By johnd7102000

A few weeks later, Damien's math class was getting ready for their first big test of the year. Damien was not stupid, but he didn't study much, preferring to spend his time lifting weights, playing football and other sports, hanging out with his jock friends and occasionally getting into (and winning) fights. He knew he had to pass the math test to stay on the football team. Jimmy was one of the smartest kids in the class, a real nerd but real smart. After class a few days before the test, Damien came up to Jimmy, put his big 16 inch arm around Jimmy's bony, narrow shoulders and said, "You gotta help me pass this test. I'm going to study with you tonight." Damien contracted his muscular arm, the force crunching Jimmy's little shoulders. This was an order, not a request, and Jimmy knew it. But Jimmy had been one of those boys who were in awe of Damien's body for several years and he had been lusting over Damien's big, ripped, weight trained muscles ever since school started. Jimmy was one of those boys who stared at Damien's muscles as the girls ran their hands all over Damien. He often wished that he could do the same thing, but as a boy that was out of the question. Sitting right behind Damien in class was about as close as Jimmy thought he would ever come to Damien's huge, buffed, young muscles. And it was sheer torture to see those big muscles flex in front of him. Oh how he wanted to touch that body. Now, he couldn't believe his good fortune to have his idol actually wanting to study with him tonight. Jimmy immediately invited Damien to study at his house. Damien couldn't start studying until after he had finished football practice, lifting weights and eating dinner, a huge dinner with lots of meat and carbohydrates to build and fuel his big, growing muscles. Damien never skipped a workout or a meal. He had his priorities straight and his massive, buffed body proved it. Damien arrived at Jimmy's house wearing a tank top and shorts. His tan body was glowing from football practice and lifting weights. He hadn't had a chance to take a shower, and his sweat gave his muscles a wonderful deep tan sheen. Jimmy almost gasped when he saw Damien at the door. Damien's shoulders looked incredibly wide in his tank top, his delts bulging out like striated melons. His face was gorgeous, as usual, and his muscular neck rose up from his thick, muscular traps. His massive pecs pushed out the thin fibers of his tank top, revealing tremendous cleavage between the two round globes of muscle and a striking striation of muscle fibers. His lats were unbelievably wide and thick, with the veins showing clearly under Damien's paper-thin, tan skin. His arms were incredibly big and muscular, the veiny biceps and cut triceps popping out clearly under his dark tan skin every time he moved them even slightly. His ass was round and firm, and his shorts hung low, exposing the tan top of his buns and his sexy ass crack. His hips were very narrow, making his shoulders look even broader. His massive legs strained against his shorts, which would have been very loose on a normal boy. His calves were big, cut and tan. Jimmy could just imagine the power of those legs and calves as they forced their way down the football field, crushing all that got in their way. "You like what you see, Jimmy?" said Damien, as he observed Jimmy devouring his body with his eyes. "Maybe you'll get to see more if you teach me good." Damien flexed his arms in a double-biceps pose. His biceps bulged, forming big, hard balls of muscle with each fiber showing clearly under his paper thin skin and the veins coursing over the muscle. His triceps rippled with size and power. Damien's 16 inch arms were the most awesome pieces of human flesh that Jimmy had ever seen. Flesh that was as hard as steel. Damien saw Jimmy's look of absolute wonderment and smiled. "You want to touch my muscle, Jimmy? You want to feel the size and hardness of this bicep?" Jimmy nodded, lifted his arm and touched Damien's right bicep with his fingers. Jimmy pressed his fingers down, but he couldn't make a dent in Damien's muscle, which felt like a rock. Damien said "Squeeze it as hard as you can." Jimmy wrapped his hand as far as he could around Damien's big bicep and squeezed with all his power, but he couldn't make the smallest impact on the solid, steel-hard muscle. "Is that muscle hard enough for you, Jimmy?" Jimmy nodded. "That's not all that's hard on this body," said Damien.. Jimmy's cock was rock hard and he reached for Damien's cock, but Damien grabbed his hand and said "You gotta teach me math first. I gotta stay on the football team."

The boys went upstairs to Jimmy's room and sat down together at his desk. There wasn't a lot a space, so they had to sit very close together, Jimmy's skinny leg touching Damien's huge muscular leg, Jimmy's bony shoulder touching Damien's massive, round, muscular delt and Jimmy's skinny little upper arms brushing up against Damien's huge, cut triceps. Jimmy went through the last three weeks' math lessons with Damien, doing some of the problems and letting Damien do some of them himself, providing help when Damien got stuck. Jimmy was actually a very good teacher and Damien really learned a lot. As they sat at the desk, the difference in size between Jimmy's scrawny forearms and Damien's massive, sinewy forearms was striking. Damien's forearms must have been about twice as big as Jimmy's and they were probably at least four times as strong. The same was true for Damien's upper arms. Jimmy's upper arms probably measured about nine inches, making Damien's upper arms a full six inches bigger and immeasurably stronger. Jimmy's cock was rock hard during the whole study session. Occasionally, he would touch Damien's forearm, bicep or pec, and Damien would flex the hard muscle for Jimmy. After they had finished reviewing the math, Damien said "You're a great teacher, Jimmy. I think I can pass the test thanks to you. Now you get your reward." At that, Damien stood up, ripped off his tank top and flexed his biceps. "Go ahead, Jimmy. They're all yours," said Damien. Jimmy was in absolute heaven. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would be able to actually touch and worship the young stud that he had so yearned for in class. Now this muscular young god was going to let Jimmy do whatever he wanted to those big, buffed muscles. How incredible! He rushed up to Damien and started feeling his ripped muscles with his hands and licking them with his tongue. He felt the enormous size and hardness of Damien's pecs, sucking the firm nipples and burrowing his nose in between the massive cleavage. He wrap ped both of his hands around Damien's right arm and squeezed as hard as he could, savoring the power of Damien's incredibly hard muscles as Damien contracted his huge bicep into a rock-like ball of massive muscle and then extended his arm, the fibers of his biceps remaining hard and striated under his thin skin even when extended. Jimmy tried to squeeze Damien's bicep as Damien flexed his arm again, but Jimmy's weak fingers couldn't make even a tiny dent in Damien's big muscle as it bulged into a hard ball under his tan skin. Jimmy felt the corrugated hardness of Damien's abs and the firm roundness of his hard, muscular ass. He wrapped his hands around Damien's oak-tree legs, feeling the amazing massiveness and hardness of his quads and hamstrings and the diamond shaped muscularity of his strong calves. He caressed Damien's huge delts, groaning in amazement at the tremendous density and size of the muscles capping Damien's shoulders, muscles that were over six times stronger than Jimmy's. He grabbed Damien's slab-like lats in his hands. He couldn't believe the thickness of the muscle and the way it formed such a beautiful V-shape on Damien's gorgeous body. He forced his nose into Damien's muscular armpit, smelling the wonderful sweat that Damien's big body had produced in football practice, weightlifting and now flexing for Jimmy. "You like my big muscles, don't you Jimmy?" Jimmy nodded. "I could tell by the way you looked at my muscles in class that you wanted to touch them, maybe even worship them." said Damien. "Well, I like to have my muscles touched and worshipped, especially by wimps like you. I really get turned on by flexing my big muscles, by seeing how big and buffed they are compared with your pathetic wimpy flab. I like the feeling of power and dominance that my muscles give me. I like the feeling of being a total stud. Suck my cock, Jimmy." At that command, Jimmy pulled down Damien's shorts and Damien's hard 8-1/2 inch cock popped out like a steel pipe. Jimmy started licking Damien 's big balls, one by one. Then he moved his tongue up to Damien's cock and licked every part of it, from the base to the big, round head. He smelled the sweat of Damien's crotch, the sweat of an incredibly muscular, young football jock. The sweat of a stud. Jimmy's hands felt Damien's shredded abs, his firm, round ass and tight ass crack, and his massive, powerful legs and calves. Damien's cock started twitching with extreme sexual excitement. Damien couldn't wait any longer, and Damien is never denied what he wants. Damien grabbed Jimmy's head and rammed his cock in Jimmy's waiting mouth, the head of his thick cock reaching far down Jimmy's throat. At first Jimmy thought he might gag, but his lust for Damien's big cock and his total sexual arousal from being overwhelmed by Damien's ripped muscles overcame any hesitation. He sucked Damien's cock violently, sometimes hitting the sides of the thick shaft with his teeth. This only excited Damien more and he thrust his cock in and out of Jimmy's mouth wi th incredible force. Finally, Damien grunted like an animal and his cock exploded inside Jimmy's mouth and throat, blasting huge spurts of jism into Jimmy's esophagus. Jimmy had become incredibly aroused as Damien's muscles flexed and tensed with every thrust of his huge cock into Jimmy's mouth and throat. Jimmy's hands felt the enormous power of Damien's abs, legs and butt as they pounded his cock into Jimmy's throat. Just as Damien's cock ejaculated with huge gushes of cum, Jimmy's cock exploded too, and spurt after spurt of white cum splashed out onto the floor of Jimmy's bedroom. Both boys experienced the pinnacle of sexual bliss. After several moments, Damien pulled his still-hard cock out of Jimmy's mouth and Jimmy kissed it gently. Then Jimmy kissed Damien's abs, his pecs, his biceps and his neck. Finally, Jimmy got up the nerve to kiss Damien right on the lips and he thrust his tongue deep inside Damien's mouth. Damien wrapped his big arms around Jimmy's little body and squeezed hard, not hard enough to injure Jimmy but hard enough for Jimmy to feel his enormous strength.

Damien received a B- on his math test. He was thrilled with his grade and was able to stay on the football team. (Of course, Jimmy got an A.) From this point forward until Damien and Jimmy graduated from high school, Jimmy tutored Damien for just about every test in every subject. Damien managed to keep a C+ average with Jimmy's help and therefore was able to play football and other sports, lift weights, hang out with his jock friends, get into (and win) fights, and fuck as much as he wanted, throughout junior high and high school. Jimmy felt he had died and gone to heaven. Every week or so, he was able to worship the growing muscles and cock of the most genetically superior boy he had ever known. Damien and Jimmy became fast friends. They were totally different - the jock and the nerd. Most of Damien's other friends were jocks just like him. But Damien and Jimmy had a special bond and the bullies in school quickly learned that if they tried to pick on Jimmy, they'd feel Damien's big fists in their gut with all the devastating force of his muscular shoulders, pecs and arms.

Damien continued to get bigger and stronger every month during junior high and high school. He started working out in the school gym and was soon the biggest and strongest boy in the whole gym. By the time Damien was 14 years old, he was 6' 1' and weighed 220 pounds of solid muscle. His cock was over 9 inches long and very thick. He was the biggest and strongest 9th grader in the whole state. He could bench press 375 pounds, military press 275, curl 225 and squat with 500 pounds. He was much stronger than any of the juniors or seniors in the school. He started on the varsity football team as a 9th grader and immediately became the star, playing both running back and linebacker. He made the all-city and all-state teams for four consecutive years and thanks to Damien, his high school team won the state championship for three out of those four years. Besides football, Damien wrestled and was undefeated in his weight class (which was heavyweight before he turned 14). His muscles were just so strong and Damien was just so aggressive that he completely overpowered and dominated the other wrestlers. Damien always wanted to win. His big muscles gave him the physical ability to crush the other boy into submission and his natural born aggression gave him the mental ability to completely dominate his opponent. Damien was also a champion shotputter and discuss thrower on the track team, setting state records in each event. He also loved to play other sports, including basketball where his huge but agile muscles made him almost invincible at power forward. Damien had a great time in high school. He was literally the king of the school - he ruled all of the boys and he fucked all of the cute girls. He was a stud. By the time Damien was a 17 year old senior, he was 6' 4' tall and weighed 250 pounds. He could bench press 500 pounds, military press 325, curl 275 and squat with 650, all for several reps. His cock was now 10 inches long and very thick. Jimmy just couldn't believe how big and powerful Damien was and how big his cock had grown. Damien loved to show off his huge, buffed muscles to Jimmy and he loved to have Jimmy worship them. After they had finished studying, he loved to have Jimmy suck his cock and he loved to fuck Jimmy's white little ass. Jimmy loved high school too.

Damien was recruited by just about every major college football team in the country. Thanks to Jimmy, he had kept up his grades and Jimmy tutored him so that he could do reasonably well on the SAT test. Damien decided to go to a football powerhouse university in the Midwest. He knew he was going to be a star there and he looked forward to playing running back in the NFL. He figured he'd be able to put on another 20 or 30 pounds of muscle in college and become one of the biggest, strongest, fastest, and most aggressive running backs in the history of college and NFL football. Damien was so genetically gifted that all this turned out to come true. Jimmy went to Harvard and became a doctor. His favorite course was human anatomy. He knew where every muscle was on the male human body. He had personally experienced seeing and touching muscles that were much more massive than, but just as cut and defined as, the muscles on the anatomy chart.

During his senior year in high school, Damien got a girl pregnant with his genetically superior sperm. He probably had gotten a lot of other girls pregnant, but this was the first one he knew about. Debbie was only 15. She was the best swimmer on the swim team and the star of the girls track team. She had blue eyes, light brown hair and tan skin, just like Damien's. She was beautiful and her athletic body was very muscular. She didn't want to get an abortion for religious reasons and she was too young to be a parent. Damien certainly had too many things going on in his life to be a father (other than biologically). So Debbie made arrangements with a 'private' adoption agency to have her baby adopted. The adoptive parents, Fred and Sharon, were two schoolteachers who already had a two year old son. Sharon couldn't have any more children and they wanted another child to play with their son George. Debbie thought the parents were nice, although they were awfully nerdy, not like her parents at all. B ut the arrangements were made, and when Debbie gave birth to a big, very healthy baby boy, Fred and Sharon adopted him. They were thrilled that the baby was so big and healthy and that their son George would now have a baby brother to play with. •

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