By TJDogwood

Hey Guys! I give you the second part of my story. First of all, I'd like to thank you for the very good feedback I had from this particluar story. Very touchy!By the way, I am loving the newest stories like Pollination, Big and Tall, WE love Muscle etc. they're very Hot and excited! Then I'm proud to tell you that my dear co-writer, TJdogwood is the very same and talented author of the Young Tony series, Deadlifter (that's why this story is so well writen, I could never do this on my own!) I hope you guys enjoy this installment and stay tuned for the sequel.

The jungle didn't offer any danger to Ben, because he was its master, its protector. He wasn't HUWANA KUTUR yet, but it was just a matter of time! The unmistakable sound of the ritual calling out for Ben's presence echoed around the jungle. It was amazing how could Tommy never listened to such loud music! This and many other mysterious things Ben couldn't explain were still be revealed to him, due his "education".

The black behemoth ran through the forest, he thought back to his second trip across the island -- shortly after his father had died, and his incredible experiences that time, meeting his new friends and learning of his new destiny – of the roll he would play in their future. These memories warmed Ben's heart as he approached the village. He was here once again to test his strength. The ritual drums were loud, and he knew that today he had to be tougher than ever! Every month the Kutur got bigger and taller, stronger and more massive, but that only increased the challenge, and multiplied the reward!

When Ben's astounding figure entered the building, he immediately recognized every face he saw, his brothers, and subjects, the noble Kutur. Ben knew each one deeply, after all the intimate experiences they'd shared together. And their faces showed a mix of respect, challenge and pride in their ever growing Huwana! Ben's size was respected among the Kutur; only seven among them were bigger, and just two or three had proven that they were still stronger than their Huwana, but this was about to change! Ben knew he had trained hard during the whole month, preparing himself to that moment. Today he would face all the Kutur in physical challenges, just as he had been doing for the last three years, and if he proved he had increased his abilities, he would be allowed to grow yet more as a reward! Ben greeted every Kutur, displaying a very powerful fist to each one, and was greeted in return in a similar fashion. When he finally made to the center throne, his heart was beating fast from the emotion he'd experienced.

Ruthar was sitting in his throne as usual, and just as usual, he was even bigger than at Ben's previous visit. Surprised at Ruthar's increased size, Ben forgetfully reverted back to English, saying,

"How am I supposed to grow bigger than you, if you don't stop getting stronger and more muscular every time I see you, father?"

He opened his arms wide and waited for the hug. Ruthar tried pretending to be serious, but then his smile gave him away. He got up, towering over his beloved Ben by at least three heads, and still much wider than Ben ever dreamt of being. He embraced Ben and lifted him from the ground:

"You're telling me that I've been growing? Look at you, my child -- you're ENORMOUS!" Ruthar kissed his son's forehead – "But let's not talk this hideous language anymore" – The shaman said in their own language, and Ben nodded:

"Sorry, father! I was just so happy to see you again!" Ben answered in the exotic language he had mastered a long time ago.

"Never mind. So tell me-, are sure you are prepared to face the Kutur tonight?" Ruthar flexed his giant guns and Ben flexed his also impressive arms in the same position:

"Yes, but I don't know when I will be able to match your muscle size, Father, even though I've training hard!"

Father and son engaged in a few incredible posing sets, comparing their awesomely huge, rippling, deeply etched physiques, starting with side by side biceps shots that compared Ben's rock-pile of smooth, cut bulges with Ruthar's huge pile of boulders, and then turning face to face and slowly shrugging their shoulders, each watching the other's upper back erupt into growing mountains that strained towards Ben's ears but which completely hid Ruthar's. With a dead serious, aggressive attitude about them, they each put their best leg forward, flexing their bulging, rippling quads HARD as they growled fiercely at one another. The deeply cut ridges of muscle fibers criss-crossed by veins pulsing with fresh blood being carried into the area would have been enough to put all two dozen Kutur, every one of whom were ecstatically beating their huge cocks while their eyes feasted on the muscle-show in front of them, on the brink of orgasm, but their attention was drawn away from the spectacle of the rock-hard, tree-trunk thighs to the even more spectacular, even harder, twin towers of man-meat that sprouted from the valleys just over the mountain ridges of outer quad muscle and quickly flew up into rigid attention – powerful towers of manliness that pulsated with every new surge of blood as the muscle-combatants flexed and re- flexed their amazing leg muscles. As soon as the precum began to appear half of the dizzy-with-lust onlookers blew their loads uncontrollably, the rest barely resisting the same.

Then Ben and Ruthar turned around and immediately threw face-to- face "most muscular" poses, growling menacingly as they did, causing most of the remaining dozen men to shoot their wads. The three strongest remained – hard, quivering, and still stroking hard and fast.

The two black giants slowly straightened up, thrust their hard, demanding dicks forward, and stepped closer together until cock and body touched – Ben's smooth, deep pink satiny teen-cock against Ruthar's upper thigh and lower abs – Ruthar's longer, thicker, hard yet pebbled, purple cock curving upwards between Ben's thick pec mounds but not ending until it reached over Ben's head. Both men started to rub their rigid man-meat up and down against the other – and the juices began surging out of both cockheads and running down the sides. As Ben's cum streamed down Ruthar's abs and through his groin, Ruthar reached around and with both hands pressed Ben – and his cock – into his own body and moved him from side to side so that very soon, the two giant, hard, shiny, black bodies were sliding against one another, well-lubricated by Ben's generous volume of precum.

At the same time, Ruthar was producing even more voluminous amounts of slick, warm man-juice which quickly engulfed Ben's face as he lapped up all he could as it poured from the wide cum-slit just over his head. And at this point, even the strongest Kutur warriors with the greatest possible control gave in to their lust and joined their weaker peers in the wonderful sensations of orgasmic pleasure.

Meanwhile, Ruthar's precum flowed down Ben's face and arms, and finally his chest before adding to the slippery fluid being squeezed between the huge, muscular bodies. Ben kept one arm wrapped around Ruthar's cock, keeping the head pressed into his face while the other spread the warm, soothing fluid around each mound of chest muscle, and especially across the nipples and then down into his ridges and valleys of abs muscle. Suddenly, Ruthar was moving Ben faster and harder across his giant cock, and Ben found himself wrapping both arms around Ruthar's cock and pressing it into his own body as hard as he could. Soon both men were lost to their passions – and so were most of the nearby Kutur – and before more than a few seconds had passed, Father and Son erupted together in a mutual roar of ecstasy – and cum – that sent most of the Kutur through their second climax of the evening.

Father and Son held each other close for some time after their stupefying orgasms had ended. As they pulled their sticky bodies apart, they noticed many of the Kutur scooping up and swallowing the remaining puddles of cum surrounding them.

"It will renew their strength for tonight's contest," said Ruthar to Ben. After a bit of thought he added,

"We should not have succumbed to our pleasure so easily; it will deprive you of the energy you will need to be successful in your contests of strength on this night."

Ben looked at each biceps as he flexed it big and hard, and then down to his half-hard dick which returned to the vertical with only two hard flexes, and then smiled up at Ruthar and said,

"Oh, I don't know…, I think I've got quite a lot left."

The older man laughed out loud.

"Well, I will say that you are growing more and more each day, Ben, that much I can see, and you certainly have proven your potency, -- and that's the important thing right now. But you will continue to grow, and once you're ready to take your place, you will overwhelm me with your size and I will need to beg for mercy from you, but until then I AM STILL MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU LITTLE MAN!"

And saying that, Ruthar grabbed Ben in a bear hug. He was just kidding, but Ben got the message: his old man was still super strong! Ruthar lowered Ben and they both laughed. Ben looked so happy beng with Ruthar.

"You've just been taking many of your potions, Father. I thought for sure that this time I would be at least your size!" Ruthar smiled and hugged Ben.

"I knew that! That's why I must also grow; you can't be Huwana Kutur unless you are able to meet challenges are really difficult to accomplish!" Ruthar sat back in his throne.

"My Kutur have grown, too! Last time you came, most of them couldn't match your size, but that has been taken care of!"

Ruthar waved his hands toward his subjects and the Kutur showed their new larger, augmented figures to Ben, who felt his spine freeze. The smallest of them was every bit as big as Ben, and the biggest was indeed MUCH bigger than any other man in the room, except his foster father Ruthar!

"I personally trained them in order to make them a real challenge for you! But don't lose your courage; I know you won't disappoint me!"

Gwankyu, the biggest of the warriors said,"That's right, Huwana!" showing Ben how much he had grown since their last encounter.

"It won't be easy for you, but I'm flattered we can help you to grow even bigger! And besides," Gwankyu whispered as he returned to the line of waiting men, "I can't wait until our exercises are done tonight so that I can have your huge cock up my ass! I am looking forward to that very much, my friend!"

Ben smiled and looked at his father who also smiled. He knew Ben was almost insatiable when it comes to fucking; he had fucked every Kutur at least three times, and they loved to be taken – roughly -- by the soon to be Huwana Kutur.

"Enough talk, now! Huwana will be tested tonight as he has never been since the beginning of his training. As your leader I want you, my dear Kutur, to give your maximum effort into the test, because I know Ben will try his best!"

Ruthar looked over at his enormous, soon to be Huwana!

"Let us start the challenge!" The ritual drums went loud and the music started.

Ben greeted his fellow Kutur and went to the middle of the circle. He tried to relax his extraordinary muscles, stretching as best he could. He would have to beat all the other warriors with his bare hands. The match was called "Pashahar", which means the trial of the mightiest.

Basically, the competitors test their might using their arms and legs only. The winner will be the one who successfully overtakes the other by pinning, pushing or even throwing the opponent out of the area of the circle. This is not so easy to do, because not a single competitor weighs less than 350 pounds of pure male beef muscle! The first one salutes Ben and they take their places – their arms locked together. These contests were always fought in the nude, and during most of these fights, both contestants, because of the contact with another hard, male body, because of the excitement of the fight, and because of the generally high degree of lustiness among these men, usually sported rather firm erections.

Thinking about what Ruthar had said, Ben thought it might help him if he could keep himself under better control, so he willed himself to remain soft as he took his position. When the fight began, Ben looked for the right moment. He knows this contest isn't just about strength; the winner had to be smart, not just strong. Ben holds his position, feeling the adversary's enormous power as he exerts little pushes and pulls on Ben to test his strength. Then, while the other warrior takes a breath, Ben attacks. By catching his opponent by surprise, one big push using his enormous muscles was enough to easily pin him to the ground. Ben gets up, compliments the loser, turns and salutes his father, who remains impassive on the throne.

But then Ben notices something else – the precum leaking from his very stiff dong – hardly six inches from his lips. "Oh, fuck…," Ben thinks to himself, so he closes his eyes, takes a few deep breaths and slowly gets his dick pointing back towards the ground. The Kutur start mumbling amongst one another, unable to figure out what's going on. "Why's he doing that?" "Makes no sense to me…" " Maybe it's because he's Huwana?" "I dunno."

So Ben starts out again, relaxed in mind, body, and cock. This contest is a bit harder, making Ben struggle for a short while before claiming victory – over his opponent, but not over his cock. There it was again, insistently HARD! His cock was not about to give in. "Fuck it! Never seemed to bother me before, anyway…" And so, hard it stayed, and harder it seemed to get with each passing match – matches that got harder and harder for Ben because he was the only one fighting all the matches. Not only that, the smallest Kutur went first, so each opponent was bigger than the one before, but somehow, as his opponents got bigger, Ben seemed to get better, and stronger. Ben won every match by pushing the guys out of the circle, or just pinning them, and sometimes by making the big, muscular men surrender by kneeling before the more powerful warrior.

After two hours of almost continuous fighting, It is finally time to face Gwankyu, the biggest of the Kutur. He is, in fact, much bigger than Ben, and smiles at him at the start of their fight.

"You haven't won yet, my friend! I won't let you win this match easily, no matter how tired you are!"

The Kutur flexes his muscles, to emphasize his greater size, but Ben just smiles as he recovers his breath. The two opponents salute and compliment each other, and looking at Ruthar, Ben seeks his approval; the shaman nods his head, and the clash begins.

Ben was very tired, but his muscles are so strong, they don't tire that easily. Gwankyu is indeed bigger than Ben, but despite that difference, Ben is much more heavily muscled, with better proportions and greater thickness, which makes their total bodyweights quite similar. Besides that, Gwankyu was "grown" especially for this match, Ben has been developing and learning to use his strength for over three years now, and is now actually stronger than Gwankyu.

The challenging Kutur attacks first, trying to make Ben kneel, but Huwana wouldn't surrender. Ben managed to resist and he found strength to force Gwankyu to his own knees, but his friend was also very strong, quickly breaking the hold and getting an advantageous grip on Ben, but was unable to push him out of the circle. The fight went on for some time, neither competitor able to take out the other. The two men were tiredly circling each other.

"You might as well surrender now, my young friend; you won't be winning this time! I am bigger, taller and stronger than you've ever been, which means you're going down – real soon,"

Gwankyu shouted, showing another symbol of his dominant, manly power -- his huge 22-inch erection, which did, in fact, make Ben's 16 inch tool seem a little weak and dainty. As he prepared for his next move, Ben noticed, incidentally, that theirs weren't the only erections in the room – every Kutur there proudly sported his own massive boner, in anticipation, Ben remembered, of getting the customary fucking by the winner of this match. "I'm going to be the one doing the fucking tonight," thought Ben. Aloud, he said,

"Well, Gwankyu! I don't think so. In fact, I think YOU are going UP!"

Moving with amazing speed, Ben managed to grab Gwankyu under his groin, and with his other hand gripping his ankle, threw Gwankyu off balance and actually lift the enormous body of Gwankyu up to shoulder level and then press him over his head. The Kutur are mesmerized! They're amazed! They're stroking their cocks yet again as Ben smiles and pumps his friend like he was a giant dead weight. Finally he let out this huge roar and threw Gwankyu not just out of the circle, but over the heads of the other Kutur, landing behind the amazed audience!

But Gwankyu is all right. He stands up, in a mix of shock and pride in this man who would be his – their, protector. He knows how strong he is and now is quite certain that Ben really will become the protector his people need. He runs towards Ben and kisses him fiercely and passionately on the mouth, their huge hard dicks pressing at first together, and then against their chiseled abs.

"YOU ARE INDEED THE CHOSEN ONE, HUWANA!" Gwankyu manages to say as he breaks the kiss. Ben blushes; the other Kutur are just smiling or just applauding. Then the beaten warrior returns to his place and Ben smiled at his father who still looked impassive. Then he stands up.

"Congratulations, noble child! You're doing very well! But, please remember that you must face ALL KUTUR tonight! And I, Ruthar, leader of the Kutur challenge you to beat me at Pashahar!"

Ruthar took off his cape, revealing his even huger body! Not even Ben's muscles were match for them. Ruthar approached the center of the circle, Ben's wide eyes looking at him. Ben was exhausted, but he won't give up now:

"It will be an honor fighting you, Ruthar,"

Ben said as they saluted each other to start the most anticipated of the matches.

"As it is for me, noble child! Now remember my lessons and focus on your own instincts!"

Ruthar placed his enormous hands together with Ben's -- his giant cock already hard. Their gazes met. Ruthar nodded his head and the match began.

It is quickly apparent that Ruthar is way-y-y too big! Ben tries his best to twist or pin him, but he is just too strong - and so thick that Ben can't even get a good hold on him! Ben can't so much as dent his muscles, and he certainly can't lift Ruthar's immense weight, especially now that he is nearly exhausted. And Ruthar refuses to take it easy on his pupil. He is a very skilled fighter, easily able to block each of Ben's moves. Any forward progress Ben makes, Ruthar easily nullifies.

"Don't get intimidated by my size, Ben; focus on my weak points," Ruthar said as he blocked each of Ben's efforts. Sometimes he just wanted to tease his pupil.

"This old man isn't afraid of you Huwana; you're still just a child to me!" the shaman said in Ben's ears as he easily spun the tired Ben around like a rag doll.

Ruthar allowed the fight to go on for some time, but Ben was just too tired to overcome Ruthar's great strength; his muscles were exhausted, his whole body ached, and Ruthar hadn't even broken a sweat, easily handling everything Ben tried.

"That's enough, Huwana," Ruthar said as he quickly spun Ben around. "It is time for this to end!"

Ruthar wrapped his arms around Ben's waist and gave him a powerful bear hug. Ben tried his best but couldn't breathe, and finally gave up. Ruthar gently placed him on the ground:

"You did very well, my beloved son!" Ruthar kissed his cheekbones. "You made me very proud of you," Ruthar whispered as Ben got up!

"But I lost! I didn't make it," Ben said, still catching his breath.

"You were here to prove your skills and power, and so you did! And much more, -- you beat every other Kutur and so have passed yet another test!" Ruthar smiled.

"And I congratulate and salute each of you my dear warriors for fighting so well to test our young Huwana! Now if you will excuse me, I will be in the Room of the Mask! Ben, get yourself together and meet me there after you get the proper compliments from the Kutur!"

Ben knew what he meant.

Ben was still recovering, but his cock had not gotten any softer. The other warriors all had their cocks hard and they tried the best to be the one to "compliment" the noble winner.

Ben looked tiredly around at the eager Kutur - each of them a muscle-stud of Ben's dreams. He'd truly love to fuck every one, but wearily realized that such an idea was out of the question just then.

"Guys, I would love to enjoy myself with every one of you, but I simply don't think it is possible tonight! I will have to wait for that honor".

Ben kissed every beaten Kutur passionately on the mouth, leaving Gwankyu for last.

"So, you still think you want my cock up your ass, do you?" asked Ben, smiling broadly as he pushed his huge, hard cock forward and flexed it tightly while holding onto it with both hands? Gwankyu smiled back and all but attacked Ben in his excitement. The other warriors left while the muscle couple enjoyed their moments:

"I can't believe how strong you are!" Gwankyu said as Ben hefted his ankles. Ben was wilder than his usual. After all that physical contact with two dozen huge, hard, muscular men with outrageously big erections, and then being overtaken by the most powerful being on the planet, Ben wasn't interested in any foreplay; he simply grabbed Gwankyu by the waist, lifted him up in the air facing him and slammed him straight down onto his raging hard-on, planting the first 12 inches all at once. Gwankyu screamed in pleasure and agony, and after a few quick pumps, Ben thrust in the remaining four inches and held Gwankyu in position as he repeated flexed his cock, engorging it yet larger while tightly clamped by the warrior's powerful ass muscles. Gwankyu mashed his lips against Ben's and begged to be kissed; Ben was only too happy to oblige.

As they kissed, Ben was holding tightly onto his friend's two hard, thick masses of glute muscle as he repeatedly scoured the interior of Gwankyu's fuck chute, so even once they broke the kiss, Gwankyu found it hard to keep his voice even:

"I can't WAIT for the da-AY when you'll get bi-IGger than Ruthar!"

Ben hesitated to allow Gwankyu to talk. "No! Don't stop!" Ben SLAMMED back in. "UNHH! – Oh yeah-h-h-h... Uh-h-h,..UNG! ..Will YOU... let me keep you COM-pany on that –Ungh - wonderful NIght,"

Gwankyu choked out as he was being rocked up and down by the power of Ben's tool. Ben smiled in ecstasy. He was sweaty, tired and smelly, and he REALLY needed to cum, but took enough time to say

"Gwankyu -- on that night, (thrust) I'd like ALL (Thrust!) of the Kutur to share my honor," pressing his huge pole fully into his friend and flexing it as full as he could.

Gwankyu had reached the limit of his endurance and so, reaching around Ben's torso as much as he could, he pulled Ben against his own huge shaft, now completely coated in his own slick fluid and jacked himself against the hard abs ridges until he was on the verge of his orgasm; and then he grabbed Ben's head and quickly pulled in down over his purple, pulsating tool and instantly filled his Huwana's mouth with his ample seed.

Already on the edge himself, Ben lost his own immense load inside of Gwankyu's ass. Together, they came and came, shooting load after massive load for the next few minutes, each temporarily exhausting the other. When finally done, Ben kissed his friend.

"I am very sorry for being so rough on you today, Gwankyu, but I needed to cum so badly that it was hard to be gentle,"

Ben said as he removed his shaft from the soaked, overfilled ass. He helped the Kutur to stand on his feet. Gwankyu laughed.

"Are you kidding? Please don't apologize for the strongest orgasm I've had in weeks. I was kinda hoping you'd do that again sometime – Very soon! It was excellent"

Gwankyu said as he left the building.

"Now go; your father is waiting for you! "

Ben didn't worry about cleaning himself; the bath was yet to come, and that was the best part! He entered the room of treasures and went to the altar. Ruthar was arranging the potions in preparation for the coming ceremony. He turned to see a very downcast young man.

"Why so glum - I thought you'd be smiling from ear to ear after fucking Gwankyu's tight ass!"

"Father, I don't deserve this honor! I lost to you."

"It is for me to decide whether you deserve or not to grow, and according to what I've seen tonight, you're going to get HUGE," Ruthar said as he hugged his son!

"I lost," Ben repeated, looking at Ruthar's eyes. The shaman knew that look very well:

"Ben, you could never win our match! My strength can't be matched by any mortal, including you!" Ruthar explained at once.

"What?" Now Ben was intrigued

"How old you think I am?" Ruthar said as he prepared something on the altar

"I don't know, you're so big, and muscular to be old, something about 60?" Ben said like a child, Ruthar smiled and turned himself back at Ben:

"I am 129 years old, dear child!" Ruthar flexed his muscles – "Still in shape as you see!"

"How come?" Ben had his eyes wide

"It's because the energy of Huwana Kutur, my dear. You've known the Kutur for over seven years now, and they didn't seem to age one single day, do they? Ben kept listened – That's because they won't age for over forty years, that's the blessing of the Kutur, they are special men chosen to carry the faith and to protect those who need them! But their blessings aren't one tenth of the honor deposited upon me!" Ruthar opened his hugely developed arms and exposed all his glory of male muscle perfection:

"Behold, my son, the same glory you'll soon receive!"

Ruthar approached Ben and lifted the huge teen with one arm around his waist –

"You tried your best back there, but your best isn't enough, yet!"

Ruthar lowered Ben back on the ground:

"As the shaman, I was given 5 times more power than the most powerful Kutur! And over the years, my strength and power only increased! Only my face shows little marks of the time, but in our culture, getting old means that you've gathered experience over the years to pass to the younger generations!"

"How long can you live?" Ben asked touching Ruthar's incredible muscles.

"It doesn't really matter, my noble child"_ Ruthar put his finger over Ben's chin and gently lifted his face.

"Soon you will acquire power far greater than mine and will be able to protect our people quite well, with or without me."

"Father, I have to be honest with you"._ Ben looked rather sad.

"You keep telling me I am the chosen one who will carry the power of Huwana Kutur, but I don't really believe I deserve such an honor! There are warriors who are so much better than me, like Gwankyu, and he was born in the tribe, so why me?"

"I told you, a million times, your arrival was predicted in the omen! "Huwana Kutur will land from the skies in a bird of fire, and he'll grow as a boy until the day when he will assume his rightful place". Ruthar's face showed he was really quite sure about Ben's destiny.

"I would rather die than disappoint you Ruthar!"_ Ben said, placing his hand on Ruthar's huge cock, which, in their culture means he's swearing over their most precious symbol.

The shaman had tears in his eyes.

"You've proved to me that you possess more than just strength of body, noble child; you've proved your soul tonight. You have passed the test!"

"What? What you mean?" Ben said still drying his own tears!

"Huwana Kutur doesn't choose selfish people! The power to be given really seduces and may even corrupt, even so it isn't given just to please the carrier, but mostly in behalf of those who need the protection!" Ruthar hugged his pupil hard –

"Accepting such honor is no easy decision, and you've showed how worried you were about actually having the dignity to carry such heavy load! This was the last test, noble child!"

Ruthar shouted in happiness and soon the other Kutur surrounded them cheering and vibrating with the news:

"You've finished training, and will now start the becoming!"

Ruthar exclaimed, very loud and proudly! The Kutur yelled and complimented the still astonished Ben. Gwankyu approached him from back and pinched his hard bubble butt:

"I am so flattered you actually remembered me for such great honor!" The bigger Kutur kissed Ben, and they all celebrated their joy!

"My dear sons!" Ruthar opened his enormous set of arms –

"Tonight we were all blessed! Huwana Kutur has finally returned to us!" Ruthar gently grabbed Ben and made welcomed him in his hug –

"Just as it's written, he deserves to be given the pleasure and the responsibility to be he who protects his beloved! You accept the task, my noble MAN?"

Ben looked at his master's face and once more placed his hands on the enormous hard shaft of the shaman –

"Yes, Ruthar, I accept both the honor and the responsibilities!"

The Kutur cheered and recited sacred mantras, tonight they would plenty to celebrate! And as sudden as they appeared, they left Ruthar and their soon to be Huwana alone!

Ruthar couldn't stop smiling, and his cock was harder than ever, mostly because Ben still had his hands around the enormous snake!

"What now? Will you do the same thing you did for the Kutur, when I never had the chance to taste of you?" Ben was referring to the very first ritual he witnessed but could not join!

Ruthar leaned over and squeezed Ben's hand around his hard cock –

"BETTER!" Then he gently removed the teen's hand and reached for his potions.

"The Kutur grow through the power of my own sacred fluids. You, on the other hand, have grown only because of our elixir, which so far has been only preparing your body for the full growth to come, which will only be ignited when you take my fluids into your body."

Ruthar has a mischievous glint in his eyes as he said that.

"You mean I am already this big, and hadn't even really started to grow?" Ben could only smile; his own cock was suddenly quivering with anticipation and ready to explode with cum.

Ruthar only smiled, saying, "But first, you must drink the last of my potions."

Ben did as told. Then Ruthar place the sacred mask on a support in the lake, with the light of the full moon shining upon it. He returned, picked up Ben, now dizzy from his drink, and carried him into the lake. He was too weak to stand, and held onto Ruthar's huge left arm.

"You will now go through the same ritual that made me this big. And do not worry - I will be gentle with you."

Ruthar raised his arms to the sky and chanted the sacred words, asking for spiritual blessing.


At the very same moment, the moonlight hit the eyes of the sacred Mask, causing the mask to glow gloriously; then from the emerald eyes of the mask came a powerful green beam of light, which hit Ben in his chest, directly over his heart.

Ruthar quickly spread the thick fluid which had already begun oozing from this cock and carefully lubricated himself.


Ruthar shouted as he inserted the first half of his slick, thirty-two-inch monster cock into the muscular virgin teen ass! Somehow, Ben's body expanded to accept the huge organ without being torn apart, but still the giant black teen screamed in pain, but the pain soon was replaced by an incredible joy.

The pain was miraculously gone, and Ben realized that he had waited for this moment ever since the first night he had seen Ruthar! He opened his eyes and realized he was surrounded by this warm green glow from the mask, and he was able to witness the truth -- his truth, his destiny! Ben finally understood and accepted! He felt Ruthar's cock pounding within his ass, and nothing had ever felt so right before:


The boy shouted. Ruthar picked up his pace, striving for the most important orgasm of his life. Ben st arted to get impatient. "MAKE ME GROW! I ORDER YOU RUTHAR!" he growled as he started thrusting his butt back onto huge cock as hard as he could, and only a few strokes later, Ruthar's flood began, and almost instantly, Ben could feel himself starting to GROW! He looked down - he could actually see the changes taking place. His chest unfolded, filling with impossibly thick muscle, his abs popped out, his arms were inflating - everything was getting bigger and thicker; everything was getting harder - including his cock: his whole body was becoming an erection, and he felt like he could cum forever. Ben shouted as he felt his growth increasing, and at that, his foster father increased the power of his already savage assault on the soon- to-be man's butt. The mask briefly glowed brighter, increasing its potency! Ben grew more in the next few seconds than in the whole last year! His muscles were gaining such tremendous size, it seemed to Ben that they would surely split apart.

The legs were gigantic! They were even thicker than Gwankyu's and quickly approaching Ruthar's. Ben had his eyes opened and his gaze marveled to the things he saw! His arms were titanic! He flexed them and he had to gulp down, they were so veined and peaked, the mere vision, made Ben want to cum right there, but instead he just kept growing.

"FLEX FOR ME RUTHAR, LET ME FEEL YOUR MUSCLES!" The shaman did as requested, Ben touched the peaks of his shaman, and realized he was even harder! He smiled, and then laughed, his power had enabled him to match even the impossibly huge Ruthar! It was his wildest dream come true!


Ruthar yelled as he pounded his ass! Now much bigger than any of the Kutur, Ben's body had a whole new look. His arms were insanely thick, the biceps had peaks that reacher higher than his head! The triceps were enormous, bulging out so far that they touched his wings of lat muscle! He grew bigger and more muscular with each heart beat! Ben was so thrilled, when he realized his ever growing cock! It was almost two times bigger than when he fucked Gwankyu! And much thicker! The cock was the incarnation of Huwana Kutur! He felt his power increasing inside of him!

And suddenly Ben knew he had dwarfed even Ruthar. To Ben it was like touching the heaven! His muscles grew stronger and bigger, and his vision of world changed as he became each second more and more powerful! He felt so alive, and so good about himself! Then his mind melted – "TOMMY!" Ben remembered how his beloved brother loved his muscles! He would be totally shocked! But at the same time he knew that having a huge brother was Tommy's deepest fantasy! He couldn't wait to show him the New Ben!

Ben had new powers now; he could see Tommy jerking off at this moment in their hut! And it was because he was dreaming about his giant black brother! Tommy loved him! Loved him like a brother and like the MAN he was! Ben felt so thrilled, his growth only increased! He would grow more, not just to protect the tribe, but mostly because of TOMMY! Tommy was the man he loved! He needed him, like the blond teen needed the onyx colossus!

Ruthar felt Ben enlarging and he felt himself being dwarfed by the teen! The muscles were gigantic now, matching and surpassing his own! And that was exactly what he wanted! Ruthar couldn't resist anymore. He unplugged his giant tool from Ben's ass turned the growing teen around. Ben was looking into his eyes now! And they kissed hard! A man's kiss! Ben felt Ruthar's years of experience in one single kiss, and the shaman tasted the energy of the Becoming! Ben lifted his shaman by the waist and mouthed the giant cock! Ruthar's orgasm revived once inside Ben's mouth! The giant teen was still growing from the energy beam, and the effect of Ruthar's powerful cum only increased the growth process! Ben drank till the very last drop, and Ruthar collapsed after he was dried by the muscle monster teen! Ben gently held Ruthar as his own growth continued. He felt the body of the shaman so light in his grip!

Ben looked down at himself - every dream he'd had of being big was dwarfed by his very real, still growing physique. And finally Ben felt it coming, the very exhilarating approach of the orgasm, and he knew what to do! He would give back years of appreciation and dedication, and the fatherly love he received. Ben placed Ruthar's mouth over his shaft and shared his magahonny with his shaman friend! Ben shouted as he felt both the glow and the growth fading out, but the flood was amazing, much stronger than Ruthar's massive ones. Ben kept cumming and feeding his beloved master and feeling his growth slowing down! It was the best feeling after growing itself, he felt his now enormous muscles flexing and bulging, struggling for new space. Ben smiled as he felt Ruthar sucking his cock so hard that he almost passed out, but then like a young puppy he regained his strength and sucked yet more - making Ben scream in unexpected ecstasy. Ruthar still had so much to teach him! Ben watched his master tenderly and almost fainted – He was GROWING! Ruthar's muscles inflated and grew stronger and thicker! He was getting taller just as Ben did! But the most impressive feature was that Ruthar was rejuvenating!

Every second he was younger; his wrinkles gone, his face regained the look of glowing, vigorous good health of his youth! He shone with beauty! His once gray hair got darker and darker, regaining the look of his teen years! All the energy Ruthar displayed in his muscles was now crowned by a new, handsome, super-masculine boyish face! His full, thick lips and his strong nose were matched by the squarest of jaws, and all of this was supported by a solid neck of colossal thickness. His smile glowed with the arrogant power of his youth, and as he smiled, he kept growing, soon matching Ben's proportions! He reached for Ben's kiss and the Huwana was more than receptive!

As they kissed, they crushed themselves together and experienced the astoundingly sensuous feelings of their impressively huge bodies sliding around, one against the other, as they continued to expand. Ruthar grew wider and bigger by the minute, and it only made Ben more proud of his new capabilities! Having made his father both bigger and younger, the two of them could pass brothers now, so Ben could have the BIG brother he always dreamt of! Ruthar was about two inches taller than his pupil lover, but it was hard to tell which of the two "brothers" was bigger overall. If Ruthar was taller, Ben was a little wider relative to his impressive height; if Ben had the bigger chest, Ruthar had thicker legs, and if the Huwana had bigger guns, well Ruthar had these fuckin' monster calves! It looked like a MUSCLE TIE -- at least for the time being!

"You shared your powers with me, I feel so honored!" The now young shaman looked at his own gorgeous reflection in the clear water mirror, but still couldn't believe in his own eyes. He was even more handsome than the day he became the shaman. He kissed Ben once more, showing the younger man all his appreciation. Their huge bodies gently collapsed on the shore of the lake, and they fell asleep right there.

Ben woke up to the kiss of his new improved Ruthar, who had pulled him up into a sitting position. Ben smiled contentedly.

"Good morning Huwana! It seems we both fell asleep right here. As best I can recall, we were in the midst of…" His words got cut off as Ben reached out and pulled back into his embrace and kissed the now young shaman deeply. Ben smiled contentedly.

"I wanted to thank you, thank you for THIS!" Ben flexed his mighty right biceps and both of them looked at the peaking gun, growing wider and larger, until the peak crowned the immense gun and also begin to cleavage into two huge peaks, the size was absolutely inhumanly possible, but it kept increasing even so! Ben smiled meanly as he noticed the widening eyes of his master/father and now "big brother". Ruthar placed his own hands on the still growing guns:

"Once, you asked me if I wanted to be big like you, Ruthar, now it's my turn to ask you my friend, how's it feel to be BIG like HUWANA KUTUR?"

Ben reached for his tiny waist and hefted the even taller shaman and gently placed him at the very tip of his huge shaft, then he allowed the immense body to slide down, all the way to the base of his 38 inches cock! Ruthar screamed in agony and ecstasy:

"Feel the spirit of Huwana welcoming you, and reborn Ruthar!"

Ben grabbed the back of the shaman's bubble butt and pushed it towards him"

"I give you the chance to taste your youth again, as a reward for your dedication to our people, you shall regain the vigor of the early days, without ever losing the treasure of your experience! I chose you Ruthar to be my counselor and guidance during my journey to fulfill my destiny!"

Ben said these words, but he didn't know why, he just felt he had to say them!

Ruthar kissed Ben once more, and suddenly Ben lifted their huge bodies of the ground two lovers were standing up, mashing their cum- lubricated bodies and their gloriously together with animalistic frenzy in a mutual effort to reach their release as quickly as they could. It seemed like only seconds had passed before twin eruptions occurred. They continued manhandling one another roughly, occasionally breaking their kiss to allow dual fountains of cum to coat their faces, after which they would each suck in a mouthful of cum mixture and re-establish their kiss, hungrily sharing their juices with one another.

Once the eruptions had ceased and the giant cum-rockets had softened, they finally let go of one another and looked deeply into the other's eyes, each silently sharing the wonder of the event with his partner.

"Good morning again, Huwana! We both slept here on the sacred lake"

Ruthar offered his hand to the giant muscle teen and Ben pulled him back to his embrace and kissed the now young shaman. Ruthar kissed him back and they kept there for a few moments. Suddenly Ben thought about Tommy got up frightened. He'd been gone longer than ever before and became frightened for his brother.


Ben ran to the altar and then he looked at his now inhuman size

"How am I going to explain this," Ben asked himself

Hearing this, Ruthar said sternly, with a touch of anger in his voice,

"You don't owe any explanation to this so called brother of yours. You should have listened to my advice and stayed away from the menace to our people!"

It was Ben's turn to get angry.

"I TOLD YOU! He's my BROTHER, not the MONSTER you fear," Ben exploded! He had never lost his temper with Ruthar before, but he couldn't even think of living away from Tommy, especially after what he saw during his transformation! If Tommy felt the same way about the onyx giant teen that Ben felt about the muscular, foxy blond guy, then they were meant to be together, and not even his beloved Ruthar and all his traditions would prevent him and Tommy from being together!

Ruthar sighed. He knew he was being too hard on Ben. The boy never argued with him before, and he deserved to be respected -- after all he was their Huwana now! Ruthar approached Ben, whose angry face was now soaked with tears, and looked deep into his eyes.

"The spirit of Huwana Kutur inhabits your soul now, but you still haven't become him! Not yet! During the next several days, you will witness several and permanent changes, some in your body, but mostly in your mind. You will become one with nature and the people around you. And you will have the wisdom to make the right decision!"

Ruthar hugged Ben hard.

"Remember the omen. It was right about you." Ruthar said goodbye to Ben and returned home.

It was already getting late. Ben ran quickly through the forest, hoping Tommy was alright; he'd never been gone so long. The sun was still fairly high in the sky; Tommy was sure to be okay. •

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