Tom's Big Change

By MichMan323

Tom got out of work and headed for the gym. when he got there he went up to the desk where Joe was working. Joe is a huge bodybuilder. Tom is not bad at 6ft. and 175 pounds, but Joe is 6'2" 265 pounds of solid muscle. Tom gets a hard on everytime he see's Joe, and today was no different. "Hi Joe" Tom said, "Hey there Tom, how ya doing today". "Pretty good, how are you", "I'm doing great". Tom decided to say what he was thinking for a change."I would be doing great to if I looked liked you, how did you get so huge. I would love to look like that". Joe said it was a special protein shake he invented, and asked Tom if he would like to try it.Tom said "hell yes, if it can help me to look like you I'll try it". Joe took Tom in the back to mix up a shake. Joe explained that it was a very strong muscle builder that was in it and he wouldn't need much at a time to see great results. Joe put one teaspoon in a glass of skim milk and said that would be plenty. Right then someone else came in to the gym and Joe had to go back to the desk.

Tom thought if one teaspoon was good then 5 or 6 would be great, so he started to add more. As he put the last of the 6 spoonfuls in the milk Joe walked in and yelled"What are you doing thats to much!?". Tom hurried and drank it down. Joe asked "How much did you put in it?". Tom said "6 spoons full, Joe said "He didn't know what would happen with that much he was worried about Tom". Tom said "He felt fine". Then it started. Tom started to get dizzy and weak feeling. He said "I thought this was supposed to build muscle not make me feel weak and dizzy". "I told you I didn't know what would happen with that much". Joe told him. After a couple minutes of that Tom said "He was feeling fine now, very good, great actually". Joe looked at Tom like he saw a ghost.

"What's wrong?", Tom said. Tom walked over to the full length mirror and yelled "SHIT LOOK AT ME I'M GROWING!!". Joe watched as Tom's chest started to expand getting bigger and bigger, pulling his shirt tight. At the same time his shoulders started to look like bowling balls you could see the sleeves of his shirt pulling tight over the growing muscle.He was getting taller at the same time, his shirt was no longer tucked in to his pants. You could start to see his chest through the gaps of his buttons from it being pulled so tight. The veins in his arm were visable through the shirt. Joe was wondering how much more the shirt could take be fore it ripped right off of his body. His back and lats grew wider and wider, when Tom said "Enough is enough".

Tom did a lat spread and the back of his shirt burst open with loud rrrriiiiipppp. You could see every muscle in detail, he was ripped. Without even flexing the buttons of his shirt flew off flying across the room. His chest was fantastic, huge plates of totally ripped muscle, you could see every striated muscle in his chest. Tom rised his right arm and slowly bent it, not really even flexing and the huge peak started to tear through the flimsy material as if it were tissue paper. Higher and higher it rose tearing the the sleeve more and more Joe didn't think it would ever stop, the peak was unbeleivable. The Tom did the same with the other arm, as the huge bicep started to tear through the shirt he noticed his pants were very tight and uncomfortable. when Tom looked down he saw his now hugely massive thighs burst the seams of the pants he was wearing. The cuffs were around his calfs because of him growing taller all this time. He flexed his huge diamond shaped calfs and the cuffs snapped in two like a rubber band. His belt snapped in two and the button on his pants popped off.

Then he felt a stirring in his crotch. He looked down and saw the zipper of his pants being ripped apart by his growing dick. The teeth on the zipper were mangled by his now huge dick. All of a sudden the growth came to a halt. Tom stood there in nothing but his underwear, with the rest of his clothes laying shedded on the floor at his feet. Joe just stood there looking at him in amazement. Tom was now about 6'5" 320 pounds with 72" chest, 34"waist, 28" arms, 40" thighs and 25" calfs. And his dick which was still soft made such a huge bulge in his underwear that the waistband was pulled away from his ripped 6 pack abs. Tom stated to flex his new muscles saying "I told you everything would be ok I didn't take to much this is great".

Joe was huge but next to Tom he was quite small now. Joe looked at him and said "You're fantastic". Tom looked at himself flexing in the mirror and started to get a hard on. His underwear started to stretch out more and more until the waistband snapped and they flew across the room. Tom's dick was hard as a rock now and must have been about 15 inches long. Tom looked at Joe and noticed a bulge in his pant bigger than usual. "You like what you see Joe?". "Come here and worship this muscle monster".

Joe went over to Tom and started to feel his muscles as Tom flexed them.Then Joe took off all his clothes and started to stroke his 8 inch piece of meat. "Worship all my huge fucking muscles like they deserve to be worshipped". Tom started to flex every muscle on his body as Joe felt, kiss, licked and worshipped it. Joe could swear Tom's muscles were getting bigger as he flexed them, which really turned him on. Joe worked his way down to Tom's dick and could barely get the head of it in his mouth. Little by little Tom forced more of his huge dick down Joe's throat, until Joe thought he might pass out. Joe couldn't take any more with a loud moan and a mouth full of dick he let go the biggest load of hot creamy cum he has ever shot and he wasn't even touching his dick at the time, he was just feeling all Tom's huge flexed muscles. That really turned Tom on and he couldn't hold back any longer either.

He arched his back and screamed and let go jis load right down Joe's throat. Joe couldn't take all and it started to drip out of the sides of his mouth. After they both were spent they collapsed to the floor to rest. After a while Joe went and got Tom some clothes that might fit. Tom thanked Joe for what he had done and went on his way. Joe heard someone at the desk so he went to see who it was, it was Dave. Joe said "Dave haven't you always wanted to be huge, bigger than me?". Dave said "Yeah I would love to".

"Come with me I have something that will get you there." •

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