Chris Joins the Polo Club


By Polodude

"Fuck," Brandon muttered under his breath. He’d left his wallet at the gym. Already the sun was going down as the other guys headed to the dining hall at Halston Prep after a grueling practice. Long shadows from the trees and buildings stretched before him on thepath as Brandon hurried back to the fieldhouse through the crisp fall air.

The locker room was empty—thank God is was unlocked. Only the nighttime fluorescent was on. The smell of sweat pervaded the room. A sock was on the floor, some paper towels. Brandon hoped it was still in his locker.

"Phew!" he said, grabbing his wallet.

Brandon was on the tennis and track teams—a sophomore at Halston, he was a terrific athlete and star student. He was so serious about his sports and homework that he didn’t take a lot of time for friends. His lean, hard body was slim and toned. He came from a rich family from Connecticut and looked every bit the New England WASP. He was blonde with blue eyes, and dressed like a total preppy jock. He was wearing a white Ralph Lauren polo shirt with a blue polo logo, underneath his blue Patagonia fleece, khakis, and tennis shoes.

"I gotta take a piss," he thought, and headed to the bathroom. As he approached the stalls, he noticed a noise from the shower area. It sounded like low voices, or chanting. He soundlessly headed toward the shower room to see who was in there after hours.

Brandon froze at what he saw. About eight or ten guys were standing in a circle, stroking off. It was a circle jerk! He almost laughed, but kept his mouth shut. For some reason, his cock started to get hard—he’d always wanted to try a circle jerk but never had the chance. He had always thought it would be cool to jerk off with other dudes, but didn’t want to ask anyone, because he thought they’d make fun of him or think he was gay.

Turning to go, he let out a yelp when a hand grabbed him in a headlock from behind.

"Where you think you’re going, Brandon?"

It was Tucker, the captain of the lacrosse team. His huge, buff bicep gripped Brandon tightly with its awesome power. Brandon could feel his back against Tucker’s hard, ripped pecs and chiseled abs, and his boner got harder. He could feel Tucker’s hard, erect cock in through his khakis pressed against his ass.

"You think you can just wear Polo around dude? That’s not cool. You’re not a member, bro."

"Please, guys, I didn’t see anything. I swear," Brandon pleaded. "It’s cool, I do it all the time too."

"You’re wearing POLO, dude," said Tucker with a commanding voice. "You can’t wear Polo at this school unless you’re a member."

"Polo? Ok, ok, sorry dude," Brandon whispered as Tucker’s grip tightened, dragging him into the middle of the circle.

It was then that in the dim light, Brandon saw the other guys. All the guys were extremely built, buff, and cut, and wearing Ralph Lauren polo shirts, with their collars up and their biceps bugling against the rings on the sleeves! He notices a couple of the new freshmen, and couldn’t fathom how they had gotten so buff so quickly, since a few weeks before they had been smaller and weaker than himself.

"What the f—"

Before he could speak, Brandon felt his khakis being pulled down and Tucker’s cock entering him from behind. "POLO!" shouted Tucker as he began pumping Brandon.

Brandon yelled in pain, but the intense stabbing feeling gave way to waves of unbelievable pleasure as Tucker’s huge cock pumped in and out of his virgin ass. All of the dudes in the circle were stroking themselves as they watched the muscle-fuck, chanting in low voices, "Polo, Polo, Polo, Polo…"

"Do you accept the power??!" Tucker yelled to Brandon as he fucked him.

"Yes! Yes!" Brandon moaned.

"Say it dude," Tucker growled. "Say that you’re gonna work out, get buff, get huge and wear ONLY POLO."

"Yeah, Polo, Polo! Fuck me Tucker. Make me huge, dude!!"

"GROW!" Tucker commanded as he shot his huge, hot load up inside Brandon. Brandon felt the hot spunk shot inside him, quickly giving way to a boiling feeling in his abdomen and stomach. Then all his muscles began to burn.

"Dude—what’s happening to me?"

"It is the becoming," said Chris, a freshman who Brandon recognized from his dorm hall. "You are now becoming a Polo dude. Feels good, doesn’t it?" Chris said with a smirk, his own muscles ripped and bulging.

Tucker felt his pecs and shoulders begin to bulge hard against his Polo as his muscles grew thicker and more ripped. "Fuck yeah!" he shouted. "POLO!" as a huge load of white spunk shot out of his cock.

He joined the circle and all of them began stroking in unison. All of the dudes were buff jocks, dressed the same in their hot, preppy Polo shirts, muscles bulging, nipples straining against the polo logo, white baseball caps on backwards, their thick necks caressed by their upturned collars, ripped abs hidden under their shirt fronts, bicep veins stretching against the sleeves.

"Polo, Polo Polo! Power, Power, Power!" They chanted, as they all shot their huge loads of spunk into the center of the shower room, cumming and growing.

Brandon now knew who he was. He knew that he belonged. "FUCK YEAH! POLO!" •

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