Forever N


By Musclebuff

Please see Part 1

7 : Second Interview

The evening's interview consisted of various sets of instructions: workout schedules and routines, timetables, diet.

"I gave you both that shock because it's crucial to consume your nutrients within forty-five minutes of a workout or a delivery. You'll always find your computer-based daily diet sheet on the wall inside the commissary. As far as personal contact is concerned, your are required to give six deliveries a day and receive a minimum of ten, without limit, until the computer says otherwise. A delivery from me is equivalent to four from others. Conversely, after sex with me you must consume double the nutrients on your diet sheet.

"I can see that today's deliveries and the short workout have already started the pattern in you. Your improvement curve will be very sharp for the next weeks before it starts to level off. At that point we re-assess the amount of your deliveries and nutrients. The deliveries are of course your prime muscle-building protein nutrients, but the other forms of protein, plus Glutamine and all the other aminos are equally essential for optimum health and size. For convenience we call the second group our Nutrients."

I could hardly keep my undivided attention on N, in spite of his awesome appearance and the permanent state of desire he stirred in me, 'cos Surfer was sitting on the desk behind him making lewd faces and gestures at me.

"I must also stress that the essential definition of your muscles is only attained from intensive workouts - and I mean the kind of intensity that Coach Brick started to instil in you today. Otherwise you might just become a big podge, and I don't think that's what you want. Now that the labs have assessed your blood, lymph and semen stats you will workout with Coach twice a day, six days a week for the time being. Eight meals a day, nine hours sleep each night - alone for the time being, I think, Surfer! The rest of the time is your own for deliveries or whatever else you may get up to."

"Aww, shucks!"

N got up and turned to Surf.

"You sound like Billy. Maybe because you know Damian has already been stirred up by him and you're just teasing. But, Damian, I have to warn you


about Billy. He's a kind of wild card here: Matt sent him to me because he was afraid his uncontrollable sexual debauchery would eventually wreck both his physique and his relationship with his friend Tim, the champion of champion wrestler. He's here to learn some discipline and sense. Unless his friend and master, Tim, is around he'll almost certainly try to get into your thongs: that's OK, unless it disturbs your routine, causing you to miss feedings, deliveries or workouts - or sleep. He's very unscrupulous about that and unfortunately he feels he's got Coach wrapped around his little finger. He's a nice enough guy (and great sex, as we all know), as is Tim, and there will be plenty of opportunities for fun times, but if you are not 100% disciplined you will suffer the consequences. Surf, we're looking to you and Den to keep your friend here on the straight and narrow.

"That's all for now. Good luck, Damian! Group hug, guys?"

The three of us got together and linked ourselves together, Hugest, Huge and Getting-Bigger-Little-Me. Surf pulled my butt in so that all three swollen dicks were in contact. Three sets of lips locked together and shared tongues. Surf had to stand on his toes and he and N had to pull me up to their level. After a moment, N let us down.

"Want a little encouragement, Damian? Share it with Surf when you've got it, OK?"

I dropped to my knees and swallowed his dick - as far as such a size could be swallowed by my mortal mouth. I gave his crown a good polishing and looked up to see him and Surf kissing above me. Both were tweaking at each other's stiff nips as they kissed. I grabbed Surf's dick with one hand and started to milk him violently as I sucked hard on N. I dared to sink my fuck finger eight inches between N's concrete glutes and wormed it into his ass-hole. I jerked it hard upwards and N's hole opened at once to let my fist in. At once his jizz started to gurgle down my throat and I pulled Surf's crown in beside N's. The contact was too much for Surf and he spurted at once.

I stood up with a mouthful of both, still catching more of N in my cupped hands. My head pushed N's out of the way and I ejected the load from my mouth into Surf's. While his continued to spurt all over my abs, we swirled my prize around both our mouths, finally sharing the swallow between us. Just then N knelt down and swallowed both my balls and my entire cock into his throat. Surf grabbed me and supported me from behind while I jetted immediately: a continuous stream of muscle milk down N's throat.

Shit! This guy just had too much power! But that's what I wanted and what I was determined to get for myself.


Not exhausted, but enlivened by the exchange - and especially by the power of N's jizz - Surf took us off to meet the rest of the gang in the Commissary.


8 : "Purely a practical matter...."

Can you imagine so much beef all at one table? If I hadn't been reading John's Ten Big Bodybuilders on the net, I wouldn't either. But I had, so there they were, just as if John had imagined the sight himself. There were: Surfer (huge, blonde, blue-eyed, amazing pecs, silky smooth golden tanned skin); DeN (huger, dark curly hair, godlike dark looks, barndoor delts and triple football arms); Swimboy (the biggest dick of all, though I couldn't see it without getting under the table); Shave (eyes to melt in, blonde G.Clooney-like beard to scrape my dick on, monstrous arms and pecs); Coach Brick (the most mature and hardest muscle of them all, every move caused them to balloon unbelievably); tough, dangerous Tim whose thick bones supported impossible tons of muscle, and Billy, the cartoon-like forever-teen-looking, with the outrageous mouth and muscles to compete with the world.

These are all stupid descriptions, but the sight of all those torsos seen only from the navel upwards, delts jostling each other for space as they ate - just the multiplicity of guys with the biggest muscles on the planet - all of it would have been too much to bear (and my steel-hard rampant dick was witness to this as it wept pre-cum so freely) if my mind wasn't saying "You may be smaller now but you're going to be the biggest of them all before long, dude!"

DeN smiled and made room for me between Tim and himself. I felt overpowered by their mass when I sat between them, a good head shorter than either. Surf got up, went to the commissary and came back with the supper N or his computer had chosen for me. I slurped it down with some fruit, very aware of all the sideways looks the others round the table were giving me. I didn't know how to interpret them: some looked scornful, some jealous, some frankly admiring - others, like Coach, ignored me completely.

Anyway, secure in the result of my prophecy, I got on with the meal. Billy whispered something to Tim, Tim leaned down to me, very close, and whispered

in my ear.

"We think you're going to top the lot - not us, of course, but the rest of them!"

"Well, gee thanks!" I whispered back.


"Billy and I are impatient to get a piece of your ass, dude. Just wait till we get you at the gang-bang - you won't know what's hit you! No one but N has got dicks as big as ours!"

"Wow!" I answered, pretending to be impressed. Billy leaned across Tim and hissed at me:

"Maybe we won't wait that long!"

I felt a hand squeeze my dick real hard - so hard, I jumped. Everyone looked round. I went crimson. Tim sniggered, Billy chortled outright.

"Isn't it time for you two to get going?" A loud, deep voice spoke from the other end of the room. N was there, towering over the lot of us.

"Bed time for naughty boys! Off you go!"

Now it was Tim's turn to blush - but I could see he was boiling with rage at N's public reproof. There was a barely concealed low growl as he got up from the table, fists clenched.

"If it wasn't for Billy.............!"

"Good-night , Tim."

"Yessir!" laughed Billy, with an exaggerated salute. "Billy has to be disciplined!"

And he frog-marched himself out of the room. Tim glowered at the rest of us and followed. Then I felt two powerful hands on my shoulders. N spoke from behind me.

"And speaking of discipline, purely a practical matter: with one thing and another, this young man has not received all his deliveries - six short, I think. When we've finished supper, we'll all attend to that, OK?"

Shit, dude! Now I really felt like a banana. An excited banana, yes - but a banana all the same. So how was this going to be dealt with? I could hardly eat another thing, if it wasn't for DeN threatening to tip it down my throat, I wouldn't have. Anticipation is a great killer of hunger.

N got up. "Let's move to the gym - he'll be more comfortable there."

With my legs quaking, supported on each side - no, dragged by Surf and DeN on each side, we arrived in the gym. N pulled out a leather-topped table.


"Lie down, Damien, with your head over the end."

I could only obey in heightened excitement.

N was forcing his huge dick into some kind of black sheath; I could see it was studded all over with little metal bumps. When it was on, his huge corona was clear of it at the top. As soon as he started to caress it, the giant pole started to thicken and rise, and the black sheath was stretched so tight that it looked like a second skin, studded with those electrodes. It also caused the corona to swell mightily purple as it emerged from the sheath. As he spoke, all the other guys were stripping off and jerking at their own tree-trunks.

"I'll supply the positive part of the bi-polar charge, all your cockstraps will respond and supply the other. He needs the encouragement of a heavy charge tonight."

So saying, he lubed up - also sticking a giant finger up my butt-hole. He wiggled it up down, round and round as he spoke. My bone-hard dick started to weep pre-cum as he poked at the prostate.

"The amazing thing about this kid - " (How long was this 'kid' thing going to go on? I wondered.) " - is that he's been able to receive our schlongs in spite of their inhuman size ever since his first encounter with Surf. He's the first of you all to be able to do that. So, guys, lay on, and hard! Let the kid really feel the benefit of his deliveries tonight!"

Now he shoved his massive sleeved pole through my rosebud: no one may have been able to do that on their first encounter, but no one was enjoying it more than I was. It seemed to swell as it pushed its way into my depths, pleasuring the sleeve of my cunt as it went. The metal bumps pleasurably excited the channel as I felt my own dick lengthening and hardening up.

"OK, who's going first?"

I looked up to see Swimboy's huge girth and width all out of proportion - as was his huge pulsing dick which now rammed itself into my mouth. My lips and cheeks sucked on him greedily. As I did so, N started pounding me from the other end. They were soon moving in unison and the other guy's were shouting encouragement as they jerked on their own dicks. Then I felt the electricity pounding me at both ends and Swimboy was grunting ecstatically as he felt the charge.


I thought How can I avoid cumming? As the spunk started to churn in my balls. Even as I asked the question was answered by my cockstrap tightening itself almost to strangulation. N was letting me know I was nit cumming till he was ready to let me!

Swimboy was soon in total ecstacy and it didn't take long for gallons of his cum to start shooting down my willing throat. I swallowed and swallowed, determined not to lose a drop. Someone behind him pulled him out of me impatiently. As soon as the new dick was rammed down my throat I could see I was being obliged by Den. His dick was so thick that it was difficult for me to suck on it whole, but his insistent plunging soon conquered my throat spasms and the long, thick schlong was pleasuring my throat almost beyond endurance.

It was a good thing that the electricity didn't let him linger down there long: I could only hold my breath like that as far as a pre-drowning syndrome.

All this time N was pounding my ass with long, hard and heavy, vicious strokes of his thick cock - he must have discovered how I liked it. I was writhing in ecstacy as he fucked unknown depths, depth-charged by bolts of electricity from all those studs in his cock-sheath. From his unbridled grunts I guessed he was enjoying it as much as I was - if possible.

Then two massive hands grabbed my pecs and started to squeeze my nips without mercy, rolling them between his fingers, then squeezing the whole pec. I tore my gaze from N unwillingly to look up at Surfer's grinning good-looks. His dick was taunting my lips, pulling away as they tried to grab his massive fuck-pole. Then, just as N activated a great bolt of a charge up my ass, Surf, who must have felt it too, plunged into my throat and started to fuck it unmercifully. I was really disappointed that N was determined I should swallow as much cum as I could in a short space of time, 'cos Surfer could have done this to me all night.

When I had the opportunity, between partners, to see anyone else I could see they were all jerking off like mad, kissing each other, grabbing pec meat and dicks, fucking each other's fists (even though all but one of them had already cum down my throat), generally behaving in a mad, crazy, wonderful orgiastic frenzy.

Meanwhile the electrical charges were really getting me going as they increased in strength. Now they were ramping up to an unbelievable, almost unbearable climax. Unbearable, but at the same time, the stronger the climax, the stronger I wanted it to be. I could tell the guys at my head end were feeling it too 'cos they were really plunging their fuckers down my throat like madmen and yelling their heads off at the same time. The only exceptions were Shave and Coach whose tongues were deep down each other's throats.


As Surfer drenched my innards with his fuck-muscle juice N yelled at them: "Git over here and fuck this kid's face - I can't hold on much longer!"

As Shave pulled Surfer off me, my face was drenched with the last spurts of his splooge.

"Hey, I'm not ready yet!"

"No, but I am!" I was busy sucking Surf's remnants into my mouth and swirling them around when I was invaded by Shave's insistent and very thick dick. Unlike the others, he stood astride my chest, held my head up and rammed his dick in from the front. He seemed to like the way it hit the roof of my mouth and it gave me great opportunity to slurp and suck on it hard.

"Horny little fucker" he yelled as he slapped me on both cheeks. This just got me so hot that my spasming torso almost unseated N who yelled at us both to cool it. I think "cooling it was the last thing either of us had in mind. Just for a moment Shave pulled out and stuck his tongue in my mouth instead for a long, wet slurping kiss.

An electrical charge brought us both back to our business, but as soon as Shave's dick was back in my mouth, so was Coach Bricks' from behind! They both started to roar as their dicks pulsed and rubbed against each other as well as taking turns to get down my throat. This was some advanced fuck-treatment! Another controlling bolt from N and they both flooded my mouth simultaneously.

"Drink it up, boy! Don't you dare waste a drop!"

Shave bent down and helped me mop up, then spat it into my mouth, held my nose so I had to swallow the lot. Not a drop was wasted.

But now it was N's turn to supply me.

First of all, the humming throb that was going right through me, attacking my nuts and my nuts and my nips most of all, went up several notches. I looked up at N. He was smiling in a dreamy kind of way. His whole body was sheened with sweat, highlighting every magnificent strata of every magnificent muscle in that huge, perfect, god-like body of supreme muscle. The perfect manifestation of his own Superion.

As he continued to pound my ass he seemed to glow. I could see he was willing the electrical charge to increase, sending us both in paroxysms of ecstacy. Is this what it's like to be fucked by a god? My balls were humming, my nips were


tingling, I felt as if every muscle in my body was attuned to his. I was consumed by him and his muscle.

Part of me was begging him to let me cum, the other half was willing this to go on forever. I just knew that as soon as I came, I would be bound to him for ever. Maybe that feeling is what kept all these guys together,

He started to growl - I could see his huge orange-sized balls were rising towards his groin and the nutsack was tightening up. His whole body seemed to expand as he neared climax. I forced my pelvis down onto his ultra-demanding dick, yelling at him to cum and let me cum with him. The other guys were grouped closely around us now, their muscles jostling each other, shouting obscene encouragement to us both as they jerked their own and each other's dicks to yet more frenzy.

I was closely surrounded by wall-to-wall jostling, pulsing, swelling, sweating, bulging pec abs and delt meat - and giant. weeping dicks all aimed at me.

Suddenly N came. I thought the mighty torrent he unloosed inside me would burst me open, but my muscles seemed to soak it up, drawing it into themselves, and I could feel every part of my body swelling, hardening and growing. After about his tenth huge and lengthy spasm, the tight bondage around my root was suddenly released and my own slpooge fountained into the air, splashing great gobs on all the guys as well as my own face and chest.

The wall of muscle went crazy - sucking and slurping all over me - dick, chest, abs - as well as over each other. Their bodies were all glistening with cum and sweat as they wrestled with each other and with me to suck up every last drop of my gism. I say "my gism", but in fact I was convinced, even at the time, that my splooge was N's splooge: somehow a mutual conversion within me married his triple-X power-spunk with mine so that my outpouring was an extension of his.

He pulled out of me, ripped the studded sleeve off his cock, and splurted yet more huge spasms of splooge all over me and my face. Den pushed the others forcefully away and lapped every last drop off my face and chest. He sucked the remaining globs out of N's still-rampant power-dick and then transferred it all into me. We slurped it around both our mouths until Surfer yelled "Swallow!"

I did, and this was the cue for fountains of jizz to be jetted on to me. As soon as they were all done, Den pulled me up off the bench and gave me the soul kiss of all time. The other guys all cheered, but it wasn't until we finally pulled our tongues out of each other's throats that I realized I was standing almost as tall as him.


"Shit, dude! Look at you! You're almost as big as Den!"

And I was. I looked over at N in wonder. He was wiping the sweat off his face and nodding at the same time.

"You're getting there, kid! Soon won't be able to call you 'kid' any more!".

For the second time that week Surf and Den carried me off to bed. This time we did not go straight to sleep. We fucked each other, three-way, almost until dawn, then slept till noon.

9 : Sunday

We were woken in the morning by Swimboy coming in with a tray laden with breakfast. He dumped the tray on the table and leaped into bed between us,

"Who am I going to fuck first?"

He ripped the covers back and flung his full 320 pounds on top of me. Our pecs were grinding against each other and our self-lubing dicks were punishingly squished against the rocky washboards of our abs. I jammed my head up to claim his mouth with mine.

My newly enlarged bod was still dwarfed by his magnificence as our arms wrapped around our torsos. Our legs got entwined somehow and, clamped together as we were, our muscles got to know each other very well in the close confines of our passionate wrestlers' embrace.

Two strong pairs of hands pulled him off me to claim their own "inheritance" and , for an hour or so, my room was turned into a rasslin' ring for a continuous 4-way match. I must have received at least six or seven deliveries and given a few myself: Mr McMahon would have been jealous of our muscle-sex exhibition. It must have gone on for a full hour, at least until the other three decided to subject me to "love torture".

They tied my wrists and legs to the four corners of the bed and then proceeded to caress me from top to toe: if you have ever "suffered" the ecstatic torment of three pairs of hands and thirty fingers simultaneously stroking every reachable part of your body (and some unreachable ones) except your dick, you will know what exquisite torture it is. After a few minutes they had me squirming like hell


and screaming at them to touch my dick which was leaping up and down as if there was an earthquake brewing under the mighty tree - which there was, for the whole object of the exercise was to get me to spurt spontaneously.

When Vesuvius finally erupted there shouts and yells of "Mine! Mine!" Swimboy somehow managed to hold the others two off and managed to engulf my first huge sploogic spasms before the others got in there too.

Some breakfast.

It was quite a morning. All four of us supplied and received enough deliveries to last us a week. After we had cleaned up the room we showered together. Being in the middle of three muscular giants, even if I was considerably larger than when I arrived, their glistening, soaped-up muscles (and the feel of them under the soap) was pretty over-powering. No straight jock locker-room had ever been subjected to such sensual happenings and filthy language. Quite invigorating, one way and another and, by lunch-time I seemed to have been accepted as one of their own.

It was Sunday, so there was not much activity in the compound. Mostly swimming and sunning, and sucking and fucking to comply with the compulsory deliveries. Doing all that underwater was quite a new experience!

In the afternoon the lot of us decided to visit the Boardwalk and Muscle Beach, just to stir up a few libidos, I guess. So off we went, piled into a couple of trucks. Just too much muscle! When we got there we stripped off everything except the thongs we worked out in and paraded down the Santa Monica Boardwalk.

I couldn't help laughing at the reactions of all the out-for-Sunday paraders, skate-boarders, puffed up bodybuilders and old ladies. Everyone and everything stopped and every jaw dropped as this parade of amazing muscle went by: I guarantee there wasn't a dry pair of pants or knickers among them. Not a man but whose pants weren't all tented up.

When we reached the Muscle Beach enclosure there was the usual conclave of bodybuilders of all ages and types, all of them spreading their lats and flexing like crazy. We threw a few weights around but there wasn't enough iron or equipment for us to get real workouts, so we just played to amuse the natives. Jeez, this sounds real arrogant, but it was fun to see the reactions - especially when we all decided to visit the notorious M-B. john at the same time. It was already well-populated and pretty active when we arrived and, surprise, surprise! who should be in there but Billy and Tim? They were the center of a


crowd of drooling worshipers, showing off like crazy, flexing muscles and dicks: obscene chat, obscene poses (if any muscle pose can be called obscene, Tim and Billy can do it!).

When we went in everything stopped for an awe-stricken moment, then there was a lot of frenzied jerking off and a spate of obscene invitations. We had to get out of there fast.

After supper, several of us went off to the movies, the rest went home to watch TV. Come bedtime and it was Swimboy who saw me home. Something brewing here, I wondered? After a lot of kneesy-kneesy and crotch grabbing in the dark of the movie house, he disappeared for a few moment into the john with Surfer and Den; when they came out it seemed to be by their mutual agreement that I traveled with him in the back of Surf's truck, to be assaulted by his big hands and hungry lips, and that they dropped us both off at my cabana when we reached the compound.

I was feeling guilty about neglecting Surfer, the guy who got me into all this.

"Are you sweet on Surf?" Swim asked me, serious for once.

I told him that I thought I owed Surf everything for getting N to accept me in the first place and now I seemed to be getting involved with everyone except him.

"Happens to us all, dude. Nothing to worry about. Just one big happy family: all we're interested in here is getting real big and having a great time of muscle-sex. If it turns into muscle-love, well, OK, just let it happen. By the time you get out of here, things will sort themselves out. Coach worships Billy, but with Tim around no one is going to get far with that one! Surfer was involved with Shave when he first got here but he soon found out that a permanent one-on-one situation just doesn't work: when you've gotta receive your deliveries in bulk from so many other guys jealousy can't enter into it. So hang loose, dude, you'll see! Meanwhile, courtesy of Surfer, you've got me for tonight, you lucky bastard! Back to work in the morning!"

Sex with Swimboy was instructive, as well as great sex.



10 : Swimboy

Once we got to his room he closed the louvers, adjusted the various lights so they were romantically low and said "Strip!"

What little we had to strip, we stripped. At these close quarters the tall guy was pretty fuckin' impressive as he got real close, looming over me, pressing me backwards towards the bed.

"The guys say you like it pretty rough, huh?"

"Did they?"

"Fuck, yes! And they ought to know, huh?"

This deceptively sweet-faced guy gave me a violent push in the middle of the chest and I fell backwards on to the bed. Even the nice ones can look pretty menacing when they turn it on, especially if you're nearly seven feet tall and about ten feet wide at the delts and your dick is rearing up at about 15 inches plus.

He put his hands beside my flat-out shoulders and did a press up till the meaty slabs of his pecs were rammed into mine. He started to flex them so that they pummeled me deeper into the mattress. He flicked his dick so that it landed on my abs next to my own responsive inches and stuck his tongue between my lips.

Even with the disadvantage of being crushed almost breathless by his full weight which now descended on to me and the demanding tongue which stuffed up my mouth (it was clearly bigger than normal in proportion to everything else about him) my body responded by writhing beneath his bulk and lifting my legs to wrap around his ridiculously small waist.

I started to moan as I felt the sap rising from my nuts. Fastened together as we were by my legs, he pulled his head up and looked down at me.

"Hey! Hey! Not so fast! We've got all night! Gotta have patience if you wanna enjoy Mr Swimboy! You don't cum till I'm ready for you to cum, and your first splooge is a long way off yet!"

As he rolled off me I could appreciate the wisdom of his objection. I wasn't finished with him yet, not by a long way! He sat up beside me and put a massive arm around my shoulders."


"The guys want me to clear up a few things for you before we really get down to it. First of all, no one is jealous of anyone here, OK? Doesn't matter who you go with, how long or how often, we're all independent. You can fall for me, tonight, Surf tomorrow, Billy the day after - no, maybe not Billy! Old Tim wouldn't like that! Thing is, I know how overwhelming all this big meat must be for you. Look, I wanna show you something."

He switched on his computer and loaded something, punched it up to full screen and called me over. Sat me on his lap (shit! I could feel that tree-trunk stirring beneath me!) And hit Enter.

Standing half in, half out of a pool, a good-looking, dark curly-headed youth appeared, grinning at the camera - nice swimmer's build but no more. Looked kinda familiar.

"Yup, that's me. Now watch."

Another couple of key strokes and the boy started to move along the side of a pool. He turned into the camera and hit a respectable double bicep. Then he started to grow . First his quads started to thicken, then he got taller and taller. His chest and shoulders pulled out wider and his biceps started to compete with his tris for increased bulk. Shit! He was being morphed! A few seconds later, and there was Swimboy (whose lap I was sitting on) in all his huge hunky glory. His abs became the present thick eight-pack, the calves swelled in proportion to the outsize quads, the three heads of his delts exploded into triple footballs, and his lats suddenly arched out like cathedral buttresses at the same time as his traps rose into magnificent view.

His skin seemed to dissolve and the veins started to snake all over his body. As soon as the blood was coursing through him, he could feel something and looked down at his fuck rod which thickened and grew and grew and grew., almost to its present proportions. Which in fact, after a wriggle or two, now reared up between my legs. I could not, of course, resist grabbing hold of it with both hands. There was still plenty of it to spare. As I started to caress it gently with the palms of my hands, he explained.

"This is a morph-movie N made for me a few years back. He took all the photos he made of me during my training and strung them together like this. He's real good at that. Of course, I'm much bigger now!"

"Show me!"


He grinned, grabbed my dick and shot me off his lap without letting go. He gave it a few hefty wanks while he flexed a monumental, veined, split bicep in my face. He pushed me back on to the bed and went into his routine. The final "him" in the video was huge, but now he started to flex everything I could see he was right when he said "I'm bigger now." Bigger wasn't the word for it. As each muscle was flexed, it filled with blood and power and just grew and grew, getting harder and harder and heftier and heftier until it split into multiple striations..

The more he flexed, the sweat-sheen highlighted every striation of that incredible physique. I was forcing myself not to touch myself, but when he did his hands-behind -head, abdominal and thighs, the splooge shot spontaneously out of my erect dick and hit him in the face with force.

"OK, kid! That's it! Now you're for it!"

He straddled me on the bed, wiped my muscle-juice off his face with one hand and shoved it into his mouth. The other hand wiped the cum off his chest and massaged it into mine. Then he pulled me up, grabbed me round the back with both hands and slid me up and down against his torso. His enraged dick found its way between my legs and before I could say anything he lifted me into the air and crashed my ass down on to that angry fuck-pole. He fucked me with both hands round my waist, up and down, up and down, till my muscle-cunt was begging for mercy. It wasn't long before I felt a whoosh of hot jizz jet up inside me. When his spasms eventually subsided, he jerked hard on my dick, lubed with his own cum, until I was finally able to splurt again.

This time he rubbed it into the huge slabs of meat he called his pecs. Then he reached out for my neck and jammed my mouth on to his crazy erect nips which I sucked all too willingly. This suck-fest went on for ever, both of us lying on the huge bed. Most of the time was spent with my tongue giving every thick, shining muscle a coat of my own brand of sheen, ending with the longest 69 blow-job known to man.

When we had both "delivered" again we lay back and started to talk. He talked, I listened. We started with Billy. He wasn't blind to the fact that my dick started to thicken and rear up at the very mention of the name.

"Hey, he gets everyone like that when they first meet. There's something about that overgrown, overblown teen-muscle that grabs everyone by the balls. He's the horniest hunk from hell and he likes letting you know it. Gives him some kind of power, I guess. The only guy hornier than Billy is Tim and he won't hardly let anyone near Billy. He tolerates Coach's crazy passion for Billy 'cause they both get something out of the training - and Tim thinks it does Billy good to get to fuck someone big 'n hard like Coach.


"The only other guy he lets get near Billy is N himself. Same reasons I guess - then N is pretty darn hot himself- probably the hottest of all. Know I go weak at the knees when he decides to 'improve' me. N just has to grin at me in a certain way and off I go - I'm his dog, his slave and he can do what he likes with me. But, shit, dude! He's made me what I am and he'll make you too if he keeps you on after next week."

(Next week! Had a month gone by so soon? All that fucking and sucking, and eating and training - just eats up the time.)

"Don't worry, Damian - I bet you stay. You've gotten a helluva lot bigger since you got here, he won't ignore that. And I've never seen anyone work out as hard as you. We're all jealous of your intensity, man! He must know it too - the computer will tell him a whole lot. Betya'll be bigger'n me before long!"

"Bigger'n you, Swim? You mean I'll be able to get your whole dick all the way down my throat, not just half of it?"

He laughed. I laughed. He rumples my buzz-cut, I rumple his curls. He grabs my nip, I grab his. We both twist and neither of us will give. Only trouble was his was more slippery with lube and cum and sweat than mine and eventually I just squeezed so hard that my fingers slipped off him.

"I hear you wrestled your way through college and all that?"

"Guess so."

"Bet there were guys who couldn't wait to get your sweaty bod in their grip!"

"Guess I was pretty good at it."

"Then enjoy this!"

From under the bed he pulled out a huge, shimmering translucent plastic tarp. He flung it on the floor and followed up with half a gallon of posing oil. He stripped off his thong and started to roll around a couple of times in the oil-bath. My dick rose to see all that muscle enlarged by the oily highlight.

"Come on in! the water's fine!"

We were soon both so slick that getting proper holds was hard. But it was fuckin' sexy and we were hard as hell. Wasn't long before that huge Swimboy dick was demanding entrance to my love-chute and getting it.


I think it was the longest and slipperiest fuck I have ever enjoyed. I know I came twice and I'm sure he came three times. The first time I was on my side with one leg in the air like the porn boys; the second I was flat on my face with my quads squeezed tight so I could feel his huge pounding 18x10 dick ravaging the walls of my fuck-chute - and he could feel my inner muscles squeezing him, trying to get him to cum. Finally I was on my back with my legs round his neck. He had my butt pushed way up in the air, himself stretched out in a straight-line push-up position, and the giant dick was fast-fucking me, pounding me to hell and back, like some road-jack-hammer in a speeded-up movie.

Hours later, it seemed, he finally came,.with the roar of a lion he came, jammed up deep inside me and collapsed flat on top of me, I grabbed hold of his neck with both hands and heaved him off me. I pulled one of his legs up into the air so that his oily fuck-hole was exposed, pulsing greedily. I sunk my pre-lubed dick into him as far as I could, toying with the entrance, in, out, in, out, then an all-out plunge into his depths. I soon pulled out to produce my biggest, longest load yet, the jizz forcing its way up between our abs on to our pumped-up pecs.

The last thing he said to me before we fell asleep in each other's huge arms was,

"Watch out for that Billy! He means to have you - so does Tim, I'm warning you!" •

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