Damn He's Strong


By robertschaefer932

Steven began training earnestly. Usually he would carry his weights out to the yard if the weather was nice or into the garage if the weather was bad. Mr. Andrews had to make several more trips back to the Sporting Goods Store for more weights. Steven was training with lighter weights and more reps as his brother had recommended, but all of the weights in the beginners set totaled only 250. This quickly proved inadequate for Steven. Frequently, Steven would ask his Mr. Andrews to pick up more weights, much in the way Mrs. Andrews would ask him to pick up milk. Steven would say, "Hey Dad, can you pick me up another 100 lbs.?" Since he was working out outside, the neighborhood kids would gather around to watch. The bar wasn't designed to hold much more than 500 lbs. of weight, but in no time, Steven was training with all of the weights he had! To make things more interesting he would have couple of his classmates, none of whom weighed more than 100 lbs. hang on the bar for added weight while he pressed it over his head. He would have as many as 5 or 6 kids sit on his back while he did pushups.

Throughout his weightlifting for several years, Steven always had a problem getting heavy enough weights. When he got heavier weights, his muscles quickly adapted and then those weights became light to him. Steven often did one armed pull-ups too with a couple of kids on his back for added for extra resistance.

Steven's muscles developed and grew very rapidly when he started lifting weights. In a few weeks of weight training, his muscles were starting to bulge very noticeably. He was even stronger than he was before! Steven used to joke that he built some muscles, then those muscles built muscles and then those muscles built muscles.

In about 1 year of weight training, Steven packed on 60 lbs. of muscle. On his 11th birthday, Steven was 6'5" tall and weighed 325lbs. . His chest was 90" and his biceps were a bulging 40". He trained mostly with 500lbs. on his barbells. That was about the most those cheap bars could hold. He could curl 275 lbs with one arm. He asked Mr. Andrews repeatedly for a better set, but he refused. Steven thought to himself, "I'd like to military press you a few times!"

Steven's weight training was taking a toll on his clothes. Practically nothing fit anymore and those were the largest sizes carried at the Big & Tall Men's Shop. Unfortunately, Mrs. Andrew was not a good seamstress, but her friend Mrs. Pierce was. She made clothes for her nieces & nephews all of the time. She volunteered to custom make some clothes for Steven. He would have to come to her house so she could take his measurements. Steven arrived at the designated time. Mrs. Pierce always had her subjects stand on a box. She told Steven to stand on the box, not realizing that he was 6'5" tall . He placed his size 22 shoes on the box and climbed up. With the box being about 1 foot high, he now towered over Mrs. Pierce. Mrs. Pierce realized that the box was a mistake for a subject this tall. She was just about to tell him to climb down when the box collapsed under his weight.

Steven came crashing down and lost his balance and fell on Mrs. Pierce's antique coffee table. The table legs broke under Steven's weight and the table collapsed in a pile on the floor. Steven got up, quite unhurt. Mrs. Pierce was worried that he had been hurt and told him to sit down in a chair. Steven sat down in an antique chair next to the coffee table and it promptly collapsed under his immense frame too. Mrs. Pierce than began screaming "Get out of my living room you big ox before you wreck the whole house!" Steven jumped up in fear and panic (although he had nothing to fear from Mrs. Pierce or from Mr. Pierce for that matter). Steven stumbled over to the door, trying to get away from the screaming woman! He reached for the door but it was locked. In a panic, he pulled on the door as hard has he could and ripped it from it's hinges! He then stood there holding the door in his hand! Mrs. Pierce screamed even louder. Steven threw the door on the floor hightailed it out of there and ran home! About 1 hour later a very sheepish Mrs. Pierce rang the bell. She apologized to Steven and asked if she could still make his clothes. All fittings would be at the Andrew's house however.

Shortly after Mrs. Pierce began making Steven's clothes, Steven approached Mrs. Pierce before a fitting to ask her a question. "Can I ask you a question Mrs. Pierce?" Steven said. "Why yes dear, go ahead." Mrs. Pierce replied. "Well, Um, Could¼" Steven stammered. "Go ahead dear." Mrs. Pierce encouraged. "When you're making my pants, do you think you could make the crotch area a little bigger, a little more roomy? That last pair you made we were great except in that area." "Well," Mrs. Pierce said while blushing. "I kind of need to know how much room to leave." "Do you want to measure me?" Steven replied reaching for his zipper. "NO NO NO!" screamed Mrs. Pierce almost as loud as she did when at that fitting session where the furniture got broke. "Just give me an idea." Mrs. Pierce said. "Well" Steven said, about this much room, holding his hand about 13" apart. "About a foot" Mrs. Pierce screamed! "Actually 13 inches" Steven said. "And then at certain times about 20 inches." "20 INCHES!" Mrs. Pierce yelled. "I'm afraid so." said Steven. "Can you help me please?" "Certainly." said Mrs. Pierce. "My sewing skills are certainly up to this Gargantuan Challenge!"

Mark came home from school for a visit. He came in late and went straight to bed in the room he and Steven used to share. He hadn't seen Steven in almost 1 year. He was going to school on the West Coast and had worked an internship over the summer so he hadn't been home in almost a year. When Mark got up in the morning, Steven was still asleep. Mark could see Steven was having one of those `special dreams`. Steven's 18" woody pushed the heavy winter blanket up about 2' over the bed! Mark pulled up the end of the blanket looked underneath. He stared in disbelief for a minute. He couldn't believe how huge Steven was! Then Mark punched Steven on the shoulder and said "Wake up and take down the circus tent!" Mark had to rub his hand. It actually hurt his hand when he punched Steven in the shoulder. Mark hit the shower.

Steven woke up. He sat on the bed for a minute. He really had to go to the bathroom. He thought, "I sure wish this thing would go down as fast as it goes up!" It was a struggle to get underwear on when it wasn't at full staff much less now! He ran to the bathroom with nothing on. Mark was in the bathroom taking a shower with the door locked. Steven really needed to take a leak! He banged on the door but Mark either couldn't hear him in the shower or ignored him. The door almost came off it's hinges as he banged with his enormous fist. He really needed to go! With just a little more force, he could knock the door off its hinges, but it might break during the process. Being the size that Steven was, he occasionally was clumsy and broke things. He had been trying to be careful after the incident at Mrs. Pierce's house. So he nixed the idea of forcing the door. The only other alternative was his parent's bathroom.

There was one rule in the Andrew's household that was never broken, the boys could not use the parents bathroom. But he really had to go! He ran across the hall and opened the door. The coast was clear. He ran across the bedroom to the bathroom and accidentally stepped on one of his father's new dress shoes that he left lying on the floor. The shoe was crushed flat under Steven's Size 23 foot and 335 lbs. He entered the bathroom and made a beeline for the toilet. The toilet was next to the shower. He began to relieve himself. His parent's bathroom has a mirror that covers the whole back wall. Steven was able to see his whole body in the mirror. Suddenly he noticed the shower door opening. His dad was in there and was trying to get out. His way is blocked by Steven`s totally nude, massive 335lb body. Steven says, "I'll be out of the way in a minute Dad- I've really got my hands full!" Steven's Dad starts to say "Steven you know the rules about¼" when he glances down. His mouth drops open and he kind of staggers against the wall. At the same time Steven looks down at his Dad.

The Andrews were always somewhat modest people and Steven hadn't seen his Dad without clothes in many years. Mr. Andrews hadn't seen Steven unclothed like this since before puberty hit a while back. Steven looked down at his own 16" still partially erect cock that is thicker than a beer can. His balls are massive, each about the size of a grapefruit. He then looks at his Mr. Andrews tiny, miniscule 4" cock that almost resembles a soda straw and balls the size of marbles! He checks his own again and then checks Mr. Andrews' as if doing a comparison. Mr. Andrew just stares at Steven's huge cock and the enormous flow it is putting in the toilet. There really is no comparison between the two. Steven then notices how hairless and thin Mr. Andrews' body is. Their eyes meet. Mr. Andrews knew his son had been well endowed since he used to give him baths when he was a baby, but he had no idea Steven had gotten so huge. Mr. Andrews suddenly feels very small. Steven doesn't say anything, but turns his head back to the front and gets a wide, wicked grin on his face. His father steps back into the shower and closes the door. He doesn't come out until Steven leaves. No mention is made of the squashed shoe or the bathroom rule violation.

Steven goes back to his room. Mark is there toweling off from his shower in front of the mirror. Steven says, "Hey, it's good to see you." Mark said "Hi little bro! Long time no see!" Steven said, "People call me a lot of things but 'little' isn't one of them!" Steven stood next to Mark and looked at their reflections in the mirror. The reflection in the mirror could have been a `Charlie Atlas' before and after picture. Mark was the tallest of the 3 older boys at 6' and 170lbs. but he looked diminutive standing next to Steven. "You were big when I left but you`re fucking huge now! What do you weigh now?" Mark asked. "About 335." Steven replied. "Holy Shit!" Mark exclaimed. "That's almost twice as much as I weigh! It looks like most of it is in your crotch area, isn't it?" "I guess I'm what you would call well endowed.." said Steven. "What is that thing, about a foot?" Mark asked. "Actually about 13" and about 20" when hard." "20 inches! Over a foot and a half! You give new meaning to the term well endowed!" said Mark. "We're going to have to start calling you Steven the Stud!" Steven says, "Well you know what they say about boys with big feet."

"Speaking of feet, what size shoe do you wear now?" "Oh, I've got dainty size 23 feet." Steven replied. "Size 23! Jesus Christ!" Mark exclaimed. "I'll have to show you the gym I've got down the basement." Steven said. "That's where I got these at!" as he did a double bicep pose. "40 inches of rock solid muscle!" Steven said. "Damn, my chest is only 40 inches!" Mark replied. "Check this out." Steven said as he pumped out his chest and flexed his pecs. "90 inches!" Steven said. "Man o' Man. That`s monstrous!" said Mark. "What's your bench?" "Not exactly sure." said Steven. "I can only get 500lbs. On the barbell and I can do that with hardly any effort. I could probably do at least 600-700 if I had the right equipment. I can't get Dad to buy me any more weights either"

Mark says to Steven, "I noticed you took down your pictures". Steven used to have pictures of bodybuilders on wall and muscular super heroes. Steven replied, "I figured since I was already way bigger than any of those guys, I didn't need them for inspiration any more! Maybe they should hang up a picture of me for inspiration!"

"Does Dad know how big you are in the shorts?" Mark asked. "Why yes, just the other day at dinner I whipped it out and said look at my 13" cock!. Really though, Dad just got an eyeful when I was using his bathroom a minute ago." Steven said. "Wow, you broke Andrews rule #654? I guess if you're as big as you are you can just about do as you please!" Mark said. Steven just grinned and flexed his biceps again. "You'd think so wouldn't you." Steven said. "If Mom & Dad try to give the talk about the birds and the bees, tell them they'll need to make it the talk about the ox and the gorilla." Mark said. Steven laughed and says "Isn`t puberty great!" flexes his arms and pumps out his chest again. Steven says to Mark, "Do you realize how small our Dad is? I just saw him getting out of the shower. I wonder what Mom ever saw in him?". Mark said, "He's not small, you're just gargantuan! I look tiny compared to you." Steven said "No he really is puny even compared to you. No wonder he keeps his clothes on all the time! You and I can be thankful we didn't inherit those genes! I wonder if I got any of his genes at all?"

Steven reaches into the drawer for some underwear. He's still partially erect, but he should be able to get his underwear on now. He comes out with a pair, not realizing Mark put some of his in the same drawer. He grabs a pair of Marks. Mark does the same thing and he comes up with a pair of Steven's "Pierce of the Looms" as Steven calls the underwear, which Mrs. Pierce now custom makes for him. Not paying any attention, Mark quickly pulls on the pair of underwear. He was somewhat self-conscious being in naked in front of his much more developed, younger brother. As he pulls them up he realizes the error. He is literally swimming in Steven's underwear. He actually could have put his whole body through one leg hole that has to accommodate Steven`s incredible 52" thighs. The drawers pull up to the middle of his chest and won`t stay up unless he holds on to them. Marks 40" chest is 8" smaller than Steven's 48" waist. He looked ridiculous. Steven laughs and says "Those might be a too big for a little guy like you. And I don't think there's much of a chance of you growing into them either!" Steven looks at the pair he is holding. He pretends to examine it then holds it against his own crotch as if to try it on. It appears that Mark's 32" underwear wouldn't even begin to cover Steven's massive crotch area, much less go around his 48" waist. He tosses the underwear to Mark. "These might be a little small for me. I think this little thing will do the trick for you!" Steven says. Mark blushes but quickly changes. Steven is standing there looking at Mark in the mirror.

At 6', Mark's head just comes up over Steven's shoulder. Steven's massive basketball size shoulder dwarves Mark's head. Steven says, "Hey Mark, remember when we use play wrestling?" Mark says 'yeah, but it I remember the time you took all 3 of us at once! You're more than twice my size now and¼.". Mark started to say. "Hey, I'll tell you what." Steven interrupted. "I'll only use one hand! That`ll make it fair!" He put one hand behind his back and swept Mark off his feet with one the other hand. and onto the bed. Mark put up a valiant fight but he was no match for his `little' brother. Steven was more powerful with one arm than Mark was with 2. Steven lets Mark make his effort for a few minutes. He tried to encourage him by hollering "Go little man, Go! Try to fight this muscle!" He then grabbed him across the stomach and chest with one massive paw and heaved him skyward with one hand. Steven held him over his head and pressed his back against the ceiling. He hollered out, "Only 1 hand, only 1 hand." He then `flew' Mark around the room like he was an airplane while making airplane noises. Mark put out his arms and pretended to fly. Mark said "Look at me! I'm Superman!" Steven stopped flying him around and brought him down to face level and said looked him in the face and said, "I think we know who the Superman is around here!"

With Mark back over over his head with one hand, Steven squatted down next to the bed and put his arm under Mark's bed. He stood up and lifted up the bed with one hand. Mark said "Wow. I think you're stronger than Superman!" Steven started to try to lift the bed over his head. It was kind of awkward to lift with one hand. It wasn't heavy to him at all, just awkward and unsteady. As he was doing this, he started to lose his grip on Mark. Mark started to slip out of Steven's hand. Steven grasped him a little harder in the chest to keep him from falling, but he heard a sickening crack. He had cracked a couple of Mark's ribs! "I'm really sorry, I really am. I didn't mean to." Steven said practically in tears! Mark said, "Damn you're strong! I know you didn't mean to you big lug. First put the bed back down, then go tell Mom & Dad that I fell out of it." Mr. Andrews came in and looked at Steven who hung his head but didn't say anything. Steven quickly got dressed and carried Mark out to the car for a trip to the emergency room. He cradled him in his massive arms. Mark felt like a small child instead of a 6' adult.

Steven celebrated his 12th Birthday. It had become something of a tradition to measure the children on the doorjamb on their birthdays. Steven hadn't really been measured since his last birthday. They were astonished the he was taller than the doorjamb. The door was about 6'6" and Steven was now 6'8". It took a trip to the Doctor's office to find out that his weight was up to 375 since their bathroom scale only went to 300 lbs. He had packed on 50 lbs. of muscle over the course of the year. For Steven's birthday, his present was a new King Size Bed. A couple of smaller twin size beds had crumpled under his massive frame (they might have had some help so that his parents would have to buy a bigger bed-it was a tight fit for 375 lbs. in a twin bed??) The new bed had extra supports to support Steven`s weight. Even a King Size Bed wasn't quite long enough for his 6'8" frame so an extension was added to support his now size 24 feet.

They even took some family pictures on his birthday. Everybody's favorite is the one with Steven with his shirt off and now 44" Biceps flexed and Mom sitting on one arm and Dad on the other. Steven almost had to force his Dad into the pose. Dad kept trying to go back into the house but Steven place one massive paw on his shoulder and wouldn't let him go until he got in the picture. Another interesting shot is with Mom & Dad on each shoulder and brothers Mark and Thomas on each arm (Ryan was working the Camera).

One day, Mrs. Andrews was entertaining some of her lady friends in the living room. Steven had been down in the basement working out and came upstairs, shirtless as usual. Mrs. Andrews called out to him, "Come in and say hello Steven." Steven stuck his head in the door and said "Hello Ladies." Mrs. Stevens said "Be polite and come in." Steven stood in shirtless in the living room among all of the ladies dressed in all their finery. Mrs. Robinson said "You must have grown a foot since I've seen you last! How tall are you now?" "6 feet 8 inches." Steven replied. Mrs. Andrews said, "Show them your muscle Steven." Normally Steven like to show off his muscles, but this was kind of weird doing it in the living room in front of a bunch of ladies! He flexed one arm for them. Mrs. Robinson said "Can I touch it? I`ve never seen such a big muscle before!" Steven said, "Sure. Go ahead. It`s 44 inches." Mrs. Robinson grabbed as much bicep as she could in her little hands. "My goodness, it's as hard as a rock! Come over and feel this Ethel." So Ethel Kravitz came over and felt Steven's bicep.

Mrs. Robinson said, "And look at the size of those hands and those feet! What size shoe do you wear Steven?" Steven replied "Size 24." Ethel Kravitz said "My boy Joey's got big muscles too. He lifts weights at a gym. He weighs about 200lbs!" Steven said "Can Big Joey do this?" Steven went over the piano, grabbed it in a bear hug and hoisted it onto his shoulder. Then he lifted it up over his head. Once he got it over his head, he removed one hand and stood holding the piano over his head with one hand! He flexed his the bicep on his free arm! It was an impressive sight to behold! Fortunately, the living room had high ceilings. The ladies all ooh'd and ahh'd. Mrs. Robinson said, "It must be nice to have a big, strong, strapping young man to help around the house." Mrs. Andrews said, "Yes it certainly is. He`s a big help. He lifts up the furniture for me when I vacuum." Steven said, "Can I go now?" as he stood there with the piano over his head. Mrs. Andrews said ,"Yes dear. Just put the piano back in the corner and you can go." As Steven walked out of the living room, Mrs. Kravitz said, "Damn, he's strong!"

Steven went upstairs to take a shower. A little while later Mrs. Robinson asked Mrs. Andrews for directions to the bathroom. "Upstairs, 3rd door on the left." Mrs. Andrews replied. Mrs. Robinson made her way upstairs and went into the 3rd door on the right, which happened to be the bathroom that Steven was using. He had just gotten out of the shower and was standing in front of the mirror blow drying his hair. Mrs. Robinson opened the door. With the noise from the blow dryer, Steven didn't hear the door open. Mrs. Robinson stood there transfixed by the sight! She had never seen such a well endowed muscular man before completely naked! She stood in the doorway and stared in admiration. After about 1 minute, Steven noticed her. "Mrs. Robinson!" he yelled. Steven grabbed a towel and covered up his front (a towel wasn't big enough to go all the way around him!). "I'll be done in a minute." Steven said. "Take your time!" Mrs. Robinson said. Steven said, "There's another bathroom across the hall." Mrs. Robinson said, "That's OK, I'll wait I'm in no hurry!"

When the Andrews family went out for an occasional dinner, it would be too costly to buy Steven 3 or 4 dinners to fill him up so before they left, he would have a few PBJs. An All-U-Can eat buffet opened near the Andrew's house. It was actually cheaper to give Steven money to go over there to eat than try to feed him at home! The manager just groaned with he saw Steven coming. They made an arrangement with the Andrews that saved the restaurant from bankruptcy and helped out the Andrews. If Steven would stay out of the buffet line, they would send the Andrews all of their leftovers, which they threw away anyway. It really was a win-win situation for everyone. Steven also consumed protein drinks by the gallon.

Ryan was home from college and had a few friends over. A couple of guys were on the football team. They were sitting around watching a football game on TV. Steven came up stairs from working out in the basement. As usual after a workout he was shirtless and sweaty. He said "Hi" and headed for the kitchen for a snack. One of Steven's snacks could be a meal for 2 or 3 people! One of Ryan's friends said, "Who is that monster?" "That's my `little' brother Steven. Can you believe he's only 12 years old?" Ryan's friends could not believe it.

Ryan called Steven into the living room. He came in and plopped in a chair, as best a 375lb person can plop! "Are you really only 12?" they asked. "Yes", Steven replied wearily. He sometimes (but not often) got tired of people making a big deal about his size. "Before you ask, 12 years old, 6'8" tall, 375lbs, size 24 shoe, 90" chest and 44" biceps" said Steven reciting the litany to eliminate any more questions! "And what they say about boys with big feet is true if you get my drift." Steven added. The 2 football players there were both about 6'+ and weighed about 230. "So you think you're pretty strong?" said one of the football players. "Stronger than you are you fucking runt!" Steven replied and flexed a bicep for him. Ryan said "He really is pretty strong you guys, one time he pinned all 3 of my brothers at the same time and he was only 7!. One of the football players stood up. "But he's only 12! I wrestled bigger guys than me and won before. It's all in the technique! Do you want to wrestle Kid? I'll take it easy on you!" he asked. "Steven said "I would but we're not allowed to wrestle in the house." "Well, let's go outside then." the football player said. "OK." said Steven. He knew he wasn't supposed to wrestle his brothers, but this wasn't a brother! They moved into the yard.

The football player stripped off his shirt and shoes. Steven stood there. The guy did a flying tackle and knocked Steven off his feet. Steven stood up, grabbed the guy around the chest and pulled him to the ground. He began squeezing and the football player began gasping for air. The other football player, seeing his friend in trouble ran to help. He grabbed Stevens's neck in a headlock. Steven let go of the 1st football player who just laid there gasping for air and turned his attention to the 2nd one. Steven broke the other guys grip around his neck and pinned his arms behind his back. Then Steven put one hand on the other guys neck and hoisted him up over his head. Steven spun him around a few times and tossed him across the yard. The 230b guy flew through the air about 30 feet and hit the wooden fence. The fence promptly fell over. By this time, the first football player had regained his breath. He stood up. When Steven turned around from his toss, the football player raised a leg and kicked Steven in the crotch with his size 14 sneaker. Steven just stood there. Due to the fact that he had on a jock strap and given the enormous size and musculature of his cock it was almost like he had gotten hit with a beach ball! Steven just laughed.

The football player than began punching Steven in the stomach. He landed blow after blow but Steven just stood there laughing. Finally Steven tired of the punching, more from boredom than anything. He grabbed the 2nd guy, hoisted him over his head, gave him a few twirls and tossed him across the yard to where his buddy was still lying. He landed in a heap. Steven then walked over, grabbed each one by the neck and lifted them over his head with one hand. "Remember I'm only 12!" Steven yelled He then began twirling them and shaking them around by the neck like they were rag dolls. He did a pom pom routine, except for the fact that the pom poms were 230lb men! At the end, he gave them a final throw across the yard where they landed in a heap. Steven inquired of the group that was standing there with their mouths open "Anybody else?" Steven asked. "I didn't think so." "Why don't you little guys fix the fence before you come back in?" Steven said as he climbed the steps back into the house. After Steven went in the house Ryan said, "Now you know why we have the rule about no fighting in the house!" One of Ryan's friends said, "Damn, he's strong!"

Steven continued his daily workouts. He never really told anybody how much he could lift partially because he wasn`t sure himself. If somebody asked, he'd say a lot! He still had problems getting enough weights to lift and finding heavy-duty bars to mount them on! He begged his parents to let him join a real gym but his father refused to part with the money for a membership.

One day Mr. Andrews left for work. He got out to the driveway and noticed that he had a flat tire. His boss was really hard on people who was late so he wanted to hurry and get it changed so he wouldn't be late for work. Mr. Andrews usually gave Steven a ride to school. Steven came out and sat on the steps while his Dad tried to change the tire. He was having problems with the jack. The more he hurried, the worse it go. "Need any help?" asked Steven. "Not from a 12 year old." replied Mr. Andrews. After a few more minutes of struggle, Steven asked again. Mr. Andrews said "NO. Stay out of it!" as he continued to struggle with the jack. After watching for a few more minutes, Steven stood up walked over to the back of the car, reached underneath to the frame and lifted the back end of the car off it's wheels. "Put that down before you hurt yourself. What did I tell you about lifting cars?" Mr. Andrews yelled. "Just change the Damn tire!" Steven yelled back. Mr. Andrews finally decided to go ahead and change the tire using the Human Jack. However he couldn't get one of the lug nuts off. He struggled and struggled. After several minutes of watching him struggle, without saying a word, Steven set the car back down, grabbed the lug wrench and gave it a twist to get it started. The wrench began to bend under the pressure from Steven's hands, but then the lug nut gave away and began turning. Then he went back to the rear of the car and hoisted it up again. He just sighed deeply. He muttered under his breath, "these damn puny people¼"

That night, Mr. Andrews was late coming home from work. He stopped at the bar (which he seldom did). When he came in later that night, he was really plastered. Steven was down the basement finishing up his workout. He heard his mother and father arguing. He then heard glass break. He went upstairs just in time to see his father raise his hand to strike his mother. He reached out and grabbed his father's hands in one of his massive paws and began squeezing. His father looked startled and fell to his knees. Steven then reached down with his other hand and grabbed his father by the neck. He lifted him off his feet with one hand and pressed his back against the kitchen wall. His father was now looking him straight in the eye. Steven said slowly "If you ever even THINK about hitting Mom again you will be sorry. Do you understand me?" Mr. Andrews nodded meekly. Then Steven raised back a huge fist and punched the wall next to his father's face. His hand and arm when completely through the kitchen wall and came out in the dining room. The hole was about 24" in diameter. Steven tried to pull his arm out, but it was stuck. Mr. Andrews snickered a bit. Steven then flexed his bicep, which caused it to expand, and free him from what was entangling him. Now the whole was 40" in diameter. Steven let his father drop to the floor and went back downstairs and pumped some more iron. •

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