Conquest of Chad, The



By Tim

I couldn't help it; watching Dan standing there in my old body, now swelling up bigger every minute with muscle I'd only ever dreamed of having, was overwhelming all my senses. I looked down at myself, at what had been Dan's old body, and I felt that same strength coursing through my veins, pulling at the hot throbbing center in my groin, this cock rising steadily into my hands, my short wide fingers bristling with new hair growth, which only made me feel hotter. I could feel the pleasant itch of my fur spreading across my heaving pecs, my bigger nipples joining in the fight with the tightening fabric of this T-shirt.

Finally, I couldn't take it any more; I had to see my dick right now, and I undid the buttons on these tight jeans with some effort, hauling my meat out and stroking it slowly as it extended longer and longer, all the while listening to Chad... I mean, Dan... explaining to his skinny, sexy friend, Scott what had happened to us.

I looked over to see Dan bursting out of those sweats, and my energy doubled. Fuck, I'd never been this horny before, even when I'd done some experimental `roids back in college.

I heard Dan roar as he tore away the last of his clothes, and I looked over to see Scott trying to take as much of Dan's monster cock down his throat as he could. I had to get in on this action!

I peeled myself out of my jeans as best I could, tearing the seams a bit as I worked them over my tight calves, the hardened, hairy diamonds flexing as I lifted my legs to pull my pants over them, each flex matching the throbbing of my engorged member as I finally kicked them away.

Scott was working hard on Dan's enormous cock, trying to take as much of it as he could, and I could hear both of them moaning in unison as I pulled my shirt over my head and looked down at my body for the first time in a while.

My chest, even Dan's old chest, was a little hairy, but this was fucking ridiculous!

From the nape of my neck and all the way down, my chest was a forest of dark, silky hair, so thick I could curl it around my thick, hairy digits. Running my heavy hands through the hair on my tits and over my cobblestone abs was like feeling a smoothly-rocked riverbed through warm water, reaching down to where my aching penis was thrusting out from the tangled fur of my pubes, and then the river of manly growth spread like dark luxury across the steel muscle of my thighs.

Any feeling of loss for my old body was fast vanishing like smoke on the water of my new libido, and it took me a few seconds to realize that, in the space of a few hours, this once-flabby body had reformed itself, easily catching up to the kind of shape I'd been in only this morning! I hefted my hairy arms into the air in a double biceps, and nearly came when I realized that the peaks of these ultra-masculine muscles were probably an inch or two bigger than what I had proudly suffered daily for at the gym.

And now, Scott was pulling Dan to the floor, trying to worship as much of that body as possible. A body that I didn't even recognize any more as my own; but I knew I couldn't let him map out that Atlas alone. I thundered over to him, feeling new weight even since I'd sat down only minutes before.

With an animal grunt, I shoved Scott away, and, taking Chad's spit-lubed cock in my hairy paws, I squatted over this giant's heaving pelvis and took his entire rod into my newly-furred ass, groaning with wordless pleasure as I felt every inch of my man slide into me.

Scott, lost in erotic bliss himself, recovered his balance and came to face me, running his hands through my lengthening beard and stroking my eyebrows (were they thicker, too? In my haze of lust I was barely aware that my brow seemed to be heavier than it was.) before dipping his head to the only cock available: mine.

I kept a rhythm going, feeling my ass sliding up and down Dan's enormous pole while this smaller man went to work on my own pent-up balls and dick.

I looked down to see Dan as he tried to complete the circle, bending his neck down (how big was his torso?) to work his long tongue into Scott's eager ass.

"I'm gonna shoot, guys," he grunted, and I could feel a wave of tension travel up the length of his body and make the long journey down his still-expanding rod.

I grunted in assent, looking down at the long-haired guy still expertly pleasuring my cock and knowing I'd be right behind Dan.

We all tensed up for moment, and I felt the luxurious warmth of my new lover pumping his hot seed into me, cumming what felt like gallons, and my hungry ass trying to swallow it all as I simultaneously felt my own pendulous balls pull up beneath me and send a charge down my swollen cock.

I held Scott's head against me as I shot, feeling spurt after spurt of my jism fill his mouth. Even if he'd wanted to pull away he couldn't have, and I held him there as I felt him swallow as much as he could, some of my cream running out of the corner of his mouth to pool on Dan's washboard ten-pack.

I stayed where I was, trying to hold Dan's still-hard cock inside me, for as long as I could, but I could tell that Scott didn't have our stamina, so I gently pulled him up and really got my first good look at him.

Not too bad; younger than Dan (or younger than Dan had been), with a handsome pale face and luminous blue eyes, his dark ringlets falling shaggily around his face and a trim soul patch just below his small pouty mouth. Handsome, if a little skinny. Without thinking, I kissed him, tasting a spicy mixture of sweat and my own cum that made my groin stir incredibly.

"Wanna get up, little guys?" Dan asked, his voice lowered into a register that made you feel it in your chest as well as hear it.

I helped Scott to his feet and we stood up, letting Dan heave his mountainous form onto one elbow as he wiped my excess cum off his abs with a finger, tasting it with a grin.

Scott, still in a kind of haze, stumbled a few steps back, shaking his head as if trying to clear it. Dan and I looked at him, questioningly.

"I don't know what's going on, guys," he said, finally. "But I can't say it's all bad."

They started laughing, and I did, too, but I wasn't sure exactly what I was laughing about. My mind was a little fuzzy. I could feel my legs beneath me, and looked down with pride at the hair that was covering more and more of my body.

"What's happening, Chad?" Dan asked, and I watched Scott's eyes go wide as they looked over at me. A wave of pleasure swept me into a deeper fog. I knew I should be worried, looking at their shocked expressions, but I felt too damned good to care. •

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