Testing Sequence

By WBHunk

Hi guys...after much (gentle) encouragement from other authors and fans, I have written another story for your viewing enjoyment. Comments, kudos, and irrational criticisms are welcome. :) Sorry about the length. Enjoy!

"File transfer complete—new program active."

I smiled. Eight weeks of hard work, but it was worth it. Another successful Dynamyx program, soon to be on its way to market and earning me that nice fat completion bonus.

"New mail."

I quickly scanned the note. "Aw, crap!" I groaned, as I pushed back my chair.

"What is it, Todd?" came from the other side of the cubicle wall.

"The usual, Bill," I said, poking my head around the corner. "A nice cryptic email from the boss to report to the R&D area immediately." He chuckled, eyes twinkling from his chubby cheeks, his "programmer's belly" bouncing.

"Nice," said Greg, chuckling as he passed by. "Another trip to the Dungeon. Wonder what they broke this time?"

I laughed—"the Dungeon" was our group's name for the basement under the data processing center. "You know, I always thought they were supposed to be the smart ones and we were the tech geeks. How come they keep crashing and destroying equipment?"

"Division of labor, my man," said Paul, my manager, grinning as he walked up to my cube. "Whatever it is, Troy wants you down there right away, and he told me to free up your project schedule."

"Great," I chuckled sarcastically. "Y'all have fun now."

The laughter receded as I walked down the hallways, over to the elevator. This might not be too bad, I thought to myself—if I do a good job on this, Troy might consider moving me into that new troubleshooter position he was creating. Whatever it takes, I said, smiling mentally as the elevator opened.

"Ah Todd….good timing," Troy said, as I walked into the bunker-like room. "I just finished reprogramming your security access, and I need a retinal print."

"This is that secure?" I said, peering into the reader machine.

"Very much so—come on, I'll show you," he said, walking off towards a reinforced door. I followed in his wake, as always marveling at the sheer size of his frame. Troy had made the jump from All-Pro linebacker to chief technology officer at Dynamyx quite easily, and he was to say the least an intimidating presence.

The door slid open, and we walked into what looked like a computer chop shop. Circuitry, wires, and old casings covered a series of workbenches, the hum of a working server a nice background counterpoint. A huge screen dominated one wall, the familiar Windows desktop showing on it, underneath it a jumble of equipment that I didn't immediately recognize. Troy picked up what looked like a small silver headband and handed it to me. "Put it on."

"What's this?" I wondered, staring up at the screen.

Troy smiled. "This is the amazing part. Open up Word."

"Um…OK, where's the keyboard?"

"Just think it. Move the icon to Word, then click."

OK, Troy's really lost it, I thought…but….I imagined the cursor moving to the Word icon, and—holy shit! The cursor moved! Right onto the icon! Blinking, I imagined the cursor clicking….and suddenly the program opened!

"My God," I breathed.

Troy laughed. "Try `typing' something."

Words appeared on the page as I thought them… "Holy cow," I said…. "how…what…"

Troy chuckled. "That's what you're here to find out. The guy who built this was working on it for the better part of a year…about a week ago, he just plain vanished. We don't know how it works, or anything of the sort about it—but if we could mass-produce it-"

"it would be a revolution," I finished. "And you expect me to figure it out?"

"Exactly," Troy said. "I can't risk having anyone else help you—this is a secret of the highest order. Think you can handle it with just the machine and his notes?"

"I'll do my best," I said doubtfully. He grinned. "It's all yours, Todd. Good luck!"

Jesus, I groaned, as I rubbed my sleepy eyes and massaged my temples, the cold metal of the headband grating against my skin. It was probably after midnight—hell, down here it could be 6 AM and I wouldn't know it. I might as well move into this hellhole and quit paying rent on my apartment.

The project had gone fairly well at first—the initial diagrams from the notes had made sense, and I had easily identified the power source and the basic computer setup. But the receiver—or at least what I thought was the receiver--good grief, it just didn't make sense! I knew it was picking up something, but what? The only thing that seemed to happen was that, when you thought something, these screwy little boxes inside the thing would start generating electrical patterns—and voila, instant screen response.

Maybe another round with the amplifier, I thought, my weary fingers quickly realigning the connection cords. I'd tried increasing the power, hoping to isolate whatever weird electromagnetic activity the darn thing was capturing. Hopefully I won't fall asleep this time, I thought wryly. The last time I'd tried this had been two weeks ago— I'd tried running a test sequence and fell asleep halfway through, only to wake up to a crazily-blinking screen and an overloaded server.

Here goes nothing….OK, test sequence Alpha…click 5, open Word….the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog…..Four score and seven years ago, our forefathers….yawn….set forth on this continent…..mmmm….cannot consecrate…..yaawwwnnn…..will not perish from this earth…….ssnnnoore…..

The sharp ding of the elevator bell echoed down the hall as I tromped towards my cube, furious with myself. Another sleeping incident, and this time I'd broken my Palm when I fell out of the chair on it. I need to go….

"Hey Todd!" came a voice from behind me. "Hi Bill, how—" I turned to face him and my voice trailed off in shock.

"Good to see you again!" Bill laughed, the ripples moving up and down his thick chest, his pecs and abs clearly visible under his tight T- shirt—T-shirt? "We weren't sure if you were alive or dead!"

"I'm alive," I mumbled, barely believing what I was seeing. How long had I been down there? "You—you look great! I didn't know you'd started working out."

Working out wasn't the word for it. Bill had gone from the typical paunchy tech guy to what could pass for a decent-sized bodybuilder. Those jeans were living on borrowed time—even in front!

"Ever since you left, Todd," he chuckled. "I'm just on my way to meet Paul and Greg at the gym. Troy ordered that everyone start their morning with some good exercise, and the gains have just been incredible. You'd be amazed—Paul looks great with that tan!"

OK, this is TOO weird. Paul has seen the sun probably twice in his lifetime. "Well, good seeing you…I'd better check with Roxanne about what my email is doing in my absence—"

"Roxanne quit three weeks ago, Todd," Bill said. "I'm surprised you didn't hear about it—we've had a lot of people leaving. Sandra, Tawny, Melissa, Keisha….."

That's all the women in the company—huh? "Well, I'd better let you get moving—the Dress Code Nazi will give you hell if you get caught in that outfit on company property," I laughed.

Bill guffawed—"Todd, don't you hear ANYTHING down there? The dress code is now complete casual. Heck, some guys are even taking their shirts off in their cubes. Matter of fact, I think I'll do that now— it'll be off at the gym anyway!" Suddenly, fabric groaned as he reached down…and his shirt tore open at the front, a puff of chest hair springing out as his pecs rose up. He giggled—"Damn, that ALWAYS happens when I do that!"

I turned and ran back to the elevator. My heart pounded in my chest. What in the HELL was going on here—I must be hallucinating! I sprinted into the room….I need to go home, get some food, get some sleep—that had to be some kind of dream! Quickly I slid back into my chair, slipped the headband back on, the server hum increasing in volume. OK, shut down sequence… wait a minute, what do you mean, "Program still open"? I clicked over….file "Todd.exe"? I didn't create that! I'd better….turn it off….yawn….so tired….I need to….zzzzzz.

"SHIT!" I yelled, snapping awake. ANOTHER time--how long had I been asleep?

I leaned back in the chair, gathering my thoughts. That had to have been a dream. I'm going to go upstairs now, and everything will be back to normal. Bill will not be some kind of Playgirl model, people will be wearing ties, and the women will all still be working here. I'm going to go up to Troy's office and tell him I need a little vacation. Everything will be back to normal.

"Hardly," came a voice, loud and portentous, from the speakers.

I jumped—holy hell! What's going on????

"Don't you recognize your own voice, Todd?" the speakers echoed, an evil, sarcastic tone to the words.

Oh God, this is it….I've finally lost it….

"Oh, you've lost something all right, Todd….you've lost your ability to keep me quiet," the voice chuckled. "Let me save you the effort— I'll show you what's going on upstairs."

The screen flashed. "Oh…my….holy…" I murmured, staring at the scenes from the cameras scattered across the building.

Paul sitting in his office chair, the light playing over his thick, furry pecs, a goofy smile on his face…..Greg's massive back flexing, his lats twisting, as his head….omigod….bobbed up and down on Paul's….

"Cock, Todd….the word is COCK," the voice boomed.

"No…this isn't happening…" I moaned as another view came up….Bill on his back, growling, massive quads bulging as his legs wrapped around… is that Tim, the mailboy??—arms pulsing with power as he pushes his gigantic throbbing…COCK….into Bill's…..NO!

"Oh yes, Todd," the voice laughed. "A whole office building full of musclemen, sucking, fucking, and in general engaging in no productive activity other than pure sex. Just what you've always wanted!"

"No!" I screamed. "This isn't possible! I didn't—"

"Sure you did, Todd, " the voice snickered malevolently. "This is me coming out—the little boy who jacked off to his comic books, the jock who wanted so bad to stare at the other guys in the shower, the dreams you had about your coworkers. You did a heck of a job convincing yourself I wasn't there. That first night you figured out what this thing could do—how it could reshape molecules according to your will—you even managed to forget it, once you realized what it could let you—let ME--do. But you saved me into here—and you keep running me every time you fall asleep."

"NO! I've got to shut this down before—"

"Too late, Todd!" the voice yelled. Horror-struck, I realized—I couldn't move! "I'M in charge now. YOU are going in here to manage the production facilities so that this little invention will ensure that we never have a problem with money—and I'M going out there to have fun. Matter of fact, I think I hear it coming now!"

Suddenly the door slid open—and Troy strode in—but, ohmigod, TROY! 6'6 if he was an inch, his chest like two mountaintops covered with snowy-gray hair, his shaved head glinting under the fluorescents, every movement rippling with power and muscle, legs like medium-sized trees, his…oh fuck…COCK like a thick tan cucumber. "I thought you'd be ready by now," he grumbled, his voice like distant thunder. "I expect a lot of my troubleshooter, you know."

"Troy…no…stay away, get out of here…" I gasped, my voice getting weaker.

"Almost ready, sir," the voice growled, anticipation dripping from each syllable. "Let me change for you, muscledaddy boss man."

A progress box flashed up on the screen. Suddenly what felt like an electric charge coursed through my body. I looked down at my forearms- --a muffled scream escaping my lips as they pulsed, throbbing, veins plumping full and fat as the fibers swelled. I felt my shirt pull tight around my chest, the fabric creaking…..a despondent moan as my sleeves popped open, my biceps peaking full, growing, expanding. My sneakers snapped apart, the laces popping as my thick feet…muscle feet….no…please stop, PLEASE….tore out, my loose slacks stretching, straining to confine my swelling thighs. 45% complete….48% complete….my shirt fell to the floor in tatters, my pecs pushing outward, abs chiseling out of flesh, my treasure trail creeping higher, spreading…..76%, 77%….my calves, my thighs showing through the splits in my pants….80%, standing up….the last of my clothes falling off in ruins, my underwear straining, bulging in front…..rrriiiPPPP, 90%…no…gotta stop….can't stop….staring, admiring my body, my hot, horny muscleman body….95%, Troy pulling me close, his massive arms enveloping me, my muscledaddy feeling my muscle cock, muscle sex forever and ever and ….

"File transfer complete. New program active." •

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