By Muscl4life

Hey guys! I wanna apologize to those who kindly emailed me giving me excellent feedback on my story “Journal of a Lab assistant”, I just couldn’t answer you, due to a major computer problem I’ve just passed through! Anyway, I wanna thank you and say that part 2 is on its way (and YES, Terry will get to grow too!). Meanwhile, I give you the third part of this love story from Deadlifter and myself. It feels so good that you are enjoying it! So let’s take another look at our boys!

Back at the hut, Tommy had awaken before sunrise, very eager to see a bigger Ben arriving from his night away. But as time passed there was no sign of his beloved brother! What could have happened? The sun had risen and still Ben wasn’t here! Tommy searched around to see if Ben hadn’t already returned, but saw no sign of him, even in the exercise area. Tommy was getting worried. What if Ben needed help? Tommy tried to clear such thoughts from his mind, but they wouldn’t leave. Tommy decided he would find his way to the other side of the mountain and look for Ben there. He grabbed his hunting gear and entered the forest the same way Ben did whenever he left. The forest was dense, but Tommy was a skilled jungle man himself, he could easily find his way. But almost two hours later, Tommy found himself lost in what was by far the thickest part of the jungle he’d ever seen and now wondered if he’d find the way back. “BEN! BEN! WHERE ARE YOU?” Tommy kept calling for his brother, praying to find him soon – or rather, that Ben would find him. It was then he heard something moving behind the bushes. Tommy grew frightened as the movement got closer and closer and started running for his own safety. Finally he caught a glimpse of his predator through the bushes, still some distance away – a huge spotted jungle cat. He knew that climbing even the tallest tree wouldn’t help – not against a hungry, nimble cat for whom the trees were home. Then he looked up and saw the mountain! Perhaps he could find shelter among the huge rocks. Tommy climbed as fast as he could, but the animal kept up easily, climbing up even higher than Tommy, as if anticipating his intent. Suddenly the panther was stealthily inching his way down towards him! He only had time to enter a small crack in the massive rock, which widened slightly once he squeezed through. Tommy entered the tiny cave and squeezed himself as far back as possible. The animal tried to reach him with his claws, but couldn’t. Tommy managed to stay as quiet as possible and waited until the beast left. But he had no time to get out of there. The cat had climbed up over the entrance to Tommy’s cave. It was a very steep area loosely covered with huge boulders. By chance, he dislodged one preciously balanced boulder which started a small avalanche. Tommy felt the whole mountain trembling as rocks rolled down the side, and in just a few brief moments, the tiny entrance was closed by tons of solid rock! Tommy couldn’t see anything, he knew he didn’t have much air in the small cavity, but since he didn’t expect to get any help, he started trying to dig his way out. Some of the rocks were small enough to move, but most were too heavy, but he wasn’t gong to just sit there and die without trying, so he kept trying. While struggling with the rock, he couldn’t shake the feeling that Ben was nearby, so he started calling out for him as he worked. After a while, he realized that air must be getting in somehow, so he kept on working as hard as he could, and started calling even louder. At his size, making his way through the forest was pretty easy, and it didn’t take Ben long to get close to home. He slowed down, enjoying the ease of travel in his new body, but then sensed that something was wrong in the forest. He closed his eyes, and with his Huwana’s keen senses, he felt like he could hear almost all sounds coming from the forest; he could even focus in on certain sounds and all but “see” what was happening there. And suddenly, even knowing that nothing in the forest could harm him, the new ‘protector,’ he was very frightened, because he knew Tommy was in trouble! His instincts directed him through the forest, following no trail, straight for his brother.

The giant, black, overly muscled teen saw the panther nearly catch his brother just as he disappeared into the crack in the rock. His heart skipped a beat or two, until he realized the panther couldn’t easily reach Tommy. Ben scrambled up the mountainside with an agility even he couldn’t realize he had. He’d gotten above the cave entrance and was about to display his wrath to the panther when he heard the avalanche begin. Ben only had time to jump back from the path of falling rock to protect himself. When he boulders stopped rolling, the hole Tommy had entered was covered by a mass of rocks of all sizes which rolled from higher up the mountain. Ben’s spine froze. Tommy was trapped inside and probably couldn’t breathe for much longer! The Huwana climbed across the rockfall and found several huge boulders covering the entrance; he didn’t see any spaces through which air could enter! Ben started frantically pulling way the debris but soon reach a few boulders wedged so tightly in the crevice that he couldn’t seem to budge them. Stopping to assess the situation, Ben heard Tommy’s coughing, and his heart beat fast with hope. “TOMMY! TOMMY, ARE YOU ALRIGHT?” Ben’s powerful voice echoed around the forest. Ben was imagining the worst, but then he heard Tommy’s voice – weak, but he could talk. “Ben! I knew you’d find me somehow. Yeah. I’m okay, but I can’t get out!” Just hearing his brother’s voice filled his heart wit such happiness and love that he knew he could never stay apart from Tommy for long, or keep him apart from his new life forever.

Ben tried to make a small joke about the situation to ease Tommy’s mind: “What’s the matter, Bro -- can’t you move a few little rocks?” Tommy didn’t say anything. “Tommy?” Uncertainly, Tommy responded, “Yeah?” Ben still tried to be light-hearted. “Don’t worry, little brother; Big Brother is here to rescue you!” Ben double checked the rock, but it was really stuck. He couldn’t push them out of the way, and he was afraid he was running out of time. “TOMMY. Move back as far as you can!” Ben said and prepared his fist to the blow. “OK,” he heard from within. “Here goes!” With the agility of an expert kick-boxer, Ben used the power of his massive thighs to drive his foot into the biggest visible boulder. The blow was so hard it sounded like dynamite exploding, and produced a series of cracks across the face of the huge, solid rock. One more powerful blow turned most of the rock into a pile of rubble at Ben’s feet. “Hey, partner. Ya OK?” “Yeah, Ben.” A blow from the other foot cracked the second boulder, and then, deciding his fist was as hard as the rock, leveled a pair of powerful punches at the weakened boulder, all but disintegrating it and allowing light into the cave. Imagining that Ben was somehow breaking up the rock with his bare hands, but really not believing it possible, Tommy’s cock went fully hard at the thought. Suddenly, he saw light, and then his brother’s eyes. “He looks like he’s just conquered a mountain,” Tommy thought to himself. “DON’T WORRY LITTLE BRO! I’LL TAKE YOU OUT OF THERE! JUST STAY BACK!” The last huge chunk of solid granite was now lose in the fissure, so Ben grabbed it from the top and started to pull. As Tommy squeezed back away from the entrance, he noticed the whole rock was beginning to roll way from the entrance. How was Ben doing that, he wondered? And then the entire rock, which he though must weight several tons, began to lift from the ground – enough that he could see a pair of enormous feet under the rock. As he stared, the rock began to turn, until an inhumanly huge, black-as-onyx man came into view, a man who would totally dwarf his own huge brother, a man who was HOLDING THE WHOLE FUCKIN’ ROCK UP IN THE AIR WITH THIS BARE HANDS!! And what’s more, the man looked like – no, it couldn’t be… “Ben?” The face turned towards him – It WAS!! – the behemoth gave a huge smile full of pure white teeth, then turned back to his work, and with a huge effort hefted the massive rock to shoulder level, squatted down slightly, paused briefly as Tommy watched this massive, black giant take a huge breath, flex his already huge arms and thighs even bigger, and then with a huge, roaring grunt, pushed the gigantic boulder up and out, down the mountainside! Having decided that this really was Ben – somehow – Tommy tried to walk out to see him, but a badly twisted ankle gave way. He would have tumbled down the mountain had Ben not already been at his side to catch him and lift him up. Tommy was obviously pretty weak. His hands and forearms were scraped and bloodied from his efforts to dig his way out, and he was clearly exhausted from his efforts. “Tommy. What’s wrong? Is your ankle broken?” Tommy didn’t hear a thing Ben said; he was too overwhelmed by what his brother had become. He was used to being held by his massive brother, but it never felt like THIS! He felt like he was almost engulfed by one of his brother’s single giant arms, which was the only thing holding him up. The thickness of the arms, OF THE CHEST!!, the cable-like corded muscles – they were almost freaky they were so big. His brother must be much taller now. He wondered if his head would even reach the bottom of his pecs. His head weaving with weariness, weakness and confusion, Tommy looked at this brother and asked, “What happ…? …how did you…? Are you really…, my broth….?” and he drifted off to sleep. Ben started talking to himself. “ The ankle. We’ve gotta take care of it!” He ran home with Tommy in his arms, well, just one arm actually, being so huge now; he held Tommy sitting on his right forearm, leaning back against his huge biceps, and vanished into the jungle. In his haste, Ben entered the hut so fast, he forgot all about his growth, and literally demolished the front wall on his way in. “Oh well, I’ll fix that later. Right now, let me take a look at that ankle,” Tommy awoke slightly, saw that his brother was still a giant, but said nothing -- he could only stare in wonder. The huge brother, gently checked Tommy’s swelled ankle. “It doesn’t seem broken to me, I know how to make an unguent to heal this really fast!” The giant teen went outside and returned with some leaves in his enormous hands. He gave Tommy two or three leaves to chew, and then grabbed the rest and easily squeezed them to extract their strong, pungent oils to rub over Tommy’s wound. “You’ll be good again in no time,” Ben said, finally sitting on the ground, gently lowering Tommy with him into his lap. “Now you rest here with me. The medicine will start to work soon, and make sure you have a real good rest. Ben looked after his brother like he never had before, and even in his state, being held by so much brotherly muscle was a real turn-on, and his cock was hard once again -- too hard, and too big for Ben to miss. But he was too sleepy to worry about it. Finally giving up, he fell asleep on his brother’s lap. Ben looked at the beauty of his blond brother sleeping in his lap, saw his hard sex, thought about making love with his own brother, and his own cock went hard in no time. Being away from the Kutur, the size struck him hard for the first time. He was awed by his own meat. “MAN! This thing is fucking ENORMOUS!” he whispered to no one in particular. “It’s got to be over three feet long -- and thicker than Tommy’s legs!” Ben just smiled. “Don’t worry Tommy, you won’t have to deal with that!” Still enjoying the view of his brother’s erection, he reached over and gently caressed the head with his thumb and forefinger, encouraging out a little precum, which he spread lightly around. “So fucking perfect!” Ben whispered as Tommy slept soundly on.

Tommy awoke with a start. “Had it all been a dream?” He twitched his ankle. “Ow!” - still sore. He looked towards the door - Gone! Along with much of the wall. “Then it’s true,” he breathed, mostly to himself, still not really sure….”Ben! Where… Oh!” There he was -- right here next to him. “OH!” he repeated, loudly this time, in recognition of what he was looking at, followed by “OW!” as he jumped up to get a better look, hurting his ankle again, His jaw dropped as he stared, his gaze slowly drifting from body part to body part, his mind refusing to accept what he saw. He saw the BULK, the SIZE, the MASS, the MUSCLE, and the POWER. He saw the new, improved Ben -- an impossibly BIG Ben. The mere sight of him was overwhelming, so much muscle in just one person.

As he drank in the beauty that was his brother, Ben awoke, and saw Tommy staring down at him. At least he didn’t look afraid. No, he looked more, well.., peaceful? Determined? A man who had come to a decision? Whatever he saw, he decided he needed to do some explaining, so he stood up quickly and said, “Tommy, I need to…” No.” “But you must be…” “NO! … It’s just….” It was just that although most of Tommy knew that the huge black figure standing there was truly Ben, but still, there was a part of him that wanted…, needed, to touch…, to feel, to be sure. But where to start…; there was so much of him! But the centerpiece of the godly male physique, both literally and figuratively, was, of course, the seat of Ben’s manliness-, the thick masterpiece of manhood dangling slightly off-center, lazily pointing to the ground. So Tommy walked a step or two closer, reached out and placed his hands around the huge relaxed man-log as if to grab it – but did not. Tommy felt uncertainty. He was more that a little familiar with this brother’s cock, and totally comfortable with touching it, but this? This example of prime man-meat, fully relaxed, was about as long – and thicker – than the hard, muscular, aroused rod he had caressed with self-assured familiarity only two nights ago – was it really the same one? Would the black giant attached to this cock object if I touched it? His hands were shaking – trying to grab it – and trying not to. Uncertainty won out, and Tommy dropped his hands to his sides, his eyes still fixed on the huge object of his lust, breathing heavily with the exertion of his decision. The look of worry and concern on his face drove Ben to ask, “What’s wrong, Tommy?” After a pause, he looked up at Ben. Still unsure of himself, he said, “….I need to know….” He stepped a bit closer, reached up, and pushed his index finger straight into one of the muscle-sided valleys running across the abdominal wall in front of him; his finger almost disappeared up to the second knuckle. Slowly shaking his head in renewed disbelief, he then ran his fingers along one ridge of thick, hard abs muscle, traced down through one valley to next lower ridge and traced back the other way. “My brother left here yesterday. I knew him – his body – very well.” He let his fingers slip down along the skin, skirting the edge of the pubic area and continuing down to the thigh. He looked up and stared deeply into Ben’s eyes. ”Today someone …. I think he’s my brother… came back to me.” Tommy moved around to the side, placed one hand on the frontal obliques, the other on the spinal erectors of the lower back, and began to slowly moved his hands down through the groin on the front side, and over one huge, hard mound of glute muscle in the rear, saying, “I need to reacquaint myself with him,” as he did. The first change Tommy noticed, beyond the obviously greater size and mass, was the hardness; if Ben was quite solid before, he was even more so now. As he moved his hands across the deeply striated muscle fibers of the high, wide, rounded butt cheek, he felt like his fingers were sliding across polished stone, and when he drummed his finger tips against the thickest part of the glute muscle – once again, it was like a rock. Tommy moved around to the back, placing the fingers of his right hand at the top of the deep glute cleavage, the other hand over the hip, and gently “whispered” his fingers down the steep-sided valley of the massive ass, making Ben’s whole body shudder as he did that, and through the bowl-shaped depression on the outside of the muscle-cheek. He kept sliding downward, fully extending his fingers and thumbs as if trying to encompass the mass of thigh muscle in front of him, but of course, the hard, deeply-etched 60-inch “tree trunk” made that quite impossible. He stopped at the widest part and tied to shove his fingers between the thighs as if reaching for the giant’s balls, but he couldn’t; there was no space there. Ben obligingly spread his legs slightly to accommodate his brothers probing hand. He stood there quietly, with his palms on opposite sides of his brothers leg, taking in the expanse of the muscle. He realized that in order to hold onto the thigh in this way, his arms weren’t straight out in front of him – he actually had to spread them out! “Holy, f…! That leg is thicker than my entire body!” In fact, quite a log thicker. Somewhat awed by that realization, Tommy stared fixedly at the thick, bulging leg biceps between his thumbs as his brain digested this bit of data. Without any real forethought, he squeezed the huge thigh between his hands. Nothing moved. “Hm-m-m, must not have pressed very hard…,” so he playfully thought, pushed his palms together as hard as he could, thinking he’d surprise Ben and make him ‘jump’ a little bit – not a twitch. Not a dent. “Whoa,” Tommy thought – “he was never THIS hard!” He continued squeezing fairly hard, and after closing his eyes to better focus on the amazing muscle between his hands, he realized how “alive” those muscles were – so hard and yet, with every breath, with even the slightest shift in weight, they responded, the ripples of shifting bulges easily felt through his hands. They might have been smooth boulders changing shape as he held onto them.

The he felt something else hard; it was pressing against his dick. He looked down – and had to chuckle: he’d sure gotten that one wrong. He hadn’t realized how his body was reacting to all that muscle – his cock was butting up against the low end of Ben’s thick, bulging hamstring muscle, just where it jutted out from the thigh, and it was insistently pushing harder and harder. Just because it felt good, Tommy gave himself a good strong flex, making the tip of his dick slide around to one side of the hard mound of muscle, and once freed, it flipped up, smacking Tommy squarely in his abs. Smiling happily at the strength of his erection, the next step was inevitable – he pulled himself closer in, crushing his cock up against the rippling thigh, and moved himself up and down, desperately wanting to feel the hardness of Ben’s body against his suddenly very needy cock. Unnoticed by Tommy, Ben was reacting equally strongly. The moment Tommy’s cock touched his leg, Ben knew what it was. He’d been having enough trouble as it was keeping himself ‘down,’ but as soon as he knew how Tommy was reacting, there was no stopping his own body from doing the same. And once Tommy started masturbating on his thing, Ben couldn’t resist running his own fingers up and down his highly aroused member in time with Tommy’s motions. Luckily, Tommy soon stopped, and somehow, so did he.

He thought he was safe from cumming for now, until Tommy decided to investigate his back. He centered himself on Ben, who went quite stiff, fearing that Tommy would soon be planting his perfect, hard, young teen cock directly into this ass crack, but as luck would have it, he was too tall, and even Tommy’s upward-pointing nine-inch meat didn’t quite reach up high enough (“Thank God,” shuddered Ben) – not high enough, that is, until Tommy stood on his tip-toes to run his hands over the large pile of trap muscle trussing up Ben’s neck, and as he s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d up …just a … bit … unh – more! To reach out to those multi-bulged mounds of delt muscle, the head of his cock found itself fully inserted into the lower end of Ben’s cock-hungry valley, not so far from a certain exotic flower that Ben truly wanted Tommy to fertilize for him. But lucky for him, he reacted instinctively by clamping down on the large but more-or-less normal sized cock with his very massive, very strong, and as yet untested ass muscles, and unthinkingly crunched a bit too hard, making Tommy yelp in pain. Ben immediately relaxed, allowing Tommy to pull out. He spun quickly around, grabbed his brother by the shoulders, and with a voice full of concern and apology said, “Tommy – I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to…” Tommy cut him short. Looking him straight in the eyes, he said, “Ben! – It’s okay…, it….” Now Tommy was cut short – not by Ben, exactly, but by his mammoth erection, which, because it had softened a bit when Tommy’s scream frightened Ben, and because Ben was leaning over while holding onto Tommy’s shoulders, was positioned squarely in front of Tommy’s face. It had suddenly registered to Tommy that he was staring down at the tip of his brother’s cock, a tip already well-coated in pre-cum, whose scent was being greedily inhaled by Tommy’s nose – now barely an inch or two away. For the first time in his life, the idea of licking up Ben’s cum seemed pretty attractive. Tommy was so still that Ben was getting more concerned: “Tommy?” – shaking him slightly by the shoulders. “Uh-h-h, yeah, uh, it didn’t really hurt – well, not too much, anyway. You surprised me, that’s all.” Giving it further thought, he said, somewhat shyly, “Mostly it felt …” and here he looked down at his feet… - “Mostly it felt wonderful.”

Ben was on Cloud Nine. Make that number eleven - or thirty-six , or …he was ecstatic! Every instinct at that moment was to show Tommy how much he loved him by taking every bit that was inside of him and express it physically; he wanted to pull Tommy to the ground on top of him and give Tommy every sort of pleasure he could think of…, but once again -- he dared not. “Damn Ruthar!” he cursed to himself. Not knowing what to do next, all he did was say, “I’m glad.”

On the other hand, Tommy had his own ideas of what should happen next. “Lie down.” “What?” “On your back -- lie down.” “Christ!- Did he read my mind?”

“I want to do what I do every night - lie on your stomach and play with your nipples You always loved that.” “Whoops! - looks like he did --- I guess if I just lie there, it’ll be all right,” imagined Ben as he got into position. “Um-m. - little problem here,” said Tommy.” It was a big problem, actually - one that was about 34-inches long and 7 or 8 inches thick. Normally Ben had his dick in low gear at the start of these sessions - it wasn’t going to happen today. “I can’t make it go down -- just lie off to one side. In fact, since Ben was fully twice as wide as Tommy, there was ample room for Tommy to lie flat on one side of the non-deflating cock and focus exclusively on one pec - and one nipple, and since Ben’s nipples seemed to be connected directly to his cock, the more Tommy played, the harder Ben got, and he was soon moaning and hissing and twitching all over the place trying to keep his throbbing missile launcher from going off, and trying very hard to not touch himself. In spite of his efforts, his cock, which was NOT worried about Ruthar, had started flowing grandly, and a large pool had formed at the base of Ben’s neck. So far, Tommy had ignored it. About when Ben was on the verge of exploding, Tommy stopped to switch nipples. First he just propped himself up on his left side and reached across the pulsating cock to the left pec, which put him face-to-slimy-cock-head, which he did lick a few times before deciding that this was pretty awkward; besides, he had a better idea. He decided that he wanted to get on top of his brother’s immense cock so he could have access to both nipples simultaneously. But first Tommy thought to himself, “Hm-m-m-m...., some lube would be nice…” Getting up on his knees, Tommy reached out and scooped up a double handfull of the pooled precum, dropped it squarely on top of the taut, pulsating log in front of him and using his palms, spread the thick, slippery fluid over the entire upper surface. Ben inhaled sharply and audibly, and jolted strongly, nearly dislodging Tommy from his kneeling position on his abs, but Tommy simply kept a firm grip on Ben’s rigidly immobile cock and never stopped stroking. “Jesus, Tommy, you’d better stop that or I’m gonna…” “OK, OK -- I’m done anyway.” But what followed was even better - or, actually, much worse for Ben’s efforts at maintaining control. Tommy moved above the slick, warm, leaking part of Ben’s anatomy so that he was on his hands and knees straddling the huge dick, his own hard tool pressing against the base of Ben’s. With each hand pressing hard against one nipple, he looked down at his brother.. Higher up, Ben was too lost in his efforts at self control to have noticed Tommy’s first few tastes of him, but he did notice the shift of position. Opening his eyes, he found himself staring up at two mischievous eyes above a very broad smile. “Uh-oh-h-h,” thought Ben. “Whadda you have in mind,” he asked? Mischievous turned to malicious. “Oh, nuthin’,” said Tommy as he put his full weight on Ben’s right pec and then made a fist, squeezing the nipple as hard as he could. Ben yelped, and of course flexed his dick, but Tommy was ready for this; his other palm was in place to catch the surge of fresh precum, which he then spread slowly over the sensitive upper surface of Ben’s highly aroused meat, taking the time to move his slick palm up and down over the relatively spongy ‘special’ spot., “Unh! .. uh-h-h-h…, Tommy -- Stop!” -before completing the journey to where his own firm balls rested on top of Ben. “Okay, okay,” said Tommy, sounding impatient. “This’ll be more fun anyway,” he said as he lowered himself slightly, making full body contact with Ben’s cock and started sliding himself back and forth along the cum-slicked runway. Ben was getting close -- much too close. “Jesus, Tommy -- what are you doing to me? Unnn.., I can’t… unh! … hold off much…, Oh-h-h.., shit! …” “What’s the matter, “ teased Tommy as he pressed his full weight onto Ben’s pulsating, drooling rod, “. my big, tough brother can’t control his own cock?” Tommy knew full well that Ben always resisted cumming and didn’t know why, but Ben HAD said it was normal and healthy, so Tommy figured it was his brotherly duty to look after Ben’s well-being and just kept on sliding lightly up and heavily down -- s-l-o-w-l-y up.. and fast and hard down. Ben started bucking wildly and would have thrown his brother off, except that Tommy wrapped both arms around Ben’s bouncing, vibrating meat and kept sliding back and forth. Ben was on the verge of losing it, so he wrapped his own huge muscular arms around his brother to immobilize him, and it worked, but his cock wasn’t ready to stop, and although Tommy couldn’t move, Ben’s hips could, and with his mind in a sexual fog and his body in total control, Ben started masturbating against his hard, lean brother. It took only a few strokes before Ben started his volcanic fountain, followed quickly by Tommy, and ending of course with Ben, who, after all, had three guns that were much bigger than any of Tommy’s.

Ben awoke with a start, with visions of Tommy drinking his cum and expanding before his eyes, and with fear of Ruthar’s reaction. Luckily, his last thrust had placed his cock’s head well above Tommy’s, so all of Ben’s super-cum was well out of reach of his brother’s tongue. He relaxed. Soon Tommy stirred and his eyes opened. “Hey, Little Bro.” “Unh-h-h-h-h,,,,” Ben chuckled. “Hey,” he repeated. “Unh,” Tommy repeated. “That was amazing.” Tommy looked up. “No. It was fucking amazing!” Ben laughed. Tommy tried to move. “Icckkk!” He was stuck to Ben with his own cum. He looked up at Ben, both of them now laughing. “You should see yourself.”

“What?” “This!” said Tommy as he crawled up and ran his hand through Ben’s cum-soaked hair, down one side of his face and down onto his traps, where the cum was still thick, wet, and warm. “Ah. --guess we’d better clean up a bit.” The two big men stood up. “Time for the beach, Bro,” Ben dictated, grabbing Tommy and tossing him onto his massive shoulders before he had any chance to object. The giant Kutur ran towards the beach carrying his beloved brother along with him. He carried his brother through the large waves which splashed against his rock hard muscles like he was a mighty rock himself! Ben held Tommy firmly squeezing him to make him feel safe, which was unnecessary because the blond hunk already felt like the safest man in the world. Ben walked into a protected area where the water was calm; he stopped and looked at Tommy, who was already playing with his nipples. He released Tommy from his arms and watched as he swam beautifully away, sliding through the turquoise sea with extreme ease. The water was over five feet deep, but the onyx teen was so tall that his whole head, neck and chest were above water! His shoulders were so WIDE, and freakishly big! His chest was now so much bigger than Tommy remembered, and still he knew he’d like it to be even bigger! Tommy swam a little more and then he returned near his brother, who kept looking at him so tenderly: “What’s the matter?” Tommy asked, not understanding the look. “You are so DAMN BEAUTIFUL!” Ben said in his powerful tone. Tommy was caught by surprise. “I’ve never said that to you before have I?” Ben extended his enormous arm and reached for his brother. “I THINK YOU’RE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD! I KNOW I COULD NEVER LIVE WITHOUT YOU!” Ben hugged him and brought him nearer. Tommy didn’t know how to react, so he replied by splashing some water in Ben’s face, but Ben was serious about getting all of his feelings out and was not about to be put off --“Tommy, I mean it -- I love you…, in a very special way…, -and not just as my little brother!” Ben squeezed Tommy up against his chest and carried his beautiful brother to their favorite beach spot, a huge palm tree near their now damaged hut, where they used to spend their days playing and enjoying each other’s love company during their long time on the lost island. Ben wasn’t finished -- the rest of his emotions spilled out all at once, as soon as they were sitting under the palm tree. “And what’s more, Tommy, is that I know you love me the same way -- NOT just as your big brother -- I can see it in your eyes; I can feel it in your touch. You love me as your MAN!” Tommy was shocked -- his most intense and intimate feelings were being brought up so easily! What did Ben mean? Was he in trouble? The blond young man tried to stand up, but Ben was faster, and held him down. “AND I LOVE YOU!” Ben had tears in his eyes “TOMMY, YOU ARE MY SOULMATE, MY BROTHER, MY LOVER!”. He cried openly, holding Tommy’s shocked figure in his arms. Tommy was in a word puzzled -- not because of the fact that Ben was in love with him – that much was pretty clear. But if so, why was Ben crying? All he could think to do was to comfort Ben’s enormous head in his lap as his giant brother kept crying. It felt odd to Tommy that he -- a “little boy,” by comparison -- should be giving comfort to this teary-eyed yet huge, hard-muscled, shiny black rock of a brother, yet he felt like it wasn’t time for questions, so he just comforted Ben, brushing his hair, kissing his forehead, being as caring as he could. When the tears stopped, Ben gathered enough strength to speak once again. He looked up at Tommy’s face, and his heart warmed as he recognized the tender look on his beloved’s face. “I am so sorry that I’ve been lying to you for all these years. I didn’t know what to do! I was so very confused, but last night, I found the answer.!” Now Tommy was even more puzzled. “What the hell is he talking about,” he wondered. Ben’s speech was as unexpected as it was enigmatic, and not knowing what to say, Tommy just nodded his head as he said, “It’s O.K., Ben,” and dried the tears which still rolled down his big brother’s face. After Ben’s body stopped heaving from his heavy crying, Tommy said, “Why don’t you start from the beginning?” Tommy said tenderly as he made himself comfortable on Ben’s lap – “Whatever it is you have to tell me, please remember that I LOVE YOU! And that you are my HERO! You have saved my life, not just today but ever since we’ve known each other, you haven’t done anything but protect, help, support and most of all BE there for me! I owe you my life, brother!” Tommy’s speech almost made Ben cry once more, but it gave him the necessary courage to pour out the rest of the story.… •

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