Chris Joins the Polo Club


By Polodude

Chris grinned as he checked out his new body in the mirror. His striated, thick forearms swollen with muscle, and his biceps bulging like softballs out of his Ralph Lauren polo shirt. He looked like a prepster jock stud, his massive, defined pecs ramming themselves out of his shirt-front, his ripped legs straining against his khaki.

“Fuck, dude, I’m so awesome,” he whispered to himself as he started to stroke his 8 inch cock. He lifted his shirt with his other hand and stared at his chiseled 8-pack under his preppy shirt…

He pumped himself faster and faster, mesmerized by his boyish good looks, his preppy clothes, and ripped, bulging, striated muscles.

“FUCK YEAH! POLO!” He shouted as he shot fountains of cum against the mirror. •

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