By lloyd311

Tom was used to being the Big Man On Campus, and to getting his way all the time. He had never really known it any other way. He had a big personality, and the body to match. He was 6'-4", 220 pounds of well-toned muscle, and was always able to bring people around to his way of thinking, one way or another. Blonde hair, green eyes, stud captain of the football team, he had taken out most of the cheerleaders at one time or another, and got along with most of the guys on campus. He was likable enough, unless you were a "nerd" or an "art fag" or a "queer". These guys, if they were unlucky enough to cross his path at the wrong time, were likely to get rough time. Not that he had a problem with them, so long as they kept clear of him with their homo shit. Nothing too rough either, just a little pushing around and some verbal abuse. Not a particularly nice guy, but no worse than your stereotypical college jock type.

The one guy he picked on the most, though, was his roommate, Jeffrey. The coach had decided that athletes with less than stellar academic records would have to room with students who could tutor them, or at least act as a positive influence. Jeffrey was a little guy, under 5-5, slim and not very muscular at all. Tom must have had a good 100 pounds on him. He was a nice kid, and while not athletic himself, he was a fan of the football team, and had thrilled at the idea of living with the quarterback. He was also quite serious about his studies. Tom was constantly razzing him, calling him a "bookworm" and a "fag", and in general making things tough for him, despite all the help Jeffrey had been giving him academically. Jeffrey took it all as well as he could. He didn't figure that Tom really ever meant much harm.

Where Tom would eventually get into trouble though, was with the ladies. He just didn't take rejection well, couldn't accept "no" for an answer. Too often he would push too hard, or get too rough. He never had a girl file a complaint or anything, but he thought so much of himself that he just couldn't understand it when a girl said no to a guy like him. And he took it as an insult when she did.

When he took Diane to his fraternity formal, many of his friends had said that she wasn't the type to put out on the first date. But he thought he knew better - she would have to be crazy not to want him. So, at the end of the night in the parking lot behind Diane's apartment, Tom knew what he was after, and he didn't plan to be disappointed. Diane had drank more than usual - he had kept her glass full all night. He never tried to get women drunk; a guy like him shouldn't have to. But he did like to get them loosened up a bit. They started to make out in his car, and she was into it at first, but she knew how far she was willing to go. She tried to calm Tom down when he started to get a little rough, but the more she resisted, the more insistent he became. Diane started to get scared now, and began to try to fight Tom off. It was becoming a struggle that she could not win. Tom was much bigger than her - a head taller and over a hundred pounds heavier. He had every advantage, and at this point, he was willing to press them. But Diane had something else in mind. She pulled back, swung hard, and punched him square in the nuts, and while Tom tried desperately to regain his breath, she bolted the car. Tom was outraged. "You bitch! Nobody does this to me," he yelled after her. "You fucking cunt!" Diane didn't turn back or respond. She ran, bruised, battered, and in tears, into the building.

What Tom didn't know, but probably should have in hindsight, was that there was a lot more to Diane's life than that of the typical cheerleader. She had, in fact, been leading a double life of sorts. When she wasn't hanging out with her cheerleader friends or her sorority sisters, she spent her extra time reading books on witchcraft, black magic, and the like. Through this interest in the occult, she became friends with girls who shared her interests, and they formed a sort of informal club, which they jokingly called "the Coven". Over the months of their association, each member of the group had developed powers of varying, but limited strength. As a group, however, and with a unity of purpose, they could focus their power through to great effect.

Once she had pulled herself together after the incident with Tom, Diane called on her new friends, and "the Coven" met that very night to decide upon a course of action. What they decided was that Tom had to pay for what he did. He must learn what it is like to be powerless at the hands of someone bigger and stronger than he.

And thus came the great change in Tom's life.

One week later, Tom was walking back to his dorm room from the shower. He never wore anything but the towel wrapped around his waist. He was proud of his body, and showed it off as often as he could. As Tom walked toward his room, however, he suddenly felt like he had been hit by a shock wave - as though electric current was running through his body. His mind went blank, and then, as quickly as it began, it was over.

Tom stood still for a moment. He felt disoriented and a little light-headed, as if he were in shock, but that feeling started to fade as well. He shook his head to clear it, and then continued down the hall again to his door. He suddenly felt a little embarrassed, walking down the hall with only a towel on. He hoped he didn't run into anyone. He wasn't in the mood for any trouble today. "Trouble," Tom wondered. "What sort of trouble?" He had no idea. He couldn't understand this sense of apprehension. When he reached his door, he saw that someone must have been fooling with the message pad on the door. The names had always read Tom and Jeffrey, but now they read Tommy and Jeff. He hated the name Tommy, and had insisted on Tom since the third grade. Another thing, the doorknob seemed higher than he remembered it, but that wasn't possible, was it? Tom opened the door and entered the room. Jeffrey was lying on his bed reading Sports Illustrated, which was odd for him. He usually spent most of his time in the room at his desk studying. Tom had never seen him read a magazine before. He looked a little different too, as if he might be working out or something, but since Jeffrey was lying down, Tom couldn't be sure. Tom grabbed a pair of underpants from his top drawer, and slid them on under his towel. It didn't strike him as odd that there were none of his customary boxers in the drawer - only a collection of brightly colored bikini briefs "You don't need to be so shy around me, Tommy. It's not like I haven't seen it all before." Tom spun around at the voice. It was Jeffrey's voice, sort of. It was deeper though, more masculine. "Please, Jeffrey," said Tom, "I don't like being called Tommy. You know that I prefer Tom." My God, thought Tom. What's wrong with my voice? Why am I talking like this? He couldn't believe how high and effeminate his voice sounded.

Jeffrey put down the magazine and climbed out of bed. Tom was astounded. Jeffrey was huge, a giant almost. He seemed to be a foot taller than Tom was - he looked like he had to be over seven feet tall. He walked up to Tom and put a hand on his shoulder. "I don't know what you're talking about, but a little fag like you

sure looks more like a Tommy than a Tom to me." Tom spun and looked into the mirror. He froze - he wasn't looking at the muscular athlete he saw in the mirror every day. Somehow, he had lost all of his muscles. He was skinnier than any of the fags that Jeffrey was always hanging around with. How could this happen? Tommy realized that Jeffrey wasn't so tall as much as he was now short. He was in a state of confusion now. He couldn't imagine what was happening. Tom had always had a body to die for, and here he was looking into the mirror, and looking back was this little skinny guy, with zero definition, little body hair except for his butt and legs, and from what he could see through his bikini briefs, the tiniest cock he had ever seen. What the fuck was going on? He couldn't understand how it had happened, but things had changed. He suddenly knew that he was only 5'-2" and weighed under 115 pounds. He could remember being the big stud football player, but he wasn't, and he knew that he never really had been. He was the little wimp he saw in the mirror, and Jeffrey was the quarterback now. But this simply couldn't be. It wasn't right.

"And by the way," Jeffrey said as he wrapped his powerful arms around Tommy, "It's JEFF. You call me Jeffrey again and I'll make you sorry you did." Tommy was shocked again at how big Jeff was, and how little and helpless he felt. He was totally engulfed within Jeff's arms, and was feeling things he had never dreamed of before. He was intimidated by the big guy, but, strangely, attracted to him at the same time. Both feelings filled him with a sense of dread. Jeff began to nuzzle Tommy's neck. "W-w-what are you d-d-doing?" stammered Tommy. Jeff snorted in response and dropped his pants. "You know what I want," he said, smiling slyly. "I want you to blow me, Tommy Boy." Tommy balked at this. "N-n-no

way, Jeffrey. I c-c-can't do that. I'm not into that s-s-sort of thing at all," he stammered. Jeff stared back at him for several seconds, and then without warning slugged Tommy with a backhand across the face. Tommy was shocked. He should have exploded with anger at this, but all he felt was fear. He felt his eyes begin to fill with tears. "You gonna cry now, faggot?" taunted Jeff. "I warned you about the Jeffrey shit. Now listen. I don't give a shit about what you want. All I know is that we are supposed to have an arrangement here, and every time I need a little action, you play dumb." Tom suddenly "remembered" what the arrangement was. Jeff was gay, but very closeted about it. He had hopes of going high in the NFL draft this year, and didn't want anything to screw it up. He had arranged with the coach to room with Tommy, supposedly so Tommy could help him academically. The truth was that Jeff had suspected that Tommy was gay too, and figured he could use him as his own sex slave. Whether Tommy was into it or not never figured in the arrangement, and he had been an unwilling participant all last semester.

All this had made Tommy a little weak in the knees, and when Jeff exerted a little pressure, Tommy found himself kneeling at Jeff's feet. Tommy was then shocked by another blow across the face, this time from Jeff's big dick. Jeff placed his hand behind Tommy's head, and eased his dick into Tommy's mouth. "Don't just sit there, faggot" he said, "work that mouth of yours! And you better watch those teeth! You know what happens when you're not careful with the teeth." Jeff held Tommy's head in both his hands, and began to slide his cock in and out of his mouth. Tommy was being face fucked! He was burning with humiliation, but he also knew that this scene had been played out many time before. His revulsion at the situation was real, but he also knew for certain that it wasn't just his size that had changed. He knew that he could stop all of this if he wanted to, but he just didn't have the spine to stand up to Jeff, or anyone else for that matter. He was frightened and intimidated by Jeff, but he was also turned on by all this, despite himself. His own little stiffy was at full mast. As Jeff speared his cock down Tommy's throat, blowing a massive load, Tommy, to his horror and without him even touching his own cock at all, shot his own little load all over Jeff's leg. Jeff was furious. He backhanded Tommy again, and forced him to lick all of the cum off of his leg. When Jeff was satisfied with Tommy's work, he gave him an affectionate tussle of the hair and jumped into bed. "That was fun, Tommy. Thanks. One other thing, though. You were a little rough with the teeth tonight." He turned and smiled at Tommy - "and we know what that means." Tommy wasn't sure what it meant, but it filled him with dread. He slowly climbed into the top bunk and cried himself to sleep.

Tommy woke with a start the next morning, surprised by the vividness of the dream. He had had sex dreams that involved guys before, but none like this. He lay in his bunk, looking at the ceiling, glad to be awake and free of the disturbing images that had haunted him the night before. His thoughts were interrupted by a low, almost growling sigh, coming from under his bed - "What the..." he thought. Then he realized that he was in the top bunk, which wasn't right. He always made Jeffrey sleep in the top bunk. And then it dawned on him. Last night wasn't a dream at all. He held his arm out in front of him so he could look at it. It was not the muscular rifle that had thrown so many touchdown passes. Rather, it was slender, almost delicate or childlike in appearance. None of this made any sense - how could someone who was always a big jock suddenly find himself transformed into a skinny little fag? All the while, his formerly wimpy roommate was now the big stud quarterback. How could it be? Tommy had to consider the possibility that he might be insane, and that his memories of being Tom, the college sports star and NFL hopeful, were just delusions - the product of a deranged mind. But Tommy knew that wasn't the case. He knew that he had changed. Jeff made some more rumblings from the lower bunk, and Tommy decided that he didn't want to be around when he woke up. He had an early class to get to, anyway. Tommy dressed quietly and slipped out of the room.

Class wasn't so bad. He didn't remember studying or anything, but he seemed to be well prepared. He participated freely in the discussion - asking questions and volunteering answers, much to the annoyance of his classmates. Tommy himself had always thought that guys who talked too much in class were kiss-asses, but he just couldn't seem to stop himself today. After class, Tommy was walking across campus when he came upon a group of guys from the football team. "Hey, guys," he said. "What's up?" Then, suddenly he remembered. These guys weren't his friends or teammates. That was "before" (as he had begun to think of it) and he knew how he and his friends would have reacted then to someone like he was now - a skinny, little, effeminate wimp. Tommy knew he had made a big mistake. "Looking for some cock to suck, faggot?" one asked. The rest laughed. Tommy was scared. He could feel his face flushing red. He just wanted to get away from these guys. He lowered his head and clenched his shoulders, and tried to just press on, but one of the jocks tripped him, scattering his books across the pavement. When he bent down gather them up - one of the other guys shoved him down to the pavement himself. By the time he got back to his feet, Tommy found himself surrounded by a circle of muscular jocks - each must have outweighed him by 100# or more, and they all towered over him. They began to shove him from one to another, laughing louder and louder. Tommy tried to break free, but he was too small and weak. By now, Tommy was losing it. He had never been so scared or humiliated. Just as he collapsed and cowered on the ground and in tears, he heard a female voice break through the taunts and laughter: "Hey, assholes - why don't you pick on somebody your own size." The abuse stopped and the circle opened. There was Diane, one of the cheerleaders.

"C'mon, Diane," one of the jocks said, "We was just having some fun."

"I know what your idea of fun is," Diane responded, and the jocks sheepishly moved off.

Tommy was surprised. He didn't really know Diane (at least he didn't think he did) - she was in a couple of his classes, but they never really talked. He was grateful for her help though. Diane helped Tommy gather his books and then helped him to his feet. When he stood up, Tommy was again reminded how much had changed for him. Diane stood several inches taller than him. "God," he thought, "this is what I've come to - having girls protect me from guys who are supposed be my friends." Then Diane said something that floored him completely: "So Tom, how are you adjusting to your new life?"

"W-w-what do you mean?" Tommy asked timidly.

"What I mean is how does it feel not to be the big football star - pushing everyone around. How's it feel to be too small to defend yourself ?"

"How do you know all this?" Tommy asked.

And Diane explained. She told him everything - how as "Tom" he had tried to force himself on her last week - "before" - and how she and her friends had decided that something had to be done before he assaulted more women - how it was decided that he must learn first hand what it was like to be at someone else's mercy, under their control and unable to defend himself against their advances and desires. "I assumed we would just turn you into a girl," she continued, "but one of the girls was friends with your poor little roommate, who you teased so bad, and we all thought this would be much more fun."

"Is it permanent?" asked Tommy. Of course it wasn't, Diane's told him. But there

was no way of saying exactly how long it would last. Only that it would last until "he had paid the price." Until that time, Tommy would not only continue to be the little weakling he now was, but he would be submissive to any man he was with. Even guys who were normally submissive would be confidant, dominant, and rough when they were with Tommy - all the things that Tommy admired and aspired for, but could never achieve now.

All Tommy could take away from the conversation with Diane was that at least he wasn't insane. Tommy was very depressed when he went back to his dorm room, and things were going to get worse for him. Jeff was waiting for him. Apparently his teammates had teased him about his 'faggot roommate', and he was seriously pissed. Tommy had no sooner walked into the room, when Jeff was on him. He punched Tommy hard in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Tommy sank to his knees, gasping for breath. Jeff grabbed his hair. "You stupid little fuck! Who told you to talk to my friends? Who told you to flirt with my teammates? I am going into the NFL draft, and I won't have some little faggot ruin it for me. Stay away from my friends, and don't talk about me to anyone! ANYONE! Are we clear?" Tommy was crying now, from pain and fear. "Jeff," he sobbed, "I never said anything to them. I only said 'hey' as I was passing. I would never say anything to anyone about you. Really! I swear I wouldn't." Tommy was a mess. He was crying so hard he couldn't even get the words out. But Jeff was done talking. He picked Tommy up off the floor, and laid him face down across the bed. "Lose the pants, Tommy. You pissed me off, now you gotta pay the price." Tommy reluctantly slid his pants down as instructed. He expected that Jeff was going to spank him or something, but Jeff had something else in mind. Tommy was surprised to feel something pressing at his asshole, and he knew that it wasn't a spanking he was about to get. Tommy tried to scream as he felt his tight little hole being invaded by Jeff's cock, but his cries were muffled by the pillow. As Jeff pumped away, stretching Tommy's asshole, Tommy began to notice something else - that his struggles to escape had given way to rhythmic motion, complementing Jeff's thrusts and forcing Jeff's cock even deeper in his ass. His little peanut was engorged, and he was beginning to really dig the idea of Jeff being inside him. It hurt, but he liked it. "What's was wrong with me?" he thought. But he already knew - Diane and her friends had turned him into a pervert who could only get off on being humiliated and abused. Jeff's breathing got harder, his pumping faster as he neared climax. He slammed his cock in to the hilt one final thrust. Tommy felt as if he was being split open as Jeff's explosive orgasm filled his ass with loads of cum. He came himself, spilling his tiny load on Jeff's bed under him, again without anyone even touching his little cock. And as Tommy lay there, Jeff on top of him, all he could think about was how much trouble he was going to get when Jeff found out about the mess he had made in the bed. This night wasn't over yet...

The same scene repeated itself every night, with Jeff taking out his frustrations on little Tommy, and Tommy taking all of Jeff's abuse. Before too long, Tommy found himself wishing he could meet someone else, someone who would be nicer, and not so rough with him sexually. But Tommy had no idea where to go, or how to meet someone. A few nights later, though, while Tommy was studying in the basement of the library, he noticed a little guy staring at him. Tommy recognized him as a shy guy, smaller even than he was now, from one of his classes. They had never spoken before, but Tommy felt drawn to him now somehow. Tommy returned the stare, and watched as the guy got up, and without breaking off eye contact, walked into the men's room. Tommy followed. What he found in there surprised him. The little guy was so rough. He forced Tommy to his knees and roughly shoved his dick into his mouth. He grabbed Tommy by the head and roughly moved it up and down over his dick. After he blew his load across Tommy's face, he zipped his pants and left without saying a word.

Over the next couple weeks, Tommy continued to search for someone. He went to the park, the local gay bars, anywhere he could think of to meet someone who might be nice to him, but it always ended the same way - with him being forced to humiliate himself with a series of strangers. He suffered indignities he had never imagined, and after each, he swore that he would never do it again. But the next night would find him in some dirty rest stop on the interstate, waiting and hoping. He just couldn't stop himself. And he knew that he was turning into someone that "Tom" would have found repulsive. He was turning into a cocksucker.

Meanwhile, Jeff was using Tommy as a virtual sex slave. He forced Tommy to blow him every morning and night, and fucked almost daily. He made Tommy lick his feet, his ass, his armpits. Massage him, shave him. Jeff even made him get up in the middle of the night to suck his cock once. No sooner was the cock was in Tommy's mouth that Jeff cut lose with a stream of piss and forced Tommy swallow it all, just so he didn't have to get up to go to the bathroom. And if Tommy upset him in any way, Jeff would hit him - sometimes just a backhand across the face, but sometimes Jeff would lay Tommy across his lap, and spank his little backside until it glowed red. The funny thing was that no matter how humiliating it was, it still thrilled and excited him. The worse the humiliation, the more turned on he got. But no one was ever nice to him. No one ever talked to him, or returned his affections in any way. He was just being used and abused. Jeff and the others were basically masturbating, and using Tommy instead of their own hands.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months. Still nothing changed. Tommy's fragile state of mind got worse and worse. Finally, when he felt he could take no more, he went to see Diane again. He told her that he couldn't take it anymore - that he was at the end of his rope, and was horrified by what he had become, physically and emotionally. But there was nothing he could do about it - he was at the mercy of not only Jeff and the others, but also his own compulsions. Diane felt sorry for him despite herself. She had only wanted to teach Tom a lesson, not destroy him. She told him that the "Coven" could use their powers to counteract "Tom's" transformation into "Tommy", but that there

were risks involved. Forcing a transformation could have unanticipated repercussions or wanted side effects. There was no certainty that things would go back as before. The real danger, however, was that the results of forcing such a reverse transformation would be permanent. There would be no possibility of changing it ...EVER. Diane told Tommy again that the original transformation was only temporary, that it could in fact end at any time. She urged him to wait it out. But if he wanted to take the chance, they could help him.

For Tommy, it was a no-brainer. As soon as he heard there was chance to end this nightmare now, he knew he would take it, regardless of the risks. Diane told Tommy to meet her and the "Coven" that night, and that he should say nothing during the ceremony. In his excitement, however, Tommy blurted out during the ceremony that he wanted to go back to being "Tom" again, that he wanted to be the star quarterback again, that he wanted to be the big man on campus again. "I just want to be a big, dumb, jock again," he said. Diane knew that Tommy had fucked up, but there was nothing to do now.

Tom woke up the next morning confused. He shook his head to clear it, but nothing changed. He couldn't seem to get his thoughts together. He held up his arm in front of him, and could see that it was the hugely muscled arm of a quarterback, not the skinny limb he had become accustomed to seeing. It was his old arm! He looked down at his chest - massive pecs, covered with hair. "My God!" he thought, "I'm back to normal!" His thoughts were still cloudy though, and he found it difficult to concentrate. As he lay in bed, he kept waiting for the morning haze to lift, but it didn't.

Later, his roommate Jeffrey returned to the room. He was back to normal again, too - skinny and pale, and no more than 5-5. Tommy was so happy to have his life back! When Jeffrey started to undress, however, Tom began to see that things weren't exactly as he expected. Jeffrey dropped his shorts to reveal the biggest cock Tom had ever seen. He couldn't believe it - it had to be 10 inches long flaccid. Jeffrey was supposed to have a little cock - wasn't he? As he watched Jeffrey undress, he absently reached to fondle his own cock. As he reached into his boxer shorts, he was stunned. His own cock, if you could call it that, was the same little peanut he had had as "Tommy". On his now massive frame, however, it was pathetic. He was fully erect, but it was smaller than his thumb, about 2.5 inches long. Something was radically wrong, but his thoughts were so confused he just wasn't sure what was what.

Jeffrey had started talking to him, but Tom was still trying to figure out what had happened to him. When Jeffrey tried unsuccessfully for a second time to get Tom's attention, he walked over and roughly grabbed his face and turned it so he could look him in the eyes - "Hey Dummy," he said, "I'm talking to you!"

"Uh, I'm sorry, Jeffrey. I was just thinking."

Jeffrey laughed. "That would be a first! Why weren't you in class this morning?"

Tom struggled through the confusion hazing his thoughts, trying to formulate an answer, but all he could come up with was, "I dunno."

"Listen, you big, dumb jock, I've worked my ass off over the past 3 years to keep you from flunking out and fucking up your future, and I'm not going to let you do it now." He noticed the familiar vacant look in Tom's eyes, and knew that Tom's attention had faded again. Jeffrey smacked him across the face, and Tom's eyes refocused. " I have too much time and effort invested in your stupid ass to let you fuck things up for me now, so listen to me and listen good. You do what I tell you to when I tell you to. You go to class when I tell you to. You do whatever I say, when I say so. Right?"

"Uh - sure, Jeffrey. I'll do whatever you say."

"Good boy," responded Jeffrey, giving Tom's hair a friendly tussle. "Now then. Take care of this for me..." With that, Jeffrey grabbed Tom's head in one hand, and his own massive cock in the other, and shoved his cock into Tom's mouth before Tom even knew what was happening. Tom thought he was going to gag. This isn't how it's supposed to be - he thought, but before he realized it, be began sucking on Jeffrey's cock - really going down on it, really digging it. And as he sucked, he began rubbing his own little peanut.

Jeffrey looked down at the big jock sucking his cock, and smiled. Tom was so stupid, he thought, that he might actually be borderline mentally retarded. But he followed directions well, even if the only place he was able to think on his feet was on the football field. Tutoring this guy had been a full time job, but the payoff had been huge, and would soon get even bigger if all went well in the NFL draft. Tom would do anything his little tutor asked him to, and had often been forced into giving him blowjobs and getting fucked when Jeffrey threatened to let him flunk a test or paper. All that pretense had long since passed, and Tom would open his mouth or spread his cheeks whenever Jeffrey told him to.

And as Tom went down on his little tutor's huge dick, he knew all this. He also knew it wasn't supposed to be like this - he was supposed to be in charge. He wasn't supposed to be stupid. He knew that he had fucked things up somehow. Of course he didn't realize it, but would spend the rest of his life thinking that things weren't quite as they were supposed to be. However, his now muddled brain would never be able to figure out exactly how things were wrong. He did know that he was a big, dumb jock now. Jeffrey certainly never stopped reminding him of it. Jeffrey had convinced him that no one else, male or female, would be able to like someone as stupid as Tom was, or with a dick so small that it had been a joke in every locker room he had ever been in. Tom was grateful that Jeffrey let him have sex with him too. Sex usually consisted of Tom sucking Jeffrey's cock or getting fucked by him, but occasionally Jeffrey would take Tom's little peanut and balls into his mouth all at once - Tom loved that.

The only thing he was any good at was football, and Jeffrey had made it possible for him to play. He guessed that he owed it all to Jeffrey, which is why he did practically anything he asked. Tom had come to accept the fact that he was gay - he never thought so before he lived with Jeffrey, and had always had a girlfriend in high school. But ever since Jeffrey first compelled him to blow him, and had continually called Tom a "faggot" or a "cocksucker", Tom eventually

just accepted it. After all, Jeffrey was so smart, and he was so dumb, whatever Jeffrey said must be true.

Tom was emotionally dependent on Jeffrey and couldn't make a decision without him. Jeffrey had instilled this feeling in him over time, and Tom knew that after graduation, he would be helpless without Jeffrey's help. The NFL draft was coming up soon, and Tom knew he would be an early pick. Jeffrey had convinced Tom that he needed him, so when Jeffrey proposed that he become Tom's manager, in charge of negotiating all contracts, etc., Tom was all too happy to comply, and signed any papers Jeffrey put in front of him. Partly because he was sure he would fail on his own, but also because it would allow him to be with Jeffrey forever.

As he sucked on his little tutor's huge cock, and rubbed his own tiny one, he looked up into the face of the man he owed it all to. Tom felt both grateful and lucky to have someone like Jeffrey to take care of him, and if the price he had to pay was giving Jeffrey total control over him, his career, and his future, and allowing himself to become little more than Jeffrey's sexual slave... So be it. •

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