Chris Joins the Polo Club


By Polodude

Chris looked around the basement. There was an assortment of gym equipment—mostly heavy plate-loaded machines, as well as the racks, barbells, and benches that bodybuilders used. And there were a lot of very heavy freeweights. There were about 14 guys in the room, working out hard on the weights, each with a workout partner. There were a couple more huge seniors filtering around the room like coaches, adding words of encouragement and shouting stuff like, "Fucking huge, man!" and "Lock it out!"

One thing Chris noticed that was strange was that all the guys were wearing Polo. Whether it was rugby’s, oxfords, or polos, each one of them had on the preppy styles that were so popular among the jocks and athletes at Haltson. Chris looked over at Tyler, the freshman from his hallway who he’d seen earlier that day. Tyler was on an incline press, pushing what must have been about 275lbs, while one of the seniors barked at him from behind: "Push it dude, Polo dude! Gotta grow!" "Do it!" Tyler groaned and his pecs bulged out of his preppy polo shirt, his erect nipples showing through. The left nipple pushed next to the Polo logo. Chris was beginning to get really turned on. He was wearing Polo, his roommate Justin was, and so were all these hot preppy, guys.

"Dudes, if you want to be part of the Polo Muscle club, then you gotta get initiated," a voice spoke from behind them. It was Tucker, the hot blonde lacrosse captain.

"Yeah, man," they said. They went to the back of the gym and Tucker stopped them at the top of a staircase.

"If you want to receive the power and become part of the Polo Club, you have to wear only Polo. Once you join, you can never go back. Do you accept the power?" "Yes," the boys said, excited and scared.

Tucker led Justin and Chris to a subbasement room, near the boiler and electric room of the dormitory. Two other huge jock guys followed them.

They were both totally hard, and trying hard to hide their erections.

In the room was a machine. It had electrodes, and a skull cap that fit like a helmet. On the armrests were straps, and on the seat was a big metal rod. It looked like an electric chair.

"What the fuck?" Chris whispered to Justin.

"Shut up, dude," Justin said.

They both freaked out. Chris ran for the door, with Justin tried to follow him. The seniors grabbed Chris and held him, while Tucker forced Justin into the chair, strapping him in.

"This will only take a second," said Tucker. "If you relax, it feels amazing. If you resist, it’s painful."

He pulled down Justin’s khaki’s and lubed up the metal rod on the seat. "Please fuck!! No!! Oh shit!!! Oh my god!!! Stop!!!!" Justin was screaming in fear. Chris was silent, totally scared and not knowing what to do.

Tucker then eased Justin onto the rod. The chair was designed so it forced the rod to remain in Justin’s ass. Then Tucker threw on the power switch.

The machine started humming and moving back and forth in a rhythmic way, pumping the metal electrode in and out of Justin’s tight, virgin ass. He was yelling in pain, and kept groaning. "Chris, help me dude!!!!"

Tucker pressed a lever and a syringe with a clear liquid in it automatically injected Justin in the thigh through his khakis.

Suddenly a calm, focused look came over Justin’s face as he relaxed into the power of the machine. He gripped the two handlebars on the machine and turned to Tucker. "Turn it up, dude. More power."

Tucker grinned, and the two seniors holding Chris smiled. "Fuck yeah," said one." "Fuckin awesome muscle. Polo, dude," said the other.

Justin was still wearing Chris’ oxford that he borrowed upstairs. Justin was taller than Chris, but skinnier, and the shirt was too big for him by about 3 sizes. It looked baggy. As the power from the machine surged through Justin’s body, his muscles began to grow. His biceps began to strain against the fabric, and his thickening back and chest bulged out of the front of the shirt. The pecs strained against the buttons and the polo player logo and were almost bursting out of the shirt.

"Polo dude. Polo. Awesome," whispered Justin. "More power."

Tucker turned the machine up to the maximum and the metal rod slid in and out of Justin’s ass faster and faster. His muscle got bigger, denser, and more cut. Justin moaned in pleasure and then groaned as he shot load after load of ropy, white cum across the room.

"POLO!!!!" he shouted as he flexed and came. His skinny body had been replaced by thick ripped muscle, and Justin was now almost unrecognizable. He looked like an awesome prepster jock stud.

Tucker released Justin from the machine, and Justin zipped up his fly. He had an arrogant smirk on his face as he flexed his muscles. Chris touched the Polo logo on the front of his friend’s shirt. "Polo, dude. Awesome jock stud. Thick muscle. Fuck yeah."

Tucker wiped down the machine with alcohol and put the power source on recharge.

Chris had already shot his load into his tighty whities. Tucker brought him to the machine and Chris looked him into the eyes.

"Tucker, dude, I want it. Take me all the way. I want to be a Polo muscle god. Make me HUGE. Give me the MAXIMUM POWER."

Tucker smirked, "Fine, little dude. We’ll see how much you can take."

Tucker removed the metal rod from the seat of the machine and replaced it with another one that was much bigger. He made a few adjustments to the machine. Then he replaced the disposable needle, and filled the needle with a blue liquid.

Chris was lowered onto the machine. The metal was cold but slippery with lube. He became hyper-aware of his skinny body, his weak muscles, and the way his polo shirt drooped on him, his chest flat and his arms like sticks.

Tucker flipped the power switch.

Chris let out a huge moan of agony as the rod began ramming itself deep into his ass. Tucker turned up the collar on Chris’ polo and said, "Get into it dude, let the power in you. Polo, dude!"

Chris gripped the handlebars in pain and felt the power surge through him. It felt like being really sore from pulling a muscle, except is was all his muscles. The pain was overwhelming. This feeling was mixed with a horrible burning in his muscles. Tears streamed down his face, and through them Chris could see the other guys in the room, including his roommate, cheering him on, their ripped athletic bodies bulging against their Ralph Lauren shirts. "I’ll never get big," Chris thought to himself, "It’s not gonna work. I’m never gonna be like those guys."

"Do you want it? Do you want it dude?" Tucker shouted?

"Yeah…" whimpered Chris.

"Do you want to become a Polo dude? Do you want to become one of us?"

"Yeah…" Chris was weak, and his voice faltered.

"Then say it, bro. Say it."

"I wanna get big," said Chris, in agony from the huge piston pumping in and out of his ass.

"What?" Tucker shouted.

"I wanna get huge. I wanna get fuckin’ huge dude," Chris said, defeated.

"I don’t believe you!!!" Tucker smirked as he pressed a button. The syringe injected the blue liquid into Chris’ skinny thigh.

A sudden rush of energy surged in Chris. He felt fucking horny, and needed to move his body. He gripped the handles of the machine. "What’s happening man?" Chris gasped. "Holy shit, what’s happening to me?"

Tucker cranked the power up to maximum, and then opened a small red panel in the side of the machine. A red switch was there and he flipped the switch. The lights in the room browned out as the machine vibrated and shuddered.

"FUCK YEAH!!!!" shouted Chris, shooting his load twenty feet across the room against the cement wall. "POWER!!!!!"

Chris’ muscles swelled against his pink Ralph Lauren shirt. He felt his pecs swell, bulging through his preppy polo.

"Dude, you’re getting HUGE!" Justin shouted.

Chris felt the cum well up at the base of his cock and shoot out again in huge waves of pleasure.

"You will get ripped. You will bulk up. You will get buff. You will get cut. You will wear only Polo," said Tucker in a clear, focused voice.

"Awesome," Chris said, shooting and growing. "FUCK YEAH!"

By now, all the dudes who had been working out upstairs had gathered down in the small electrical room to watch Chris’ transformation. They were all hot athletic dudes, at various levels of muscularity, but all wore Polo oxfords, rugby’s, or polo shirts. Chris looked across the room at all the studs who had gathered to see his new body grow.

Many of them had their dicks in their hands and were stroking themselves, as a chant began in unison, "Polo, Polo, Polo…"

Justin smiled at Chris and said, "You look amazing, bro. Your muscles are incredible. You're so fucking buff."

Chris was released from the machine and felt his new massive body. He was as big, or bigger, than the senior dudes, but as a freshman, his face was younger and more boyish. He could see the veins in his arms and felt the striations and cuts of his enormous pecs straining against his polo shirt. His traps bulged out, his glutes were bulging so much it was difficult to pull his khakis back up. His collar was turned up and his white baseball cap was on backwards. His cut triceps and bulging biceps stretched against the sleeves of his polo. Lifting the shirt, he saw his new abs ripped like a washboard and his blonde treasure trail leading down to his package, which had definitely also grown.

The other dudes were overwhelmed by this new muscle stud and started shooting off one by one as they continued the Polo chant.

"Welcome to the Polo club, dude," said Tucker, feeling Chris’ new pecs and his hard muscular ass.

"Polo, dudes! Fuckin’ awesome!" he shouted to the other guys with a smirk. "POLO!"

Chris shot his load again and shouted "FUCK YEAH! POLO!" •

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