have to start all over again. And trust me, I can’t wait that long again to be in him. I’ll fucking explode”

“Yes I know, Carl. Jesus, you’re acting like an animal.”

“I can’t help it. I’ve never wanted anyone so bad. Jeff, he’s the one; the one that’s going to change everything for us. The one who…”

“Shhhh…Shut up, you dumbass. Don’t put so much on him yet. You’re going to overload the guy.”

The burning pain was getting excruciating. “What, what did he say” I asked.

“Don’t think about it, Steve. Carl’s just is being a BIG OAF. Everything’s going to be fine. You’re going to love the new you. Are you ready, Steve?”

I nodded, but this time somewhat apprehensively.

I was completely on fire inside my whole body. Carl lifted my legs and I could feel his massive cock head against my ass crack. In fact, I looked down there and I could see his cock was bigger than my arm. Just looking at how beautiful he was, at how perfect he was, I knew no matter what, that I wanted him in me. But I was so scared of any more pain. That’s when he started to enter my hungry ass. I knew I wanted him badly, more than anyone I ever had, but I was already in enough pain in my body to put up my hand in protest. He didn’t even notice because he started slowly inching and moving his huge rod around to open me up. I could feel my asshole actually sucking for him to enter me. It started to expand and was actually helping his cock into me. I couldn’t believe that I was able to take him, but as I felt my hole start to stretch beyond its limits, it accepted him with a calm pleasure instead of him ripping me in half. Then, as he went deeper, it stretched some more accommodating his widening cock. Soon I literally could feel him up in my stomach and under my ribs. I felt his hips against mine and I knew he was completely to the hilt. I’d never felt so full of lust, want, and need in my life. I truly loved that man. I didn’t want to ever leave him.

‘This just can’t be humanly possible,’ I rationalized. But it was, and he started to grind his hips into mine. I was ready to explode gallons of glowing goo everywhere, when Carl grabbed me again so I would hold off.

“Easy killer, I’m enjoying this WAY too much for a quicky.” He softly growled.

This cause me to open my mouth to tell him that I never wanted him to leave, but it was the perfect opportunity for Jeff to do his magic now. Just as effortlessly as Carl had with my ass, Jeff grabbed my mouth with his hands to widen it, with his enormous cock head not far behind. I could feel my lips parting and my mouth opening wider and wider. At one point it felt like my jaw actually dislocated. There was no pain at all with that, just an uncomfortable feeling. God I must’ve looked like an Anaconda eating its prey. I sucked on it with much lust and deep thrusts till it slid down my throat. After a while with that I started licking under the head at the spot that I’ve heard called the g-spot of men. He must’ve been so turned on by this, because he started cumming as soon as I did so, filling my mouth and throat with his magical juice. As I started to swallow as much of Jeff as I could, I felt Carl explode in my torso like a bomb. Both men were shooting gallons of their life force into me; my stomach was literally filling to full capacity. To this day, I still don’t understand how that could have been humanly possible. It’s sounds so totally science fiction, but it really was happening.

As the three of us became one, I could feel their semen start to mix inside of me. It felt like every part of my body was nourished by an amazing power beyond any normal realm of this world. I could feel muscles expanding into giant proportions, senses heightened to super hero status, feelings of lust overflowing with testosterone, and my mind becoming sharper, smarter, and vast. Then suddenly my eyes became blurred and my hearing was gone. I couldn’t catch my breath. It felt as if I were starting to die. Pain swept through my body in unbearable amounts. I must’ve panicked, because the next thing I remember was the feeling of both of them, exiting my body and holding me down with all of their strength and might. But it wasn’t enough. With a huge surge of power I threw both of them off of me without even trying. It was like flicking a bug off of my shirt: Completely effortless. Both of them flew in the air for about 20 feet, landing on the edges of the wrestling mats. I could feel wave after wave of hot electricity running through my body and escaping out of it. It was leaving me in the form of bright glowing semen out of my growing Herculean sized cock. I could start to feel my bones cracking and then I blacked out. •

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