Construction Worker, The

By myoder

I come over to your place and you're waiting for me. You're wearing a tee shirt so tight your massive arms stretch the sleeves to the bursting point. You flex your pecs at me and grin, rolling the gargantuan muscles beneath the fabric of the shirt. You tense you fist and the muscles in your forearmlook like tangled cables. Your cock twitches in your loose pants in anticipation of what you know is to come. You take me in your huge biceps, lifting my little body onto your arm and carry me effortlessly to another part of you penthouse. "I've been working on a few things lately," you say. "I've got a buddy who works construction who let me have a few items from his yard." You show me a set of weights constructed from massive tires and steel beams. "Each one of these weighs over half a ton." You lift one in one hand and start curling. You pump out rep after rep of curls in one hand then the other, your arms bulging each time you do. "Fuck," you whisper," I could do this all day. Look at how huge these guns are getting!" You put the weight down and flex your biceps in a pose that would make men and women cum. The peak of your biceps is so large that the sleeve can't contain it and a tear develops over your expanding shoulders. You flex your pecs and the shirt tears open more, revealing your massive pecs, fared and bulging. Your cock stirs as you exercise your magnificent power and muscle control. You tighten your neck and the shirt snaps open, veins popping and thick striated muscle from your thick traps explode out. The remnants of the shirt falling to the floor revealing the freaky size of your bloated, massive muscles. You turn your back to me and pick up a reinforced steel I-beam, the kind used to construct office towers. "Get naked for me and watch this," you say. I undress slowly, revealing my slim, tight muscles and my growing cock. "Mmmm, I like that, " you whisper. You grasp the ends of the i-beam and begin to exert your superhuman power. YOur forearms and triceps expand and bulge, your cock grows harder as you feel your power. The i-beam begins to lose its strength and the middle buckles and bends. "YEAH!" you shout through gritted teeth as the beam bends in half in your powerful grasp. YOu strain a little harder and the ends of the beam meet. "FUCKING POWER!!!" you shout as the beam twists like a pretzel. "Come here and feel these arms, man!" I put my hands on your huge bulging biceps and forearms, my cock about to explode. The muscles are huge and hot. You drop the i-beam and flex those massive arms in front of my face, my tongue licking every swollen powerful inch of your massiveness. I moan in excitement. With a mind of its own your cock stretches the loose pants you wear until they can't tkae any more pressure and the cotton fabric rips open loudly. Free from the constraint your huge hard cock bounces and flexes as I continue to lick and stroke your huge guns. "Yeah, baby! Feel those muscles! Feel those arms that can bend a fucking i-beam!" My cock is so hard as I start to rub it against your rock ahrd thigh, thighs bigger than most men's waists. I moan over and over and you continue to flex every muscle for me - double biceps, side chest, most muscular poses that defy possibility. I can't contain myself anymore and I start to shoot. You put your massive bicep between my thighs and my cum showers your shoulders. Wave after wave of cum spurts from my cock over your pecs and shoulders as you flex your bicep, my ass riding the mountain of muscle. Your own cock starts to throb madly, and soon, knowing that I worship your power and size, that feeling your superhuman arm against m,y ass has made me shoot without even touching myself, you shoot a huge load of hot white cum almost across the room, you flexing never stopping as you feel your control and power over my sex. •

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