Damn He's Strong


By robertschaefer932

When we last left our extraordinarily large and incredibly strong hero Steven Andrews (See Damn He's Strong, Parts 1-4), he had just discovered that he was strong enough to pick up entire cars over his head! This had always been a dream of Steven's, ever since he picked up the back end of a Volkswagen Beetle back when he was 10 years old and only weighed 265 lbs.! Now that he was 7'10" tall and weighed around 750lbs. he discovered he could lift the whole car.

Steven had tried to lift cars over his head previously at the junkyard, but he had never been able to do it. Steven had thought that he probably wouldn't ever be strong enough, so he gave up trying. He hadn't tried in over a year. Steven returned to the junkyard and tried lifting cars of various sizes. It was a struggle to lift some of the bigger, heavier cars, but he was still able to do it. The smaller lighter cars were actually quite easy for him. Steven greatly enjoyed showing off his new trick to anyone who would watch. Everyone who saw it was amazed! Even Steven was amazed by the fact that he could lift up an entire car! There was probably no other man in the world that could lift up an entire car over his head, and then press it up and down repeatedly! It was quite a sight to see, a man standing in a parking lot, raising and lowering a car over his head! This feat affirmed for Steven that he was indeed the strongest man in the world. Of course being only 18, he was physically a man, but still a teenager.

Steven thought he should try to get somebody to measure his biceps while he was lifting up a car. He bet they'd be bigger than their normal, pumped 75", but since there was some element of danger involved in lifting up cars, he decided not to have somebody try to measure him with a car held over his head and put them at risk.

At a large family gathering, everyone had their cars pulled into the driveway. As always happens, one car was blocked in by several other cars, and that person wanted to leave early. When Steven heard that cars need to be moved, he volunteered to move them. The relatives started to give him their keys, but Steven said, "That's OK, I won't need them!" One of the relatives said, "Well how are you going to move my car?" Steven grinned and flexed a bicep for him. "Muscle Power!" Steven said. Steven slipped off his shirt and walked out to the driveway.

Several relatives followed Steven out to see what he was going to do. When they saw him lift the first car over his head, they called into the house and pretty soon everybody was gathered around watching. Everyone applauded! Steven had to move 3 cars to get to the one that needed to leave. When he got all 3 cars out of the way, he went to the one that was trying to leave. He picked it up and turned it around so the driver wouldn't have to back out!

When the relatives got back into the house, one of them said to Mr. Andrews, who hadn't gone outside so see the spectacle, "Damn, that young'n of yours is sure strong! I'd bet he's probably the strongest man in the world! That was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen! I never saw any man lift a car up over his head before!" Mr. Andrews replied, "He'll have a great future as a parking lot attendant!" The relative replied, "I'd sure try and stay on his good side! I'd hate to have him mad at me!"

Steven was driving home one day. A few blocks away from home, he saw a little kid standing next to a car and crying his eyes out. Steven stopped and rolled down the window and asked, "What's wrong little boy?" The kid answered, "My ball rolled under the car and I can't get it out." Steven said, "Maybe I can help you." Steven got out of the car. The kid immediately stopped crying and said, "Hey mister, you're really big!" Steven replied, "Yeah, I guess I am!" The little boy said, "My Dad has big muscles too." Steven knelt down and flexed his bicep in front of the little boy. "As big as this?" Steven asked. Steven's bicep was almost as high as the little boy was tall! "No way!" said the little boy.

Steven went to the back of the car, reached underneath to the frame and lifted the back end of the car up with one hand. The errant ball rolled down the driveway. The little kid ran after his ball. He said, "Gee mister, You're strong. You're as strong as Superman!" Steven answered, "Almost but not quite!" "How'd you get so big and strong?" the little kid said. "I always ate my vegetables when I was little." Steven said. "Thanks a lot for getting my ball back Superman!" the little kid said. "Anytime!" said Steven with a wave, as he got back into the car.

Just then, the little boy's mother came out. "Jeremy, what's going on out here?" Mom asked. Jeremy said. "Superman was here and he picked up the car so I could get my ball back!" Mom said, "Jeremy, you know what I told you about making up stories. I said if you did it one more time, I was going to have to punish you!" "But he really did Mom!" Jeremy said. Steven heard Jeremy getting into trouble so he stuck his head out the window and said, "He's not making it up! Well, maybe the Superman part!" Steven got out of the car. Mom's mouth fell open and her eyes got big as Steven got out of the car and she saw how big he was. She had never seen such a huge man before! Steven walked up to the back of the car and reached under again with one hand and lifted it off the ground like he had done before. "See Mom!" Jeremy said. Steven decided that since he had a receptive audience, he'd give them a big show.

So Steven lifted up the back of the car. He squatted down and moved to the center of the car. The he stood up and he lifted up the whole car over his head. Steven wished he could do it with one hand, but it was a 2 handed job! Steven always thought it would really blow peoples minds if he could lift a car over his head with just one hand!

"See Mom! I told you he was Superman!" Jeremy said. Mom just stood their speechless. When Jeremy's father got home from work, Jeremy and Mom told him about the man who picked up the car in the driveway, but Jeremy's father did not believe them! Steven had given Jeremy and his Mom his name and phone number. After supper, Jeremy called Steven on the phone and told him that his father did not believe that he lifted up the car. So Steven went back over to Jeremy's house.

Steven rang the doorbell. Jeremy's Dad came to the door. Now the door was barely 7' high and Steven was 7'10, so when the door opened, you couldn't see Steven's head. All you could see was his massive frame. Steven stood there in a tank top with his arms crossed. His massive frame filled the doorway and then some! "I understand that there's somebody here who doubts my strength!" He was really kidding around but he made himself sound real fierce! Jeremy's Dad gulped and stammered something unintelligible.

Steven grabbed him around the shoulders and carried him out to the driveway and set him down. He then proceeded to lift up the car again for Jeremy's Dad to prove to him how strong he was. When Steven got done, Jeremy's Dad said to Steven, "Damn, you're strong! I'm sorry I doubted you but I just saw you lift up the car with my own two eyes, and I still can't believe it! You're the biggest and strongest man I've ever seen!" Steven replied, "That's OK. Sometimes I can't believe myself how strong I am!"

Jeremy's Dad asked, "Do you mind if I ask how much you weigh?" Steven replied, "Oh, about 750." Jeremy's dad said, "Wow. What are you about 8 feet tall?" Actually only 7-10." Steven replied. "Holy cow That's 2 feet taller than me! I used to think I was doing good when I pressed 250 at the gym. That car has to weigh close to 3,000lbs!" Jeremy and his Mom came out. As they stood around talking Jeremy grabbed Steven's hand, and Steven lifted him up and sat him on his arm. Steven flexed a few times and gave him a ride up and down! Then climbed up to Steven's shoulder. Steven said, "How's the view from up here, Jeremy?" Jeremy replied, "I can see a long, long way!"

Jeremy called Steven a few days later and asked if he could take Steven to school for Show & Tell. Steven readily agreed. Steven arrived at Jeremy's school at the appropriate time. He was ushered into the class of pre-schoolers. Jeremy stood at the front of the class next to Steven and said, "This is my friend Steven. He is very strong. He is the strongest man in the world!" Jeremy said, "Show them your muscle Steven!" With that Steven gave the class a double bicep pose. Jeremy's teacher blushed.

Jeremy said, "Steven show them how strong you are!" Steven then picked up the teacher's desk off the floor. He grabbed it on one leg and held it up with one hand. The teacher said, "Children who eat their vegetables will grow up to be big and strong." One of the kids said, "Mister, you must have eaten a ton of vegetables!" Steven set the desk back down and asked the teacher if they could take the stuff off the top. The teacher removed her stuff from the top of the desk. Then Steven had kids from the class sit on the desk. They got about 15 kids on top of the desk, and Steven repeated the act of picking up the desk and holding it aloft with one hand. The 15 preschoolers only added a couple hundred pounds to the load. Steven swung the desk from side to side and up and down, giving the kids a thrill ride. Jeremy said, "Show them how you can pick up a car, Steven!"

Then they adjourned to the parking lot. Steven asked the teacher which car belonged to her. As she pointed it out, Steven walked over to it, then did his usual car lifting routine, of lifting up the back end, then squat walking until he got to the center of the car, then lifting the entire car up over his head, and then lifting it up and down several times. All of the children and the teacher were greatly impressed. As Steven was doing this, a newspaper photographer was driving by. He stopped and got a picture of Steven lifting the car.

The next day, Steven's picture was in the paper, holding a car over his head. The headline was "Local teenager demonstrates super strength to preschool class." Local people had realized that Steven was very strong given his huge size and from seeing him on the football field, but until that picture ran in the paper, most people didn't realize how really tremendously strong he really was. The picture was picked up by the wire services and many papers throughout the country ran the picture.

One day, Steven was walking out to his car in the school parking lot. A car came flying around the corner really going fast. Steven had to jump out of the way and the driver had to slam on his brakes. It really made Steven mad to think that this idiot almost hit him! He walked over to the driver's side of the car. The driver had his window open. Steven reached under the car and lifted up half of the car with one hand. The driver didn't have his seatbelt on and he slid across the seat and was leaning against the passenger door. Steven was tall enough that he could still look down into the car even though it was leaning at an angle. He glared at the driver. He reached inside the car with his free hand and pulled the driver half way out of the window. "You better slow down, boy!" Steven said. "If I ever catch you speeding in the parking lot again, I'll flip you and your car over so many times you'll puke your puny brain out! Do you understand me?" The driver meekly said, "Yes Sir!" Steven lowered the car and let it drop the last couple of feet. It fell with a bang. After that, everybody drove a lot more carefully when Steven was in the parking lot!

One day Mrs. Andrews was in the kitchen trying to open a jar of olives. She couldn't get it opened. She asked Mr. Andrews to open it. He tried and couldn't open it. Just then Steven walked in. He grabbed the jar from Mr. Andrew's hands. He gave it a slight twist, but it didn't open. Steven gave it a little harder twist, but it still didn't open. Then he gave it a hard twist. The lid crushed under the force. When the lid crushed, it broke the jar. Olives, juice and broken glass went falling to the floor. Mr. Andrews snickered. A piece of glass cut Steven's hand. So not only was there olives and oil on the floor, it was mixed with blood! Steven said, "I'm so sorry Mom! I didn't mean to break the jar! I'll clean it up!" Mrs. Andrews said, "That's OK dear. You just don't know your own strength sometimes!"

A couple of freshmen asked Steven to buy them 2 kegs of beer. They told Steven "You're so big, nobody would card you!" They even offered him 20 bucks. Steven didn't really have a good opinion about alcohol. It made people do stupid things. Since Steven was so big, it really took a lot of alcohol to have any affect on him anyway. Steven thought he'd teach these kids a lesson.

They gave him their money, and he went to the liquor store and bought their 2 kegs of beer. He came out into the parking lot with a keg on each shoulder. The freshmen met him at the edge of the parking lot. When he met them, Steven said, "Boys, you're going to learn a very valuable lesson tonight!" He stood facing them, and then began squeezing with his forearm and flexing his bicep. Sort of like immovable object meets irresistible force! One barrel burst squirting beer all over the freshmen, then a couple seconds later the other burst showering them again. Steven said, "Oh, did I do that! I'm just going to have learn to control my big muscles!" Then he laughed. "The lesson is alcohol isn't good for you, especially if you're underage╝ and puny too!" The site of the 3 freshman standing on the parking lot drenched in beer really was pretty funny. He took the empty barrels in his hands and crushed them together. "I don't think you'll get the deposit back on these barrels either!" Steven said.

One of the freshmen had the nerve to speak up and say, "Hey you owe us for 2 barrels of beer, Godzilla!" Steven reached down and grabbed 2 freshmen in one hand and 1 in the other and lifted them off the ground and over his head. "I told you that you were going to learn a lesson tonight. You can learn it easily or the hard way. Doesn't make no difference to me!" The outspoken freshman then tried to kick Steven in the face, since his leg was about head level to Steven's head. Steven flung the kicker away before he made contact. He landed in a heap on the parking lot about 20 feet away. He dropped the other 2 in a heap. They said, "Please don't hurt him! We've learned our lesson. We really have!" Steven just grunted at them.

Steven went over to a car sitting by they freshman that he sent flying. He picked up the car over his head and stood over the freshman as he lay on the parking lot. Steven pretended like he was going to drop the car on the kid. The freshman was shaking in his boots. The freshman said, "I'm sorry. Don't drop the car, please!" Just then the owner of the car came up. He looked at Steven standing there with his car lifted up over his head. His mouth fell open. The car owner asked tentatively, "Uh, excuse me, Sir. Can I have my car back if you're done with it? I'm late for an appointment?" Steven said, `Oh sure. Here you go," as he set the car back down. "You might want to get your exhaust pipe checked. It's rusting pretty bad." "Gee thanks!" the car owner stammered as he got in and drove off quite rapidly.

Steven looked that the freshman still lying on the ground. He reached over and picked him up again and held him up to face level. Steven said, "You're just lucky that guy wanted his car! Otherwise `Godzilla' might have crushed you with it." The freshman said, "I'm not scared of you, you big bully!" Steven replied, "I'm not a bully. I'm forcefully teaching you a lesson about the dangers of alcohol! If the alcohol doesn't get you, I will!"

The freshman said, "I bet you really get off picking on guys half your size, don't you?" Steven said, "More like 1/5 or 1/6 my size since you seem to be about 140lbs. but who's measuring? Now you've got 2 lessons to learn. Not to drink and most importantly to respect the strength of Steven Andrews. If you thought one lesson was hard, try 2 at one time!"

One of the other freshmen said, "If I were you, I'd shut up and listen Tommy! Anybody who can crush a full barrel of beer and pick up a car over his head, you should probably pay attention too!" Steven said, "Yeah, Tommy, you should listen to your little friend here."

Steven took Tommy and stuck him on his forearm and gently flexed his bicep. Steven's 75" completely covered Tommy's chest and most of his face. Steven gradually increased the pressure. At this point Tommy began to get scared. He had seen Steven smash 2 kegs of beer with his bicep earlier, and now here he was in the same position. He realized Steven could crush him the same way if he wanted. Tommy's friends came running up to Steven and said, "Please don't hurt him!" The grabbed at Steven's arm, but he somewhat gently shoved them away. Tommy tried to say, "I'm sorry", but you couldn't hardly hear in since most of his face was covered. Steven said, "Did you say something little man? I can hardly hear you from under that mass of muscle!" Steven unflexed his arm a little. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I am so sorry!" Tommy cried out. He had tears running down his face. Steven said, "Have we learned our lessons tonight?" Tommy didn't say anything. Steven began to flex his arm again. "Yes, Yes!" Tommy cried out. Steven released Tommy and set him on the ground.

Steven said, "The most important lesson to learn is╝" as he picked Tommy up off his feet again, "Don't fuck with the big guy!" Then Steven set Tommy back down. "Yes Sir!" all 3 replied in unison. Steven walked away. He figured the little twerps probably wouldn't be deterred from drinking, but he was getting tired of playing with them. As Steven walked away, he vaguely heard "Asshole" coming from the group. He turned and looked at the 3 freshmen. "Giant asshole you mean!" Steven yelled and flexed his biceps. The 3 freshman took off running. Steven laughed and went on his way.

In addition to being against alcohol consumption, Steven was also anti-smoking. If you were smoking and he was around, he would simply remove the cigarette from your mouth and stomp it out with his foot. Very few people protested. It got to the point, where people would put out cigarettes when they saw Steven coming! Steven always said that since smoke rises and he was so tall, that the smoke was worse for him than for normal size people.

It was time for yearbook pictures at school. They always took some gag pictures for the yearbook. The football coach usually had a picture taken of the biggest guy on the team and the smallest. Of course, the biggest was always Steven. Some years they did a pose with the little guy standing in front of Steven, barely coming up above Steven's waistline. This year, Steven had the little guy stand on his hand as he raised him off the ground. Steven stood there with his arm outstretched at waist level with the little guy standing on his hand. The little guy put his hand on Steven's shoulder. They also loaded up a Volkswagen with about 7 or 8 cheerleaders. Since the car was going to have an extra load of cheerleaders, they used a very small car. 4 stood on the running board outside the car. Then Steven lifted the car up over his head. It was a very unusual picture!

Another yearbook shot had Steven standing in his football uniform. He had 2 cheerleaders on each shoulder. His shoulders were so wide, 2 cheerleaders could sit on them comfortably. He then had 3 other cheerleaders sit on each outstretched arm. It was an amazing site to see him standing there with 10 cheerleaders! Well over 1,000 lbs. of cheerleaders!

One day, Steven was backing out of a parking space at the grocery store. He misjudged the distance when backing and just ever so slightly bumped another car in the lot. The owner of the car was in his car at the time and he jumped out of his car and ran over to Steven's car and began banging on the window and yelling. He was a fairly big guy, about 6'3 and 250 lbs. He yelled, "Why don't you watch where you're going you god damn idiot? You stupid ass son of a bitch! Are you blind?" Steven rolled down his window and said, "I'm really sorry mister!" The other guy just continued to rant and rave.

Steven opened his door and began to get out of the car. The other guy stopped ranting and started sputtering when he saw Steven's size 36 foot on the ground and by the time Steven had stood up to his full 7`10", the guy was literally sputtering and gasping for air. "I'm really sorry mister, I really am!" Steven said again. The other guy just stood there with his mouth open. Steven walked back to the rear of the car. His bumper was locked with the other guys. Steven said, "No problem, I'll unhook them." Steven reached under the other guy's car and lifted up the back end with one hand and got the cars unhooked. The other guy just stood there with his mouth open. When Steven got the cars unhooked and set the other car back down, the guy jumped in his car and drove off as fast as he could without ever saying another word!

The kids at school were all shocked one day to learn that the Head Coach had suffered a heart attack and probably wouldn't be back that year. The assistant coach, Mr. Tate, would take over. Steven and Mr. Tate really didn't get along too well, but Steven never really dealt with him that much.

That afternoon in the weight room, Mr. Tate called a meeting. He said the effective immediately, there would be no preferential treatment for anyone. No more spending football practices in the weight room. As he was saying this, he was looking right at Steven. He walked over and tore down the sign Steven had on his weight area. "Put on a shirt Mr. Andrews!" Mr. Tate said. Steven just glared at him. The old coach had assigned somebody to assist Steven when he was weightlifting. They couldn't spot him due to the heavy weights Steven used, but they could hand him towels and water bottles and stuff like that. If Steven needed a heavy workout, since the weights only went up to 2,000 lbs., the coach would get guys to stand on the weights to add extra poundage for Steven. Mr. Tate put an end to all of that!

The next day, when Steven went to take a shower, he found out that they had put in new shower heads, eliminating the 3 head shower that Steven had made for himself by bending the heads into an upward position. He was just starting to bend the heads again when Mr. Tate appeared. "If you so much as touch those heads, I'll have your ass expelled from this school, Mr. Andrews!" said Mr. Tate. Mr. Tate turned and walked into his office. He locked the door behind him. Steven followed him into the office. Steven first tried the door and found it locked. He just applied a little pressure and the lock popped. He walked into Mr. Tate's office. Mr. Tate said, "Don't you understand the meaning of a locked door, Mr. Andrews?" Steven replied, "Hey, when you're as strong as I am, locks aren't too effective!"

"What the hell do you mean by taking out my shower." Steven said. "I'm a hell of a lot taller than anybody else and I need a special shower!" Mr. Tate replied, "I said no preferential treatment and that includes you! Do you need a special interpretation of that sentence? Do I need to say it slower? Are all of you big jocks that dumb?" Steven just glared at him.

Steven stood in front of his desk, totally naked. Steven has long legs due to his height, but they're not extremely long. His inseam was about 45". Steven really did not have a bird like appearance like many tall men do. He had more length in his upper body, which partially accounted for his heavy weight. The upper body weighs more than legs, except in Steven's case, his legs were massive too.

As Steven stood in front of the desk, his 18" dick was dragging across the desk! It knocked over a picture on the desk and brushed up against Mr. Tate's coffee mug. Mr. Tate yelled, "And get that monstrous dick off my desk!" That actually struck Steven as kind of funny. That was the first time anybody had ever told him that!

Now Mr. Tate wasn't too tall, but he had a fairly muscular physique. He was about 5'8" tall and weighed about 180, but he was dwarfed by the totally nude 7'10" 750lb. Steven. Steven said, "Do you realize who you're talking to?" Mr. Tate replied, "Yes, I know you're a big strong stud dude, but I'm in charge now, and what I say goes. That old fart let you do anything you want around here, but things are going to be different now! I don't know if he was afraid of you or what!" Steven started to put his hand around the coach's neck. "If you know what's good for you, you'll take that hand off me. If you so much as touch me, I'll have you expelled so fast it will make your big head spin!" Steven then bent down and picked up the metal desk with his hands on either side. Mr. Tate said "Ooohh look, the musclebound freak is showing off his big muscles. I'm really impressed! He can pick up a desk all by himself!" With that Steven began applying pressure. The desk crumpled in the middle. He kept on crushing it until it was bent in half. Then he turned it and crushed it the other way. When he got done, it was about 1/3 the size it had been.

Mr. Tate said, "That muscle exposition will get you a 1 week suspension from the weight room. Now get out of here, I don't want to see your gigantic ass for 1 week. Put some clothes on and leave now." Steven just glared at him. He took a quick shower, had to squat down to get under the showerhead and dressed and left.

The next night, when Mr. Tate got to the parking lot to drive home, Steven was standing there holding Mr. Tate's car over his head. "What the hell do you think you're doing Mr. Andrews?" Mr. Tate asked. Steven replied, "Well, since I can't come to the weight room, I have to work out these big muscles somehow so here I am. I just hope I'm strong enough to hold this car. You know, I didn't get a work out today." With that, he pretended like he was going to drop the car. "Woah! Almost dropped this pretty little car!" Steven said. "Mr. Andrews, put that car down NOW. And gently too. If there's any damage, you'll never get back into the weight room." Mr. Tate said. Steven said, "I wonder how far I could throw a car. I've never thrown a car before. Maybe we should find out? Maybe we could get it made into an Olympic event? Car Throwing?" "Just put the car down NOW!" Mr. Tate said. Amazingly, Steven set the car down. Steven was kind of impressed. Mr. Tate really didn't seem to be scared of him! Of course it made him mad to be suspended from the weight room, but he had to admire him for being willing to stand up to him! Hardly anybody else did.

The next night, Steven wasn't waiting for Mr. Tate in the parking lot. When Mr. Tate got home, he put his key into the lock and turned the knob. The door promptly fell to the floor. The hinges were ripped out and the lock was broke. Mr. Tate immediately thought that he had been burglarized. He took a quick look in the living room. His couch, chair and piano were missing. In the kitchen, the refrigerator and stove were missing. His desk was missing out of the den. Mr. Tate was just getting ready to pick up the phone to call the police. Then the doorbell rang. It was Mr. Tate's neighbor, Mr. Fouts. Mr. Fouts said, "We were just wondering why your refrigerator, stove, couch, piano and desk were up on the roof?" Mr. Tate ran outside. Sure enough, up on the roof were the things missing from his house. Next to the house was Mr. Tate's aluminum ladder, but it was twisted like a pretzel! There were some enormous foot prints in the dirt next to the house. It took about 6 men to get the stuff off the roof that night. They had to use ropes to lower the stuff.

The next night, when Mr. Tate arrived home, both the front door and back door were completely blocked in by 4 empty commercial dumpsters, stacked 2 high on top of each other. Mr. Tate had to climb in and out through the window until the companies came and got their dumpsters.

The next night, when Mr. Tate arrived home, the 2 large trees in the front yard had been uprooted and were lying across the front of the house. It appeared that the trees had been pulled up by the roots. Another large tree had been uprooted in the backyard and blocked that door. Mr. Tate had to crawl through the window again, as well as hire a tree service to remove the trees.

The next night, Mr. Tate arrived home to find several large boulders in his house. There was one on the couch, one on the easy chair, and one on each of the beds in the house. It was going to be very difficult to get the boulders out of the house without bringing heavy equipment in the house! It would probably take 6 or 7 strong men just to slide the boulders! They had to weigh close to 1,000lbs each! Mr. Tate had to sleep on the floor that night.

The next day during class, Steven got a note to go to the Principal's Office. When he got there, the Principal and Mr. Tate were there. The Principal said, "Well, Mr. Andrews, what do you have to say for yourself?" "About what?" Steven replied. "All of the shenanigans that have been going on every night at Mr. Tate's house!" the Principal said. "I don't have any idea what you're talking about." Steven replied. "Oh come on, Mr. Andrews." said the Principal. "Both you and I know that no normal person could have stacked dumpsters in Mr. Tate's yard as well as pile boulders in his living room as well as uprooted fully grown trees, and carried appliances to the roof!" Steven grinned and said, "Maybe a whole bunch of little guys got together and did all that. A whole herd of munchkins maybe! Just like in 'The Wizard of OZ' or something!" "Let's cut the crap, Mr. Andrews." said the Principal. "We all know that you did it. Nobody else in the world is strong enough to have done it and you know it. Steven said, "So, you're saying I'm the strongest man in the world?" The Principal didn't respond to that, but continued, " Here's the deal. Mr. Tate is willing to lift the suspension and forgive all the other shenanigans, on the condition that you come to his house and remove the boulders from his living room and bed room."

Steven said, "Well, those boulders sure sound heavy. You know, I haven't been working out lately. I might be a little weak." Steven flexed one arm slightly. It made it's usual beach ball size bulge. The Principal replied, "Oh, come on Andrews. You're probably the strongest man in the world." "Probably?" Steven interrupted. The principal continued, "I don't think a few days out of the weight room is going to weaken you too much!" "Well, since I'm the strongest man in the world and one of the tallest, don't you think I might be able to have my special shower heads back? There's a lot of me to wash!" Mr. Tate and the Principal looked at each other and sighed. "OK." said the Principal. "Only this time, we'll have a plumber do it properly." "Rats!" said Steven. "I love the feeling bending metal with my bare hands you know!"

The Principal said, "So we'll expect you to be at Mr. Tate's house after school to remove the boulders." "What's the address and how do I get there?" Steven asked with a grin. The principal just glared at Steven. "I think you know perfectly well how to get there Mr. Andrews. Now shake Mr. Tate's hand and return to class." Steven stuck out his hand. Mr. Tate stuck his hand out very tentatively. Steven grasped it firmly. Mr. Tate's hand completely disappeared inside Steven's massive paw. Shaking Steven's hand brought back memories of being a child and shaking a man's hand to Mr. Tate. Steven just applied enough pressure to make Mr. Tate uncomfortable. Steven continued to increase the pressure gradually.. Just as Mr. Tate's knees began to buckle, Steven said, "Come here and give me a hug, you big lug!" With that he grasped Mr. Tate around his waist with one arm and lifted him up into a bear hug. He pressed him against his chest. Then Steven said, "You too, Mr. Principal!" and he did the same to the principal. He bear hugged them both until they were gasping for air. "Put us down immediately, Mr. Andrews!" the Principal gasped, barely able to talk. Steven dropped them to the floor and turned and to walk out as he said, "I'll see you this afternoon, Mr. Tate."

The Principal and Mr. Tate looked at each other. Mr. Tate said "Well, that went pretty well, don't you think?" "Considering he could have crushed us like a couple of grapes with his bare hands, I guess it did." the Principal replied.

That afternoon Steven went over to Mr. Tate's house. "My, what a lovely house you have here, Mr. Tate. And an interior rock garden. What a novel idea!" Steven said. "Just cut the crap and get those damn boulders out of here!" Mr. Tate replied. "What, these little rocks!" Steven said. He reached down and picked up boulder and hoisted it onto his shoulder. "A big, strong football coach like yourself couldn't lift these. My, I'm surprised!" Mr. Tate said, "Yeah, we all know you're a musclebound freak of nature. Just get those damn rocks out of here!" As we may remember, Steven does not like to be called musclebound. Or freak for that matter. He glared down at Mr. Tate. He still had the boulder on his shoulder and was supporting it with his arm. He then began to flex his bicep. Slowly the boulder began to crumble. It shattered into small pieces on the floor.

"How about I do that do your head?" Steven asked. "Uh, that's OK, I mean no thanks, I mean╝" Mr. Tate stammered. They weren't at school and it was just the 2 of them, man to man. For once, he was afraid of Steven and Steven sensed it too. Steven grabbed him across his stomach and chest with one of his big hands and lifted him up over his head. His back was pressed against the ceiling of the living room. Steven stood there with one hand on his hip. "Listen, Tate," Steven said, "You don't like me, probably because I'm way taller than you and I've got way bigger muscles than you and I'm way stronger than you and my dick is way bigger than yours. I understand, a lot of you little scrawny guys are jealous of me." Mr. Tate started to interrupt. Steven gave his chest a squeeze. Steven continued, "Shut up Tate and listen. I don't like you, you don't like me. I'll make a deal with you, you leave me alone, and I won't crush every bone in your puny body. How's that sound? We'll have gentleman's agreement. I use the term gentleman loosely because there's really only 1 real man here, and I think we know who that is. It's the one of us who doesn't have his back pressed up against the living room ceiling!" With that, Steven let out a loud laugh! Steven then threw Mr. Tate across the room onto the couch.

"Why don't you just sit there quietly while I go ahead and move these boulders! They're pretty heavy you know. Probably around 1,000 lbs. I wouldn't want a little fella like yourself to get hurt! Then Steven laughed again. Steven turned around to pick up another boulder and carry it outside. Mr. Tate jumped off the couch and grabbed a fireplace poker. He came across the room and whacked Steven across the back with it. The poker shook in Mr. Tate's hand. It was just like he had hit it against a wall. Due to Steven's s thickly muscled physique, it felt like getting swatted with a newspaper. Steven turned and glared at Mr. Tate. Mr. Tate started to swing again. Steven caught the poker with his free hand and ripped it out of his hand. Steven dropped the boulder off his shoulder and it crashed to the floor. The floor buckled under the weight of the boulder crashing down. Steven put his foot on the boulder and pushed. The boulder then fell into the basement, leaving a huge hole in the floor. Steven than grasped the poker in both hands and bent it into a circular shape. •

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