Damn He's Strong


By robertschaefer932

This is the first story I've ever done. I have to apologize in advance that it's not very hard core.

It had been a fairly normal pregnancy for Mrs. Andrews. This would be her 4th child. She and Mr. Andrews were really hoping for a girl after having 3 sons. It had been 8 years since the birth of their last son so this pregnancy hadn't been planned. Thank goodness she had kept the baby clothes! Along about the 3rd month, the obstetrician noted that Mrs. Andrews was much larger than you would expect at 3 months. This was in the days before ultrasounds. She got so large that everyone was expecting her to deliver twins or triplets, even though the Dr. could only hear 1 heartbeat Finally it was time¼

The delivery proceeded normally. Mrs. Andrews delivered a healthy baby boy. In fact a very healthy baby boy who tipped the scales at 14 pounds 12 ounces. He was 28" long. This was the reason for Mrs. Andrew's enormous size during her pregnancy. Mr. & Mrs. Andrews were very surprised by the size of the baby. Mr. Andrews was about 5'9" tall and weighed about 150 pounds. His wife was on the tall side for a woman at about 5'6" but weighed about 125. Their other 3 sons had been average to slightly below average weight at birth and were just average size now. There were no real tall or big people in the family tree. If anything, the family tended to be on the small side!

The new baby was named Steven, after Mrs. Andrew's Father. He demonstrated a voracious appetite in the nursery, consuming bottle after bottle. It seemed like he wanted to be fed almost continuously. In the days before HMO Medicine, mothers got to spend several days in the hospital after birth. Mrs. Andrews was somewhat exhausted after delivering such a large baby. The entire nursing staff was amazed at the size of the baby. He was the biggest baby they ever had in the nursery. He was twice the size of any other babies in the nursery. They were also amazed by the enormous size of his genitalia! One of the nurses said to another nurse, "I'd like to see this kid when he's 18!" "You probably will be able to, just watch the NFL on Sundays!" said the 2nd nurse. While they were changing his diaper one day, Steven kicked the nurse and left a bruise. She said, "Damn, he's strong!" To the surprise of everyone in the nursery, by the time mother and baby were discharged 3 days later Steven's weight had increased to 15 pounds 8 ounces. Of course none of the newborn clothes that Mrs. Andrews had would fit the new baby. Fortunately, she had kept most of the clothes from the other 3 sons. Steven fit nicely into a outfit for a 1 year old!

Life got back to normal at the Andrew's House. The new baby was welcomed with open arms by his brothers. The only problem was that Steven required a bottle every 2 hours during the night. Mr. & Mrs. Andrews took turns but they still were tired in the morning.

Steven was taken to the pediatrician 30 days after birth for his first checkup. Everything was fine. His weight had increased to almost 20 lbs! The Doctor had never seen such growth in a baby before.

He was weaned from the bottle at an early age and began eating large amounts of baby food. It would not be unusual for Steven to consume 3 or 4 jars at a time every couple of hours.

By the time Steven had his 6 month birthday, he had doubled his birth weight to over 30 lbs. Most babies don't accomplish this until their after their 1st Birthday. He was beginning to crawl and even attempting to stand. By the time of his 1st birthday, he had more than tripled his birth weight to almost 50 pounds. He was walking and starting to talk already. It is interesting to note that his older brothers then ages 8, 9 and 10 none weighed more than 100 pounds. The 8 year old (Mark) weighed about 70 pounds, the 11 year old (Ryan) was about 90 and the 12 year old (Thomas) was just about 100. They were just fairly average kids, if anything, they were just on the slender side. They had their hands full with an almost 50 pound 1 year old!

One day, Steven was trying to play with the airplane model that his 10 year old brother was working on. Of course Mark did not want his 1 year old brother playing with his model airplane that he had been working on for days! However, Steven really wanted that model! A wrestling match ensued. Steven grabbed Mark's arm holding the model and began pulling. Mark held on for dear life. Mark came off his chair onto the floor. Steven began dragging him around the house like a sack of potatoes! Fortunately Mrs. Andrews heard Mark's screams and came to the rescue. Everyone was amazed at the strength demonstrated by this baby!

Steven continued his rapid growth. By age 2 he tipped the scales at 75 pounds. He was 3'4" tall. The pediatrician had run several tests but could find no medical problem that could be contributing to his rapid growth rate. He continued to have the voracious appetite demonstrated when he was a baby. He would clean his plate at meals, have 2nds and 3rds and then proceed to finish anything that anybody else had left! He would usually get up in the middle of the night for a snack as well. Mr. & Mrs. Andrews just got in the habit of leaving Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches in the kitchen at night! This was the start of a life long love of PBJ Sandwiches!

Steven used to sit out front and wait for the mailman each day. The mailman was a really big man. Of course Steven didn't have a concept of height at that age but the mailman was about 7' tall. Each day he'd come down the street. Steven would say `Make muscle!" and the mailman would roll up his sleeve and flex his grapefruit size bicep for Steven. Steven would say "OOH!." Then he'd hand Steven the mail. "Tell your mother hello." he'd say each day. By the time Steven was 3, the big mailman had transferred to a different route and was replaced by one who in Steven's eyes was very puny and wouldn't `Make Muscle'.

Steven even liked to see his brother's muscles, not that they had any real ones on their scrawny arms. He'd ask them to "Make muscle." Sometimes Mr. Andrews would indulge Steven too and show him his relatively small biceps. At family gatherings, Steven would go around asking all of the men to "Make Muscle." He's then decide who was the biggest. Even at age 2, he realized that Mr. Mailman had bigger muscles than anybody else. Steven himself was beginning to develop his own biceps by this age. Not a large one, but there was definitely a small muscle, comparable to what you might be seen on an athletic 10yr old.

Steven ruled the playground near his house. Mrs. Andrews would take him there when the weather was nice. Usually he played with the older kids who were about 4 or 5. But he was still much bigger and stronger than the 4 & 5 year olds were. The average 4 year old boy would weigh about 30-45 lbs. Steven was already almost double that, and he was only 2! He was the average weight for an about an 11 year old! He would occasionally take toys away from the older children. He would push his way to the front of the line for the slide, knocking the other kids down. One time, he was pushing another child on the swing. The kid kept urging him to push him higher so he did. Eventually, the kid did a loop on the swing. His mother saw it happened and ran over. The kid was saying "Do again!" His mother yelled at Steven and Mrs. Andrews. She told Mrs. Andrew's to "Keep that freak away from my baby!" One of the other mothers commented "Damn, he's strong!"

Shortly before his 3rd birthday, Mrs. Andrews took Steven for new shoes. Steven had large feet from the day he was born. He never actually wore baby shoes but wore children's sizes. When the clerk measured Steven's foot that day, he told Mrs. Andrews that she would have to take Steven over to the Men's Shoe Department! His foot was a size 6 which was the smallest men's size. Mrs. Andrews was very startled by this development. Her husband only wore a size 8 shoe and her 3 year old baby was fast approaching her husband's shoe size! Steven didn't totally fathom what it meant to be buying shoes in the Men's Shoe Department, but he did ask Mrs. Andrews, "Am I a big boy now?"

By Steven's 3rd birthday he was 3' 10" tall and weighed almost 100 pounds. He had a very stocky build. Most of the clothes that Mrs. Stevens had saved from her older children were of no use to Steven due to his husky build. Pants that were the right length were too small in the waist. Shirts with the right sleeve length were too small in the neck and chest. The Andrews made it a tradition to measure the kid's height and weight on their birthdays and recording their heights and weights on the doorjamb. On his 3rd birthday, Steven was 99 lbs. His next oldest brother Mark, who was 11 years old, only weighed a little over 100 lbs.! One day, Steven and Mark were in the bathroom. Steven was using the toilet. When he got done, Mark took over. Steven said to Mark "My Pee-Pee is bigger than yours! Mark hadn't begun puberty yet and he had a small, boyish penis, about 3 ½ inches. Steven's was much, much thicker and about 2" longer than Mark's. It actually resembled more of a grown man's than that of a 3 year old child.

About the time of Steven's 4th birthday, he found a new source of shoes to wear. He began wearing his father's shoes (size 8). Steven was now 4'6" tall and weighed 125 lbs. However within a couple of months of his 4th birthday he had outgrown his father's shoes! At 125 lbs., Steven had matched the weight of his 15 year old brother Thomas! All of the boys were growing, but not at anywhere near the rate Steven was.

However Steven continued to grow at a fairly steady, if not impressive rate. By his 5th birthday, Steven was 4'11" tall and weighed 160 pounds. At this point, he was the heaviest male in the family. By now his shoe was a size 10 which was several sizes bigger than anyone else in the family. His feet had also started to widen, requiring an EEE width. Not only did he have the biggest feet in the family, he had now surpassed his father's weight of 150 lbs.! His biceps continued to develop. At age 5, he had biceps that resembled those of a full-grown man who didn`t work out much. Not sleeve busting by any means, but they were obvious when he flexed his arm.

When Steven was 5 he wanted go out for Halloween dressed up as Superman, one of his favorite TV Shows. There was a beautiful costume that Steven saw at the store but the sizes were for average size children, not kids that weighed 160lbs. Steven couldn't even get his legs into the biggest Superman costume. None of the other costumes would fit either. So he had to go as a ghost instead with a sheet with eyeholes. Steven was a ghost or a hobo for the next couple of years. He stopped trick or treating after he turned 8. Some of the people he visited were truly frightened by the 5'8" 230lb hobo with the size 16 shoes! They thought he was a real bum looking for a handout!

Mr. Andrews liked to have arm wrestling contests with his kids. The kids would all try to beat their dad one at a time. First Ryan tried and failed. Then Mark tried. Then Thomas tried. Thomas was now 15 years old and in high school. He was about 5'8 and 140 lbs., the same height, but 10 lbs. lighter than his father. He had been working out in the weight room at school. The results weren't impressive but they were noticeable. His chest was a little thicker and broader and there was a small bulge in his arms. He sat down at the table and grasped his Dad's hand. They began to wrestle. They went back and forth a couple of times and then slowly, Mr. Andrew's arm was forced down. Thomas just sat there shocked. He had just beaten his Father in arm wrestling for the first time ever. Then he jumped up on the chair and began flexing his biceps. He roared like a gorilla! The other kids cheered him. Mr. Andrews demanded several rematches but lost them all. He went to his bedroom and closed the door.

Steven never took part in these contests because of his young age but he watched them intently. After everybody quieted down, Steven said, "Can I play too?" Thomas said OK, not expecting to have any problem with a 5 year old after having beaten his father. Steven & Thomas sat down at the table. Due to the difference in their arm sizes Thomas had to lean his arm at an angle to grasp Steven's shorter arm. Somebody yelled "Go!", and Thomas began straining. Steven slowly but steadily moved Thomas' arm to the table and banged it down. Thomas said, "Damn he's strong!" Steven did not appreciate at the time what he had done. Now in addition to being the heaviest, Steven was also the strongest person in the house.

The pecking order in the Andrew's household changed subtlety. One day, 12 year old Mark & 5 year old Steven were left home alone. Mark had been left in charge by his parents when they left. Mark wanted to watch a baseball game on TV and Steven wanted to watch a Superman rerun. The Andrew's only had 1 TV. A heated argument ensued as to what program they should watch. Mark would change the channel to his station and Steven would change it back. After the 3rd change of stations, Mark got up to change the channel again. Steven grabbed him in a bear hug and pulled him back to the couch. 120 lb. Mark was no match for the 160 lb. Steven. No matter how hard he tried, Mark couldn't break free. Steven squeezed Mark so hard, he was having problems breathing. Steven did ease up on his grip a bit so Mark could breathe, but he held onto Mark for the next half hour while his show was on.

When Steven let Mark go at the end of the show, Mark tried to hit Steven in retaliation. Steven grabbed Mark's arm and twisted it behind his back. He then pushed Mark to the floor face down. Then he put one hand on Mark's neck and one hand around his ankle and lifted him off the floor and swung him around the room. He then threw him on the couch. Steven said, "I don't want anymore trouble out of you!" and went to the kitchen for a snack..

One day Steven was standing in the kitchen with the refrigerator door open, looking inside. Ryan walked by and grabbed the last bottle of Coke. Steven said, "Hey, I was going to drink that!" Ryan said "You snooze, you lose!" Steven grabbed his arm that held the soda bottle and began twisting and squeezing. Ryan screamed in pain. Ryan fell to his knees. "OK OK! You win Mighty Mouse" Ryan yelled. "Damn you're Strong!" Steven said, "Thank you very much." as he grabbed the bottle of Coke.

A few days later, Thomas was in the backyard playing football with a few of his high school friends. They were having a leisurely game, really just tossing the football around. Steven came out and asked if he could play. Thomas said, "No, it was just for older kids." Steven argued with him to let him play. Thomas said, "You're too little, you might get hurt." Steven said, "If you don't let me play, you might get hurt!" With that he hit Thomas with a flying tackle and knocked him to the ground. Steven sat on his back and twisted his arm very hard. Steven said, "Are you going to let me play?" and twisted harder. Thomas was in real pain. Thomas had an almost 9" height advantage, but Steven had 10 lb. weight advantage and with Steven being only 4'11", he was much stockier than Thomas. Thomas was no match for Steven in strength however. He struggled to get up but couldn't. It was futile to struggle. One of Thomas' friends came up to help him. Steven punched him hard in the stomach and he doubled over and fell to the ground. Finally, Thomas said "You can play." and Steven let him go. When Thomas got up, he said, "Let's go!" and started to walk out of the yard. Steven said, "Where are you going? Don't you want to play football with me? I won`t hurt you!" Thomas and his friends all walked out and left Steven alone in the yard. Thomas was embarrassed at having been beaten up in front of his friends by his 5 year old brother! The kid Steven punched in the stomach commented as they walked out "Damn, he's strong!"

In the fall, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew took him to school to enroll him in kindergarten. When the principal saw him, he thought that Steven was there to be enrolled in Junior High! He suggested that due to Steven's size that they either skip kindergarten and enroll him in 1st grade. Mr. & Mrs. Andrew really didn't want to do that so they voluntarily kept him out of kindergarten. They brought him back the next year and enrolled him in 1st grade. Mrs. Andrew taught Steven to read at an early age and she somewhat home schooled him that year. Soon it was September and it was time to enroll Steven in 1st grade. Steven's amazing growth rate had continued. On his first day of 1st grade, Steven stood 5'2" tall and weighed 190lbs! The first grade teacher was an older lady who had been teaching 1st grade for 30 years. She was 4'11" tall and weighed about 90lbs. This was one reason she always taught first grade, due to her small stature, she could have more control over littler kids. Imagine after teaching little 1st graders for years, to have a student who is not only several inches taller than the teacher but weighs more than twice as much as she does! She retired the summer after Steven's year in her class.

When Mrs. Andrews took Steven shopping for new school clothes, they had to do their shopping in the Big and Tall Men's Store. This was in the days when the largest size most stores carried was XL. While Steven wasn't overly tall yet, he carried 190 lbs. on his 5'2" frame. His neck size for dress shirts was 18". He needed XXL Shirts to accommodate a 50" chest. The shirts were a little long due to his 5'2" height. They were still able to buy shoes fairly easy because at this point he only needed a size 12.

Steven's first day of school was somewhat memorable. Since the first grade desks weren't designed for someone who weighs 190 lbs., they brought a desk in from the 8th grade. Even that was a tight fit for Steven. In just a few months, they had to bring in a table for him to sit at. At recess one of the 8th grade boys (who had flunked several years so was actually about 15 years old) was teasing one of the 6th graders. While Steven wasn't the tallest kid in school, he was the heaviest and as they would soon find out, the strongest! Steven immediately came to the aid of the 6th grader. The 8th grader, who was about 5'10 and 160 lbs., probably the biggest kid in school before Steven enrolled, glared down at Steven, thinking that his 8" height advantage gave him an advantage. He then began teasing Steven. Since Steven's clothes were bought at the Big & Tall Men's Store, they certainly didn't look like the other kids. He also teased Steven for looking like a fireplug. He failed to realize how powerful a fireplug is! Steven charged him and knocked him to the ground. Steven grabbed the 8th grader's arms and pinned them behind his back. He told the kid to apologize but he wouldn't. Steven then stood up. He still had hold of the kid's hands. He then proceeded to lift the 160lb 8th grader off the ground land over his shoulder like a sack of flour. At that point, Steven's teacher came up and told Steven to put him down!. Steven complied. He stood up with his head down. At that point the other kids began shouting that the 8th grader started it. Apparently this kid had been bullying kids for years! They were very happy to see him get what was coming to him. The teacher let Steven off with a warning to "pick on somebody your own size." Steven looked around and didn't really see anybody his size! For years, they told the story of how a 1st grader beat up an 8th grader!

In the lunchroom at school, it became common for the kids to give Steven their uneaten food. Some kids even started asking their parents if they could bring extra food to school to feed the "big boy". Steven's appetite was the stuff of legends. Each day for breakfast, he would eat a whole box of Wheaties! He would bring a grocery bag to school each day. His mother would make 10 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for his lunch along with some fruit and potato chips. Plus he ate whatever the other kids gave him. He would wash it down with 6-10 pints of milk. He would also bring food to eat at each recess. After school, he would go home and fix a 5 or 6 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches to hold him until dinner. As he got bigger, the number of sandwiches increased. By the time he was in high school, he was up to 24 sandwiches a day for lunch. If is Mom didn't have time to make them, she'd throw a jar of jelly and a jar of peanut butter in a bag with 2 loaves of bread.

One day after the holidays that year, Steven was in the bathroom with Mark. Mark stepped on the bathroom scale and commented that he had gained about 5 pounds over the holidays. The scale registered 155 pounds. Mark asked Steven how much he weighed. Steven said he didn't know exactly and said last time he got weighed he was 190 lbs. Mark told him to get on the scale. It read 203. Steven had passed the 200lb mark and wasn't even 7 years old yet.

Steven continued to grow at a fairly steady rate. This would continue for several years. Steven never experienced a rapid growth spurt, just a slow but steady gain of several inches per year and 20- 50 lbs. per year. This continued until he began to lift weights, at which his weight gain increased.

Steven turned 7 on his birthday. He had grown 3 inches and during that year a gained 20 pounds. He was now 5'5" tall and tipped the scale at 210. Even though he was 210 lbs., he was not fat. He was not really muscular, but very, very stocky and solid. He now had to begin what would be a life long struggle in the shoe department. On a recent visit to the local shoe store, when he was fitted with a size 14, the clerk told them that 14 was the largest size they carried. There was a store in nearby town that carried some larger sizes or they would have to mail order them. For his whole teenage life, Steven rarely had more than 1 pair of shoes. He didn't even have boots to wear in the snow. It was very expensive to keep in him shoes, especially in his teens when his shoes had to be custom made. He would then outgrow them in a matter of months!

One day the boys were watching TV in the living room with their feet propped up on the coffee table. It was quite obvious who had the biggest feet. There was a show on about the BigFoot monster called Sasquatch. Steven wore a size 14 shoe which was 5 sizes larger than Thomas's size 9 shoe, so the kids began teasing him about being Big Foot. They started calling him Sasquatch and Big Foot. Steven yelled at them to stop but kids being kids they didn't. Steven grabbed Thomas and pulled him off his chair. Even though Thomas is about 150 lbs, Steven now outweighs him by 60+ lbs. Steven grabs him and puts him in a headlock. Thomas attempts to fight back but Steven is much too powerful for him. Thomas is unable break free. He calls to Ryan to help him. Steven Grabs Ryan in a bear hug with his free hand and immobilizes him. Mark comes over to help. Steven lets go of Thomas momentarily, he grabs Mark by the arm and flings him across the room onto the couch. Steven takes the other 2 boys down to the ground and puts them both in headlocks. Mark jumps off the couch and runs back over. Steven knocks him off his feet with a sweep of his legs. He then wraps his legs around Mark's chest and begins to squeeze. He also applies increasing pressure to the headlocks. "Say Uncle!" Steven hollers. All 3 boys begin to scream in pain and are gasping for breath. Mrs. Andrews comes running. It was quite a sight to see 7 Year old Steven lying on floor with his 18 and 17 year old brothers under each arm and his 14 year old brother in his vise-like legs! All 3 boys are screaming! Mrs. Andrews yells `Stop hurting your brothers.' Steven says, "They won't say Uncle!" "I don't care!" Mrs. Andrews says. "Stop hurting them NOW!" Steven immediately releases his brothers. The 3 older boys sitting on the floor rubbing their aching body parts. Steven stands there with a grin on his face. "There will be no wrestling in the house boys!" Mrs. Andrews said. Steven asks, "Can we fight outside?" Both Mrs. Andrews and the boys simultaneously yell "NO!"

Mr. Andrews sits Steven down later for a talk. He tells Steven that he mustn't fight with his brothers anymore, or anyone else. Because he is so big and strong, he may hurt someone. This is quite a lot for a 7 year old to comprehend. As they end their talk, Mr. Andrews casually mentions to Steven "I wish I could control those kids as well as you do." To which Steven replies "If you need any help, just give me a call!"

For the most part, Steven didn't fight with his brothers much anymore. Steven occasionally snuck in a punch or a kick, almost hoping they would start a fight, but the older boys developed remarkable restraint. They also avoided provoking Steven. They usually gave Steven his way. Their self-preservation instincts kicked in! Steven occasionally razzed them about the fact that he was bigger and stronger than they were! If he saw them struggling with something heavy even something as simple as opening a jar, Steven would say "Does little Ryan need some help from his big, strong brother with that?" or he'd lightly threaten them with "Don't make me hurt you!" or he'd just tease them about being "scrawny weaklings." Or if Mrs. Andrews asked one of the older boys to help do something like carrying something heavy, Steven would say, "Mom, don't ask a scrawny weakling for help when you have a big strong boy like me around!" Since the older boys were afraid of Steven, they would ignore his teasing.

When Mr. & Mrs. Andrews would introduce their kids to other people, they'd introduce Steven as "their youngest child," Steven would add "and the biggest and strongest!" Or if Mrs. Andrews got the laundry mixed up Steven would complain about "getting somebody else's shirt that was way too small!" or one day Mark was looking for his shoes, Steven offered to lend his brother a pair of shoes and then say "Oh, that's right, a size 14 might be a little big on you wouldn't it?"

While Steven didn't fight or wrestle with his brothers anymore, he certainly took every opportunity to let them know who the biggest and strongest was! One day Ryan tripped and fell. Steven rushed over and lifted him off the floor and feigned concern, all of the time holding him so his feet weren't on the floor. Ryan said, "You can put me down now." Steven said, "Oh my goodness, I didn't even realize I had lifted you off the floor. You're just as light as a feather to me!" One day Mark was laying on the couch saying he was too tired to get up to go to bed. Steven scooped him off the couch and carried him to his bed. The boys could still tease Steven about being short since he was only 5'5" tall. Steven would reply, "Yeah, but I'm only 7 years old. By the time I'm your age, I'm going to be so tall that you'll have to get on a ladder to kiss my ass!" Steven had always been hearing for a long time about how big he was for his age and how big he would be later in life, but of course at that time, nobody knew for sure. They just knew he was one big 7 year old!

Steven also never failed to let his brothers know how big he was in the shorts too! Even though he was only 7, he already had a very thick 8" dick. It would have been impressive on a fully grown man, much less a 7 year old boy! Steven slept in the nude and he would walk around nude anytime he could around his brothers!

Steven would boss his brothers around when their parents weren't around. If they were watching TV and he wanted a snack, one of them would have to get up and bring it to him. If they'd refuse Steven would say, "Mom and Dad aren't here to protect your sorry scrawny asses, you know!" The older boys were all afraid of this man-child so they did his bidding.

One day, all of the boys were helping clean out the basement. It was a warm day and they boys all had their shirts off. Steven liked to take the opportunity to show off his 56" chest and 22" arms any chance he got! There was a large trunk down there that Mr. Andrews thought was empty. Mr. Andrews told Steven to take it outside. Steven picked it up and carried it out by the trashcans. A little while later, Mrs. Andrews saw the trunk out there and she hadn't wanted to throw it away. It was loaded with valuable books! She called to Thomas to carry it back down the stairs. Thomas tried to pick it up and couldn't budge it. He called Ryan to help and even the 2 of them couldn't lift it. They finally got Mr. Andrews and the 3 of them struggled but did manage to get the trunk off the ground and moving slowly back toward the house a few steps at a time, mostly dragging in instead of lifting it. Steven came upstairs and saw them struggling and just stood with his hands on his hips laughing at the sight! He didn't say anything to them, he just came over, picked up the trunk and carried it back to the basement by himself! He laughed the whole way down the stairs.

One day, some of Mark's teenage friends were joking around about who's dad could beat up who's dad. Mark said, "My 7 year old brother could beat up all of your dads!"

By Steven's 8th birthday, he was almost the same height as his father (5'8) but weighed 70+ lbs. more lbs. (230 lbs.) Some of his presents on his birthday were some XXXXXL shirts. He had a closet full of outgrown shoes and clothes! He would outgrow shoes before they wore out! His parents jokingly wondered if they could rent them instead of buying them! By now he was wearing a size 16 shoe. At least with the added height, clothes were a little easier to fit lengthwise. Steven's physique could best be described as a `Husky Construction Worker Physique'. He was very stocky. His biceps were a large 24" but weren't really bulging with a lot of muscle mass. His shoulders were noticeably broad. Steven had a 60" chest and a 40" waist.

Steven had some difficulties during this time. Even though he was larger and stronger than most grown men, he was still only 8 years old. Most people treated him as if we were much older. He really didn't have much in common with kids his own age (considering he outweighed them by 3 or 4 times). During recess, he would play with the 8th grade boys who were a little closer in size, but Steven was way bigger than the next biggest kid in the school. It got to the point where nobody wanted to play football with him. If you weighed 130 lbs., would you want to play against somebody who is 230? So he didn't really fit in with either group. He didn't fit in too well with the older boys because of his age and the fact he was bigger than they were. His brothers were all teenagers at this time and were off doing their own activities. They didn't have a lot of time for an 8 year old. Steven spent a lot of time alone.

Steven turned 9. One of Steven's birthday presents was a new pair of size 18 sneakers. Nobody ever told him to act your age and not your shoe size! They had to be mail ordered and there was a fear he would outgrow them before they arrived! For his birthday, his mom took him and several friends to the movies. There was a big commotion at the ticket counter. For some reason, the clerk wouldn't give the children's discount to the 5'11 250 lb. child with the huge feet! His mother had long ago began carrying a copy of his birth certificate but the clerk and the manager didn't' believe it. So she had to pay full price for her 9 year old son. It's probably just as well. Due to Steven's broad shoulders, nobody could sit in the seat next to him, so in effect he took up 3 seats. He had a big thick neck (20") and head so nobody really wanted to sit behind him either.

Another milestone occurred later that year. Steven got measured at the doctor and he was over 6' tall and tipped the scale at 260 lbs. Steven always knew he was strong, but he didn't realize how strong until that year. The 8th grade kids were hanging out on the parking lot. There was a Volkswagen Beetle sitting there. It had those bumpers that stick out like handles. A couple of 8th graders grabbed the bumper and tried to move it. With about 6 kids there were able to actually slide the car a couple of inches. Steven saw what they were doing and decided to help. A couple of kids moved to make way for Steven's big frame. Steven took a deep breath, planted his size 19 sneakers firmly on the ground and gave the command "Lift." They all grasped the bumper and lifted like they did before. To everybody's amazement, including Steven's, the car raised off the ground about 3 feet. Everybody else let go and there was Steven standing there holding the car by himself. The rear bumper began scraping on the ground. Steven held the car for a minute and then set it back down. He repeated this fete several times. Fortunately, the bumper did not tear off the car (a tribute to German Engineering) since it is not really designed to hold the wait of the car! As would happen to Steven quite frequently, everyone just stood there with their mouth open. Nobody could quite believe that this almost 10 year old could lift the front end of a Volkswagen (remember the engine is in the back). One of the kids said, "Damn you're strong. Next time we get a flat tire, we're calling Steven instead of a tow truck." When Steven got home, he excitedly told his parents what he had done. Mr. Andrews told Steven not to do it again even if he was strong enough. It could be very dangerous to lift a car. Fortunately for Steven's parents, Steve was usually a good kid and was obedient. It took a brave 150lb. parent to tell his 260 lb. 9 year old kid not to do something!

It was about this time that Puberty hit Steven. It was early but considering his current physical development it was not bad timing. Steven's voice deepened and heavy hair sprouted on his chest, legs and in his crotch area. Steven developed a very heavy beard. He was the only 4th Grader with a 5 O'clock Shadow. Actually it was more like a 2 O'clock Shadow. He began to notice substantial growth in the crotch area too. It was sometimes difficult to get his pants zipped up! He had always been well hung, but now he was getting huge! There were noticeable bulges in his pants! Apparently is was true what they say about men with big feet!

By this time, all of the older boys were either away at college or away at school or in Thomas's case, graduated from college and living on their own. Steven did kind of miss those little guys!

On his 10th birthday Steven's father figured he had better come up with something better for his son to lift than cars! So he went to the Sporting Good store and bought Steven a beginners weightlifting set . It took Steven's dad and 2 clerks to wrestle the 250lb. box into the car. When Mr. Andrews got home he called Steven to help him. Steven came running down the stairs to the driveway. He saw the box in the car and jumped for joy. Remember he was still only 10 years old and his youthful exuberance shown through. Steven reached into the car and lifted the box out by himself and held it in the air like another kid would a new airplane model! He then ran downstairs to the basement to set up his new toy.

Mr. Andrews followed his son down the basement. Weights and bars were strewn around the floor. There was a bench to be set up so Mr. Andrews got his toolbox. Steven started pumping with a dumbbell. Mr. Stevens admonished him to not over do it. When Mr. Andrews got the bench assembled, he loaded up the barbell with about 150 lbs. of weight. He was going to show Steven how a bench press was done. Mr. Andrews had never lifted weights in his life but he thought 150 lbs. sounded about right. He told Steven to stand at the head of the bench and spot him. He lay back on the bench and lifted the bar from its rests. It hovered there for a second while his arms began shaking. As the bar came crashing down to his chest, Steven reached out with one arm and grabbed the barbell. He then lifted if from over the bench with his one hand. Mr. Andrews just lay there having just had his life flash before his eye. He looked up at Steven and saw him standing there holding the barbell with one hand. Steven caught his Dad's eye, grinned and then began pumping the barbell like a dumbbell with one hand.

Steven was amazed with his own strength. A barbell his father couldn't even hold, he was lifting with one hand. He then lifted it over his head with one hand. The basement had a low ceiling and given Steven's 6'2" height, the bar easily bumped against the ceiling. Steven squatted down and did his presses from a squatting position. Steven repeated this about a dozen times without even straining. Mr. Andrews sat there in amazement too. Here was his 10 year old, 265 lb. offspring lifting 150 lbs. over his head with one hand and wasn't even straining. Steven said, "I'm not over-doing it Dad!" Mr. Andrews said, " Well, I guess we'll have to get you the advanced weightlifting set." Steven then glanced over at his father. "Hey Dad," said Steven, "how much do you weigh?" "Oh about 155 now" Mr. Andrews replied. Steven looked at the barbell, then looked at his father. Steven gets a grin on his face. Steven grabs Mr. Andrews around the waist and lifts him off the bench. He lifts him up over his head, up against the low ceiling in the basement. He moves one hand over Mr. Andrew's butt and puts his free hand on his hip. He raises Mr. Andrews up and down with one hand! "Put me down you big moose!" he bellowed. Mrs. Andrews came down to see what all the shouting was about. "Make him put me down!" Mr. Andrews bellowed to Mrs. Andrews. Mrs. Andrews burst out laughing at the sight of her husband going up and down in one hand of their 10 year old son! Then Steven got the idea to go outside where he could fully extend his arms. He put Mr. Andrews over his shoulder like a sack of flour and lumbered up the steps. He had to be careful on most steps because they simply weren't designed for somebody with size 20 shoes.

He carried his father out into the yard and again began lifting him over his head repeatedly. Mr. Andrews just bellowed "Put me down!" which only served to bring the neighbors out of their houses. When a small crowd began to gather, Mr. Andrews decided to suffer in silence. One of the neighbors, Mr. Johnson was a fairly hefty fellow with a beer belly. He said, "I bet you can't do that do me!" "How much do you weigh?" asked Steven. "Oh about 250" said Mr. Johnson. Steven set his father down gently and patted him on the head. He grabbed Mr. Johnson around the waist and hoisted him over his head. Steven raised and lowered him several times with little effort. Mr. Smith said "Damn he's strong!" During this time, Mr. Andrews crept back into the house. Several of the neighborhood children cried out for Steven to lift them too. These small children he did 2, 3 or 4 at a time. Soon it became dark and the show was over for the night.

The next night Thomas came over. He had graduated from college and had a job downtown and an apartment near by. He still worked out at a gym on a regular basis so he knew something about weight lifting. He went down the basement with Steven to inspect the new weight room in the basement. Thomas showed Steven some of the basic weightlifting routines. He told Steven that he should train with more reps of lighter weight due to the fact that he was still growing. He also told Steven that he should chart by various measurements in addition to height and weight. Steven didn't really know what Thomas meant. "We need to get a measuring tape and record all of your measurements and then do it periodically so you can track your growth, kind of like how Dad records our heights and weights on the door frame." Thomas said. "Cool!" said Steven.

Steven ran upstairs to get the measuring tape out of Mrs. Andrew's sewing basket. Thomas had Steven remove everything but his underwear. They started at the top, even measuring Steven's head. All Steven knew was that he couldn't wear a hat or helmet because they're were none big enough (even the ones that said one size fits all!). Steven's head measured 36" around. They got the Sears catalog to see what hat size that equated to, but the largest head size listed was 25 ¾". Next was Steven's neck. It measured 24". Measuring Steven's chest presented a problem. The tape measurer only went to 60" and that wasn't long enough. They substituted some kite string and then measured that. Steven's chest was an incredible 75". His waist was only 42". Steven's thighs were 44 and calves were 40". They also measured his height on the door jam and he was 6'2" tall. Thomas then had Steven flex his bicep. The reading was 30"! Thomas said that he had seen in the Guinness Book of World Records that the largest bicep was only about 24 or 25 inches, so Steven probably had the largest Biceps in the world. There was really more bone than muscle. Steven had a very large and heavy bone structure. This would serve well to support the muscles he would begin building with his new weights. Steven ran upstairs and told his father, "I've got the largest biceps in the world!" Mr. Andrews looked up from his newspaper and said "That's nice son."

Steven went back down to the basement and said to Thomas "If we're going to do this right there's probably one more thing we should measure." "What is that?" Thomas replied. "My cock." Steven replied. "Why do you need to measure that?" Thomas said. "I've gotten really big in the last year." Steven replied. "Well, if you want to, I'll get the ruler." Thomas said. "Better make that a yardstick!" Steven said with a grin. Thomas just looked at him in disbelief. Thomas could see he was big in the crotch area, but to need a yardstick was probably a bit much! Thomas got the yardstick to humor him. Steven pulled down his underwear, which was all he was wearing at the time. Thomas just stared for a minute at the foot long fire hose on Steven. It had to be 8" in diameter. "You weren't kidding were you" Thomas said. "No I wasn't. Sometimes it's hard getting it into a pair of pants!" Steven said. Thomas said, "I'm not touching that thing, you measure it!" Steven took the yardstick. "Right about 12 inches." he said. "OK-well we didn't need a yardstick after all." Thomas said. "No make that 13." said Steven as he started to experience an erection. "No make that 14." Steven said. Thomas just stared in amazement. "15" Steven called out. "16" he called out. Thomas said , "You can stop anytime you know." "17" Steven called out. Thomas said, "And you're 10 years old right?" "Just yesterday" Steven replied. "Holy Shit! You're a fucking King Kong!" Thomas said.

Steven then said, "How big is yours?" "Not as big as that python!" Thomas replied. "I showed you mine, why don't you show me yours?" Steven said. "No thanks" said Thomas. "We'll see about that!" said Steven. Steven grabbed Thomas by the front of his shirt the lifted him into the air with one hand. Then he grabbed Thomas' pants and ripped them off his body. His underwear came off too. Steven then ripped off Thomas's shirt. He set Thomas on his feet back on the ground. "I can see why you keep you clothes on!" said Steven. "What's that thing about 5 inches?" "More like 6." Thomas said. Steven said, "And to think, I always wanted to be like you when I grew up! HAH!" "Hey, I'm not the abnormal one here!" said Thomas. "I'm average, you're huge!" "Be sure and remember that little bro!" Steven said as he gave his brother a playful punch in the shoulder that almost sent him flying! Steven looked at their reflections in the mirror. He was 4" taller than Thomas was and 115lbs heavier. It was almost as if Thomas were a small child standing next to an adult but in reality Thomas was a full grown man and Steven was the child being only 10 years old! •

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