Damn He's Strong


By robertschaefer932

Steven grabbed Mr. Tate by the front of his shirt and lifted him up to eye level. "Tate, Tate, Tate, Tate, Tate. What am I going to do with you! Don't you remember our Gentlemen's Agreement. Or maybe you have amnesia from your flight across the living room! Now you've got big problems! Now in addition to having big boulders in your house, you've got a big hole in the floor. And you've got one very big, very strong, very angry man to deal with too! You wouldn't want the big strong man to wreck your little house now would you?"

Steven walked over to the couch. He put one giant foot in the middle of the couch and pressed down. The couch broke in half. He went over to the wall and punched it with his fist. It left a huge hole in the wall. Steven went over to the desk. He grabbed it with his one free hand and flung it across the room. It crashed into the wall and broke in several pieces. Steven then reached up and pulled the light fixture off the ceiling. Then he put one hand on the ceiling and pushed. His hand went up through the ceiling leaving a big hole. When his hand punched through the floor above the living room, his hand was right by a furniture leg. Steven grabbed the leg, which turned out to be attached to a bed and began to pull the bed down through the hole into the living room! The bed got caught in the hole and the leg broke off.

There was a piano in the corner. Steven went over to it. Steven put one hand under the keyboard and lifted the piano up. He rested the piano on his shoulder. Steven stood there, holding Mr. Tate with one hand and the piano with the other. Then he heaved the piano across the room . It hit the wall and broke. "How many little guys would it take to even move that piano? I can throw it across the room with one hand. One fucking hand!" Steven yelled.

Mr. Tate's house was heated with steam heat. There were radiators in every room. Steven went to the radiator in the living room. He ripped it from its plumbing with his free hand. Then he put one end of the radiator against his chest and with one hand, crushed it like you would play an accordion.

Steven said, "Hey, I could probably really do some really major damage using both hands! Let's give it a try! What should I destroy next?" Steven then threw Mr. Tate across the room onto the broken couch.. He flexed both arms. Then he began rubbing his hands together in anticipation. Steven was having fun destroying Mr. Tate`s house. "That was a pretty good warm up! I'm starting to get pumped up! We'll have to really put these monsters to a real test!" Steven went to the doorway. "You know, you really should have bigger doorways to accommodate your bigger guests-like me!" Steven said. Steven put his hands on the top of the doorway. He began lifting and the top of the doorway pushed up. Plaster crumbled around him. "Some of your guest's are kind of broad too!" Steven said. He put his hands on the sides of the doorway and pushed. The walls buckled and collapsed.

Steven said, "Hey, I bet I could take out a whole wall at once! Let's say we give that a try!" Mr. Tate cried, "No, please stop!" Steven went over to an interior wall. He spread his arms apart and put both hands and his shoulder up against the wall and started pushing. Steven hammered the wall a couple of times, like he was tackling somebody in a football game. The wall collapsed in a pile of plaster and wood lathe. Fortunately, it wasn't a load-bearing wall.

Mr. Tate came running up yelling, "Please stop!" and grabbed Steven's arm. Steven swatted him with one hand and he went flying back across the room. At that point, Mr. Tate began crawling back across the floor. He got to Steven's feet and he laid there crying, "Please stop Steven! I'm sorry. Please don't destroy my house! Teachers don't make a lot of money you know! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!. I was wrong! I should have know better than to cross the strongest man in the world!" He was sobbing.

Steven started to feel a little sorry for Mr. Tate. He took one foot and rolled him over on his back. Then Steven put one of his size 36 sneakers on his chest. Steven asked, "Do you apologize for calling me a musclebound freak of nature?'" "Yes I do. I am so sorry Steven. You're not a freak, you're the strongest man ever! I wish I was half the man you are!" Mr. Tate replied. "And you'll do as I ask without back talk?" Steven asked. "Yes, I'll do whatever you want if you just stop wrecking my house. Please, Steven. I was stupid to challenge you! You are so powerful, you must have the strength of 10 men! I should have known better than to have given you a hard time! Anything you want, anything, just please don`t destroy my house!"

Steven removed his foot from Mr. Tate's chest. He even bent over and picked him up and set him on his feet. Steven said, "You know what. That was kind of neat when you hit me with the poker. Why don't you do it again. With that Steven pulled off his shirt. Mr. Tate said, "You won't get mad again, will you?" "No," Steven replied. "This is just playing! I love to play around!" So Mr. Tate whacked Steven across the chest with the poker. The blow didn't even faze Steven. "Do it again, even harder!" Steven said. So Mr. Tate took a big swing. There was a loud thud, but Steven just stood there. Steven had Mr. Tate hit him several times. "Pretty cool." Steven said. Mr. Tate said, "Wow. You're pretty indestructible aren't you?"

Steven said, "Why don't you try and punch me in the stomach?" Mr. Tate used to do some boxing, so he was pretty good at punching. He stood there facing Steven. His head came up to about the middle of Steven's chest. He made 2 fists and started pounding. He landed blow after blow. Steven just stood there with a grin on his face. "Harder, Mr. Tate, Harder!" Steven said. Finally, Mr. Tate said, "I'm going to have to stop, my hands are getting sore. I might as well be punching a brick wall!"

Steven said, "OK, now try to wrestle me to the ground!" Mr. Tate said, "How the hell am I supposed to do that? . You outweigh me by like 600 lbs.!" Steven said, "Go ahead and try, just for the fun of it. I won't hurt you!" So Mr. Tate tackled Steven's leg. "I can't even get my arms around your leg!" Mr. Tate said. Mr. Tate then grabbed Steven around the waist and tried to pull him down. Steven stood there with his hands on his hips and laughed. "It's just like being attacked by a Munchkin!" Steven said, laughing. Mr. Tate grabbed onto one of Steven's arms. Steven flexed and Mr. Tate went up & down. Mr. Tate climbed down.

Mr. Tate backed off across the room and took a flying leap. He landed flat across Steven's chest, kind of like a bug on a windshield. Steven never even flinched. Steven picked Mr. Tate off his chest with one hand and lifted him over his head. Mr. Tate said, "Why did you do that?" Steven replied, "Because I can! Wouldn`t you if you could? I love the feeling of lifting a guy over my head with just one hand. It's almost as cool as bending metal with my bare hands!" Steven then pressed Mr. Tate up & down like a barbell. Steven said, "It'd be better if you were a couple of hundred pounds heavier, but I guess beggars can't be choosers!

Mr. Tate said, "I'll have to tell you, I was pretty impressed when I came out and saw you holding my car over your head! I knew you were strong, but I didn't know you were that strong. That's almost inhuman strength! I doubt anybody else in the world can do that!" Steven flexed his bicep again and replied, "Sometimes I can't believe myself how strong I am!"

Then Steven grabbed Mr. Tate's arms and pinned them behind his back. He lifted Mr. Tate up and grabbed his ankles. Then he lifted him up over his head to the ceiling. "Go ahead, try and break free Mr. Tate." Steven said. Mr. Tate struggled and squirmed, but he couldn't break Steven's grip on him. Mr. Tate was gasping for air as he said, "I can't. You're just too strong! Even if I got free, if you dropped me from this height, I'd probably break something!" Steven swung him around a couple of times like a doll. Mr. Tate said, "You're so powerful, you could do anything to me that you wanted, and I couldn't do anything to stop you!" Steven said, "I'm glad that you have finally come to that conclusion!"

Steven had gotten aroused while he was going on his rampage and wrestling with Mr. Tate. He noticed that Mr. Tate's shorts were tented out too. Mr. Tate said, "Nice little pup tent in your shorts there, Steven." Steven snorted, "That's no pup tent, that's the circus big top! I'm going to have to get out of my shorts before they rip. Steven slipped off his shorts and underwear. He stood there with his 25" dick at about ½ staff. Mr. Tate said, "Wow, that thing's even more impressive when you're hard!" Steven said, "Go ahead, give it a try!" Mr. Tate put both hands around Steven's dick. It took 2 hands because it was so thick. He ran his hands up and down it's almost now 30" length! Steven said, "I'll show you something really neat." He picked up Mr. Tate and set him on his extended dick so he straddled it. It was so hard and firm, it could support Mr. Tate's 180lbs. without even bending.

Steven slipped off Mr. Tate's shirt. "Let's see what you've got under the hood!" Steven said. Steven ran his hands over Mr. Tate's smooth, hairless chest. "I sometimes think about shaving my chest too." Steven said. Mr. Tate replied, "I don't have to shave it." Steven said, "Oh." Then he picked up Mr. Tate and pulled off his shorts, kind of like a little kid would do to a doll. Mr. Tate was erect too. "Not too bad for a little guy." Steven said. "Hey look, my fingers are bigger than your dick!" He grabbed Mr. Tate's dick with 2 fingers. And in fact it was true. Steven had big hands and long, thick fingers. "Easy down there, big boy!" Mr. Tate said. "Don't crush anything!" Steven laughed.

He held Mr. Tate up to his chest, like a parent might hold a small child. He held him in place with one hand. "Show me your bicep?" Steven said. Mr. Tate was normally pretty proud of his 17" biceps, but he felt kind of inferior around Steven. Mr. Tate flexed his bicep. Steven palmed Mr. Tate's bicep with his free hand. The bicep completely disappeared in Steven's huge hand. He gave it a little squeeze. Mr. Tate winced slightly. "That's a pretty decent muscle. Bigger than a lot of guys." Steven said. "Coming from a guy like you, that's quite a compliment!" Mr. Tate replied. Steven put his arm next to Mr. Tate's and flexed too. Mr. Tate said, "I've usually got one of the bigger biceps, but yours is 4 times the size of mine! It's like seeing a baseball next to a beach ball!" "Probably more like 5 times the size, but who's measuring!" Steven said.

Mr. Tate said, "Your bicep is 5 times the size of mine, but you're probably at least 10 times stronger. What's up with that?" Steven laughed, "Only 10 times stronger? I always think is has to do something with the length of the muscle. Since I'm 7-10, my arms a lot longer than yours. Plus the fact that I have very big , heavy bones. My biceps were like 26" even before I started lifting."

Mr. Tate said, "How'd you ever get so damn big? I think I remember a couple of your older brothers and they weren't big at all." "My Dads a runt too. He's only about 5-9." Steven said. Mr. Tate said, "Hey, I`m only 5-8." "Yeah, but he doesn`t have 17" biceps!" Steven said laughing. " I don't think there's anybody in the family tree over 6' tall." Mr. Tate said, "I guess you got the big muscles from lots of time in the weight room?" "Sort of, but I was really strong even before I started lifting." Steven said. "Lifting just made me super strong! I remember when I was like 4 or 5, I could beat my older brothers and my Dad in Arm Wrestling! I think I was like 7 or 8 when I pinned all 3 of my brothers at once in wrestling. And they were all teenagers at the time. Of course I did outweigh them individually at the time. I remember this real well, when I was almost 10, before I started lifting, I was strong enough to lift up the back end of a Volkswagen. I guess I'm just a freak of nature!" Mr. Tate said, "When I called you a freak you went berserk!" Steven replied laughing, "I can say that about myself, but nobody else can!"

Just then the front door opened. In walks the Principal! "I just stopped by to see if things were going OK..." he began to sputter when he saw the scene in front of him. One of his students is standing there holding his football coach like a doll, and they're both naked and erect! "Just what the hell is going on here!" he bellowed. He did think to himself, "Those locker room stories in the Teachers Lounged about that Andrews boy were apparently true!" The principal had never seen a 30" fully erect dick, even in the porno films he was fond off.

Steven set Mr. Tate down to the side. "Hey Princy, we're not in school so get the hell out of here!" Steven said. "This is an outrage! A coach taking advantage of a student!" the Principal yelled. "Just wait until the school board hears about this! You'll never teach again, Tate. In fact, you could end up in jail!" the Principal yelled. Mr. Tate said, "Me take advantage of Steven! You've got to be kidding! Take a look at this guy. Nobody takes advantage of him!" Steven walked over to the Principal. He grabbed the front of his shirt and lifted him over his head with one hand. The Principal was a big fat guy, probably weighed at least 275lbs. "Put me down, Mr. Stevens!" the Principal yelled." "Shut up and listen you fat dumb shit! Take a look around. This is what happened when our friend Mr. Tate got out of line. Would you like the same service for your house? Tate has come to see things my way and you should too if you know what's good for you. Just look what I did to Tate's house. The Principal said, "You did all this with your bare hands?" Steven replied, "I just barely broke a sweat! Hell, I was only using one hand most of the time! Just imagine what I could do if I really got mad¼like I'm getting now!"

Mr. Tate looked at the Principal and said, "I've learned my lesson and you probably should too. What Steven says goes! He's got more than enough muscle to back it up! And as you can see from my living room, he`ll use it!" Steven said, "Yeah!-Tate's learned not to fuck with the strongest man in the world!" Steven grabbed the fire place poker. He held one end under his foot and bent it, all the while holding the Principal over his head with the other hand. The Principal said, "Why'd you do that?" Steven and Mr. Tate looked at each other answered in unison, "Because he can!"

Steven said, "Princy, we can have an agreement. You do things my way and leave me alone, I won't crush your head or any other part of your puny body! Sound like a plan?" "Works for me!" the Principal replied. Steven set him back down. "Now be a good little Princy and run along home!" Steven slipped on his shorts. Steven grabbed the Principal by the back of the neck and carried him out to his car. Steven went up to the passenger side of the car. He raised one big fist and smashed in the roof on the passenger side. The roof buckled and the glass side windows broke. The roof was so buckled, no body would even be able to sit in the passenger seat. "That's so you don't forget our agreement. If you do, the next time that could be your head!" Steven said.

That spring, the school had its annual "Field Day". All of the kids took part in athletic events. Steven usually just hung around the weight room that day. It wasn't too much fun for him to be competing since all of the kids were so much smaller than he was (wasn't too much fun for the smaller kids either!). He was walking around outside and he saw they were having a mud pit tug of war. Steven was always on the lookout for ways to test his incredible strength. He decided to give the tug of war a try. Steven called out, "I'll take on the winners!" The tug of war was made up of 6 man teams. So when the current match ended, Steven took on the winners. Even though these were some of the biggest guys from the homeroom, Steven easily pulled them into the mud pit. He only used 1 hand. So then they got the losing team to help them out. Then it was 12 against Steven. He had to use 2 hands that time, but he still won easily. "This is too easy!" Steven said. "You runts are practically weaklings!" A large crowd began to gather to watch the spectacle.

So the other side recruited another 6 guys from the crowd. This time, Steven had to strain a little, but he still won. They recruited another 6 guys for a total of 24! There really wasn't much rope left to add more guys. It should be noted that most of the recruits were just pretty average guys, not big guys like the original 12! Steven planted his size 36 sneakers in the soil. The tug of war began. This time, Steven was really straining. His biceps were bulging, and he was sweating and breathing heavy. He wasn't losing any ground, but he wasn't gaining either. Steven took a deep breath and his chest expanded. He leaned back with all 750 lbs. He let out a loud grunt and gave a huge tug on the rope. All 24 guys pulled forward simultaneously. The first few guys fell into the mud and a lot of the guys fell forward on their faces.

Steven went over to the other side and said, "All losers in the pit!" Steven began throwing all of the other team into the mud pit 2 at a time! It was an amazing site! Bodies flying through the air into the pit, arms and legs flailing in the air. Some guys ran away, but the mud pit was a pile of at least 18 bodies. Steven put his foot on top of the pile in the mud pit and gave the crowd a double bicep pose. "24 shrimps can't beat these 2 monsters!" Steven yelled. From somewhere deep in the pile, came the comment, "Damn he's Strong!"

Then somebody in the crowd yelled, "Let's get Andrews into the pit!" "Steven said, "I don't think so little boys!" The pit quickly emptied out. Nobody wanted to be in the pit if 750 lb. Steven fell in! A whole swarm of guys descended on Steven in an attempt to push him into the mud pit. Steven yelled, "It's the attack of the munchkins!" Steven stood his ground as they pushed. He began picking up guys and flinging them away, 2 at a time. Sometimes he scooped up 3 or 4 guys in his arms and fling them away! Bodies were flying through the air like leaves in the fall! One guy climbed up as high as Steven's shoulder before Steven picked him off like a bug and flung him away. A couple of guys tried to wrap their arms around his legs, but Steven flung them away too. Steven was being gentle but still forceful with his attackers. It was really good- natured fun. He knew he could hurt people if he used his full strength. Steven was laughing the whole time. He loved having a bunch of people to fight with. Even all at once! Even more guys joined in the throng so Steven decided he better go on the offensive. The grabbed kids in each arm, and extended his arms down low and began to walk slowly away from the pit. Steven was almost like a human snowplow! Guys were knocked to the ground in piles.

Then Steven began swinging his arms around. Even more guys went flying or got knocked to the ground. There were bodies flying all over the place. The guys who took the worst beating were the 2 guys Steven had in each hand! After a couple of minutes, the quadrangle was a mass of bodies lying on the ground. People were lying there groaning and nursing their aching body parts. It looked like a war zone. Steven was laughing so hard he could hardly stand! Fortunately, there weren't any serious injuries. Just a few sprains, strains and black eyes and a couple minor concussions! Steven stood amongst the carnage and flexed both biceps and began singing slightly off key, "We are the Champions, my friends, and we'll keep on fighting till the end¼.because we are the champions, we are the champions¼."

This event went down in history as the day Steven Andrews beat up the whole school. Of course not everybody in the school was in on it, but it sure seemed like it! Of course, Steven might have gotten in trouble for beating up the entire student body, but there was no way the Principal could do anything! Steven found the whole faculty and the staff very accommodating lately. Apparently the Principal had given them very explicit orders!

Mrs. Andrew's sister Mary lived near by the Andrews. She was a widow. At one time, she had been married to an Arab Sheik and had actually lived in the Mideast. It was rumored in the family that she was quite wealthy. The Andrews boys always helped her out around the house with odd jobs, snow shoveling, painting, yard work etc. As the older boys left for college, it got down to just being Steven helping out Aunt Mary.

One warm spring Saturday, Steven spent the day over at Aunt Mary's doing the spring yard work. Since it was quite warm that day, Steven worked most of the day without a shirt. Aunt Mary would continually fret that Steven was going to hurt himself doing the yard work. Steven was wheeling a big wheelbarrow of compost over to the flowerbed. Aunt Mary said, "You shouldn't overload that wheelbarrow like that. You'll hurt yourself!" Steven replied, "Aunt Mary, it's not heavy at all. In case you haven't noticed, I'm pretty strong!" With that he flexed one bicep for her. "In fact, look at this," Steven said. With that he reached down and picked up the wheelbarrow with both hands. Even fully loaded, it wasn't more than 300lbs. Once he got it up to chest level, he got one hand underneath and lifted it over his head with one hand. "See Aunt Mary. I can lift it up with one hand! I don't think I'll hurt myself rolling it across the ground!" Steven said. "My goodness, you are pretty strong, aren't you dear." Aunt Mary said. Steven said, "Come out to the driveway, and I'll show you something really neat!"

Steven and Aunt Mary went out into the driveway. Aunt Mary, who was very frugal, had a little Volkswagen Beetle. "Watch this." Steven said. With that he proceeded to do one of his very favorite activities now, picking up cars. It was one thing to press 2,000 or 3,000lb. in the weight room, but lifting up a car in the driveway just seemed more impressive! With that Steven proceeded to heft the car over his head. He raised it up and down several times. Steven said, "Want to get in and go for a ride, Aunt Mary?" "Oh my goodness!" Aunt Mary replied. She had her hand over her open mouth. She realized her nephew was big and really strong, but she had no idea he was that powerful. Steven turned the car around and pointed it down the driveway as he set it down. "Now when you want to go out, you won't have to back out!" Steven said. "Well, thank you very much! Mr. Muscles!" Aunt Mary said. Steven just grinned.

Later that afternoon, Steven finished up his chores and left for home. He got about a mile away, when he realized he left his shirt in the garage. He turned around and drove back. When he got there, there was an old car in the driveway. Steven thought that it was kind of odd. He went to the front door which was closed. He heard Aunt Mary scream and he heard the sound of scuffling. He banged on the door and Aunt Mary screamed again. With that he put his hands on the door and pushed. The door easily pulled free of it's hinges and fell to the floor.

Aunt Mary was on the floor and some big fat guy was on top of her! Steven rushed in, grabbed the guy and flung him against the wall like a sack of potatoes. This happened so fast, he never knew what hit him! This was just an interior wall and between the force of Steven's throw and the almost 300lbs of weight of the throwee, the wall buckled. The robber was wedged into the wall by the impact. The robber was knocked unconscious by the impact as well as breaking a few bones.

Just then another robber came out of the bedroom carrying a knife. He was somewhat startled by seeing someone Steven's size, but he stupidly thought, "I've got a knife and he doesn't." He charged Steven. Steven caught him by the arm that was carrying the knife and squeezed. The guy's arm cracked in several places. Steven then lifted the guy over his head and threw him at the same wall as his buddy was wedged into. He hit the top part of the wall and actually went through the wall into the next room. The rest of the wall collapsed and the 1st guy who had been wedged into the wall fell into the next room too. A big cloud of plaster dust covered the 2 robbers.

Just then 2 more guys came running down the stairs. Steven grabbed both of them by the neck, lifted them off the ground and banged them into the wall several times until they were unconscious. Steven heard the front door slam. He ran out just in time to see a 5th burglar jump into the old car and start the engine. Steven ran over to the side of the car. Before the burglar could even get the car in gear, Steven flipped the car onto its roof. Then he flipped it again, back onto its tires. Steven repeated this about 3 or 4 times rolling the car across the front yard. By this time the burglar was unconscious. Steven yanked him out of the car.

As Steven was carrying the 5th burglar back to the house, out the door comes a 6th burglar. Steven says, "You guys are worse than cockroaches!" The burglar cries out, "Please don't hurt me Mister. I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Steven takes the burglar that he had taken out of the car and throws him at the 6th robber. He gets knocked down and gets the wind knocked out of him, but he's not unconscious. Steven goes up to the wrought iron railing on the porch. He bends a couple of the bars apart. He sticks the 2 robber's heads into the bars and then bends the bars back into place. He goes into the house.

Aunt Mary is off the floor and sitting on the couch. "Are you OK Aunt Mary?" Steven asks. "I think so, Steven. I've already called the police. They're one the way!" Aunt Mary replied. Steven gathered up the 2 robbers he had banged into the wall and carried them out to the front lawn to await the police. Steven sat down on the steps. Several police cars pulled up a minute or 2 later. The cops jumped out with guns drawn. At that point, they didn't know who the good guys or the bad guys were. They pointed their guns at Steven and told him to kneel down with his hands on his head. Steven started to explain, but they just repeated their command. So Steven complied.

One cop came over to Steven and was going to put handcuffs on him, but the handcuffs were too small for Steven's wrists. One of the cops had some of those plastic strip cuffs and put those on Steven. Those just barely fit! He then had Steven stand up. He then patted Steven's shorts down to see if he had weapon. "I think he's got a sawed off shotgun in there!" the cop cried out as he pulled his gun back out of the holster! "Steven said, "No, I don't. It's just me. Go ahead and look." The cop pulled down Steven's shorts. "Holy shit!" as he caught sight of Steven's 18" dick. The cop quickly pulled the shorts back up. "That's a lethal weapon, but nothing I can bust you for," the cop said.

Aunt Mary came out on the porch and said,. "Steven is my Nephew officer. Why'd you put him in handcuffs. He's the one who saved my life." "Sorry `mam, but when we pull up on a scene like this, we don't know who the bad guy is and who the good guy is. Let me get those cuffs off of you, sir." the cop said. Steven replied, "That's OK. Don't bother." With that he pulled his arms apart and the plastic cuffs broke away. The cop looked on in amazement. "I've never seen anybody do that before!" Steven said, "There's 4 guys in the house. I don't think they'll give you any trouble. They're pretty well subdued. In fact, you might want to call a couple of ambulances." The cops went into the house. They called for some ambulances for the robbers in there. After surveying the carnage, one cop said to the other, "I'm glad the big guy was on our side!"

Steven said to Aunt Mary, "I'm really sorry about the damage to your house. I guess I got a little carried away! When I saw that guy attacking you I got so mad! I could have killed them, I was so mad! I literally could have broken every bone in their bodies! I felt like crushing their puny skulls like grapes! I could have snapped their scrawny necks like breaking a stick! I wonder if they realize how close they came! I can do a lot of damage when I get mad like that! I'm the strongest man in the world." Aunt Mary said, "The important thing is neither of us got hurt! In fact, you saved my life Steven. I think that guy was going to rape me or kill me." "Not while I'm around!" Steven said.

Several ambulances arrived to haul away the injured robbers. The paramedics were having a problem getting the 2 robbers whose heads were stuck in the wrought iron railing. "Need some help?" Steven asked. He went over and bent the rails apart so that the paramedics could get the robbers heads free.

When Steven's picture was in the paper again when he lifted the car at the pre-school, the folks from the Tonight Show saw it. Steven had been on the tonight show back when he was 12. Back then he was only about 6'8" and 375lbs. He was twice as heavy now and 14" taller. So they invited him back. Since Steven was 18, he decided to go by himself. Instead of taking his parents, he asked his best friend Bobby if he wanted to go along. Mr. and Mrs Andrews were concerned about Steven going to California by himself, but Steven told them, "I'm a big boy and I can take care of myself!"

The tonight show sent 2 first class tickets for Steven & Bobby. At the airport, Steven had a problem fitting through the metal detectors. He tried to tell the guy he wouldn't fit, but the rule was everybody had to go through the metal detector. Of course having Steven go through the metal detector would be like having 3 large men go through all at once! Of course, Steven got stuck. When Steven gets stuck, he tenses up. Steven tensed up. You could hear the sound of metal screeching. Then when the pressure reduced, Steven relaxed. The sides of the metal detector were all bent out of shape. After that, they did a hand search of him.

Steven also had a problem getting on the plane. The plane door wasn't much bigger than the metal detector was. Steven turned sideways of course, as he had to do to get through most doors, but he got stuck again. Bobby knew what could happen if Steven got stuck. He kept reassuring Steven, "You're OK big guy, no problem, just suck it in." There was a crowd of people coming down behind Steven and they started to make a ruckus about him being stuck in the door. Steven began to get ense. Bobby yelled, "OH NO!" There was the sickening sound of metal bending. Steven decided he'd better exit the plane instead of trying to get on. Unfortunately the metal of the plane was no match for the muscles of Steven Andrews. The doorway was all bent out of shape and the door would not be able to be closed properly. The plane had to be taken out of service and the passengers and luggage put on another plane!

Steven went to the ticket counter and cashed in the tickets. Steven and Bobby decided that if they left right away, they could drive to California. They'd have to take turns driving. The only problem was that Steven's car didn't have a front seat and with Bobby only being about 5'6" tall, he certainly wouldn't be able to drive from the backseat. So they stopped at the junkyard and picked up a seat. When it was Bobby's turn to drive, they'd put the old seat in.

Steven and Bobby made pretty good time on their cross-country trip. They stopped at one roadside combination gas station/diner out in the middle of nowhere. Steven sent Bobby inside to get some burgers to go. Steven filled the tank, and went to use the restroom. Bobby went inside and placed his order. As he was waiting, he could feel himself being watched by a couple of rednecks in a booth. Bobby had relatively long hair at the time. As he got his order, the 2 rednecks followed him out of the restaurant.

"Where you going, you long haired hippie freak?" the larger of the 2 rednecks said to Bobby. They were both pretty husky guys. The larger of the 2 looked to weigh about 300 lbs. and the other about 250. Bobby stood by the car and looked around for Steven. "Steve, where are you?" Bobby called out. "Callin' for your Daddy, you little hippie?" they taunted Bobby. Bobby said, "We don't want no trouble, sir. We'll take our food and leave." The rednecks replied, "Too late. You're already in trouble son! We don't like your type around here."

They were slowly walking toward Bobby the whole time they were talking. They eventually got Bobby backed up against Steven's car. One of the rednecks went to a pickup and got a length of pipe out of the back. Bobby called out again, "Steve!" One of the rednecks said, "There must be a 2 for 1 sale today on hippie freaks! Get Steve out here and we'll whip his ass too!" Bobby said, "Yeah, right!"

Just then Steven was coming out of the restroom. He heard Bobby calling him Steve. That was unusual, because everyone called him Steven. He came around the corner to see one of the rednecks grab Bobby and the other raise the pipe like he was going to hit him. Steven took off running. He started yelling, "Drop the pipe." They 2 rednecks looked right at him. The sight of 750 lb. Steven running at you at full speed would give anybody pause. They just stood their frozen. Kind of like deer caught in the headlights of a Mack Truck! Steven never slowed down. He just plowed into the 2 rednecks. All 3 crashed into the gas pump. Of course the 2 rednecks cushioned Steven from the gas pump! The force of about 1,300 lbs. hitting the gas pump caused it to lean precariously! Fortunately, it didn't break off or start leaking!

Steven stood up and dusted himself off. The 2 rednecks were pretty groggy from taking a tackle from Steven, but they were still conscious. Steven picked up their length of pipe. Of course Steven couldn't leave a length of pipe lying around, so he bent it with his bare hands. Then he picked up each of the rednecks by the front of their shirt. There was a pick up truck was parked about 20 feet away. Steven raised up one redneck over his head and threw him toward the bed of the pickup truck. Steven's throw was off and the guy landed up against the side of the truck. Then he threw the other redneck, and he landed right in the bed of the truck with a thud. Steven said, "Well, 1 out of 2 isn't too bad!" Bobby said, "No wonder you don't play basketball!" People were starting to come out of the diner. Steven turned to Bobby and said, "Let's get out of here!" They grabbed their burgers and drove away quickly.

Bobby said to Steven, "That was awesome man! Those big guys flew through the air like feathers!" Steven said, "You better be careful out there! What if I hadn't been there?" Bobby said, "I didn't bother them. They went after me because of my hair." Bobby playfully punched Steven on the arm and said, "You're my hero!" Steven laughed. Bobby said, "You should have torn them from limb to limb! You could have crushed them into a bloody pulp!" Steven looked at Bobby and said, "I've never heard you encourage violence before! I thought you were a pacifist." Bobby said, "I was never afraid for my life before!" Steven looked over and he noticed Bobby's shorts were tented. Steven said, "So, that little bit of manhandling back there got your motor running? " Bobby replied, "It was better than professional wrestling! It was real!"

Steven put his big hand over Bobby's crotch. Bobby said, "You better "keep your hands upon the wheel, and your eyes upon the road,' to quote the Doors!" Steven laughed and put both hands on the wheel.

Steven said to Bobby, "I never knew you got off on muscles." Bobby looked shyly at Steven, "Yeah, I do. Doesn't everybody?" "So you really like my muscles?" Steven said. "They're great. But the coolest thing is to see you manhandle those big guys! That's awesome!'" Steven flexed his free arm in front of Bobby's face. He noticed that Bobby's shorts tented in conjunction with his flex. He did this several times with the same results. Bobby said, "If you keep doing that, I'm going to shoot a load in my pants right here on the highway. Can you stop please?" Steven looked over and grinned. "Anything for my muscle slave." Bobby laughed.

Steven said, "All this time, I've always tried not to show off around you. I was self-conscious because I didn't want to make you feel scrawny. Bobby replied, "Hell, I know I'm a shrimp! I always wanted to see more of your muscles! I thought maybe you weren't interested because I'm so little." Steven said, "There's nothing wrong with you. You're just wiry! Well, it would be better if you had some more meat on your bones but if you like what you see¼" Steven said, and he pulled off his shirt and flexed a bicep. "Is that better?" Bobby replied, "Totally Awesome, Gigantic Muscle Dude!" Bobby reached over and ran his hands over Steven's bicep. "Big as a boulder and just as hard!" he said. "I've always wanted to do that!" Steven said, "I like having people feel it. You can touch it anytime you like."

Bobby said, "Remember that night when I ran into you in the locker room. You had to carry me to the coach's office. That was so cool. You picked me up like I was a feather. I wasn`t totally unconscious, you know!" Steven laughed, "I think a feather's heavier!" Bobby laughed and punched Steven on the arm. "Don't make me hurt you now, big boy!" Steven said, "Anytime you want me to pick you up, just say so! You'll just have to return the favor once in a while. Bobby laughed, "Yeah, I'll rent a crane!"

Then Steven glanced in the rear view mirror. Rapidly approaching was a pick up truck with 2 guys in the front and at least 4 guys riding in the bed. Steven said, "Uh-Oh!" The truck came up on their bumper and bumped the car. That really made Steven mad. His face turned red, the muscles on his arm tensed up and the veins stood out. Steven told Bobby, "I'm going to stop the car and take care of those guys. You stay in the car and lock the doors. If it gets too bad, go get help, I guess." Bobby said, "Help for who, you or them? Do they know they're taking on the strongest man in the world?" Steven laughed nervously. "They'll soon find out enough! There are at least 6 of them. I hope they don't have any guns! I'm going to try to flip the truck real fast before they get out."

Steven slowed the car down slowly. As it came to a stop, he waited for the pickup to stop. He jumped out of the car, ran back to the pickup. Steven purposely ran into the front of the truck, like he was tackling somebody. The truck skidded backwards about 10 feet from the impact. The radiator started leaking antifreeze. The front of the truck looked like it had run into a telephone pole. A couple of guys flew out of the back of the truck from the impact. Steven reached underneath the truck and flipped it on its side. The remaining guys in the back fell onto the ground. Then Steven flipped the truck back the other way back onto its wheels and the flipped it again onto the other side and then again onto it's roof. Then he ran back to the car and jumped in and he & Bobby sped away. Bobby said, "Why didn't you hang around and rough those guys up a little? Let `em know who's the boss! You could have taken them easy!" Steven replied, "Yeah, but they might have had guns too. Assuming the 2 guys in the cab were out of it, even taking on 4 guys at once could a little tricky. I was worried one of them might get away and go after you or my car." Bobby said, "Oh, now I see, you're more worried about your car than me!" Steven reached over and gave Bobby a poke in the shoulder with one of his big fingers and said. "I always look out for my little buddy, you know!" Steven was always unusually gentle with Bobby.

Bobby said a little later, "When we go home, can we take a different route so we don't go back through that hell hole! If you didn't eat so much, we wouldn't have had to stop you know!" Steven said, "Well excuse my big appetite. I am a big boy you know!" Bobby laughed, "Don't I know it!"

Steven and Bobby got out to California about 4:00 AM. They found their hotel and checked in. They went and stood at the front desk. The attendant had his head down looking at something. Steven cleared his throat to get his attention. The attendant started to look up and his eyes just kept going up and up and up as his mouth fell open as he looked up at Steven standing in front of his desk. His eyes got very big. "Can I help you sir?" he quickly asked. The check-in process continued normally. A kind of scrawny bellhop came over to carry their bags, but Steven just looked down at him and said, "I think I could carry both you and the bags without any problem. We don't need any help, thank you!"

The hotel had 2 king-size beds, but Steven needed more than one bed. He pushed the 2 beds together then slept lengthwise on the 2 beds. Bobby slept on one corner and Steven got the rest of the bed. Steven was a restless sleeper. During the night, he rolled over onto Bobby. Bobby began to try and holler but he couldn't get his breath. He tried to poke Steven, but he couldn't wake him up. Steven was very tired from the long drive and was sleeping soundly. Finally, after a few minutes, just before he almost passed out from lack of oxygen, Bobby was able to rouse him. Steven felt bad that he had rolled over Bobby. "I could have killed you, Man!" Steven said. After that, Bobby got out of bed and slept on the couch. The next night, they got a rollaway bed brought in for Bobby.

They got to the Tonight Show Studio in Burbank the next afternoon. They waited around in the `Green Room' until it was time for Steven to go on. The producer had decided that instead of a suit, Steven could wear a tank top and very loose fitting shorts. This was partially intended to avoid the debacle that occurred last time Steven was on the show when his suit pants split open on the air!

The show started. There were a couple of guests ahead of Steven. Stan Kann was there with his vacuum cleaners and a couple of low grade movie stars. It was a slow night on the Tonight Show! Soon, it was Steven's turn. He went out through the curtain and onto the set. Johnny introduced him as "The strongest man in the world, Steven Andrews. After the applause died down, Johnny Carson said, "You must have grown a foot since we saw you last!" Steven replied, "Actually, 14" Mr. Carson, but who's measureing?" Johnny said, "Anybody as big as you can call me Johnny! Or anything you want to for that matter!"

Johnny said, " That growth on your arms gotten a lot bigger too!" Steven flexed his bicep for him. The crowd applauded the sight. Johnny reached over and felt Steven's bicep. Steven pumped it up and down several times.

Ed McMahon said, "I'm keeping my feet on the ground this time!" in reference to Steven's last appearance where he picked up Ed and the couch! They asked some of the same questions they did 6 years ago. Steven had to show them his size 36 shoes and they asked some routine questions about his weight and stuff like that. They also showed clip from his appearance 6 years ago to show how much Steven had grown in 6 years..

Johnny said, "I understand you're going to put on a little show for us tonight." Steven had brought along some props to do what he called his `Muscle Show". Bobby was just going to sit in the audience, but the producer thought it would be funny to have both of them on stage together since Steven was so big and Bobby was on the small side. They dressed Bobby in a 'Tarzan' costume. Since he appeared on camera, he would get several hundred dollars in Union Scale salary. Bobby was about 5'6" tall and weighed 125lbs. He was introduced as Steven's `Lovely Assistant'. The crowd laughed when he came out on stage and stood next to Steven. He appeared very tiny standing next to Steven. Johnny Carson remarked, "Hey Steven, you and Bobby got a little Mutt & Jeff action going on there?

They had a table set up off to the side with Steven's props on it. He started off small by crushing some walnuts in his biceps. Sometimes you would see people do one or 2, but Steven would do a dozen at a time. Bobby helped load up his arms..

Then Steven moved up to small rocks. He crushed some with his hands. Then he did some with his biceps. Then he did some in is biceps and his hands at the same time.

Then he moved up to larger rocks. He did the same as with the small rocks, crushed some with his hands and others with his bicep and then 4 rocks at the same time. By the time they got done, there was a little pile of gravel on the stage!

Then Steven tore a couple of phone books in half. This is a common `Strong Man' trick too except that Steven did them 3 at a time.

Then Steven did one of his favorite tricks. He brought some metal pipes, rods and re-bar with him. He bent the pipes into curves. Steven would say "Bobby, 1 length of re-bar please." or whatever he wanted and Bobby would hand it to him. He even did a rod, a pipe and re-bar all at the same time. He had Ed & Johnny try to bend them to prove that they were real. Then he bent the rods and re-bar into various shapes, like flowers, rabbits, and butterflies. The band played music to accompany Steven as he bent the metal. Then when he got done, there'd be a big drum burst.

The producer had also brought in a 1,000lb barbell. Steven lifted it with one hand. He curled it and pressed it. He even twirled it like a baton.

For the show finale, they rolled a car onto the soundstage. It wouldn't go up on stage, but it sat off to the side by the door. The band began a drum roll. Steven hoisted the car up and over his head. It was a fairly small car so it was no problem for him. He put the car down, then he asked Johnny and Ed if they wanted to go for a ride. So they got into the car and Steven lifted it up again. He lifted it up and down several times and turned it around. Then he set it back down. The crowd gave Steven a standing ovation when he got done.

Johnny said to Steven, "When you get strong enough to lift the car with one arm, we'll have you back on the show!" Steven said, "I don't know if I'll ever get that strong, but I'll try Johnny!" Johnny said, "Let's have a big round of applause for our guest, Steven Andrews, the strongest man in the world! And his lovely assistant, Bobby! We'll be right back!" All 4 of them were standing there as the crowd applauded. Steven squatted down and put his hands under Ed, Johnny and Bobby and lifted all 3 of them up at once. As they went to commercial, Steven was standing with his arms outstretched and the 3 of them on his arms. After they were into the commercial, Steven gently set everyone back down. As Johnny and Ed walked back up to the stage, Johnny said to Ed, "Damn, he's even stronger than last time he was on the show!"

Since the tonight show was taped, Steven and Bobby were in their beds watching the show. Steven believed it was healthier to get a good nights sleep every night. When they got to the part where Bobby was introduced as "The lovely assistant," a pillow came flying across the room and hit Steven. "That's from your lovely assistant!" Steven jumped out of bed and went and stood over Bobby's bed, flexed his biceps and yelled, "What puny mortal dares to throw a pillow at the Strongest Man in the World?" Bobby's reply was to hit Steven with another pillow!

Steven reached under the roll up bed and lifted it up with one hand. He lifted it up to the ceiling. Bobby was pinned between the bed and ceiling. He managed to slide another pillow out and it fell on Steven's head. Steven yelled, "You little shit!" Steven wasn't really mad, but he wanted it to sound like it. He bounced the bed up against the ceiling a couple of times.

Even though they were staying in a 5-Star hotel, it wasn't too good of a hotel to have a few spider webs on the ceiling. Bobby found an old web with a dead spider in it. Bobby knew one thing about Steven. He was deathly afraid of spiders! Kind of like Superman and Kryptonite! Bobby grabbed the spider and held it off the side of the bed. "Oh Steven," Bobby said. He dropped the spider and it landed on Steven's shoulder. Steven immediately dropped the bed to the floor. It made quite a racket, a metal roll up bed falling about 10 feet. Bobby bounced up about 2 feet when it hit the floor. Steven began jumping around, waving his arms and yelling, "Get it off, Get it off!!" Bobby sat on the bed and laughed. "The Strongest Man in the world is scared of a little spider!" he yelled. The dead spider eventually fell off. Steven looked at Bobby and said, "You're dead meat!"

Steven started chasing Bobby around the room. Bobby had the advantage of being light on his feet and pretty fast. He could climb up on furniture and jump from one piece to another. Steven knew he couldn't do that because his weight would probably crush the furniture. Bobby managed to elude Steven for several minutes that way. Bobby ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Steven yelled through the door, "I'm the strongest man in the world. I can break this flimsy door down if I want to!" Bobby said, "But you won't because if you do, you'll have to pay for it!" Steven said, "It'd almost be worth it!" Bobby flung the door open. He bent over real low and got by Steven. He jumped up on the table and then made a leap onto the bed. As he was in mid-air, a large hand appeared and caught him by the chest in mid-air. "Gotcha!" Steven yelled. Bobby gasped slightly and had the wind knocked out of him.

Bobby said as he hung there in mid air, "Hey, big boy! Why don't you pick on somebody your own size?" Steven looked around the room. I don't see anybody around my size, so you'll have to do!" Steven then laid Bobby on his forearm. He then bent his arm and flexed his bicep. Steven's bicep smothered Bobby's chest. Bobby was trapped. Since Bobby only had about a 36" chest and Steven's bicep was about 75", Steven's bicep covered quite a bit of Bobby. Steven gently flexed his bicep and increased the pressure on Bobby`s chest! Steven wasn't really hurting Bobby too badly. After all, Steven had crushed rocks in his biceps earlier tonight so if he really wanted to, Steven could crush Bobby to death easily! Steven stood up and walked around the room with Bobby stuck in his bicep. His head and legs were sticking out. Bobby yelled, "Ooh, Ouch!" like Steven was hurting him. Steven immediately unflexed his bicep and released Bobby. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you!" Steven said. Bobby started laughing and said, "Gotcha!" Steven said, "You little shit!" and flexed his bicep again trapping Bobby again.

Bobby knew Steven wouldn't really hurt him but he yelled, "OK, Uncle! Uncle! The strongest man in the world beats the weakest man in the world." Steven said, "No more pillow fighting world's weakest man!" Bobby said, "OK strongest man. Are you as scared of pillows as you are spiders?" Both of them laughed! Bobby said, "But what a way to go! Crushed to death by the worlds largest bicep on the worlds strongest man!!"

The next day at breakfast in the hotel restaurant, Steven was asked several times to sign autographs or pose for pictures. One guy even asked him to bend a piece of metal for him.

The next day, Bobby & Steven took in some of the Los Angeles sights. They visited the La Brea Tar pits, the Hollywood Bowl and some other attractions. They also went to Venice Beach and visited `Muscle Beach'. It was a weekday and in the early spring and there wasn't much going on. Steven was hoping to meet some famous body builders, but there were just a couple of relatively scrawny guys there working out. Steven was kind of disappointed. Bobby who was into photography had brought his camera. They took some pictures of Steven by the `Muscle Beach' sign flexing and posing. Then they took a picture of Bobby in the same pose. Then they got a shot of both of them in front of the sign.

Steven loved to take gag photos. Bobby had a tripod and a timer for his camera so they both could be in the shot. They did a shot of Steven kicking sand in Bobby's face on the beach. Then there was a picture of Bobby standing by the "Muscle Beach' sign. They did a shot of Bobby lifting a barbell with about 300 lbs on it, but in reality Steven stood off to the side with one hand on the barbell. Then there was a shot of Bobby kicking sand in Steven's face on the beach. Then the last shot was a picture of Bobby, lying on top of Steven, twisting Steven's arm behind his back and Steven pretending to scream in pain.

As Bobby was pretending to beat up on Steven, a little old lady came up and hit him with her purse! She said, "Stop hurting him you big bully!" She thought he was really beating up on Steven. Steven stood up next to Bobby and the lady's mouth fell open. She couldn't comprehend the muscular giant being licked by a shrimp. She had the most confused look on her face. Steven and Bobby told her they were just playing! She walked away, muttering, "Kids these days!"

Steven and Bobby were taking another picture with the camera on the tripod when some guy comes along and grabs the camera and takes off running. Bobby and Steven immediately take off running after him and hollering. The robber is really fast. Bobby is able to keep up with him, and even gain on him. Steven is bringing up the rear. A cop is standing outside of his car eating a doughnut and hears the commotion. He figures out what is happening and tackles the robber as he goes by. The robber and cop are scuffling when Bobby catches up to them. Bobby jumps in to help the cop. The bad guy is trying to get the cop's gun. Then Steven comes barreling up. He grabs the robber, lifts him up over his head and tosses him across the parking lot. He didn't look where he was throwing and the guy landed on top of the police car. The impact broke the windshield and dented the hood and broke off the lightbar. Steven helped the cop to his feet. Steven said, "Sorry about your car!" The cop said, "Damn, you're strong! Hey you saved my life, I'll be more than happy to do the paperwork on the car!"

Steven said to Bobby, `We should form a crime-fighting duo. With your speed and my big muscles, we'd be unstoppable!" Bobby replied, "Yeah, but what am I supposed to do while I'm waiting for you to get here with your big muscles!" Steven laughed and said, "I hadn't thought of that!" •

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