Conquest of Chad, The



By Tim

A new point of view here... more to come, as soon as I can figure out where it's going´┐Ż

I couldn't figure out what the hell was going on here. I mean, sure, I gave Dan the recipe for this stuff that one of my Wiccan friends had given me, but, this was totally beyond what was supposed to happen! Dan shows up, trapped in this total muscle-head body, and the guy, Chad, that he traded with, was in Dan's body.

But something else had happened. They kept trading personalities, which I'd never heard of. And they were changing.

Even in the few minutes they'd been here, this muscle guy's body had gotten bigger than any guy I'd ever seen, and I'm not into big guys at all. Seriously, never been into big guys, but at the sight of Dan in this hard, huge body all I could think of was getting that giant cock in my mouth!

And Chad, now in Dan's old body? Jesus, I'd only seen Dan last night. Now, his body looked maybe 22 at the oldest, and swollen with new hard muscle all over, and covered with swirls of dark hair that matched the rough of his sable beard. Unable to control myself, I'd just swallowed the biggest load of cum from that cock of his, which I know from experience used to be a nice seven inches or so, maybe. Now it was an easy ten or eleven inches, I'm guessing, and he'd shot so much I was feeling completely full, warm and sated.

I was having real trouble keeping my balance as well, feeling some weird tingling all over my body.

Now, as I was looking lustfully at Chad (in Dan's body), still running his big hands through all that body hair, it seemed as if I could see him growing still!

His beard (which I would never have admitted to Dan had been kinda patchy, at best) was full and lush and dark, his amazing musculature not the least obscured as the growth spilled down his neck to connect with the rug of thick chest hair, and cascading down to that huge, uncut (!) cock.

Wait a minute, Dan had been circumcised! When did his foreskin grow back?

I looked over to Dan, in Chad's body, as he stood up. Damn, he was at least six and a half feet tall! At least!

And where Chad had become a hairy, bestial sex god, Dan was smooth, a granite mountain of polished muscle, gleaming almost from the shine of the sweat that our sex had produced.

I watched them both take stock of their new bodies.

Dan lifted his behemoth arms, muscles nakedly undulating beneath his glowing skin, veins riding like pulsing cords over the unstoppable current of pumped and growing muscle. His hair, which had been a short thick blond crew cut, had grown out to a shaggy length over his ears, even though the tracings of stubble had faded from his cheeks, and he looked at me in wonder, his eyes a stunning golden hazel color.

Chad, by contrast, didn't seem to be that much taller, but his torso was easily wider than any of the doors in my apartment. His arms extended like powerful jack-hammers from the cannonballs his shoulders had become. His pecs were heaving in the air as he took deep breaths, and I watched him grow even bigger!

He roared, a loud sound in the closed space of my little apartment, and Dan joined him, a sound that made the floor under my feet vibrate with my pounding heart.

"Fuck, man," Dan said, his voice reaching beyond mere words, ringing in my head. "Scott, what is happening to us?"

I could barely take my eyes off Chad, though. More and more hair had grown in, amazingly keeping up with him as his skin stretched to cover more and more muscle, his lats raising his arms farther and farther away from his sides. Chad's hair hung wildly over his face, his heavy brow raised in astonishment as he looked up at me with almost feral green eyes. The thick fur of his groin could do nothing to hide the beast sprouting there, his uncut cock hanging lower and thicker, dripping precum even though he was maybe half hard.

"Scott?" the voice in my head rumbled again. I turned to face Dan.

He came toward me, and for a moment I was panicked, feeling like he might crush me. But even if that were true, I was instantly frozen by his face. It was like some porn illustrator's concept of an angel, and I stood still has Dan reached out and took hold of me, one of his hands easily wrapping around me and drawing him to me like I was a doll.

I became aware that I was naked, feeling all the more tiny as Dan pulled me up to face him at eye level, sitting me on his knee as he kneeled down. His own dick, ever hard, was rising up at me, as well, but it was so huge I couldn't do anything but stare at it, the fist-sized head rubbing against my chest as he held me.

"Can you do anything?" he asked me.

"I don't know," I managed to stammer after some time. "This is way beyond me, Dan."

Chad lumbered over to us, pushing me aside lightly as he went for Dan's cock, greedily wrapping his lips around the head.

"Oh, god," Dan moaned, and he managed to set me down as he spread himself out, giving Chad easier access. Chad seemed to have lost any interest in speaking. He was producing only a series of grunts which made it clear that he was definitely enjoying himself.

Dan was losing himself to the ecstasy (who could blame him?), but managed to give me a look that said, "HELP!" before his eyes rolled up into his head and he succumbed to Chad's ministrations.

I backed away, watching as Chad once again positioned himself to take Dan's slick pole up his ass, the wild abandon as this hairy muscle stud eagerly shoved himself down as the insane length of Dan's cock slid into Chad's accommodating hole.

Like being caught up in a tide, I felt a wave of lust break over me, and I looked down to see that I'd been stroking myself for a while. My free hand was rubbing over my smooth chest, and I was feeling more and more turned on every second. I was poised on the brink of orgasm. With every ounce of will I had, I pulled my hand away.

If I was going to help these guys, I was going to need help. But who? •

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