Forever N


By Musclebuff


4 : The first Interview

Next morning I awoke to find myself alone in the bed. Don't know what was in that bedtime drink but it zonked me out so that I never noticed how or when they went. A knock on the door and one of the pilots, now stripped down to a brief scarlet thong (which hid nothing of his great build) brought in breakfast - fruit, oatmeal and yet another protein drink - and the news that The Boss wanted to see me in forty-five minutes.

I shaved and showered and ate and was just about done when Surfer came in and threw me one of those red thongs.

"Hey, this is all you'll need for a while, Damian. Hustle along now, he doesn't like to be kept waiting."

After he had arranged my burgeoning equipment in the thong to his, and my, satisfaction, we hustled along. On the way down the endless glass corridors I asked him How many of you Big Guys are there here?

"Just seven of us and the household - and Master N, of course. Let's hope there'll be another soon, huh?"

He squeezed my butt which resulted in my entering the Master's sanctum with a dick pushing its way out of the thong. It was the first thing he noticed of course.

"Very nice too, though Surfer should know better."

Surfer chuckled and vanished, leaving me with the most amazing, the most handsome creature I'd ever seen. Neither Surf nor DeN could compete. All seven feet plus rose from behind his transparent lexan desk, wearing an ultra low-cut metallic acrylic unitard. Nothing underneath either.

He was sheerly the most beautiful male animal I had ever seen or could have imagined. Things began to click in my brain as I realized his face belonged to yet another long-vanished BB champ. His long, strong neck was buttressed by his huge, thick traps which bridged down to the widest shoulders I had ever seen - even wider than Surf's. The delts were three times the size of footballs -


that's to say each of the three heads on each side was the side of a an American football - with thick veins snaking their way over the delts and down the full length of the hugely magnificent biceps. Huge, but with fucking great proportions!

A wide, wide V from the outer delts, past the thickly spread lats, narrowed down first to the sharp obliques which surrounded the undoubted eight-pack, then followed them down till the two arms of the V met at the root of his dick. The arm-thick schlong snaked its own way inside the shiny unitard till it peeped out at his knee, nestling against the biggest teardrops seen on any man.

Uninhibited, his quads, awsomely split and cragged, swept out of the unitard, balanced by calves which were the size of his head.

As my astonished eyes finished their examination at his feet, he swept his arms up in to the mother of all double bicep poses. It was so astonishing that my knees gave way and I fell back on a seat at the same time as my erection sent a torrent of cum which my thing was unable to contain.

Before I had time to be embarrassed, this huge musclegod (if I thought Surf and Den were musclegods, what could I call Master N?) Had yanked my thong off, flung it in the trash, and thrown me a towel to clean up with. His huge bulk knelt close in front of me and officiated with the towel himself. As soon as his hands came anywhere near my genitals they started to spasm again. I was dying to grab hold of those delts or yell at him to stop, but I was too dumbstruck to do anything.

"Well, Damian, welcome to my research center! Glad to see you're enjoying yourself - already! I understand the effect I have on guys who aren't used to me, but let's calm down and have a talk,OK? If you're feeling too exposed to me, put this on - for protection."

This was a silky bathrobe which felt sexy in itself. However, it did manage to make me feel as if I had some kind of cover for my punjy nakedness.

"You've already see the results of what I call my physical re-education, so you know the direction it goes in. I had a long talk with Surfer this morning over breakfast and he's convinced that you are someone who not only has the determination and the need to be one of my pupils but that you're also someone who would deserve the results. So, if you are prepared to give the time, single-mindedly to the process, I'm prepared to take you on for a month's probation, just to assess your potential for a full course."

I stammered inadequate thanks. He waved these away. So I blurted out "But how do you do it?"


"Yes, that's always the first suspicious question - especially from those who have tried steroids and maybe suffered from them with insufficient results. First of all, all my guys are entirely drug-free - they could pass any Olympic test at any time. I can see you're surprised at that, but it's true. How could we be so big without anabolic assistance? The answer is in my research. It's a combination of DNA-exchange, enhanced by electrical impulses, efficient nutrition and supplementation, and extremely high intensity workouts.

"None of this should be any kind of problem for you. The only complication, the only price, is complete obedience to the regime, complete dedication to the programme, and a lengthy period of time during which you have to be so single minded towards your goals, and mine, that you are able to sustain the process. A time that could be as much as two or three years, according to the speed of your development

"The other thing I expect from your commitment would be a continued relationship when the main process is complete, continued obedience to a life programme of behavior, diet and workout protocol, and an agreement to compete in muscle contests and displays as necessary to affirm the validity of my process .

"In short, I'm asking you to commit your life to what I know you most desire: god-like muscular development and, along with my other successful pupils, a mutual appreciation of mega-male-muscle.- with all that it entails. I know you know what I mean. If you still haven't got it, just think back to what you've been doing for the last twenty-four hours with Surfer and Den."

"I understand exactly what you're saying, sir, and I appreciate it all. And I do want it all. There's no doubt of that. But supposing something goes wrong - or if you don't keep me on after the month - what happens if I leave, or want to leave? I guess there has to be some kind of confidentiality agreement?"

"Then you would receive the only drug you would ever be given in this establishment: it's a drug that would basically cloud your memory of anything that happened while you are here - it would all seem like a fuzzy dream, impossible to substantiate. It's basically quite harmless: you would still retain whatever muscular development you have achieved and the knowledge of how to maintain it, but you would not remember how you achieved it."

"Has anyone..?"

"A couple of guys have been insufficiently intelligent to understand our way of life or did not have the patience to achieve their optimum. One was too impatient to get out there and win contests, even though he wasn't ready to


compete with the best. Take DeN there, he's in training for next year's Olympia and your Surfer for the following year's first Olympic contests. The authorities are going to be very surprised to find that neither of them have a drug in their bodies!

"This is not a process for the lazy or the short-term attention-deficient guys: it needs minds that are in tune with the development of their bodies to their optimum level and even beyond. Surfer seems to think you're one of those, but we'll see if you can prove it to me."

There were a hundred other questions, answers and explanations: they took all morning and by the time we shook hands on our agreement I was both elated and exhausted.

"We need to do three things before I let you go." He pressed a button."First I need to introduce you to my head trainer, Coach Brick."

A 3-D hologram of an enormous man flickered into solid being on one side of the room. He was huge and hard - and naked. He was almost bald and the reddish moustache that dripped down on each side of his mouth threatened to destroy his good looks. I guess he wore it to add an air of severity - an undoubted severity as I was soon to find out. His semi-tumescent dick waved in the electronic breeze as he flexed his huge pecs in my direction.

"Coach will be in charge of all your workouts - as he was of mine when I started all this. You need to understand that everything you will be going through. t I have been through myself. The other guys will guide you till you're used to all this and I will be in charge myself of your diet and all that. I wanted you to meet Coach because you'll be having your first workout with him this afternoon."

The hologram flickered out.

"You'll need to wear this at all times until you're a hundred percent regulated. It will help to prevent ejaculation when you are not doing it with other guys and it will also monitor your blood and semen qualities constantly for my computer. Come over here."

He strapped on some kind of wide expandable cock strap around the root of my dick and balls. I could see it was lined with elctrodes and at once what I'd call the Company Hum transmitted itself to my balls and my dick started to rise.

I was standing very close to the beautiful behemoth and now he drew the silky robe off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Without losing the close contact


that was hardening my rod by the milli-second, he stripped off his unitard, then pulled me in close to that impossible, hot, hard bod. He hugged me close to his pecs and I got my arms as far round his lats as they would go. He was stroking my back as he said:

"You need your first taste of the mega-muscle milk you'll be getting used to - if you ever get used to it! You'll find it very potent, but don't worry - it'll give you a jump start on the proceedings. I hear you're very good at this, so show me, dude!"

He sat back on his desk and drew my head down towards his fuck-pole. As my eyes passed the flexed abs I felt myself wanting to erupt. Immediately the cock strap reacted by tightening itself round the part of my being that N had explained was the root af all muscular development.

Meanwhile I leaned my hands on his giant quads and gave that giant schlong the treatment of its life. I used both hands, tongue. lips, throat, even teeth and a gallon of spittle to service it as best as I could. I even dared to insert a couple of fingers up his ass-hole which then opened to receive most of my hand. Once I was able to grab hold of his prostate he started to cum down my throat. Gallons of god-juice slurped down my throat into my stomach.

He had hardly finished spurting when I started to feel dizzy. My whole body felt amazingly, beautifully warm and every muscle was tingling. The cockstrap had just reacted to allow me to spurt myself when I passed out. I was vaguely conscious of a pair of strong arms lifting me up and carrying me into some kind of Muscle-Nirvana. A distant voice said "Look after him" and my head was cushioned on a new, cooler pair of thick pecs. The hum grew quite loud as I was carried down a glass passage - and I knew nothing more.

Vague voices: "Wow! He got a lot!" "He did darn well..." "Soon be one of us I guess........." "Wait till he wakes up! Won't know himself!"

At the time they meant nothing, but they made me feel warm. Comfortable, and safe. I slept.



5 : The Coach

Don't know when I woke naked on my bed, but when I did, it was still daylight. (It turned out to be about two o'clock in the afternoon: I'd been out for about three hours.) Den was sitting on the side of the huge bed, reading a book.

"Ready, dude?"

Ready? I was full of energy - more than I'd known for months.

"Take a look in the mirror."

I leapt up and looked. There was no swimmer looking at me through the glass, only a real bodybuilder! Den appeared beside me, still a head taller, still hugely bigger than me, but I was bigger now! Considerably bigger. Muscle bellies rounded out, skin thin..............

"Better, huh? Goes quick with his stuff!"

I flung my arms round his girth, feeling his warm muscles surround me, his big dick trapped against my abs, and mine rising between his legs. He felt so good. I felt so good.

"Yeah, that's the effect it has on all of us, dude, but just now you've got an appointment with ole Brick. Get that jock on and I'll take you down to the gym. Jocks are worn for workout for control!"

My swollen dick and balls filled the silky pouch. When I pulled up the waist-strap they all got compressed and felt real horny, especially when pushed forward out and up by that cockstrap.

Den took my hands off my crotch and pushed me out of the room.

Another silent, almost invisible elevator took us up in to the huge gym itself. Coach Brick was waiting impatiently at the top.

My first view of this man was almost more shocking than the one I had of N himself. Not as tall, certainly not as handsome, but the muscles! He was a perfect example of "mature muscle". Huge, ripped muscle bellies under smooth, tanned paper-thin skin, laced from top to bottom with awesome veins that stunned you with their vibrant power. I couldn't help noticing the thickness of the monster coiled inside his red thong.


I stepped off the platform which sank silently out of sight, taking Den with it. Coach beckoned me away from it towards the center of the room. Two other huge guys were just finishing off a noisy set. My mind boggled at the weight they were using. They brought their massive, sweaty bods over to me and stick out their hands in greeting.

"You're the new guy, huh?" and "Congratulations!"

"Plenty of time for all that fraternising later, guys. You go off to your cardio while we do an assessment here. I'll call you when we need you for deliveries."

"Deliveries! Yes, sir!" said the tall, dark curly headed one with a schlong that was pushing his thong towards his knees. "See ya with the deliveries!" said the unshaven tawny blond.

Off they went, leaving me thinking about "deliveries".

"OK, so later on today the lab will be taking some blood and semen samples, but we're here now to give you a preliminary workover and look at a few things: your muscle density and potential for growth, the strength of your mind-muscle connection, and your responses to the electrical stim. All this will be reported back to Master N, assessed by his computer, and then he'll be setting you up on your daily routines. First of all I need to judge your muscle density. Stand still and only flex when I tell you."

He stood close and ran his hands swiftly all over my body. His eyes were closed as if he was sensing the muscles rather than feeling them. It gave me pleasurable goose-bumps - and the internal hum increased somewhat. This didn't take long but, with all that thick muscle so close (and my eyes needless to say were not shut) it got my dick rising to its steely height and threatening to burst through the silk. He stepped back and gave my dick a gentle thwack.

"Yeah, a lotta things are gonna get you going at first, but you'll get used to it soon."

He picked up a large metallic egg and a squeeze bottle of lube and told me to "Bend over!"

I leaned on a chair seat, exposing my butt to the world. He yanked the thong clear of my butthole and inserted the egg, pushing it in as far as it would go with two or three fingers. Then he put on a pair of tight-fitting black rubber gloves which I could see had sensor-electrodes in the palms. He lubed these up too.


"The egg'll stay there for the workout, then we'll yank it out. It'll reciprocate with your cockstrap. I've got a remote here which'll activate it as I see fit. Now, muscle density. This is going to be transmitted to the computer. Flex hard when I tell you to and really put your mind into it."

Whenever he could he placed on hand flat against my package and pressed in hard. The other took hold of each muscle and squeezed. As he did so I could feel an electrical pulse run through the muscle and down into my dick. The strap tightened up again.

Neck, traps, delts, then pecs, abs, obliques, intercostals, bis, neck. Quads and calves.

"Turn round."

Traps again, rear delts, triceps, rhomboids, lats, erectors. Both hands tight around my waist, All around my glutes, even up towards my ass-hole, hams and calves again. He stood up.

"Flex your bis, one at a time. Harder. That's not hard! Put your mind into it, boy, or is your dick in the way!? OK, so put that into it as well!"

I clenched my bi and my internal genital muscles and thought Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! as I transferred all my sexual impulses into the bi.

"That's more like it! That's how you've gotta learn to do every rep. The concentration and form are more crucial than the weight, though your strength'll increase fast as a result."

So we went on, arms, triceps, pecs, lats, quads. All the standard mandatories and a few besides. All with this insane concentration if mind, muscle and genital power. I hadn't picked up a weight yet and already I was beat. Pouring with sweat. Coach Brick pushed me down into a chair.

"Yeah - that's how I like to see my boys. You'll do well, kid!"

He threw me a squeeze bottle of liquid and dumped a pile of tablets on the desk beside me.

"Get all that down ya and we'll get on."

While he was making some notes on a clip-board I swigged the lot. Immediately I felt revived and ready to kill giants.


The door flew open. In came a gigantic blond youth in a tattered tank and ragged old jock.

"Wanted to see me, Coach! I'm feelin' so horny I knew you'd want to - Whoa! Sorry, didn't know you had someone in here. Kinda small, ain't he? Just startin', kid? Coach, have you given it to him yet? I can see he's just dyin' for it - want me to oblige? Only too glad to oblige - "

He started to yank at his jock and moved to loom his mass over me.

"No, thanks, Billy - this is our first session. Get lost and I'll see ya later!"

"Betya will, Coach - I just know you're dyin' for some of little Billy!"

With a cheeky grin he disappeared. Coach stood up.

"Sorry about that - some people never grow up - they just grow!"

However, I could see the coiled serpent was considerably fatter and rather more restless in its silky bondage. I guess he must have had it strapped down somehow.

We moved into the body of the gym to assess my one-rep max's. Finding a one-rep max always entails about fifteen reps of five or six exercises with ever-increasing weight until I could only do the important one-rep. The results weren't great, but they were a lot better than they would have been without the jump-start of N's power-jiz. I obeyed Coach's shouted instructions to concentrate and to put my gut into it. He always knew when I was doing so to his satisfaction because the egg and the cockstrap started to vibrate and, when it did, he gave it an extra shock-charge with the remote.

This time I almost dropped the bar on my neck, but I soon got used to the ramp-up effect of the electrical waves and I was able to use it to enhance my muscular efforts on each rep.

We did all the basics: bench, pull-ups, barbell rows, dead lifts, bar curls, dips and squats. By the end of it all I was flat out again and collapsed backwards on to a bench. Coach opened a door and yelled:.

"OK, guys, he's ready for ya!"

The two Beautiful Monsters he'd sent off to cardio sweated into the gym. Their amazing muscles were brilliantly high-lighted by the copious sweat pouring off them. I recognized them both from the catalog of muscle Surf had given me to


look at in the waiting-room. The dark curly-headed one with the monstrous delts and schlong was Swimboy, the tawny unshaven blond with the gigantic pecs was Shave. They came in, throwing towels into a basket and pulling off their thongs. Their naked magnificence made its way over to my bench.

Coach said "These guys know what to do - I'll leave you to them." Big Billy reappeared at that moment and he and Coach both vanished into the office from which soon came undisguised sounds of pleasure and pain from both guys.

I looked back at Shave and Swim. They were both stroking their schlongs into action, grinning at me in a predatory way.

"Delivery time, boy! Guess you know what that means?"

"Want it separate or simultaneous?"

I didn't have to guess what Shave meant. And if it was up to me to choose.......

"I think separate at first, just to get you both going, then both at once. OK?

Swim said to Shave "Surf says this guy really knows his way around a dick, so let's have some fun with him!"

At which he yanked my head on to to his dick and shoved almost the full length of his semi-stiff hose down my throat in one thrust. Great.

"Yeah!" yelled Shave as he got behind Swim and started to work on the dark guy's large nips. "Never seen you get that down in one before! Some throat he must have!"

"You bet! Really knows what he's doing1 You just wait till you get him!"

"Man, you both got me so horny, not sure I can wait for that much longer!"

I was giving Swimboy my full treatment, slurping and sucking the giant schlong with fervent gusto. My own had long since escaped the confines of the red thong and was itching for some reciprocal treatment. As if it could read my mind the strap started to pulse around my dick-root. I could feel the mushroom filling to bursting, longing for friction it wasn't getting. The electrical messages I was receiving just made me work harder on Swim's great dick. Suck-heaven.


Suddenly I was pulled off it and shoved down on my back with my head falling over the end of the bench. Shave's impatient and already dripping-dick jammed itself into my mouth and started to fuck my throat with little or no foreplay. MY gagging gurgles received no mercy and soon he was plunging in and out of my throat as if it was the muscle-cunt of all time.

He hadn't been in there long before my legs were up in the air and Swim's pre-cum lubed mushroom was pushing its way into me. As soon as his dick touched on my joy-button the electricity went wild. The current was jagging back and forth between their two cockstraps and mine, as if the two dicks inside me were reacting to each other and receiving charges from mine as well.

The ecstacy didn't, couldn't last long. As sexy shouts of joy roared out from the inner office, the three of us coincided with massive, electrically powered jets of our own. I was literally filled with their power-jiz from head to toe and, as they gently drew out of me, I could feel it speeding through my body and soaking into my muscles. The throb in my cockstrap gradually diminished as their muscle-juice was assimilated into my muscle-tissue.

"Next time we get you, we'll both deliver up your muscle-cunt at the same time!"

"Can't wait!" said Swim. "Nor can I!" I echoed. "Soon as we can!" they both promised.

"Sooner than that, you dudes!" I yelled. I was so full of energy, I wanted to workout immediately. I started to grunt as I flexed my bis and my pecs. I sat on the nearby pek-dek and started what were to be multiple reps, but both guys rushed over to stop me.

"Hey hey hey! Calm down! You're supposed to rest now to let all this stuff work in you. THEN you can work out again!"

"But not till you've rested and eaten and taken your supplements and all that, OK?"

Shave nodded at me, requiring an answer. I let out my breath.

"Thanks, guys. Guess you kinda got me going crazy for a moment there!"

"Happens to all of us," said Billy as he emerged from the office. I gotta rest too now. Coach says you come with me, OK?" He put his massive, pumped arm around me.

"C-O-M-E, not C-U-M! Got it Billy?" said a severe Coach Brick as he too emerged from his love-nest.


"OK, Coach. Wouldn't dream if it, would we, dude?"

To do him justice, the magnificent Billy restrained himself - even though I was dying to fuck with him asap.

"There's a lab guy here wants ta get some blood from ya, then we'll get you fed. Then you rest an hour before you meet up with N to get your routine."

The blood lab was on the way to the commissary and the drawing was swift and painless. Billy checked a computer, then measured me out a large drink from a few different spouts and sat with me till it was all down. Then he guided me back to my room and got me settled.

"Can't wait much longer to do it with you, dude - know ya dyin' for it - but we gotta be good boys and do as we're told! Maybe sooner than you think! I gotta go and find Tim and Matt. See ya later!"

"Maybe sooner" started to get me all stirred up but, as the door whispered shut behind him, so did my eyes.


6 : Interlude # 1

I woke up with a start and jumped to the mirror to see if anything more had happened. It had. Wow, it had! I would swear I was an inch taller and I could see that all the muscle bellies were slightly swollen, the veins showing darker under the skin and I FELT fantastic. Only trouble was I wanted to fuck every muscle guy under the sun. Horny as hell, my dick amazed me by climbing way past my navel, semi-spurting pre-cum as it did so. What the hell is happening?

I was wiping pre-cum off my rod into my mouth just as there was a soft knock and Surfer let himself in.

"Had a good day, dude? Certainly looks it. Want help with that?"

And before I could object, be embarrassed, or say Yes, he was on his stomach on the bed with my hardening dick in his mouth. My knees buckled as he sucked me in to the back of his throat and tongued me around the mushroom head. The cockstrap started to spasm as Surf grabbed me round the knees to


hold me steady. I bent over him and placed my hands on the most beautiful glutes in the world - hard as rocks! Next my tongue found its way into the musky cleft between his butt cheeks. He opened his quads to let me in to his Main Entrance.

As soon as my tongue was firmly in action I pulled his long dick between his legs and up between his glutes. Good spit drained from his crack to his rigid dick and I was able to lube it enough for my hand to start jerking him. I could tell his cockstrap was as active as mine at the moment. I could feel the current throbbing through him from my strap to his and it wasn't long before his sweet servicing of my dick brought me off in his mouth.

I reared up in ecstacy as he sucked and slurped and swallowed my delivery. Long after he'd sunk the last drop he insisted on driving me bananas by continuing his force-suck on the head of my dick.

"Shit, Surf! Stop it! For fuck's sake stop! I can't take it any more!"

But I could and I soon felt the tremors beginning again. My dick never lost its rigidity and I started to pump it into him with my hips. His fingers grabbed my and found their way up into my butt where they made rough rape of my joy-button. I started to yell at the sweet torture of dick and prostate.

"Gotta learn to give as well as take, dude!" he said as he suddenly sat up, released my scarlet and throbbing dick and pulled me down by the dick so that I sat on his quads with his dick jammed up my ass. I let his rod do what his fingers had been doing, raping my joy-button, but he never let go of my dong until he knew I was cumming from the double rape of my cock and ass. Then he doubled himself impossibly in the middle and grabbed my dick with his mouth. On the way in he yelled at me Not to dare to cum till he was ready for me!

This was an even worse torment 'cos I wanted to cum extremely soon and extremely hard. Hoping to make him cum real soon, I bounced up and down on his dick, squeezing his dick as hard as I could with my inner butt muscles and squirming about to encourage his delivery.

Suddenly the straps went crazy and forced us both to cum long and agonizingly wonderful. His mouth and my ass prevented the ejaculations as long as they could, but it wasn't long before we erupted and roared our guts out.

We both sank back on to the huge bed, heaving sweaty muscles. I yanked him halfway towards me so we could wind our muscles round each other, arms and legs entwined. Our faces were about six inches apart and we were soon digging


our tongues into each other's mouths in the deepest of soul kisses. Surf was so huge and yet so gentle, my heart was stirred.

"This is the life, ain't it, dude?" he sighed as he smiled. "Glad you came?"

"Glad you brought me here, you big lunk!"

"Hey! Less of the lunk and more of the big! You know, you feel different: you're thicker and harder already. All that electrified spooge must be getting things to happen for you."

He shit his eyes and snuggled closer. I inhaled his huge muscle, then dozed off a very happy guy.

After a while - half an hour? - we were both woken up by a sharp shock to our genitals.

"Hey, that's the Boss calling us - we're late for your appointment. Get up you lunk, - yeah, think I'll call you Lunk instead of Damian! - and let's go hear what he has to say!"

A cursory damp wipe over and a couple of clean thongs and we were on our way. •

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