Testos Four

Getting to Know the Testones


By Aaron Strong

Immediately after being introduced to Pexton, he invited me to take a brief tour of his city. The Testones believed that this would be a good way to acquaint Terrans (humans) with their way of life and their culture.

Pexton's 6' 10" body towered over me. He was the most magnificent piece of male muscle I had ever laid eyes on (and I had laid eyes on plenty, both in the holodeck and in person). His nude body pulsed with each deep breath he took. His pecs rose and fell like two cement-filled balloons.

"Please, accompany me to my home this evening. I would like you to meet my family," Pexton said. "On the way there, we can walk through a small courtyard and perhaps meet a few other Testones. I think this would be a good way to gently introduce you to our planet," he smiled.

I agreed to the offer. My body was tired from the hours of sex Pexton and I had just had. But in a strange way, I felt stronger and more healthy than I had ever felt. I surmised that the pure testosterone that Pexton had pumped into my body was having a life-giving effect on me.

Pexton turned and opened the door behind him. His triceps grew as he pushed the heavy door aside. His musculature was enough to make me cry. He was so beautiful and overly-developed! My penis bulged as I watched him walk.

The courtyard was filled with beautiful, green plant life. Bird-like creatures flitted and sang. Sunlight streamed down. It was warm and tropical. Paradise-like.

A strapping, muscular, blonde Testone approached us, holding a tray containing two drinks. "Governor?" he said as he offered Pexton a tall glass of something. Pexton took it. "Sir?" the waiter said, looking at me. He handed me a drink too. His eyes sparkled. He was absolutely gorgeous. His massive shoulders were huge. Big, strong arms bulged with powerful, strapping muscles as he handed me the drink. He wore a teal-blue strap that partially covered his enormous genitals. His quads rippled with lean muscles.

Pexton paused a minute and then stepped closer to the waiter-god. The superbody waiter was just a little shorter than Pexton, and just a tad lighter. Pexton moved his muscular hand onto the waiter's protruding chest and squeezed it lightly. The waiter froze as Pexton began to enjoy his chest. The waiter moved his hand to his briefs and pulled them down, exposing his meat. "I am at your service, Governor," he said softly.

Pexton moved his hand down and began to tickle the waiter boy's genitals. The meat grew. It dwarfed Pexton's muscular hand. Pexton pushed down on the now erect rod. Then he released his hand for just a second. Again, he grasped the throbbing penis and pushed down, this time harder. Pexton's tricep-horseshoe bulged as he applied force to the waiter boy's dick. The waiter winced in painful bliss. His steel shaft began to quickly spurt white milk into the air. He groaned. Copious amounts of milk burst forth. Pexton bent down and drank from the fountain. The waiter writhed in orgasmic extacy as Pexton sucked his dick.

Within a minute, they were done.

"I'm sorry I can't stay longer, my servant boy," Pexton said as he stood up. "I have a guest. But perhaps you could make an appointment with my secretary. I would like to explore this youthful body of yours more fully, at a later time," he said as he felt the waiter's large bicep.

"It would be my pleasure and my reward, Governor," the musclewaiter said. He pulled his briefs up and tried to push his semi-limp genitals back in. His dick tented the fabric. He picked his tray up off a table and stopped for a second. Pexton and I began to walk away. I turned back and took one more look at the gorgeous waiter. He jerked his body one more time, and jizz made a big, wet spot on his briefs. He closed his eyes in orgasmic lust and enjoyed the moment he had just had with Pexton. It was so hot!

"Pexton," I said as we walked. "That man called you eGovernor.'"

"Yes, commander," Pexton answered. "I am governor of this continent. There are 15 continents on Testos Four, and 15 governors. I was selected by the High Counsel to introduce you to our planet."

"I see," I said. We continued walking. I could tell that Pexton's dick was slightly excited, probably from that hot waiter back there.

As we walked along, occasionally a Testone man would come up and greet Governor Pexton. Some of them he obviously knew, calling them by name. A few of them asked how Pexton's son was doing. From the way they talked, I gathered that this son of Pexton was extremely HOT. A lot of the men acted like they wanted to see him, and not just to talk over replicator repairs.

Soon, we arrived at a transport station. Pexton and I got into a car that ran along a monorail-like shaft. Each car was private. We wisked through the city and Pexton pointed out some sights as we sped along.

"I am looking forward to you meeting my son, Jark. He is the equivalent to 18 of your earth years in age. He is quite the desirable young muscleman in this city. He has been eligible for marriage for a few months now, and it seems I have quite a chorus of young suitors on my hands," Pexton grinned.

We travelled on. "But I have chosen the Mate for my son already," Pexton continued. He looked out the window as he talked. "He is a Testone's Testone, if you know what I mean." Pexton's dick bounced just a little. "His name is Trong. He is from the Drack continent. I think Jark will be impressed. I think Trong will find Jark to his liking. They will make a beautiful couple."

The transit car finally came to a stop. Pexton and I got out. We were in a large marketplace. It was actually an atrium. It covered many acres, and had a glass ceiling that was a few stories high. It was filled with muscleTestones. Some wore skimpy posing brief-like clothes. Some were nude. Many were shopping. Many were just milling around. Some were at cafe's.

A few of the men were, how shall I say, getting to "know" each other. On a bench, two Testone's were 69'ing. Beneath a statue, two men were flexing their huge muscles for each other as they touched and kissed. One absolutely huge, powerful, man was reclining on a lounge chair and had two guys going at his bulging, erect tower. One guy was on each side, licking it like a lolly-pop. He was spurting milk into the air, getting them (and the walkway) drenched. The huge man's arms bulged as he pushed his fingers into the asses of his lickers.

I got a little light headed. I was certainly not used to this. It wasn't the sex, it was the obsene amount of muscle! Every Testone gave me an erection! Every one! They were all absoltely drop-dead gorgeous! Non-fat muscle on top of thick, bulging muscle.

"I hope you are not offended by any of this," Pexton said. "I know your species is not used to this."

Two musclemen lay on a grassy area, one on top of the other, passionately making love. I couldn't believe the size of their arms and lats. Their glutes and legs were unreal.

"Nonsense," I mused. "This is very enlightening. I rather enjoy your openness of expression."

Pexton stopped and watched the three men going at it. The one in the middle was exceptionally huge and virile looking. His face was gorgeous. He had about two day's worth of beard, and short, dark brown hair on his head. His powerful arms were enormous, even for a Testone. His narrow waist was seductive. His mountainous abs bulged with each heavy breath as the two men serviced his mammoth dick. Pexton watched. Precum began to drop from Pexton's big penis as it began to stiffen. He was clearly enamored with this knockout of a Testone. My boner was as stiff as a stick. It began to ache.

Pexton walked over to the trio. The large Testone in the middle looked up at Pexton and began squirting with new vigor. Pexton bent down and opened his mouth. He placed his pouty lips on the mushrooming penis head of the big guy and began to slowly crawl his mouth down the shaft. (He has the sexiest, big lips!) Pexton's lats spread wide as he bent over his subject and began sucking the semen out of the huge cock. The two men on each side began to feel Pexton's massive arms. They squeezed lightly and felt Pexton's muscles bulge beneath their fingers. They both began to cum. He was amazingly powerful, even among the Testones.

I began to cream in my pants. Powerful bursts of jizz began to fill my uniform. I jerked uncontrollably as I watched the musclefest before my eyes. Within seconds my pants were sopping with cum.

Pexton stood up as he finished the orgy. "What is your name?" He asked the big Testone whom he had just finished sucking.

"I am Sturdis," the hunk answered as he cleaned himself. His mammoth biceps bulged as he wiped the milk from his abs. He smiled impishly as he looked up at the Governor and continued cleaning. His smile was drop-dead gorgeous.

"Please stand," Pexton ordered. Sturdis stood up. He was about half a foot taller than Pexton, and he had quite a few pounds on the Governor. His powerful body rippled with mountains of muscle. Pexton was visibly taken with this mega-Testone. Sturdis grinned slightly as Pexton ran his eyes up and down his muscles. "Your physique is, well, it is quite impressive," Pexton said.

"Thank you, Governor. I am glad you find it to your liking," Sturdis answered. His cheeks had deep, gorgeous dimples as he smiled. His dark wiskers were orgasmic, just to behold. The traps on his shoulders were like two mountains, supporting his tree-trunk neck. He was fabulous! Every muscle on his sexy body rippled with each heavy breath he took.

Pexton continued, "And your semen is the best I've tasted. Very sweet and thick." Pexton lifted his hand to Sturdis's semi-limp penis and fingered a large drop of cum from the head. He brought his finger up to his mouth and inserted it. Then he moved his hand to Sturdis' bulging chest and began to touch it. His speech became slightly broken as he struggled to maintain his composure in the presence of this virile, muscle-god. "I found your cum to agree with me in every ... way. I can feel your strength in me now, Sturdis. It--It is very ... powerful. You ... are very powerful."

Pexton was really getting into this guy. He ran his hand out to Sturdis' right arm. It dwarfed Pexton's arm by a few inches. Sturdis allowed Pexton to feel his relaxed arm for a second, and then slowly lifted it up and began flexing it. Pexton made a sound that was half gasp and half sigh as Sturdis' insanely defined bicep bulged. It was incredibly big, even for a Testone. Sturdis smiled as Pexton's hand massaged it. Pexton's knees buckled slightly and his penis continued to grow. Within a few seconds of fondling Sturdis' arm, Pexton was at full erection. His cock laid flat against Sturdis' rippling abs, reaching almost to the thick overhang of his chest.

Sturdis continued to flex his right arm for Pexton. He straightened it a little, and the bicep lengthened and bulged. Pexton liked this. Then Sturdis turned his thumb outward, and his bicep bulged and danced under Pexton's touch. Pexton's mouth opened and he licked his lips in lust as he felt Sturdis flex. Pexton's hand felt every inch of the muscles on Sturdis' gargantuan arm. He fingered the strapping blood vessels and muscle fibers as Sturdis showed off his mighty gun.

Sturdis moved his body slightly closer to the Governor, causing Pexton's rod to press more firmly against his torso. Pexton flexed his dick in response. Precum bubbled up and ran down its length, moistening Sturdis' ab mountains as it flowed.

Sturdis moved his left hand up onto Pexton's throbbing penis and began to tickle it with his fingertips. Pexton froze in pleasure as Sturdis fondled his meat. He closed his eyes in extasy. Sturdis ran his fingertip up and down Pexton's shaft, dribbling the precum as he went. Pexton's breathing began to grow in intensity. His pecs bulged with slow, passionate rhythm as Sturdis massaged him. Sturdis fondled Pexton's mighty balls, twisting the skin of his scrotum. Pexton moaned with pleasure.

Sturdis leaned forward and gently began kissing Pexton on the lips. His huge bicep bulged as he bent his right arm and moved his hand to Pexton's cheek. Pexton kept his hand on Sturdis' arm and felt it as Sturdis softly, seductively kissed his pouty lips. The two Testones explored each other's mouths for a few minutes. It was extremely passionate. I could tell they were both enjoying this.

A small crowd of muscular Testones gathered to watch. A few of them began stroking themselves, or each other, as Sturdis and Pexton engaged in erotic muscle-foreplay.

Pexton's pulse was visible in the blood vessels of his cock as it throbbed under Sturdis' touch. His heartbeat was getting faster.

Then, in an erotically powerful movement, Sturdis pulled back from Pexton and grabbed the Governor's huge cock with both hands. His muscular arms bulged with power as he pulled Pexton's penis downward and placed it between his massive legs. Pexton's eyes grew large as he realized what this supreme Testone musclefreak was doing. Since Testone penises are about 20" long, the men are able to insert them easily into the asses of each other while they face each other.

Sturdis' quad muscles rippled as he spread his legs and welcomed Pexton's tool into his moist ass hole. Pexton winced with pleasure as his beef slid into Sturdis' warm, tight cave.

Sturdis groaned loudly as he grabbed Pexton's glutes and shoved the Governor's cock inside. He forced it all the way in, straining his face muscles, almost popping his biceps, breathing hard and moaning. The two men groaned as they embraced hard. Their defined bodies blended into an unbelievable display of musclesex. They kissed passionately as they wrapped their massive arms around each other. Their backs bulged with ripples. There were so many muscles bulging, it was hard to tell where one man's body stopped and the other man's started.

Many of the Testones who were watching began to ejaculate. I did too, unzipping my pants so my cum could freely squirt into the air.

Then Sturdis began to slowly flex his leg and glute muscles. Pexton writhed in pleasure as Sturdis massaged his cock with his legs, ass and rectum. Sturdis' muscleflex was pure torture for Pexton. Pure stimulating, orgasmic, climactic torture.

Pexton let out a loud yell that echoed throughout the atrium as Sturdis brought his Governor to a submissive, worshiping orgasm. Pexton jerked and winced as he shot his warm load into Sturdis. He yelled again. Sturdis smiled a little and tilted his torso to inch Pexton in a little farther. Pexton's eyes opened wide as Sturdis' muscles began to pull the semen out of his dick. Sturdis continued to flex his quads and glutes, manipulating Pexton's steel rod inside. Pexton pushed hard. He almost convulsed. He yelled a third time. Sturdis' body tightened as he struggled to control the Governor. Pexton's body stiffened as he uncontrollably began sobbing in Sturdis' arms. Then Pexton leaned back. He clenched his teeth and jerked his torso forward, ramming his dick harder inside Sturdis. Sturdis moaned. Pexton rammed again. Sturdis moaned again, loudly.

Tears of sexual bliss ran down Pexton's face as he almost gagged in extasy. Sturdis' dimples deepened as he watched Pexton loose himself in lustful bliss. Sturdis' outstretched arms bulged as he held Pexton, who was still leaning back and ramming his lower torso against Sturdis' crotch.

The two of them continued like this for almost a half hour. It was as if they had endless energy.

Finally, they were done. Pexton was exhausted. Sturdis was not. Sturdis spread his legs and pulled Pexton out. The cocks of the two men were semi-limp. They looked at each other in lust. Pexton breathed heavily, with sweat running down his muscular body. Sturdis was warm, but not nearly as haggard looking as Pexton.

Sturdis turned to a Testone hunk who had been watching the show. Sturdis said to him "Would you like to help me finish?" The man immediately began to ejaculate into the air. His muscles bulged as he uncontrollably shot his load. Sturdis walked over to him and spread the man's legs. The two men embraced as Sturdis shoved his newly erect dick up his hole. The guy began moaning. Sturdis nearly lifted the smaller man off the ground as he came inside him. His legs bulged as he forced himself all the way in.

Pexton watched in amazement. He walked over to Sturdis and placed his right hand on his rock-hard trap. "Please come to my home tonight at the tenth hour. I would like to make love with you tonight," Pexton said. Sturdis turned his head toward the Governor and said between jerks, "It will ... be my pleasure,... Governor."

Pexton turned around and walked back to where I was standing. He looked down at my throbbing, wet dick and licked it. It burst in his mouth. He licked it clean when I was completely done.

We cleaned up and quickly walked through the atrium. Sturdis and the other man yelled in the background as we made our way toward Pexton's home, which was just minutes away. I was looking forward to meeting his mega-hunk teenage son, Jark. I anticipated an evening of good food and lots of teen sex.

More in my next log entry. •

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