Conquest of Chad, The



By Tim

An interlude, really, until I can figure out what the heck is actually going to happen in this story and find a satisfying conclusion... sorry it's not longer…

I don't know how to put into words what's still happening to us, but I'll do my best.

We've been at Scott's place now for most of the day, and, if you looked at us when we'd arrived compared to now, you wouldn't believe we're the same guys.

I know I was more than six feet tall when I got here, but just to come into the bathroom I had to duck my head and keep it lowered just to see myself in the large mirror there.

I seem to have lost almost all my body hair, though a thick patch of pubes still crouches humbly at the base of my massive cock, hanging flaccid for the first time today and extending almost to my knees. My shaggy blond hair has a slight curl to it as it reaches my shoulders, and my eyes are a piercing hazel green, looking back at me from the mirror.

Chad, on the other hand, is rapidly becoming some kind of pure muscle beast. I've had to hide out in the bathroom just to take a break from his constant insistence for sex. When I left him, in the living room, he was taking care of his own needs, bending his head over his own eighteen-inch cock and slurping around the fist-sized head like cum was the only nourishment he needed, the thick cords of his neck standing out as his handsome, Neanderthal face opens hungrily to service his own fat cock. He hasn't spoken for the past few hours, and I don't even know that he can any more.

His body is as wide as mine is tall, and covered with soft dark hair which, in spite of coating every square inch of his massive frame, only emphasizes the loaded power of his muscular physique. His dark hair meets his beard, thick and heavy, his large, flat nose, just about the only hairless part of his body, separating his liquid green eyes beneath his ape-like brows.

Just thinking about him here makes my dick stir, and I get the jolt of erotic energy charging inside me again as my balls start churning incredibly in their low-hanging sac. I am starting to lose it again, and I'm leaning against the door heavily, the vast expanse of my heaving pecs rising and falling with each breath like square plates of living metal, little rushes of pleasure shooting from my nipples to my brain as I realize I'm still getting bigger. My chest is so big now that I have to look in the mirror to see my abs, and I run my long fingers over them, marveling at the sensation of actually having abs (Was it just this morning that I was thinking of myself as a flabby slob, trapped in the body that Chad has now definitely made his own?), much less the deeply-grooved washboard that runs down my smooth tapering torso to a cock that you wouldn't believe was real even if you were holding it in your hands.

This dick, now maybe two feet long (What are measurements, anyway? Chad's the only guy I can imagine taking this rod.) and still not hard. I'm putting my hands around it, and my mind is telling me that this is only going to get better as I start to stroke it, the image of Chad driving me onwards.

It's hard to remember that Scott has gone to hopefully find some help for us. It was all I could do to shove him out the door as Chad was fighting to get him undressed again, grunting and pawing at him while I tried to keep my mass between them. Lucky for me that Chad seems to respond to me, any slight sign that I might be unhappy only leads to Chad trying to get my tool up his hot hairy ass. I don't think Scott's ever going to be able to get all the cum out of the carpet of his apartment, since Chad and I seem to shoot buckets every time we orgasm.

I think we were enough of a distraction that Scott didn't even realize what his own body was going through when he left. After swallowing Chad's load, Scott complained of a weird tingling sensation, but he didn't seem to notice that his own lithe and slender frame was bulking up a bit. There must be something of that stuff in our cum.

Shit, now Chad is pounding on the door, and I know I'm going to open it. Probably a good idea to get out of the bathroom, anyhow, before I grow too big to get out without breaking the door.

I hope Scott gets back with some good news soon, or my little adventure with Chad is going to land us in some real trouble. There's no way either of us could even pass for normal human men, now, and I'm having a harder and harder time even wanting to.

Hurry, Scott, if you know what's good for you. •

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