Conquest of Chad, The



By Tim

Hey guys; this may be the end of the story... not sure yet. Let me know if anybody's enjoying the ride, so far... Happy New Year, everybody!

It took everything I had to keep my hands off this body, much less off my old body, which, on Chad, was getting hunkier by the minute. He was wearing an old pair of Diesel jeans I hadn't been able to fit into for two years, and I'd helped him trim his beard back so the lush growth was a short, velvety frame around his otherwise smooth face.

As far as getting me dressed, that was a bigger chore. Finally I found a huge sweatshirt someone had given to me as a Christmas gift, and pair of ragged sweats. All of this was almost uncomfortably tight, stretched across my swelling muscles, and the obscene bulge of my dick as it wrapped around my thigh and stretched toward my hip.

Luckily, Scott was at home, when I called. I couldn't tell him what was going on, but I think he probably had some idea. I told him to sit tight, and we were headed there as quickly as I could drive.

I made Chad sit in the back seat, just to be safe, and I could tell his own erotic desires were almost uncontrollable. I watched in awe as he ran his hands across his chest and stomach, remembering that the body he was in had been embarrassingly out of shape only this morning. I could feel his presence behind me, smell his scent, and I had to roll down the windows because the erotic musk of him was making my mind fog up.

"God, I'm so horny," Chad moaned from behind my ear. "I don't know what you did to me, but this body's really starting to feel like home, big guy."

My own voice coming from behind me was such an instant turn-on, but I knew what he was talking about. Unlike my brief time as Scott, which was great, this was feeling better and better as the day wore on. I cracked the knuckles of my hand over the steering wheel, and I could barely remember what the feeling of my old, smaller hands had been like. The weight of my tight and heavy thighs as I let off the clutch was another aphrodisiac, and I felt my monster rod stiffen in my pants as I turned the corner and pulled into Scott's driveway.

Under any other circumstances, I would've thought it was hilarious to see the look on Scott's face when he opened the door.

Dressed as usual in his hipster clothes, Scott was a picture of rocker-cute, always carefully mussed. What was unusual was his gape-mouthed expression when he saw me standing uncomfortably in his doorway, a hulking muscle monster in sweats that were getting tighter by the second, and not just from my almost-painful erection.

"Mind if we come in, Scott?" I boomed, hearing my voice echo down the hallway of his apartment building.

He had to crane his head around me to see Chad standing there in my old body. I dared a look back, and saw me standing there. Well, a me that was probably 10 years younger than I looked that morning, and looking like every other minute had been spent in the gym. My old body was looking less like a gymnast's and more like a junior bodybuilder. I felt that animal drive welling up in me again, and tried to turn my attention back to Scott, who, I realized, was talking to me.

"--that you?" he finished. I could tell he wanted to reach out and touch me, so I flexed my chest almost involuntarily, feeling the fabric start to tear around my armpits.

"Sorry?" I asked.

"Dan," he tried again. "Is that you?"

I smiled sheepishly, looking down at my friend.

"This is Chad," I introduced the man now in possession of my body. It was time for him to gawk again as he moved back, ushering us into his apartment. Chad was lost in his body again, I could tell, and I only let myself use my fingertips to navigate him inside, catching his musk as he moved past me to study himself again in the vanity mirror hanging in Scott's hallway.

"Damn, Dan," Scott started. "What the hell did you do?"

"This stuff shoulda worn off a while ago, shouldn't it?" I tried to control the panic in my voice. It seemed like Chad was ultra-sensitive to whatever mood I was in, and I didn't want to frighten the kid.

"How much did you guys drink?"

"Well, I mixed it up like you told me, and then I put it in my quart-sized water bottle, mixed up with some water."

The color drained from my friend's face.

"Oh, geez," Scott said. "You're not supposed to put water in it. That makes it stronger, or something."

"What do you mean, `or something?' I thought you knew what this stuff was, man," I ran my hands through my hair, feeling the massive pump of my biceps push the sweatshirt material to its limits, tiny tears forming over the peaks. I was going to lose it soon.

Chad looked at me, my own green eyes searching this new face I wore. Was he getting taller, too?

"Scott, you gotta help us. I don't wanna scare you, but I don't feel like this stuff is going to wear off any time soon. I mean, Christ, look at me!"

"I'm having a hard time taking my eyes off you, friend," he said, finally giving in and running his long fingers down my arm. I shivered at the contact, flexing again, sending audible tears down the sides and back of my shirt.

"Fuck," I said, more in pleasure than from the loss of the shirt. I tore the rest of the shirt from my torso, getting a first look at the mass I'd put on just since leaving the house. Damn, I was fucking huge! I'd never seen anybody built like this outside the bodybuilders on ESPN, maybe not even there.

"Chad's body wasn't like this when we made the swap," I told Scott, trying to hold back the erotic waves that were washing over me harder and harder. "We've both been... changing."

"Jesus," was all Scott could manage.

"And that's not all," I said, feeling my voice rumbling deeper in my chest, sending waves of pleasure even down to my swollen nipples. I looked at Chad, now sitting on the couch, and saw him unzip his pants, reaching one hairy arm into his jock to stroke himself, and licked my lips. "We keep losing our personalities. I keep forgetting that I'm not actually Chad, Scott. You gotta help us."

Dan-- no, Chad-- on the couch was lost in his own masturbation, finally pulling his hot meat out of his tight jeans and stroking it, and another wave hit me. At that point, my thighs swelled again, the seams of my sweatpants giving way to the mass of my legs, and I groaned in ecstasy as I used my big mitts to tear the offending cloth from my body. I had to be naked, and now!

My underwear had already torn beneath the pants, and I fairly roared with triumph as my cock became the only focus of my attention. Now it stretched to almost a foot from my body, arching majestically over my billiard-sized balls, and I easily put both my hands on its length, the flaring head still beyond my grasp!

"Aaarrgh!" I shouted. "I gotta cum, man."

I looked at Scott, and he seemed lost in astonishment, like he was feeling the same thing I was. Wordlessly, Scott fell to his knees, and I gladly stepped forward to press my steel-hard rod into his waiting mouth. •

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