Testos Four

First Contact with Testos Four


By Aaron Strong

"First Officer's Log. Stardate 35723.5.

"We are in orbit around Testos Four. Our mission is to establish first contact with the Testones. We have had limited communications with the Testones, via subspace, but we have not yet met with them face to face.

"Our limited intelligence on the Testones leads us to believe they are not hostile. We have learned the following data from our initial communications and probes of the planet:

"1. The Testones are a monosexual race. They are all males. Their reproduction method is unknown.

"2. The Testone men are substantially larger and more powerful than human men. The average adult Testone is 6'7" and many of them are over 7' tall. They weigh an average of 350 to 450 pounds. Apparently due to their physiology and perhaps their diet, Testones have virtually no bodyfat.

"3. Their anatomy is identical to human men: They have the same skeletal frame as humans, down to the smallest bones. Their skin is the same as humans, although it is much stronger, in order to make up for their absence of bodyfat. Their muscle structure is identical to human men, although Testone muscles are substantially larger, more dense, heavier and enormously more powerful than human muscles. And due to their absence of bodyfat, their muscular definition is astonishing to behold. The combination of no bodyfat and grossly enlarged muscle tissue mass makes the Testone physique a breathtaking image indeed. From the intelligence pictures I've seen, Testone men are the epitome of virile, masculine, muscular superhumans. Their narrow waist, thick chest, and broad shoulders, along with their massive legs and arms, give them a look of overpowering strength and sensuality. There is no human who could match a Testone in physical characteristics. (Testones look amazingly like some of the holodeck images that were popular a number of years ago. Most of us called them Morphs --superhuman looking men with exaggerated musculature.) An example of the Testone physiology: the average arm measurement of a Testone man is 30 inches of strapping, lean, fibrous, bulging muscle. Their arms are usually larger than their waist measurement.

"4. Testone organs are the same as humans -- all of them. Although, again, their organs are quite exaggerated and large, compared to human organs.

"5. Testones live on a diet of mainly liquid testosterone, which is found in many of the plants on Testos Four. The Testone men secrete pure testosterone when they ejaculate. It is usually consumed and is reused in the body.

"6. The culture of the Testones is similar to human culture. However, the Testones have an aversion to wearing much clothing. In our subspace conversations with them, they have agreed to cover their bodies when they meet us. Normally, they wear only thin, light weight garments that partially cover their genitals (and from some of the pictures I've seen, they really don't cover much). The fabric usually hugs their genitals, with most of the genital features obviously visible through the fabric, if it is covered at all.

"7. When a Testone meets another Testone for the first time, a strange supremacy ritual takes place. The men flex their enormous muscles and fondle each other in an effort to bring the other male to orgasm. The first Testone who ejaculates is considered the weaker man, without the strength to withstand the other male's supreme musculature and powerful desirability. This is how the Testones determine their "pecking order" in their society. The strongest men are the ones who can force another to ejaculate just by touching him, or even glancing at him. However, it must be noted that even the "weak" Testone is incomprehensibly muscular, strong, powerful and virile by human standards. The ejaculation ritual can be very quick (just a few minutes) or if both Testones are equal in strength and self control, it can take hours. Often other Testone men will gather and watch as two stronger Testone men challenge each other. Frequently the younger, less disciplined men will ejaculate as they are watching.

"8. When a Testone reaches orgasm, the average volume of liquid produced is approximately one liter. Their fluid is milky white, just like human semen. However, since the liquid is pure testosterone, it is usually quickly drunk by either the ejaculator himself, or his partner. (Often the liquid is deposited directly into the sucking mouth of the partner as it is squirted out of the massive, throbbing, muscular penis.) Apparently the Testone orgasm brings them as much pleasure as does a human male's orgasm.

"9. Testones must ejaculate at least once a day. Most have two or more orgasms per day, but it is not unusual for them to masturbate (or be masturbated) many times more than that every day. Consequently, all over Testos Four, there are Masterbooths. These are places much like our restrooms, where Testones can go to ejaculate.

"10. The average size of a Testone's penis is 15 inches when it is erect. Many reach the length of 20 erect inches. The circumference of the erect Testone penis is usually equal to the average human man's forearm. It's one fucking thick, long piece of meat.

"I am looking forward to being part of the away team. It will be exciting to be one of the first humans to come in contact with the Testone race. We beam down to Testos Four tomorrow morning."


I turned off my computer terminal and slipped under my bed covers. It took me hours to fall asleep. I had to change the covers a few times as I dreamed about the day ahead.


Morning came, and I was the first to get to the transporter room. The other two members of our special team were late. Finally, my com badge clicked. It was the Captain.

"Commander Mitchell, there is a change. The Testones are requesting that we send only one person on the first meeting. You will be on your own. Picardo Out."

Hmmmmm, I thought. Could be interesting.

I stepped onto the transporter pad. The engineer moved the controls and the room faded as I dematerialized.

In moments, I began to rematerialize on Testos Four. I was in a small chamber, about 15 feet by 20 feet. It had a tall ceiling, maybe 15 feet high. There were soft pillows and couches all around me. It was quite beautiful. Brown, tan, green and soft yellow colors decorated the room. Touches of gold ornaments accented the decor. It was very luxurious looking.

There was no one in the room but me.

Then, in front of me, a door slid open. In walked a huge figure. He was partially covered with a large rug or towel. He was incredibly big. He had light brown hair on his head. He looked human, except for his exaggerated size and insanely developed muscles. The definition of his grossly overdeveloped muscles was the most erotic, beautiful, powerful looking thing I had ever seen. His neck was unbelievably thick and powerful. His traps bulged under the cloth that was draped over his shoulders. His dark eyes sparkled as he looked at me.

He smiled. "I am Pexton." His voice resonated with deep power. He spoke with kind of an accent. Like an earth Russian, or German, or something. It was unbelievably sexy. "Welcome to Testos Four."

I moved toward Pexton and said "I am Raexis Mitchell, of the United Federation of Planets." I extended my hand. Pexton just looked at it. I began to explain. "It is a custom of my people to grasp hands when we first meet." Pexton extended his hand and grasped mine in his. His hand was at least 50% larger than mine, and extremely powerful looking.

Unbelievable pain. His grip crushed my hand. I winced as my knees buckled. I cried out. Pexton released me.

"Are you hurt?" he asked, looking concerned.

"No. I'll be O.K.," I answered, rubbing my hand.

"Please accept my sincere apology. I didn't realize how frail your species is," he said with his accent.

"It's O.K.," I assured him.

"Our people have a different custom when we meet someone," Pexton said.

"Please," I said, "Show me."

"I fear that your species might find it offensive," he said. "We know your culture is more private than ours."

"It is O.K.," I said. "I will not be offended. I am hear to learn about your people."

"Very well," Pexton smiled.

He took a step backwards and began to take the large towel off his body. I gasped as the towel dropped to the floor and he revealed his massive musculature. I froze in absolute lust. My penis grew to full erection faster than it had ever grown before. It was the hardest it had ever been. It hurt, it was so hard.

Pexton was wearing a skimpy posing-strap type garment that hung on his enormous penis. His genitals were extremely large and developed. His testicles were the size of large tomatoes. His penis was at least three times the size of even the largest human penis. The fabric of his garment covered only about one half of his genitals.

But, amazingly enough, it was the muscular definition and size of Pexton's body that was so overwhelming. He was so big and defined that I became light headed as I gazed upon him. Every muscle was exaggerated. Every muscle was bulging and visible. There was no fat on his body. Except for the hair on his head and the tuft at his genitals, he was completely hairless. His skin was perfect-- tan and incredibly lean. His traps surrounded his thick neck like two huge rocks. His shoulders were wider than any human man's shoulders could ever hope to be. His delts were literally like two big bowling balls. His thick chest was wide, and it bulged out into the room like some kind of make-believe fantasy doll. His round pecs bulged with powerful straps of muscle. They were like large globes. His dark nipples were probably four inches across, and the tits pouted out and down at least an inch.

Each of Pexton's arms was larger than his waist. I estimated each massive arm to be at least 32 inches, and his waist to be 28 inches. They hung at his side, relaxed, but they were so huge (and his lats were so huge) that they bulged way out from his torso. His obscenely defined biceps were pressed outward by his pectorals. His unbelievably defined triceps bulged upward.

The width of his lats was unbelievable. They actually extended out from his torso and formed a "T," rather than the "V" that is formed on muscular human male specimens. The bottom of his lats was actually horizontal as they extended outward.

His lower torso was a rippling set of ab muscles. He had deep, deep cuts between the muscular bulges of his eight-pack. His torso narrowed to a mind-boggling small waist, where his garment straps hung. The garment tried to hold his enormous penis, but it seemed in vain. His genital hair was a small, brown clump, clearly visible at the top of his enlarged genital area. The garment pouch was forced down by the sheer size of his penis, exposing about half of the long, semi-limp muscular beef stick. At least I assumed it was semi-limp. Maybe this was it's totally limp state. I shuddered to imagine what that thing would look like when it grew to full erection!

Apparently Testones undergo circumcision. The thick, puffy cut of his penis head was clearly visible beneath the thin fabric of his posing trunk- type garment. The head was overdeveloped and very large. His hairless, baseball-sized testes bulged behind his dick. The skin of his scrotum looked soft and moist. His massive legs were so muscular that they pushed his genitals forward. His penis hung down to his knees.

I had never seen a holodeck Morph that looked like this guy.

Pexton took a step toward me. We were about three feet from each other now. My knees grew weak as my penis began to throb. He began to seductively tug at his posing strap. He slowly removed it, pulling it down. As he did so, his gigantic, father-fucking penis sprang out. That thing was fucking enormous! Pexton pulled his briefs off. He was totally nude.

Involuntarily, my hands began to slowly rise in the air and move toward Pexton's body. I didn't really know what was happening to me. It was as if Pexton was able to penetrate me and manipulate my physiological reaction to him.

Pexton smiled. His eyes were like steel as he looked at me. I could tell he was not only physically extremely powerful, but he also had some kind of empathic/kinetic power over me.

My hands slowly moved closer to Pexton. I tried to resist and move them back, but I couldn't stop. The more I tried to resist him, the more powerful his stare became. My hands slowly landed on Pexton's chest. His pecs were like two balls, or watermelons. I ran my hands up and down and around his bulging pec muscles. They were so round and big! His chest was hard as rock, and warm as fresh baked bread. As soon as my hands began to touch his pecs, my penis involuntarily burst forth with shots of hard, hot cum inside my uniform. I couldn't believe it. It was the most erotic sensation I had ever had. My penis moved inside my pants, back and forth as I ejaculated. Involuntarily, I moved my lips to suck on one of Pexton's tits. The erect nipple was hard, but it soon softened under my tongue and lips. Pexton began to flex his pecs for me, dancing them with ripples of rock-hard muscle. This sent me into an almost convulsive state. I almost began to gag as I massaged Pexton's steel-plated musclechest. My penis ached as it filled my pants with milky jizz.

Pexton moved one of his huge hands to within about an inch in front of my bulging penis. He opened his hand and just hovered it in front of my genitals. It was as if he was trying to massage me telepathically. It worked, and then some. Suddenly, with a loud tearing sound, my pants ripped open and my moving penis sprang out. It shot uncontrollably. Semen burst up onto Pexton's muscular superbody, his open hand just inches from my penis. I didn't know a man's penis could move in the way mine did. It bulged and throbbed, visibly pulsing, bending, tightening and bouncing as it sprayed enormous amounts of semen every direction into the air.

I didn't think it was possible for a human to produce so much semen in a single orgasm. I was cumming so hard that it was painful, but it felt sooooo good. I had never imagined an orgasm could be so strong. My whole body stiffened with uncontrollable pleasure as I sprayed Pexton's supermuscle body with my juice. My hands massaged his enormous, rippling, bulging chest, and occasionally I moved my lips to the other one of Pexton's nipples and suckled at his muscular breast.

Pexton's hand and my penis seemed to dance together, without touching each other. He would move his hand up, and my throbbing, squirting penis moved up. His hand moved back and my penis followed. It was a beautiful, erotic dance of sexuality.

Then, Pexton moved his huge hand and began to touch my penis. It was so HOT! His touch stimulated my ejaculating penis to new heights. My steel hard dick grew slightly in his gentle hand. It grew a little more! I couldn't believe it! It must have grown to 12 inches of thick, squirting muscle. My penis head swelled. Pexton let my dick lie in his open hand as he worked his magic on it, tickling and rubbing it with his fingers. He occasionally closed his fingers around my rod and pushed down on it. This would send me into fits of uncontrollable ejaculation. His fingers were strong. They were about the size of the limp penis of most human men. But these muscular fingers were in no way limp. His powerful hand gently masturbated me, and I became weaker and weaker.

It was as if Pexton was somehow pulling the semen out of my body. More jizz came out. Pexton pushed lightly, then hard. Lightly, then hard. His touch was the most erotic sensation a man could have. My eyes probably bugged out as I looked down at the massive amounts of cum I was squirting up onto Pexton's rippling eight-pack.

Pexton placed his hands beneath my butt and began to lift me into the air. His huge arms grew with a few more inches of muscular mass as he effortlessly moved me upward. His power was astounding. He didn't even wince as he lifted my muscular (for a human man) 230 pound frame into the air. Slowly higher. Finally, my shooting penis was even with his mouth. His powerful Testone arms bulged as he suspended me in the air, but he showed no strain. I placed my hands on his unreal biceps to steady myself. The peaks of his arm muscles were like soccer balls, rippling with waves of rock-hard muscle fibers.

I shot very hard, powerful bursts of cum at his display of strength. Pexton moved his mouth to my penis and slowly began to creep his thick, seductive lips up my shaft. Very slowly. Excruciatingly slowly. His pouty lips crawled up my shaft. He sucked lightly, and the semen shot forth with new vigor. His mouth enveloped my penis, then he moved his lips over my balls as well. His neck bulged as he opened his jaw to engulf my penis and testicles. He sucked. He pulled more and more cum out of me. Sucking, pulling. Groaning with his deep Testone voice. Sucking, pulling. He pouted his lips more and ran his tongue up and down my shaft inside his huge mouth. The tip of his tongue began to tickle the sensitive spot beneath the base of my balls. Sucking, pulling the semen out of me. He lightly massaged my dick with his tongue as his lips remained closed around my whole genitals.

I was shooting so much fluid I was afraid I would dehydrate. It was the most enjoyable sensation I had ever had. My whole body convulsed and jerked as Pexton ate at my screaming genitals.

Suddenly, Pexton winced. It wasn't a wince of pain, but a wince of uncontrollable jerking. A thick, warm, hard burst of fluid hit my butt and back, penetrating my uniform. Pexton was cumming. His 20 inch penis stuck into the air, below me. I turned my head back and I could see his penis head expand and contract with each jerk of his Testone cum. The bulging head was like nothing I had ever imagined. It seemed to open and close. His fucking dick was so huge! It shot like a hose! Pexton's jizz squirted my face, and I turned away to avoid getting more cum up my nose and in my eyes. I could feel subsequent shots land on my back and in my hair.

Pexton suspended my limp body (well, limp except for my cumming rod) in mid-air as his dick shot loud, powerful bursts of testosterone onto my back. My uniform quickly became heavy as the milky liquid drenched the fabric.

Pexton continued to suck the life out of my semen-drained body as he shot his load onto me. His lips and tongue never missed a beat. Well, occasionally as Pexton jerked with a specially hard ejaculation he would tense his lips pretty hard around my genitals. But he was careful not to hurt me.

Then the unimaginable happened. Pexton's powerful fingers began to tear my uniform apart. My pants soon fell to the floor. His telepathic powers turned my shirt to shreds. We were both nude. His hot cum burst onto my butt, back and head. The milk ran down and dripped onto the floor.

Then, Pexton began to lower me slowly. He lifted his mouth off my stiff, shooting cock. He spread my asshole with his powerful fingers and soon my butt met his squirting penis head. I knew there was no way he was going to get that thing inside me.

He knew it too. "Don't worry," he said. He jerked hard and then said "I won't hurt you," Then he smiled. His German-sounding accent was entirely cute. His powerful arms gently lowered me just enough so that his penis head could slowly squeeze inside my waiting hole. It bulged and contracted as he inserted it just a few inches. It hurt a little. But it felt like I was being injected with a magic wand. And in a way I was. As soon as Pexton's penis began to shoot his testosterone inside my butt, I began to regain my strength. He was rehydrating me! The sensation of his jizz filling me was indescribable. I could feel it fill up my ass cavity.

Pexton spread the fingers of his left hand and centered it under my butt. He positioned his hand to hold me up and free his right arm. He suspended me in mid-air with just one arm! His right hand was now free, and he moved it down and began to hold his penis and balls with it. His left arm bulged with new strength. His face showed almost no strain as he held me up with just one arm. I continued to balance myself by holding my hands on his gargantuan biceps and delts. He began stroking the base of his penis and his balls with his right hand, as the tip of his cock slowly and gently penetrated my ass.

Pexton's huge arm held me steady as his jizz began to fill me with new life. It was unreal! Somehow my body was able to absorb his testosterone immediately. I began to feel strength like I had never felt it before! Power began to pulse through my body. My penis began to squirt anew. Bursts of cum blasted high into the air. Pexton lowered his head and positioned it so that my cum shot into his waiting mouth. I shot so hard that it sounded like a sprinkler as my jizz squirted into Pexton's mouth.

Pexton's testosterone continued to give me new strength. My 18 inch arms began to grow. They bulged with new muscle mass, to probably 21 inches! The other muscles of my body had similar growth.

(We later discovered that Testone testosterone would prove to be quite an effective component for human bodybuilders. Human musclestuds from all parts of the Federation soon began to flock to Testos Four to obtain the valuable Testone muscle-producing liquid. However, it was soon discovered that the only way for humans to reap the benefits of Testone testosterone would be to have it directly injected up their asses or into their mouths. If it was exposed to the air, it became useless to humans. The Testone liquid provided human men with the growth factor for about three weeks. Then they would require another "injection session" with a willing Testone (all of the Testone men we have met have been willing to fuck human men). Consequently, Testos Four has become quite the destination planet for many human men, both fags and even straight guys who will do anything to get big.)

As I absorbed his testosterone, my ass hole seemed to expand. Within a minute, Pexton's penis was inserted well into my ass. This would have been impossible if not for the therapeutic, growing effect of his milk. He let his left hand go, and suspended me on his body by his cock. Inside me, his rod bulged with each powerful jerking burst of Testone cum. It was the most unusual sensation! I absolutely loved it! I ran my hands up and down his abs, chest, arms and shoulders as Pexton winced with jerking extacy. His muscles bulged under my touch. I hung on his cock and kissed him softly as we both enjoyed meeting each other. I ran my hands down and under my ass and began fondling Pexton's balls. Mother fucking Moses they were huge! Pexton groaned as I pulled on his scrotum and squeezed his testicles beneath my ass. He shot hard as I caressed him.

Pexton drank most of my milk as it shot up at his face. It was as if we were feeding each other in a continual loop. He drank me, and I absorbed him. In a circle our mixing cum went. We must have fucked like this for over an hour. I never got tired. It was a continuous succession of climaxes. Each minute brought more pleasure, more erotic heights. By the end of our time connected, we were both verbalizing expletives, Pexton in his language, and I in mine.

Finally, Pexton began to show fatigue. It was erotic in itself. To see this superhuman Testone stud, with all of his bulging, flexing muscles actually grow weak. It was so HOT! He began to strain. He began to get tired. Pexton was done with his orgasm. He put his hands on my ass cheeks and squinted his eyes as he winced and strained to lift me off his 20 inch penis. Slowly, he forced me up. His rock-hard arms bulged under my fingers as he lifted me. His face tightened. His penis slowly came out as I rose in the air. Then, at the end, his swollen head plugged my hole. I squeezed my ass muscles and closed tightly around the head, causing Pexton to struggle as he tried to lift me off. He pushed hard. His whole body tightened, defining his muscles like I hadn't yet seen. I squirted bursts of cum into the air as I witnessed this herculean display of effort and power. Finally, with a small pop, Pexton forced my ass cheeks up and over his penis lip. It expanded my ass hole with an erotic sensation as it came out. Pexton slowly lowered me and stood me on the ground, his erect penis rubbing against my chest. It had to be the biggest piece of meat in the galaxy. Pexton stood in front of me, exhausted. He breathed heavily, and smiled at me. He was wet with cum. His skin glistened with a small amount of sweat. His muscles rose and fell as he breathed.

I couldn't resist. I began to massage his massive stick with both hands. Pexton closed his eyes and dropped his head back as I began to fondle him. He continued to breathe hard. He moaned. "Oh, please have mercy," he said. The muscle stud seemed almost helpless to stop me from masturbating him.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked.

"No," he smiled, his eyes still closed.

I touched and squeezed more. Within seconds, his massive cock began to pulse. Cum burst into the air. I brought my face down and began drinking. I pressed my lips against his penis head and sucked. Pexton moaned more. I wanted more of that thing inside my mouth, but I didn't know if I could open my mouth wide enough. I kind of expanded my jaw a little, and began to move my lips up his shaft. His milk was very warm and tasted sooooo good. I fondled his hairless balls and continued to massage his cock with my lips. Pexton moaned as he ejaculated his testosterone into my throat.

I could only get about a quarter of that thing inside my mouth. I touched and squeezed the rest of it with my hands.

Pexton continued to ejaculate into my mouth. He seemed to be growing weaker. His knees seemed to buckle, and he began to slink lower. He strained to remain upright, but I could tell he was on the verge of passing out! He fell back onto a soft couch, and his penis pulled out of my mouth. He was semi-conscious, and able to talk. His dick offered a few more small squirts of cum, which splashed up onto his chest. Pexton smiled deliriously. I wondered if I was killing him or something!

"It's O.K.," he reassured me. "I just need to sleep for a while. Sometimes, when Testones finish an unusually strong orgasmic session, we loose strength and must sleep for a short time. " He fell asleep with the most pleasant, content look on his face. His muscular body was limp on the couch. His dick receded to it's original, semi-limp, but still massively huge state.

Pexton slept for about an hour. He breathed heavily as he slept. I took the opportunity to explore his wonderful body. I ran my hands up and down his muscles, squeezing and massaging them. He was the most beautiful being I had ever met. I masturbated on him. I laid on top of his huge body and had sex with it in various positions. Somehow I was able to roll him onto his side and insert my penis into his ass. My cock got lost in the canyon formed by his huge soccerball glutes. It was the most beautiful marriage of muscular ass and throbbing dick that I had ever experienced.

I licked every drop of cum off his muscles and genitals. I thought he'd appreciate waking up to a clean body.

He woke up as I was sucking up the last bit of cum from beneath his balls. He looked down and smiled. "Was it good for you as well, human?" he grinned.

"Yes. Very good," I smiled back. "I believe our two people will enjoy many years of happiness together."

"I agree," Pexton said. "I look forward to meeting more of your people."

"And I look forward to meeting more of yours," I replied. •

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