Forever N


By Musclebuff

Please see Part 1

11 : Back to work - No pain, no gain

The next morning I washed him in the shower with my tongue all over, before he could add the soap. Then he soaped me all over, three fingers up my butt while he blew me. It was only when my cockstrap gave me a long blast as I was cumming that I realized it had not been active the night before. So it couldn't take the credit for my passionate night's work with Swimboy. Interesting.

"You'll have to get at least two deliveries in you after that, before you go up to work out! Double protein for breakfast too, dude!"

It was all business after that. After all, it was Monday, and Coach would be waiting. I drank my double dose of "protein" and sucked off both Surfboy and Shave in between jugs to get my two deliveries down me before Coach got at me.

"Shit, man, Surf! This guy's getting to be hornier than Billy-boy!"

I guessed I should take that as a compliment.

I stood up to go and Shave got between me and the door. He started to feel up all my muscles, delts, traps, bis, tris, pecs, abs, strokimg and squeezing - pretty erotic. Jeez when these guys get too close I'm a gonna! Surf and Swim saw what was happening to my dick - they got up and pulled Shave off me.

"Hey, Shave! He's gotta meet Coach in half an hour! Leave him alone!"

"Yeah, but have you guys felt his muscles recently - OK I know you have, Swim - they're getting real hard and full. Can't see how N's ever gonna let you go, Damian! What'd you do to him last night, Swim? Must have fed him twenty times to get him this big!"

"If you must know, N was monitoring us the whole night - and every time I came he super-charged me through the strap."

He must have seen my face fall.

"Don't get me wrong, Dude - none of it would have happened if I hadn't wanted it. You're real special."


Both guys turned in silence to look at him with raised eye-brows. Now it was his turn to blush. Shave began to whistle and both he and Surf started to make love to his muscles. He soon pushed them off him and we both left the commissary with their mocking laughter echoing behind us.

When we got round the corner, out of their sight, Swim pulled me into an embrace.

"Don't mind what they say, dude, you are special. We all are."

He kissed me violently, then went off, humming airily, leaving me to elevate myself up to the gym.

Coach was waiting at the top.

"You're late!"

"Sorry, Coach,"

"Not like you to be late. Get over to those Hammer Strength things. Gotta get your pecs up mightily today. Ready?"

He'd already loaded 135 pounds on each side for my warm-up. I was bending over to fasten a shoe-lace when in went the electric egg, forced well up me.

Immediately the hummmm began with a new intensity and my nuts started to feel more swollen than usual by the strap that felt the hell of a lot tighter as soon as the hum began.

"Shit, Coach! What's goin' on?"

"You're up two levels of intensity from today on. Now it's going to feel like this" -a powerful electric jolt went through me - "every time you do a rep."


"And every time you make - or receive - a delivery, the same pulse will continue until your last spasm." said another voice.

N had whispered up on the elevator and now he stood there in a shiny one-piece helanca lifting suit. The chest was cut down so low that his gigantic pecs jutted a good six inches out over the material. I could only gawp at the amazing sight of the hottest man in the universe; his naked magnificence was enhanced by what he was wearing. That thick, thick cock was pushing through the helanca where it lay like a boa constrictor waiting for its prey..


"The most important factor in the development of your muscles is that the jizz that is delivered to you is ultra-highly charged with this power. You didn't know that last night every time Swimboy made you a delivery he was getting a charge like this through his strap till his spasms were over. That's why Shave found you so big this morning and why Swimboy got so excited in the shower - because he could feel in your muscle that everything he'd given you had grown you some.

"Now we have to bring you up to the next level. You will learn - your muscles will learn - to workout with an even greater intensity - just as you will fuck and be fucked with also with an even greater intensity. That way we'll see you grow faster than you can imagine."

"Shit, does this mean....?"

"That you've passed your probation exam? Certainly does. Congratulations! If you are prepared to go on with me, I have the greatest hopes for you. Now - GET BIG! No, not big - never be satisfied with big - always only with BIGGER! I'm working you out today, so let's get on with it. "

They strapped me into the Hammer Strength chest press, making sure that my butt was securely down on the seat. I could see there were electrodes attached to the two arms of the machine and I soon found out why. The moment I started to press them out the buzz began in my pecs and in my cock'n-balls. As I reached the peak of the movement, the buzz increased, forcing my pecs to swell and contract. I held the weight still, pecs fully contracted, and yelled,

"Fuuuuuuuuck! Gotta be biiiiiiiiiiig! Fuckin' great peeeeeeeecs!"

It only stopped when the weight arms reached bottom again. Immediately N roared "No rest! Push it!"

I did fifteen reps like that. Each time I grew weaker, the buzz increased. By the time I ended the set I was almost out of my mind. I pulled off the belt and stormed about the gym, shouting "FUUUCK! Big PEEEEEECS!" until I was forcibly strapped into the seat for the next set. Five plates aside this time. 225 pounds each side.

"Shit! I can never do that!"

"You don't know till you've tried, do you? Shut your mouth and get on with it!"

Amazingly, the second set was easier than the first. And the current was stronger, battering now at my pecs and my balls. More yells, more reps. More sets. By the end of five sets the blood was screaming through my veins, trying


to burst through my front delts and tris as well as my pecs. I didn't recognize the vascular monster that was me in the mirror.

Then it was pec-dec with the whole stack, forcing my inner pecs to respond and the cleavage between them to grow even deeper.

Then it was upper pecs, then lower pecs, all with these electrified Hammer Strength things. Finally (for chest) flat dumbell flys, with N squatting down behind me to spot me, his hands resting lightly on my lower tris. The way he talked me through the reps was like he was making love to me. I just wanted to give him more and more, more weight, more reps, more sets. And that's just the way he wanted it.

I had been flexing and stretching between every set, drinking gallons iof the "special" brew. Now I was to be massaged by N. Shit! How could I "endure" that?

As he was stripping off his helanca he said:

"Have to give it to you, Lunk - ," (Lunk? Nor more Kid?) "No one I know has worked out with such intensity as you - you really excite me for your future!"

"Must be the desperation to be BIG!"

Meanwhile he was massaging his Superion dick which had snaked up to the level of his pecs. We went into the massage studio. Still standing, he first stripped off my thong then, with his dick banging away at my pecs, he rubbed me down with pints of warm oil, "to get all the sweat off." Then he applied his huge hands to my pecs and started to knead them. My nips got harder and higher by the second. They did not escape his treatment.

"Think we might give these a tiny implant, so that your pecs respond at the same time as your sex organs. That'll keep them growing."

But that was to come later. Now he laid me down on the padded leather table and gave me the most sensual massage I ever knew. Not one part of my body was ignored. Every muscle was kneaded and slapped, then stroked. Eventually he was up on the table astride me, with his hands coursing up and down my inner thighs and glutes. Till now the cockstrap had been silent, but when his hands got dangerously near my butt-hole it started up a gentle but insistent throb. His hands took on a simultaneous rhythm and, if it wasn't hard before, my dick certainly was then.

"Just relax, just relax........" I was hypnotized by his voice, his hands and the buzz which now became considerably stronger.

"Turn over and face me"


Shit! There was the rampant, purple, veined, magnificent instrument called a dick right in front of my face. How could I resist lubing it with my tongue.

"Soon you'll be able to take this down your throat, but now it's going " - a mighty thrust of dick up my fuckway - "here!".

Jeez. It reached bottom in that one invading thrust. He pulled my pelvis up on to his lap, thus ensuring the deepest possible penetration.

"You couldn't take this every day, but today is a special occasion and I'm giving you a double fuck to celebrate. Double fuck and quadruple strength. I want you to look me in the eye till we're both finished."

So my hypnotic state continued as I received the BIGGEST (and I mean that in every sense of the word) fuck of my life. The electric power seemed to be tuned to his wavelength as that god-like enormous muscular-perfect body bored its way into me over and over again.

He shouted into the gym:

"Coach, send someone in will you, we're ready!"

And in came Billy-boy, grinning from ear to ear, muscles shining with sweat. The sight of his beautiful, flawless blonde self, muscles in full pump and vascularity, was too much for me and I jetted into the air. Billy caught it all in his mouth. And started to jerk himself off. He got behind me and waved that gigantic dick over my face. I vainly tried to catch it with my tongue but he always flexed it away from me, chortling as he squeezed his own melon-sized balls.

"Billy, next time I cum I want your dick down his throat, ready to make a delivery. This boy needs all he can get from now on."

"All he can get?" asked Billy as his swollen corona finally reached my lips and I started to suck the knob greedily while being pleasured by N at the other end.

"How much is that?"

"Just make sure he gets a good load off you - and you can jerk him off at the same time."

N started to get more insistent, more demanding, faster, with his fucking, and Billy started to squeeze and rub the head of my dick till I would have been screaming if his dick hadn't been right at the back of my throat.


Suddenly the buzz became almost violent. I could tell Billy felt it too as he jerked himself towards climax in my mouth. N pounded into me as he started to groan.

"Nnnnh! Umff - mmmmnh! Fuuuuuuck"

Billy started moaning and yelling and I did the same into, through and around his ever-swelling dick. Reacting violently to the dick-torture and the most violent fuck of all, I started to writhe and thrash about until N suddenly grabbed me by the balls.

With a concerted roar we all came buckets - it went on for ever. What I didn't know was that Tim had come in and had been fucking Billy in the rear every since he stuck his dick in my mouth. I swallowed all Billy had to give me and, while N was still stuck in my backside, Tim leapt astride my abs and jerked off a fountain of cum, well directed into my mouth.

How many deliveries did that get me - not to mention the extra-extra-extra strength of N's power-jizz contribution?

I lay exhausted while N pulled out of me, Tim climbed off me, and Coach cleaned me up and made me drink half a gallon of some kind of fruit juice. Then Swimboy and Surf picked me up off the table.

"Put him to bed until noon" said N. "Couple of hours' sleep should do it - I guess he didn't get much last night, Swim?"

I murmured thanks to N for everything as they carried me away. There was a problem getting our three pairs of delts out of the door and Tim took the opportunity of whispering in my ear "Won't be long, now, dude!"

Not long for what?


12 : Interlude # 2 : a dilemma

The morning after my massage I had a visit from the Pilot and his Mate - both imposingly huge in short-sleeved white medical coats. They summoned me from breakfast into their lab.

"The Boss wants us to fit you for your implants."

Shit. The implants.

"It won't hurt any more than having your nipples pierced for rings - a momentary shock, a little painful jiggling and it's done."

"A 'little painful jiggling'?"

"You won't know yourself after it - sheer pleasure! Lucky Lunk!"

So it was to be Lucky Lunk, was it? Not Kid, not even Damian any morre?

"While I'm doing it, Val here - [curly dark-haired Cupid with bedroom eyes and luscious lips - Pilot's Second Pilot] will give you a delivery to distract you, and Kevin will be astride you to hold you still. Ready?"

All three of them helped me up on to the high surgical table and a powerful light went on above. All very sterile, all very clinical.

Kevin was another Italianate studly hunk whose shirt sleeves were at war with his arms. 'Sitting astride' me meant sitting with my dick rammed up his fuck-chute with all his considerable weight bearing down on it. Before Val could insert his dick and cut of my view, I saw Pilot threading a curved, surgical needle with a fine filament at the end of which swung a tiny silver ball-bearing.

My left nip was treated to a numbing disinfectant, then Val inserted himself gently into my throat. Both boys got going and Kevin also stroked my vertical dick with gentle care.

"Here we go!"

A sudden stab through the nipple, and I could feel the filament being drawn through it. As fingers started to tease the ball-bearing into the nip itself, the boys increased their three-way tempo. The pain was over in a second, leaving a


'full' feeling in the nip. Another stab on the right and, as the process was repeated, the three of us were brought to a climax. All very well timed, for when all three deliveries had been made, Pilot had finished the job.

Once the boys got off me, they cleaned me up efficiently, and I was able to swing my legs to sit on the side of the table. Pilot moved to a console in the corner.

"We'll just check to see that everything's OK."

OK it was - the hum now buzzed through my nips in the most satisfying way, and the two short shocks Pilot gave me, brought my dick to immediate attention.

He turned up the hum so that it ramped up to a climax and settled down again - each time the ramp seemed to go higher in strength, but that might be because this was all quite a new sensation.

"OK if we just leave it buzzing like that for a while? Just to give you time to make me a delivery - I got left out when you three were at it."

"Sure, Pi - go for it!"

Another twist of the knobs and my nips were really sizzling as he engulfed my whole dick. Don't think I have ever had a more efficient blow-job: it was all over in a couple of minutes, for the charge in my cockstrap was answering the new sensations in my chest.

Some after breakfast R and R! On my way out I caught sight of my pecs in a mirror - shit, man! The nips were twice their size, longer and thicker - I felt their new bulky hardness - Great!

I was on the way back to my rooms when I passed a half-open door through which was coming a variety of agonized groans. I knocked gently and only got louder groans in reply. So I pushed open the door, and there was Big Billy jerking himself off in front of a TV monitor showing a slide-show of his previous adventures.

He was lying back in his desk chair, his blonde head thrown back in ecstasy, a towel round his neck, both fists sliding up and down, manipulating that humungous, swollen dick, copiously weeping pre-cum. He was having a good time!

I stood there, gazing down at this magnificent hunk of perfect teen-muscle with my own dick pushing its way inexorably up out of the thong. (You always think fo Billy as "teen-muscle" because of Matt's incredible drawings - in fact Billy was now out of his teens, and all the better and bigger for it.)


As I stood in the doorway of indecision, remembering everyone's stern warnings not to get myself involved with this particular guy, my lust gradually overcame my reason and, when he started to groan, it was just too darn fuckin' much. Whatever the dangers I had to have this luscious guy - or be had by him - or both. I had to get to him before he came, so I walked in.

There was ample room for two more hands on that giant dick. So I knelt down to supply them. One grabbed the melon-sized nuts, the other joined Billy's own in stroking that gargantuan twenty-inch fuck-pole which was now spurting generous amounts of pre-cum all over the place.

As I knelt down to seize hold, the blonde head came up to look at me kneeling at his feet. He grinned as if the fly had walked into his trap. Perhaps it had. And after all those warnings! Or because of them.

"Wassup, dude?"

"You, I guess, Billy!" "

"Yeah - fucking bones me being so fucking big." He was stroking an impossible pec. "Yeah, fucking bones me a lot."

"This your room, Billy?"

"Fuck, yes. While we're here - spend most of the time over at Tim's place. The old barn."

" Where's Tim?"

"Doin' a workout with Ole Brick, I guess. He'll be hours."

Hmmm. How could I pass up such an opportunity to tangle with Billy in private?

He yawned and flexed his biceps high. MY jaw must have dropped at the sight of those guns loaded and ready to shoot. I was certainly ready to shoot.

Never seen anything like them. Billy grinned and flexed his pecs.

"See something you like, man?"

"Shit, yeah, Billy!" I moved my hands on to those iron-hard, thick-veined outsize cannon-balls he calls biceps. After a moment of squeeze, thump, lick, he suddenly moved his hands down to seize my cock and balls."


"Shit, man! Look at you! You want it so bad?" He seized the back of my head and forced my mouth on to the swollen boa constrictor he called a dick.

"O my god, Billy....." Slurp. Gag. Slurp.

"Yeah, suck that huge fuckin' dick, man!"

Throwing all caution to the winds I gobbled as much of that luscious fuck-pole as far down my throat as it would go.

'Yeah, suck it!"

Bulge - splurt - swallow......

"Mmmmm - nice mouth, dude...........aww fuck yeah!

"Aww, Billy, mmmph.....oh my fucking huge!"

SLURCH! I was going crazy out of my mind on that fat, pulsing, insistent dong, and jerking on my own like there was no tomorrow.

"Aw fuck man, fucking look at yeah, bro', fucking SUCK that huge muscle dick, dude!"

Practically passing out for lack of oxygen, I pulled off for a moment.

"Aww, Billy! Fucking look at you, man.....aww fuck, gonna cum, man.....sww fuck yeah!!!! Mphh awg...awkkkk...."

"Aww fuck, look at you dude!! You're gonna make me cum right here! Uh uhh uhhnnn..."

"No, Billy - no, man!"

"Nah - need to fuck you right here, dude! Want it over the desk or on the floor?"

Thinking the floor would be less uncomfortable, I threw myself face-down on it and spread my legs. Billy flung himself on top of me, pulled my shoulders up into a press-up position and, without warning or ceremony, plunged his well-lubed monster dick up into the depths of my fuck-chute. He laid all 350 pounds of pec muscle on top of my back, pulled my muscle close into his and grabbed hold of my recently enlarged nips. I yelled.

"Hey, dude, what's this? Old N got you connected through the nips, man! Great!"


Even as he spoke, my cockstrap started to react to his and my nips answered loud and clear.

This got Billy going at once. Fuck fuck fuck fuck - no mercy, just FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.

No doubt about it - Billy RULED! I was in heaven!

"Aww fuck yeah! Damn, man...nice and tight!"

"Ahh...ugh...Fuck....uh....FUCK me!"

His pace increased to an insane level, not yet seen on any porno DVD.

Flex bulge flex fuck. I groaned in ecstacy as my dick started to shoot across the foor from under us both.

"Aww FUCK man. Whassa matter, dude? All this big fucking muscle and dick making you cum, man? Awwwww FUCK YEAH, man! You like it, dude?"

"Aww Billy......can't stop cumming....uhhh....ugggggg....Aww FUCK me, man! Fuck me like you fuck the Coach.........uggghhghg.... Aww fuck YEAH! Like that!"

"Kinda hard to hear what you're saying when you keep cummin', want my big fucking muscle dick, dude? Is that what you're saying?"

"Ahh...ugh...Fuck - uh - fuck mEEEEEEEEEEE!"


"Damn! feels good when you flex your butt round my dick like that! Do it again!"


"Fuck yeah! More!"


"Shit, dude - you're gonna make me cum, dude! Uhhhhh - aw FUCK, man! Uhh....uhhhh.....uhhhhh.....UHHHHH.....UHHHHHHHNNNNN!"

With a gallon of his hot gism splurted up my ass, he collapsed on to of me, giving my ass a few extra hard jerks as he settled his giant muscle on top of me. What with my splooge all over the floor and his leaking copiously out of my fuck-hole...........


"Well, lookee here, Surf! Whadda we got for dinner tonight?"

Tim's deep dark voice hauled me out of the miasma of cum-laden sexual afterglow. Shit! Double shit! I looked up past Tim's huge, nearly naked, gym-sweaty pumped-up bulk to see Surfer standing in the door behind him, scowling at me.

"What shall we do with these two little whores, Surf?"

"Do what you like - they both deserve what they get!"

And with that he walked out. Oh shit shit shit shit. I hit the floor in frustration.

In answer, perhaps to console me, though I doubt it, Billy gave a few extra hard jerks into my innards with his still-hard pole of a dick.

"Looks like your ungrateful guest is a bit miffed, Billy - in spite of giving him such a BIG delivery!"

"Heh heh heh!"

"Shall we make the little boy feel better, Billy? Yeah, I think he should give you a delivery while I give him one at this end."

"Aw shit, Tim.........."

"Shut up, Billy - do what I say, you whore! Just can't keep your dick in your pants, can you?"

"Hey Tim, it's all my fault - I was just passing the room when I saw he was in here and couldn't resist - "

"Couldn't resist begging for a Delivery, huh?"

"Something like that."

"Well, now you can pay the Billy-whore for his Delivery!"

He shoves Billy off and out of me, and pulls me on to his lap as he sits in the chair. On to his lap meant skewering me with the only dick that was nearly as big as N's. He yanked my 240 pounds firmly down to the maximum insertion point and immediately started to bounce me up and down on that unforgiving pole.

"Get goin', Billy - don't wanna be here all day!"


"Can't I get in his hole with you?"

"Shit, Billy - gotta leave something for Gang Bang night!"

The image of being fucked by them both simultaneously was almost too much to bear: I was already hard as a bone and unwillingly enjoying Tim's manouevres to the max. Now Billy sulkily threw himself down on his knees, grabbed my balls, squeezed and started to suck me off. It wasn't long before all three of us were having a real good time.

Slurp suck bounce fuck suck slurp.

Tim flexed a huge vascular bicep under my nose.

"Aww fuck yeah! Fucking lick it, boy! Lick Tim's huge guns! Show him how much you love them!"

Uhhh! Mmmm.....unhhh...

I did. I licked it and loved it. Both of them. And started to bounce myself joyfully up and down on his dick while he thrust up from under me. It was difficult for Billy to maintain steady contact with his milking mouth but somehow he managed to pleasure my dick as much as his lover was pleasuring my joy-button.

These Deliveries weren't going to take long.

"Oh my god, Tim - I'm gonna cum...........oh my god, fucking Tim!"

"That's right , man, fucking CUM! You ready for it, Billy-whore?"

Billy-whore was jacking off wildly as he devoured my dick. The sight of that magnificent "teen-" muscle, sheening with sweat, flexing as he sucked me, and the feel of Tim's mammoth dick ramming itself up my slick chute while the gigantic arms wrapped around me to press me up against his mountainous pecs made short work of delivery time. As one man we erupted simultaneously, providing mammothly over-sized Deliveries while Billy fountained his copious cum-jet over the lot of us.

He threw me the towel to clean up, after he had wiped himself off.

"Wanna keep it to remember us by, dude?" he quipped.


We were standing up and now the two giants hemmed me in with their hot, hot sweaty muscle-mass. We were so tight it was difficult to know who was the meat and who was the bread. I felt like a small slice of meat as they pressed me in to them and wrapped their arms around me.

"Just a taste of what you're gonna get when we get you to ourselves on Gang-Bang Night, dude! Just a taste!

Was this a promise or a threat? Hmmmmm.

My thong was thrown at me and as soon as it was half-way up my legs I was dispatched through the door by a whack on my glutes from Master Tim.

13 : Once in love with ..........

The whole Billy-Tim experience should have had me flat with exhaustion but I found myself bounding down the corridor full of elated vigor. I whizzed around a corner and there...............

There was Surfer waiting, sitting against the wall, waiting for me..

Shit and double shit again. How could I have forgotten him in that last disgusting (?) exhibition? And here he was, waiting for me. Fuck.

"You OK?"

"Sure, Surf. Are you...?"

"I'm nothing , dude. Nothing at all. I'm just sitting here wondering - "

" - wondering why you ever brought me here."

"I guess."

I sat down beside him, he immediately got up. I had to grab a calf to stop him going anywhere."

"Look, Surf, I know we were both behaving like whores but, shit man, it was so fucking hard to resist!"


"Got yourself a couple of good deliveries, did you?"

"Yes - no - I mean.. Oh shit, Surf.."

"As you were saying?"

"OK, I admit, I was a fool and it was all wrong - "

"'All wrong', but you couldn't resist good old Billy Boy, even after all our warnings."

I got up.. (Shit, I was nearly tall as him now.) I took his arm.

'You did get Swimboy to tell me it was unrealistic of us to think we had to be - had to be - "

"Faithful to each other?"

"I guess".

He put his arm round my shoulder.

"Let's go to my place and talk about it, shall we?"

* * * * *

Talking about it meant (1) the deepest imaginable kiss of the soul as soon as his door was closed; (2) a very long and soapy shower during which no muscle was left unappreciated; (3) a couple of large protein drinks, sitting on his bed next to each other, sharing the jugs; (4) cleaning our teeth; (5) more kisses; and (6) fucking our hearts out till midnight.

First he had to examine every lump of muscle I possessed, stroking it, squeezing it, kissing it, loving it, commenting all the time on how much I had grown since we first met. Then he had me (shit, I leapt at the chance!) do the same to him.

We posed side by side in the huge mirror, flexing our guts out, me always trying tom outdo him, him always out-muscling me. Laughing like kids. Rolling backwards on to the bed and making love.

He pointed out that this was the first time we had really been alone together since my arrival. Certainly the first night we were spending alone together.


Tim and Billy never got mentioned - somehow the shower, even the teeth-cleaning, certainly the muscular horse-play, exorcized the "unfortunate event". (If it was unfortunate, it was never spoken of as such.) He managed to make me feel as if he had forgotten it.

But I hadn't.

I couldn't forget the total sensuality of Billy's amazing physique, nor the innocent way he had with betrayal. An innocence which somehow made it all OK. But Surf's glorious presence and personality outshone everything and when he rammed his huge dick into me it just brought back all the excitement of our first encounter.

I lay there, stroking the mountains of his pecs, kissing the dark gold of his nipples, feeling his implants vibrate with mine, our thews twisted around each other. For tonight at least there was no one else for me. Somehow he put the whole glorious adventure of coming here into perspective.

I slid my pecs down over his, my tongue down the ripples of his abs, until it reached his semi-tumescent dick. I licked all traces of cum off it as it grew and grew in my mouth. I nursed the glans, gently pushing the tip of my tongue into his piss-slit, then running my tongue down the thick pipe on the underside of his cock till it reached the musky clean mysterious hole between his legs.

He rolled sleepily over on to his face and my tongue crept up the deep cleft between his magnificent glutes, up the small of his back between the twin cobras of his spinal muscles until I was able to grasp the thickness of his traps and rest my head beside his face and kiss his lips as I lay flat on top of him..

"Fuck me again, Lunk! Real slow this time, OK?"

It was like a dream as I slowly sunk my hard boner into him, first teasing it into steel by running it up and down his glute cleft. I pulled open the golden orbs of his glutes and slid into him.

He sighed in contentment as I fucked him slowly, oh so slowly, resisting the almost unbearable temptation to go as crazy as Billy would have. Somehow I got a hand under him to grasp his boner - his rewardingly thick and pulsing boner.

This went on for ages until we came and, as we came, we fell asleep, filled with each other's love-cum. Somehow something had been consummated.

* * * * *


When morning came, nothing had changed. We lay there and looked at each other without speaking. Then he leaned over and kissed the dust of sleep away from my eyes and smiled.

"Sleep well?"

"Did you?"

"Best night I've had for ages."

"Me too."

Before we went down to breakfast we showered - soaping each other again into ecstacy (couple of Deliveries each) - then, as we dried off.......

"There are a couple of things we've got to talk over."

(Oh shit - was this going to be a rehash of Billy and Tim?)

"The reason I got Swim to talk to you about the need to spread your favors around was because I didn't want you to get attached to me. That's why I've managed never to be alone with you. To begin with, I didn't want you to feel that I 'owned' you just because I brought you here and engineered the opportunity for you.

"Then, I knew that before long I'd have to be leaving here before you were ready to leave too - "

"But, Surf- what do you mean - leaving here?"

I was appalled at the idea. Just as we had really got together?

"You know I've got this contest coming up and if I win I shall be all over the world for months or even years - and I didn't want there to be any attachments that would be too strong for either of us to break. But somehow, seeing you exposed like that with - those guys has changed all that. For me at least. I don't know how you feel, but somehow all this has got to be worked out."

"You do know how I feel - you must, after all this. But I'd never want to stand in your way. You've been here for a long time working towards this contest and you have to go through with it. Maybe I'll be on the sidelines, cheering you on. That might be more important for me than becoming a muscle champ myself."


"I was afraid you'd say that - and then, one day, you'd never forgive me for robbing you of your spot in the sun. This is a changing world and your feelings may change with it."

"Not mine. You'll see. Anyway we've got a few months to work this out. Don't let's fuck things up now by assuming anything or making decisions we may want to change, OK?"

He pulled me into a hug and I was done for.


Swimboy had silently opened the door, hoping not to wake us both up. He'd brought breakfast.

"No three-way today, I guess, huh?"

We had to laugh, but there was something in his eye that was disturbing.

14 : Muscle density

So weeks went by, even months - amazing workouts, growth I guess, feeling closer and closer to all the other guys, especially Surfer, Swimboy and DeN, and still no gang-bang? Had they all forgotten the promise/threat? Half of me hoped so, the other half, that wanted maximum contact with maximum muscle, was disappointed.

Finally another Saturday arrived and this time people seemed more than usually keyed up. To many twinkles in the eye and squeezes of my glutes to be ignored. Uh oh! But no one was going to give. This Saturday was one of my "contact days" with N himself and I dutifully presented myself, inevitably almost at full mast as soon as I knocked on his door.

I started leaking at full mast as soon as I saw he was only wearing a skimpy white thong. He seemed to ignore it, though I noticed his dick was getting thicker by the minute and that the thong lost the battle of containment very early on.

"I've got your latest computer read-out here. Pretty satisfactory, dude!" He waved an endless roll of printout at me. "You're already a ton thicker and taller than when you came and I just want to check out your muscle density - and, incidentally to compare it with mine. Then I might be able to give you an estimate of your future development. Strip!"


He flung the paper onto his desk and ripped his own thong off. Mine didn't have far to go anyway.

"Come over here and put your hands on my pecs."

My balls started to churn as soon as my palms felt that striated mass under them. As usual he was throbbing with vitality. He put his hands on my pecs and started to feel around, squeezing, pinching the muscle mass, stroking, putting his ear to my chest like a doctor. We repeated the process with each bi and tri. He flexed the bicep continuously, pumping it full of blood and massive size; I tried to emulate him, feeling small and nerdish.

"Flex! Darn it, Lunk! Flex! Feel mine bulge! BULGE! Put your face on it!"

That almost made me cum on the spot. Feeling the huge veins throb against my tongue. Then he felt me very gently all over - almost like a standing massage. When he knelt down to feel my quads, his hands running inside them into the danger-zone I started to spurt.


Immediately the cockstrap clamped itself on my root and a stab of electricty whizzed through my nips and balls to delay the torrent of splooge.

He stood up. "Now, close your eyes and visualize yourself as big as I am."

He was standing very close but I did as he said. I could feel the energy field buzzing off him and crackling around me.

"Now I'm standing in front of you, facing away to the wall. There's a low box in front of you. Step up onto it and reach around under my arms and put your hands on my pecs again. Now you're as tall as I am, pull me in close to you so that your quads, your dick and abs and chest are all in contact with my body. Now. You need to imagine that all this is yours - that it's your muscles you're feeling, not mine. Start stroking and feeling my chest - now my arms - and abs - now clamp onto my dick!"

My right hand encased his dick: it was a skin-covered steel tower, laced with thick, throbbing veins. My dick snaked up through the deep cleft in his glutes. My left hand squeezed an impossibly thick pec. Mine! MY pecs, MY rod, MY arms, MY abs!"

"Think yourself into me, BE me!"

It felt as if my own body was melting into his and becoming one with it. I was huge! I was N!


He slowly raised both arms so my hands slid up across the huge bis and back down across the giant triceps that balanced them.

Then he stepped away. I opened my eyes. Back in my own puny frame. But my dick and balls were still raging.

"Great, dude! Let's see what the computer made of all that . Lookee here: this wavy column on the left is you - I'm over here on the right, see?" (Needless to say, his wavy line was a lot stronger and thicker than mine!) " - and in the middle.......Shit, man!"

He lowered the document and stared hard at me.

"Look again, Lunk! See? The center wave is your potential - fuck, boy! You're gonna be almost as big as me! Fuck! We must celebrate this! Down on your knees, boy!"

How could I refuse? Bemused I sink down and gratefully accepted his thick mushroom head in my mouth.

"Suck it, boy - milk it real hard this time! I'm gonna give you a double dose of whipping cream to celebrate!"

My nipple implants and the cockstrap were going real hell for leather and so were my lips and tongue. Even his pre-cum intoxicated me beyond madness with his regular deliveries - now DOUBLE cream?

I cupped my hands around the great nutsacks and squeezed: the churning buzzed and increased and before I could say Splurt! I was drinking, slurping, gurgling down gallons of his heady, heavily-charged cream.

"Lean back against this couch, man - spread your legs!"

Before I could guess what he was up to, he had stuffed a great glob of his own cream up his butt-hole with one hand and larded my dick with the other and, before I could say Flex! He was sitting on my dick - embedded to the root. The shock was so great, so magnificent, that I shot into him at once. This didn't deter him for, knowing that we are all sexually exhilarated when we make a delivery, he banged up and down on my dick till I was forced to give him a second Delivery.

It's impossible to describe the effect this giant was having on me. Man, I was higher than a kite - grabbing at every muscle I could reach, squeezing, kissing, slurping on them, jerking his huge dick with both fists until I finally satisfied him with another cannonade.


"Sit on me now, boy! Take as good as you give! You need another delivery anyway keep you fuelled for tonight!"

Shit! So it was tonight.

He lay back and pulled my butt up to receive his mega-schlong. This was the first time that he had ever been able to sink the whole thing into my rear end but I was so stoned by the whole thing that it wasn't until I felt my joy-button yelling out for mercy that I realized what he'd accomplished! He must have been as stoned as me because it didn't take him that long to fill me again.

He lay on top of me, his full huge weight on thrusting itself against my big muscle, his tongue down my throat and I rejoiced in him, his muscle, his sex, the whole great shebang.

We used his private shower together - another first. "I'll soon have to be calling you Bro', not Kid, so we'd better start sharing!"

And with that, and the memory of his soapy muscle up against mine under the shower, both ringing through my dazed brain I retired to my room to calm down - leaving Do not Disturb on the door handle.

Another first.


15 : Gang-bang, or Kidnap?

I eventually recovered from my dose of Nirvana, enough to stagger to the Commissary to get meal # 4 of the day. I guessed I was still looking pretty bemused because all the guys looked at me kinda oddly, without asking what was up. Maybe they knew already, maybe they were anticipating the Gang-Bang tonight. Anyway there were a lot of knowing winks, sudden grins for no reason, "May I help you to a snack, milord?" and all that kind of crap. So I grinned inanely back, gave them two fingers and gobbled.

Anyway, I got through the meal. If they weren't going to let on, neither was I, so, ignoring various ribald invitations, I swaggered airily out of the room as soon as I was finished.


I was intending to get some air down by the pool, maybe a dip, but as I turned the corner in the passage near the "invisible" elevator, who should be leaning against the wall in his own characteristic fashion, but Big Tim. He was wearing skin-tight leather chaps which left nothing to the imagination, a bike cap and jacket, and his black three-day beard. George Clooney he was not. George Clooney plus plus plus.

"Hi Tim!"

Without pausing in my swagger I meant to go past him but, as soon as I was level, an arm shot out to lean against the opposite wall, blocking my passage. One look in his eye and I could tell he was lying in wait for me, but how the hell did he know I was going to be there at that moment? I didn't need an answer for, as he was pressing me up against the wall with his magnetic bulk, Coach Brick went scurrying past toward the commissary, looking a bit red and embarrassed.

My dick rose unbidden.

"Shit, man, I could fuck you right here." He grabbed at my crotch. "Can see you want it! But I guess we mustn't keep Billy waiting - he's hot for you and getting impatient. Not that I don't want to......."

He pulls me in tight as if he was going to kiss me, but then there's a wad of something sickeningly smelly in my face and all of a sudden I'm out of it.


I came to, naked, curled up on the floor.. I half sat up and shook my head to clear the muzz.

"He's coming round, Billy - better get him up."

Two huge naked arms wrap around me and lift me to a standing position. He holds me tight to his (naked) bulging pecs -

"Welcome, stranger! What took you so long?"

Before I can answer he plunges his tongue into my mouth and I feet my arms being pulled up and away from my head. Billy still holds me in his grinning embrace as my legs also go out sideways. I'm cuffed at the ankles and wrists to ropes that are stretching me out across a cross-cable gantry, spread-eagled in air.


Billy steps back, roars with laughter and commits an obscenely wonderful most-muscular pose under my nose. He chatters away at me as he flexes both bulging biceps under my nose.

"Now we're gonna have our own little gang-bang, only we've got you all to ourselves! Sorry there're so few of us, but having our fun with you will be much more interesting. Been waiting weeks for this and we just KNOW you're gonna enjoy it!"

A hands-behind-head abs and thigh pose and I see that he's wearing chaps too, the thin black leather threatening to give way as he flexes his quads.

Then it's a litany of (delightful and cock-raising) obscene chat as he liberally oils his body - and mine. While he's doing this I take a look round: it's a huge barn, filled with large and ancient pieces of gym equipment, alongside some really new hi-range stuff. Tim's monster, above-ground dungeon. There's a great door at the other end - closed and bolted as far as I can see, and the place is lit with hundreds of candles wherever you look.

Billy takes a leather thong and winds it tight round my root, separating my balls and causing them to swell and turn purple, as does my giant dick. But it's his hands playing with my equipment that really gets to me - stroking, squeezing, pinching, rubbing. Half of me is enraged over the kidnap (and I'm gonna miss the pleasure of all those other guys!) but half of me can't help getting me real boned.

"Shit, dude! Look as if you're gonna cum before we've done anything with you! Look, Tim! Big Lunk's splooging out his splooge already, he's so excited about what we gonna do to him!"

WWE champ rassler Tim comes into view, now that he's finished tying off the ropes. He rips off the codpiece snapped to his chaps. His giant tree-trunk springs into view.

"Don't see no point in waitin' Billy - the gang's all here, so let's get started! Let's show him some real muscle!"

And I'm treated to a dazzling display of muscle-posing art. Shit, dude, those two physiques really are something else! They have an effect on me like the two poles of a cosmic battery - and my implants seem to be responding too. Pose after pose at close quarters - each one competing with the other. And my bound bod squirming with desire to be part of it all. Too fucking tantalizing. And that's exactly what they wanted - to get me so over-excited I'd give in to anything they want to do.


"Shit, Tim! Just look at the dude! He's dying for it, bro'! Must be bad, being tied up like that - no touchee-feelees - no jerking off. Heh heh heh!"

"Then let's give him some Mary P., Bro'! We got some special joy-juice here, Lunk - just know you're gonna enjoy your own special gang-bang!"

He shoves the spout of a big brown bottle up my nostril while Billy closes the other one for me and yells "Breathe!". The top of my head came off and I was yelling at them to fuck me - Anything! but DO it! (I discovered later that what Tim called Mary-Poppins, or Mary P, was a distillation of amyl and a real potent marijuana.) When they applied it to the other nostril I inhaled as hard as I could, without being told, and the world turned upside down.

Or so I thought.

"First delivery, Billy!"


While my head is still spinning and my dick and balls are still raging to cum, Billy is somehow suspended upside down on the gantry. He slides down my oily, sweaty body, relishing the contact:

"Shit, man - nice oily muscles - feels fucking great!"

Before I can answer his upside down dick is halfway down my throat and my dick is halfway down his. A vertical 69.

I'm still trying to work it all out when I feel a wham on my back side which causes me to swallow Billy even further. He chortles in glee around my dick as he squeezes my balls unmercifully (but it all feels heavenly - even Tim whacking my hard glutes with that paddle before he grabs hold of my over-reacting nips and shoves his over-size fuck-pole deep up my ass.)

I start groaning in pleasure and frustration of not being able to TOUCH anything so Tim gives me another dose of Mary-P. And starts banging my prostate in earnest. The harder he bangs, the harder he twists my nips, so the harder I grab Billy's throat-fucker with my teeth and the harder he punishes my enlarged squeezed balls.

My whole body writhes and shakes in painful ecstacy which brings my tormentors to their climaxes pretty quickly. I receive both deliveries, gratefully, but I'm not allowed to make one! Fuck fuck and fuck, I yelled!


"And fuck fuck and fuck you shall have, dude!" promised Tim as he gave himself a good dose of Mary P before seizing me in a passionate bear-hug, grinding his fully-charged dick against the rocks of my abs..

"Hey, dude - feels good! Hear you rassled your way through school, dude - have to see what that means before the night's out."

I shivered in nervous ecstacy at the idea of being "rassled" by Tim, Mr McMahon's now # 1 champ.

Billy was unzipping his chaps and was now stark-naked - as Billy always ought to be. Somehow he perfomed the same service for Tim while Tim was fucking my abs.

"Let him down. Billy. He needs his arms to rassle with me."

My arms fell with a crash, no feeling left in them. Somehow they wrapped around Tim's bulk while my ankles were being unstrapped.

"Think we'll enjoy a bit more fuckin, Billy, before we rassle. Get him over to the sling."

I let myself go limp in their arms until they dumped me unceremoniously in a sling strung up in one corner of the barn. My legs were hoisted high in the stirrups.

"Get goin' with him, Billy, while I set up the oil pit."

"Heh heh!" Billy grinned as he pulled on some skintight black latex gloves and lathered them with HotStuff - I could smell it a mile off. Seemed to go well with whatever else was in my head at the time. Even though my butt-hole was perfectly exposed to all comers, Billy loosened the leather thong around my balls so that some passage was allowed. He took the end of the thong and tied it to one of the hanging chains so that my dick was pulled up in a permanent boner. Then he massaged my angry, anxious rod with a hot-stuffed glove till he had me writhing and screaming again.

Once he'd got me "in shape" he decided to heat up my fuck-channel with some well-lubed latex-covered fingers - one after the other till my dick, my balls and my prostate channel didn't know whether to freeze or burn. Only then did he start to punch fuck my ass. I've been fisted a few times, when drunk, but never by a crazed muscle-dude with icy-hot hands dealing with my innards and my outers at the same time with that blessed-accursed ointment.


"OK, Billy-boy - my turn - get yourself out of him and stick it in the other end."

Before he climbed up to stick his dick down my throat, Billy allowed me to see Tim aiming his impossible fucker at my hole. I was too drunk to warn Tim, and Billy was certainly not going to, sp we both enjoyed the sight of Tim sticking his fucker into my icy-hot-lubed hole and his dick enduring the consequences.

Billy roared with drunken laughter and flung the Mary-P in Tim's direction. Tim decided to stay in me and counteract the HotStuff with his potent brew. The combination brought me the most violent fuck I had ever endured. Hard, vicious, deep and at break-neck speed. God knows what the HotStuff and the Mary P. were doing to his dick but I knew exactly what they were doing to mine and very soon the loosened thongs on the erect dick loosed a broadside right in Tim's face.

That was when Billy sunk his into my throat: Tim roared as he came- and came - and came - and came.

Was that enough for him? No. Ring time. He yanked my feet out of the stirrups and flung me on to a well-oiled wrestling sheet, emptying a gallon of oil over Billy and Me and a copious amount on himself.

Rasslin' time!

First we enjoyed ourselves lewdly anointing each other's raging bods with the oil till all out muscles glittered in the thousand-power candlelight. Then Tim pulled my feet out from under and I was flat on my back in the oil pit. Tag Team it was not. OK, they tagged each other occasionally, but mostly they enjoyed attacking me from both ends, or both sides, or both boths, as often as they could.

I fought back like a wild thing, enjoying it all quite extremely, but when you can't get a grip on oily muscles and bones and you have two oiled and drunken behemoths pinning you simultaneously to the ground in excruciating holds, you haven't got much chance. (All the same I bet Mr McMahon's team would have been creaming their jeans at the sight of all this naked oily grappling muscle.)

"Loser gets fucked!" crowed Billy as they flung me bodily, face down, in the sling again. Billy gets to stick his dick up my ass and Tim does likewise to my throat. They fuck in time with each other, grunting and swearing. My dick and balls fall through a hole in the seat and, after Billy has delivered at some length, Tim takes over at the rear end, and Billy gets under the sling and milks me with fist and mouth from beneath.


"Shit, dude! You're getting it too easy this end - gettin' too used to both of us! Billy, it's time for Double-Fuck!"


First they attach some bungee cords under my arms and tell me to hold on while they hoist me up into the air, with my ankles strapped to my wrists. Then they sit astride a vaulting horse, facing each other with their dicks rammed up against each other. Tim joins the two bulging boners together by rolling a giant and well-lubed rubber over both dicks. Together they lower me down to present my ass-hole with their outsize double-dickmeat.

Once they've steered my butthole in the right direction, they start gently bouncing me up and down so that their joint-dick batters at my gates with every bounce. After a few bounces, as if by mutual agreement they pulled me down so violently so that my gates fell in one battering attack. Then it was every man for himself (and Mary P) They fucked upwards, I lunged downwards, enjoying every trip to the moon. Then their dicks started to enjoy rubbing up against each other in the close confines of my fuck-chute. So all the actions became more violent and more erratic.

They had just pulled me down, and were holding me down on their dicks so as to jet their delivery into the heart of my being, when there was a battering at the big door at the end which gave way to Den's Hummer as it ploughed its way into the barn.

It was like a war-whooping attack from an old movie as the whole red-thinged team leaped from the vehicle and stormed the citadel! The only problem was that we hadn't cum yet and there we were, caught in flagrante, unfinished!

That didn't worry my rescuers one bit: they had come for the Gang-Bang and they were not gonna be cheated out of it. Neither were Tim and Billy. They continued to bounce me up and down, in and out, as the troops gathered.

"Hey, guys!" shouted Tim, "Glad you could join us!"

"Just warming him up for you guys!" said Billy as the aerial fuck continued

Billy: "Now we can have a real gang-bang!"

DeN: "Shit, you're stoned to the gills!"

"Sure am!" said Tim as he tossed the bottle to DeN.


I timed it well. I waited till they were close around the vaulting horse, then I pulled myself almost off the joined dicks and let myself crash down on them,

causing a long-frustrated delivery to fountain over the lot of them, covering them from head to foot in well-charged cum.

Tim and Billy took advantage of their disadvantage, leaped off the horse (leaving me trussed up and hanging in the air, my dick still dripping) and attempted an escape.

They were not successful. •

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