Forever N


By Musclebuff

This is Part One of Five. I am indebted to Master N for the imnspiration of all the characters in the story but two who are based on HSMusclboy Matt's Tim and Billy. Thanks, guys for your continued inspiration that keeps me real stoked up! Otherwise, the characters represent no one living or dead. Notice: This is a Man2Man tale with muscle-love-sex. If this offends you please read no further.

1 : Temptation

His huge, veined muscledick rose rampant before my greedy eyes. Even with his two big hands, one above the other, stroking it, there was still at least another seven inches, enough to fill my mouth, pump down my thirsty throat.

On my knees before the musclegod, my arms wrapped round the striated treetrunks of his quads and hams, I slurped and sucked on the mighty swollen purple mushroom corona and my eyes slid worshipfully up, past the perfect obliques that swept down to grab his genitals, over the ridged mountains of his crazy eight-pack, to arrive at the insurmountable cliffs of his overhanging pecs.

My slurping gathered force, sucking in gobs of his sweet pre-cum, as I allowed my hands to leave the steel of his legs, sliding over the abs, up and up to fill my grasping palms with the pounds and pounds of his velvet-covered pec muscles. He moaned as I grabbed on to his dollar-sized, inch-long man-nips and rolled and squeezed them between my fingers.

I pinched them as hard as I could and he answered by moving his huge hands to the back of my head and thrusting the giant fuck-dick further and further, harder and harder down my throat. Still unmercifully squeezing his left nip, my right hand gathered up the sac of his orange-sized balls and squeezed them too.

I could feel the cum boiling in those giant orbs as he fucked my throat, then, as his moans became guttural roars, he pulled out of my mouth, lifted my 190 pounds up by the lats and flung me back on his bed. My legs were yanked apart into the air and I could see the huge lats spread, the pecs tighten and separate into multiple layers of steel-banded muscle, the abs clench and the handsome jaw jut forward as he pulled my ass-hole towards his mammoth and insistent musclecock.

"Little boy wants my big muscledick to fuck him, huh? Look at you - you're dying for it, aren't you, dude?"

In the twenty years since I saw Arnold on the cover of a magazine in a bookstore I had been obsessed with sheer muscle and the desire for it - to have it, to be had by it, anything - but give me MUSCLE! I had trained my ass-hole over all those years to accept bigger and bigger invaders, real, fake or mechanical, so this particular blonde god's giant-sized equipment held no fears for me, only sheer enjoyment. Only when he gets right inside me would I feel complete. And this is what he was doing right then - the huge throbbing member was pushing its way through the gates of muscle in my ass, stretching the silky channel with its huge girth. Once the big mushroom head was through the gate, he showed no mercy. It rammed in and out, full eighteen inch length, like a road -rammer, giving me a power fuck like I'd only known in my dreams.

"Yeah, fuck me, man! Fill me with your great muscle dick - make me feel it! Harder, yeah harder!"

The more I yelled for more, the more powerfully he thrust magnificently into the seat of my being. Like no other, he was fuckstacizing me beyond any previous experiences with muscle guys. As I rammed my butt down to meet his onslaughts he began to realize he had more than usual to deal with here. He moved his hands to the bed on each side of my head, pushed my pelvis higher with his own and, as I wrapped my legs round his crazy small waist, brought his tanned and god-like face own to inches above my nose.

"You're a good fuck, guy," he said, "see how you like this!" and redoubled the force of his thrusts. His huge pecs were now ramming into my much smaller ones, and my smoldering, weeping dick was squeezed between the alpine ridges of his abs.

I wrapped my arms round the mountainous bulk of his torso just as his mouth found mine and his tongue began to explore my mouth. As he power-drilled my ass, I groaned into his throat and my dick started to fuck his abs. Our two entwined bodies were united, synchronized in the passionate thrusts of dicks, pelvises and tongues.

My hands explored every reachable inch of his physique: after the pecs, the thick traps stretching from the middle of his head to halfway down his back; the massive delts, three enormous bulky curves of muscle on each side; the steel-hard tris that might threaten to dwarf his delts if he didn't keep such perfect proportions always perfect; the overpowerng masses of his complex back musculature; and finally the thick round orbs of his glutes, always flexing as they rammed his dick into the depths of my being.

We both seemed to be inexhaustible, now that we had found a perfect union of body and soul: his fuck-machine pounded away at my ass for hours after I had cum three times, squelching my dick between our abs. Oblivious of that, and seemingly empowered by every ejaculation, I squeezed my butt muscle, inside and out, with every one of his thrusts, as if to draw him in deeper and deeper. Finally with a roar he came - he came for fully five minutes until I could feel the wondrous viscocity of his muscle juice escaping from my over-filled butt, causing my rear end to slide deliciously about on the bed under what must have been his three hundred and fifty pounds of muscle and bone.

Finally he threw himself back on the bed, dick still rampant and weeping. I leaned forward to milk the last sweet dregs of his man-juice as he ran his fingers through my buzz-cut.

"Jeez, man! You sure know how to get fucked! Never known anyone like you!"

"Never known anyone quite like you, MuscleDude! Problem is, no one else is going to satisfy me after this. Jeez, I wish....!"

"You wish what?"


"C'mon, little guy! You wish what?"

"The trouble is with that 'little'." I moaned on about being cursed with this hard-gainer's 'swimmers' build.' "I wrestled through high school and college but, at five foot ten and a hundred and ninety-five, I'm not exactly Mr. America material, am I. But all I ever wanted........"

"All you ever wanted was to be like me."

"You said it." I sighed deeply, knowing just how impossible it was for a hard-gainer like me to achieve anything like his heart's desire. And the greater the desire the greater the obsession.

He seemed to read my mind. He rolled over on to his side, his surfer-blonde hair flopping over the magnificent forehead.

"You don't know what you can achieve until you've tried everything. With determination like yours - "

"Bit I have tried everything. My 'determination', as you put it, seems to get me nowhere, unless I want to go the real heavy drug route. I've even tried a lot of that and it hasn't done much for me."

"Maybe I can help."

I snorted. "How?"

He laid a hand on one of my pecs and squeezed gently. The other found its way on to my impossibly insatiable, ever-stiffening dick. He started to massage it gently, still lubed with both our cums, then he kissed me, all four of our eyes wide open and defocussed

"There are more things in heaven and earth, all depends on how much you're prepared to sacrifice for your dream."

"Anything. Everything."

"Well, now, let's see. First of all, let's have a taste of this 'overwhelming desire' of yours."

He reversed his huge bulk and swallowed my dick and balls in one heart-stopping gulp. Lips, tongue and throat went into perfect action, from pleasuring the piss-slit, sucking in the whole mushroom, deep throating the lot. There was no way I could take this without some reciprocal action. I hoisted him on top of me, bench-pressing the great quads so that the monster fuckpole hung down towards my lips. My triceps and pec muscles slowly lowered him into my mouth, then, for the last few inches, I let him drop, bang! Into the depths of my throat. For the next ten minutes I had the best, and the most exhausting set of bench-presses ever as his muscle dick was forced - no, as I was forcing his muscledick to rape my throat.

I had to cum long before he did, but he went on sucking me out with powerful pressure, his tongue always wrapped and sliding round my tortured dick until I was hard again and able to fill his throat with another cupful of. Essence of Man. But to every cupful of mine I was receiving a gallon of his - swallow swallow gulp gulp suck swallow - until I had to breathe again. Then I let my mouth fill with his latest spurts until it was a case of swallow it or lose it.

The giant sat up. "You've swallowed enough of my DNA to convert you overnight!"

I laughed. "Wish it were as easy as that - I'd be as big as you already!"

"But it is as easy as that."

He was serious.

"But other things have to be done too to make it work for you."

"Wha - ?!"

"Don't try and understand it all at once, but listen to me.".

We had met in a super-gym in this city where I had come to see a muscle contest. He wasn't competing - if he had been, no one would have stood a chance beside him. You don't need details of my careful stalking after him down the aisles of the Expo - just know that we ended up in his hotel room for a good fuck.

He was amazing enough in his workout togs to stop all work in the gym when he walked into it. All dicks, straight and gay, stiffened at the sight of him. Many guys couldn't take it and hurried off to the locker-rooms to relieve the swelling boners inside their shorts. Now, as he stood before me, completely naked in his bedroom - a golden muscle god, at least six foot six high and with shoulders at least four feet wide, I too was finding it difficult to restrain myself. Especially when he started to flex, divide and striate those huge muscles, when the veins started to pop up under the golden skin, pulsing their way over and through all that muscle, and when his thick boa of a dick which already hung down almost to his knees, started to rise almost up to his pecs. I was an experienced muscle-hunter but I had never seen anything like this. I slowly pulled off all my clothes, willing myself not to cum there on the spot.

His huge and beautiful bulk moved slowly towards me, still flexing, until he was only a few inches away from my drooling presence. He pushed me on to my knees, and that's where it all began.

Now he told me to get dressed and follow him. "Follow" didn't just mean moving to my dump of a hotel on the strip to collect my things, but to the airport and beyond. I decided I would question nothing: just follow and hope he had something for me. Gullible? Yes, but there was something magnetic about him and his assurance that he knew exactly what he was doing. Whatever it was, I could just feast my eyes on his magnificence and hope that today's fuck-experience would be repeated soon and often. I had no responsibilities and nothing to lose. Maybe I'd soon have some answers.


2 : The journey

The building was long, low, very hi-tech architecture. The sign read


Institute of gENetic research

My new giant friend slid his open-top specially-converted-latest-model-for-giants Corvette through silent sliding doors into an underground garage.

The door whispered closed behind us as we climbed out and I was at once conscious of a low hum that pervaded the building - a hum I was to get to know so well in the next months that in the end I couldn't hear it. I stood for a moment, trying to analyze it: it wasn't just a/c - it had a power that somehow entered the bones, no, not the bones, the balls! It started to fill me with a strange excitement like no a/c - a power that made me stand a foot taller, spread my lats and flex my pecs as my dick started to harden in my shorts.

Giant laughed. "Feeling it already, I see! Lots more to come, I promise!"

We stood on an almost invisible square of steel let into the floor and were immediately and silently lifted by this "invisible" elevator to the next level:

a glass atrium with a perfect view of the mountains beyond the desert. A cool breeze now accompanied the hum.

When we had arrived at Las Vegas airport, the giant had dumped me in some kind of a VIP lounge while he made some calls. I watched him through the glass of a loge (designed for private cellphone calls) while I sipped at some O.J. The first calls were short: he must have been arranging the flight - we were going Somewhere in Colorado, he said. The last call was much longer: I could see he was having to use some heavy persuasion to the guy at the other end. From his frequent glances in my direction, I knew he was talking about me. Finally, after several short nods and shorter answers, he hung up.

"You're on! Had to persuade the boss you were a suitable candidate for our process but he's letting you in!"

Letting me in for what, I wondered.

"Hey, dude! You're full of questions, aren't you!"


I smiled. "I've learned not ask too many questions. If I trust someone, I trust them, and I figured I trusted you. Even if nothing worked out I thought I might at least get another world-shaking session with you before we split! And you're paying for the ticket!"

"Nothing to pay! It's on the firm. Come on, I'll tell you more on the way. They're waiting for us downstairs."

"They" turned out to be the pilots of a small-size private jet which was already humming on the tarmac. The jet was about the only thing that was small-size: the two pilots and the steward were all BIG bodybuilders, with muscles threatening to split all the seams of their uniforms. And the seats were clearly designed to fit bigger bodies than mine.

After take-off a couple of minutes later, we were served ice-cold protein drinks.

"Don't ask what's in it - they won't tell you! Just drink!"

It seemed to be a short hop from Las Vegas to Somewhere in Colorado - not much time to receive info, nor to have sex. Though we tried a little of both, it was mostly cuddling and 69. During the cuddling part all he told me was that his Boss was exceedingly rich and had been researching muscle growth for some time with a lot of success. He was very particular about whom he used for his research projects, hence the long persuasion from the airport lounge. He had agreed to see me "on probation". He would make any offer that was going to be made after he had surveyed me thoroughly.

My giant seemed so satisfied with this decision, as if the outcome was a foregone conclusion that, once again, his confidence gave me enough security, once again, not to ask too many questions. So here I was, on the way to a secret spot in Colorado, hardly a penny to my name, accompanied by a dream-boat giant full of promises and excitement and no knowledge whatever of what I was in for.

I was mulling all this over as we strode through the deserted, power-humming atrium towards an office suite of such magnitude and beautiful contemporary design, little knowing I was striding towards my destiny. Maybe I should say "my destiNy" for that big N was about to change my life for ever.



3 : First steps

The whole place seemed deserted.

"Don't worry," said the giant, reading my mind as usual, "there are a zillion cameras looking at everything: if a stranger came through those doors, people would erupt from nowhere. As for us - we're going through here."

A panel slid open and we went into a seductively comfortable reception area. Giant sat me down on a steel and leather armchair and handed me a large portfolio of ten by eights.

"Maybe you should look through a few of the Boss's clients while I go and get things moving. OK?"

Without waiting for an answer he disappeared through another silent panel. As it closed, the hum seemed to go up a notch, or maybe it was just my libido answering to what I saw in that portfolio. Every guy in every photograph was as massive as my new friend. Massive size, massive muscle, massive equipment. If I hadn't already met up with my Giant, I would have said the shots were all artificially morphed. Now I began to wonder.

When I saw some familiar faces in the book the hum hardened my dick even more. There were four or five really well-known top flight bodybuilders. Muscle champs who were so huge they were almost beyond admiration. But not beyond desire, as my swelling equipment was telling me.

At the back of the book were several duo pics: all of them had one really well-developed BB accompanied by a mammoth guy, taller by a head than the regular BB, and three times as massive. They reminded me of myself with my giant friend when we posed off in the hotel mirror together in what, I realized, was only a few hours ago. I guessed their inclusion in the portfolio was some kind of come-on.

My hardened dick was almost forcing its way out of the top of my helanca gym shorts - it was all I could do not to help it on to a climactic conclusion - when I heard Giant's voice.


So he knew my name, and I still didn't know his. Not yet. His magnificent and ultra-desirable physique was sensationally naked except for a scarlet jock whose


silky pouch was being stretched to bursting point by the giant log trying to push its way down and out through the sexy fabric. He stood in the door and beckoned to me.

I followed him in to a similar chamber - this one was a little more like a lab than the waiting area - still cool and comfortable with plenty of leather and steel. The relationship between leather/steel and man/muscle had never occurred to me so strongly before. On one wall was a huge screen, maybe ten feet tall, and in a corner was a small console: a few winking lights proved that it was alive and waiting for something. Me?

"Time to strip off, dude - maybe you'd want to sit on this?"

"This" was a steel chair with a large black rubber dildo fastened to the middle of the seat. It had electrode strips running down both sides from top to bottom. I looked at Giant.

"Dude, this is just a prelim examination. The equipment will just register your reactions to what you're going to see on the screen. It'll be just fine, you'll see. Now, give me your tank and shorts."

Obedient as ever to his superior muscle, I stripped off. He chucked both sweaty garments through a hole in the wall down some chute or other. I guessed that'd be the last I saw of them. He came up close. I reached down and grabbed that monster dick straining to escape its jock. He reciprocated by reaching around me and spearing a gob of some cool lube up my butt-hole. As I squeezed on his hardening dick he allowed two or three fingers to lube and stretch my butt-hole far longer than necessary.

Finally he pulled himself together and removed himself from my reach. As he lubed the dildo he explained:

"You're going to see several guys before and after. They've all been through the Boss's special training processes, like me - but you'll see them actually developing before your eyes from what they were when they started to what they are now. They were once all jocks like you, passionate in their desires for Big Muscle but unable to get where they wanted. Until now. You may be surprised at some familiar faces.

"You're going to find that the 'chair' is going to react reciprocally with your reactions, so don't be surprised at anything you might feel. I'm with you all the way to control things. OK?"


As he was talking he guided me by my traps towards the chair, turned me round the face him, gently pushed me down, past his slabby pecs, level with the rocky abs and, when I felt the cool dil meet up with my hungry and expectant butt-hole, made sure it made full contact by leaning all his 320 pounds on my delts. The instrument whispered its way into my butt's interior and at once I felt the "hum" transfer itself to my prostate. It all felt real good. I sank comfortably back into the chair, wiggling my butt and squeezing those inner muscle walls to ensure the fullest contact. I relaxed even more when he started to massage the back of my neck. Somehow I knew that this, whatever it was, would turn out to be just dandy.

"On the arm of your chair you'll find controls that allow you to repeat, play back or forward, slow or fast, frame by frame, or whatever you want."

The screen lit up.

"Here comes Number One."

There followed a succession of before-and-after movies of about twelve guys of such muscular titillation that I wanted to jump out of my seat and yell "TAKE ME!" Each one appeared "pre-trans", some with very ordinary "swimmers' builds" like me, some already in contest condition, but all of them finished "after" as huge, hulking musclegods like my Giant friend behind me. As my dick rose to meet each one, the hum in my butt grew to commensurate strength. It felt like one of the giants was fucking me right there - and I already knew what that was like from a few hours ago. (Sheeit! How could all this be happening in such a short time?)

Giant was watching me closely - and my dick - and, as he saw me squirm, or my dick spasm, he matched it with his remote control to give me increasing doses of ultra stim in the butt. At the same time he was preventing me from cumming with the little shocks he was giving me in between the great fuck-type surges Each different godlike guy gave me different kinds of goose-bumps, each matched differently by Giant, and by the time Number Twelve left the screen, I was practically out of it.

"Hey, dude! When can I start? I wanna be like them - so when can we start?"

He laughed at the desperation in my voice.

"You're gonna have to be patient a while longer. There's a lot the Boss needs to find out about you before we start any of that."


My pleadings and objections were silenced by the appearance of a massively tall guy with an even more magnificent physique than the giant. It took me a moment to recognize him as a very famous BB star who had vanished from the scene a couple of years earlier. Now I knew why. He had always been aesthetically perfect when he won the USA but somehow his pro career had not gone great. I could see why the Boss would be interested in using him!

His dark voice announced:

"The Boss wants him to have a dual infusion of DNA before he goes to bed. He wants to see what happens when he gets started. You up for it, Surfer?"

(So that's what my new friend and lover was called! I could see why, with his eyes as blue as the Pacific sky and his long fair hair and deep tan. He'd be sensational on a surf-board.)

"Sure, DeN, why not? Want to take the back or the front?"

They continued to discuss me as if I was an inanimate object - but not for long.

"I'll take the back - I hear he's had you there already."

With that his seven feet lifted my five foot ten off the dildo and bore me bodily over to a wide, black leather covered platform. By the time we were there, Surfer was already lying face up, ready to greet me. As Den dropped me at the end of the table he grabbed me by the shoulders and spoke close into my ear.

"I'm going to hold your legs in the air and I want you to do a push-up over Surfer's torso and bury his dick in your throat. OK?"

"Sure!" I said, licking my lips.

"You see, like bi-polar electricity, this stuff only gets you to grow when you have two different loads of DNA in your system. So here goes. Put your hands on the table."

I did as he said and Surfer's hard-wood tree rose to meet my face as I did so.

I caressed the crown with my greedy lips and started to suck. This wasn't how Den saw it: luckily I had just prepared my gullet to receive him in deep throat when a big pair of hands pressed my head down so that Surfer's dick went straight down my throat. At the same time my quads were grabbed from behind me and my legs went up in the air. I was in this horizontal position when my legs were pulled apart and a giant dick smashed its way into my fundament.


"OK, Surf - I've been saving up a big load for this every since you called in this afternoon and you've had a few hours to recover. So let's give him the lot. I was watching how he reacted to the movie show so I don't think there'll be any problem - probably won't take long 'cos I'm ready! Let's go!!"

And as one they started to pound me, fore and aft. What, I wondered thankfully, have I done to deserve this? My lips, mouth and throat welcomed and squeezed Surf's big veined woody, and my butt muscles did the same for Den's. As the guys got more excited, so did their language. And the all-pervading hum got louder too, stirring me to the core.

"Shit, this fucker knows how to take it! Incredible that the size of our cocks doesn't seem to bother him at all!"

"I told you the little fucker was special!"

"But not as special as this! Don't know when I've gotten so hard and deep into anyone since the Valentine kid joined us! And he was almost as big as us when he got here."

"Just wait till the boss starts to process this one: bet you we'll all be begging to get fucked by him!"

"Well, we'll see what's left of him in a few weeks after his gang-bang!"

"Shit, man! He's not supposed to know about that!"

"C'mon, Surf! Bet the idea'll just gets his libido working overtime.

Shit! Gang-banged by more of these guys? DeN was right: my libido was already in overdrive at the thought.

"Shit, dude -nnh - I'm almost - nnh nnh - there! NNH! How about - nnh - nnh -you?"

"Nnh - nnh - just give me - nnh - a bit - nnh nnh nnh - longer. I'm -nnh nnh nnh - enjoying- nnh - this!"

"Shit, Surf! NNH NNH NNH! Can't hold out - nnh - much longer!

I rested all my weight on one stiff arm and used the other hand to grab Surf's throbbing nuts. That did it.


"AAAAARGH! Shit! Nnh nnh aaargh!" (Surf)

"Cumm-iiiiiiiiiing! Fuuuuuuuck!"

Simultaneously they both shot. I could feel my stomach churning with a torrent of hot musclegod cum and my mouth and throat were swallowing all they could of Surf's mighty outpouring. My own outpouring was cascading down the sides of the table and pooling at DeN's feet. While my mouth was still full Surf pulled me up onto the table so he could suck it out of my mouth. DeN was forced to slide up with me as he was still thickly embedded inside my ass.

Staying where his dick was (didn't seem to want to leave me!) He got his face up towards ours.

"Greedy fucks! I wanna suck too!"

Three mouths were swirling and slurping Surf's copious cum from mouth to mouth - to which I'd now added a handful of my own and Den had managed to save some of his too, all of which I gulped greedily down - when a loud voice came over a speaker.

"That's enough for tonight, guys! I want him well rested before we meet tomorrow. Get him to bed - and yourselves too."

Sheepishly the two huge hunks separated themselves from me. They conducted me to a very pleasant, advance-tech room. Surf closed the shades (electric of course): it was already dark. DeN pulled back the covers of the huge bed and turned on the shower in the next room.

Showering with those two at any other time would have had me explode in a moment, but they were behaving themselves and, apart from a few touch-ups while soaping each other's backs, no fun was allowed. When we were towelled and dry we found three flasks had arrived in the hi-tech bedroom, each one with our own name.

"Supper and bed!" announced Surf. "We each get our own special formula."

We slurped them down pretty fast and I got into the bed.

"'Night, guys - and thanks!"

"Think we're gonna let you jerk off when we've gone? Oh no!" said DeN. "We're here to see you behave yourself."


And into the bed they both got. I was sandwiched between these two mountains of muscle: Surf behind me, one hand on my abs, the other round my neck, DeN in front. All three spooned together. I copied what Surf was doing and attached myself to DeN who chuckled.

If I thought this was going to lead to a pleasant bedtime threesome, I was wrong. We had scarcely attached ourselves to each other when I went out like a light. •

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