Conquest of Chad, The



By Tim

What was happening to me? I knew this wasn't quite right, but I couldn't find the words to argue with Chad.

He handed me the protein powder and I took it like it was diamonds or something, clutching it with my hands as I turned to stare at us, standing there, in the mirror.

Chad was my height and all, but he looked so much bigger standing there, his muscles pumped and straining against the tight gym clothes he was wearing. He took in the sight, too, flexing an arm as he ran his hands through his short blond hair. I let myself lean against him lightly, but he pushed me to my feet again, telling me to get out of there, he had another client.

I walked out of the gym in a daze, but not before Chad told me he'd be coming by my place when he finished, and my heart skipped a beat as he and the girl at the front counter scheduled me in for appointments for every day of the week. When she asked if I would be putting the time on my gym account, Chad just said I was going on his private list. Whatever that meant, I guess it was a good thing, because he winked at me over her shoulder, and I felt my erection jump in my baggy shorts, only reminding me that we'd had to throw out my torn underwear.

I felt Chad's meaty hand on my shoulder as he walked me out to my car, and he turned to see that no one was watching as he slid his tongue into my mouth once more.

"Drink that protein drink when you get home, Dan." was all he said as he turned away, and I watched the amazing muscles of his ass through his shorts as he re-entered the gym. I started the car and drove home, feeling like I should take a nap as soon as I did what he told me to do.

I got home, and even though this was my apartment and everything seemed normal, something felt not quite right about me being here. I shrugged it off, though, since I was still reeling from sex with Chad. I had definitely not planned on THAT happening. Had I?

I was sure I'd be sore as hell tomorrow from the workout, in more ways than one, and I stroked myself to cumming once more as I showered off, my hands rubbing over my belly and my ass, imagining what it'd be like to have a body like Chad's.

I stepped out of the shower, and caught sight of my flabby reflection in the mirror. Not too bad, I thought, but it'll get better fast. I chuckled to myself as I leaned forward to get a closer look.

Suddenly, everything came flooding back, and I realized what had happened. I had to grab the side of the shower to keep from stumbling over. Fuck, I was Chad! What the hell had happened to me?

Dan's reflection still stared back at me in the mirror, and we blinked at each other stupidly. I wanted to say something out loud, but I was afraid to, knowing it'd be Dan's unfamiliar voice coming out of my mouth. I watched my pale furry chest heaving up and down with my panic, and held my smaller hands out in front of my eyes. I ran my shorter fingers over the slight swelling muscles of my arms, and across my nipples, shuddering with familiar pleasure.

Finally, I stood up again, facing my new reflection, leaning forward to touch my full lips and beard, seeing myself through bright green eyes before looking down and realizing that my penis (wasn't his dick smaller than this?) was rigid and dripping precum onto the tiled floor. Why was I so horny?

Without thinking, I took my new cock (at least this part wasn't so bad, Dan's cock stretched out an easy 8 inches in my hands) and began stroking it as I started to enjoy the feeling of being in this body. My nipples seemed more sensitive than ever, and I pinched one between the fingers of my left hand while I kept stroking with my right. I was getting pretty close.

"Oh, yeah," I moaned, to no one but myself, but the sound of my twangy rich voice echoing off the walls made the scene even hotter.

"Yeah, gimme that hot Texas dick!" I shouted to my reflection as I came.

I ended up shooting all over the mirror, copious amounts of cum that dripped onto the floor. It struck me as odd that I was able to cum so much, but that was the last thing I wanted to question.

I trudged back into the kitchen (nice apartment, by the way). I know I should have been panicking, but my mind was still too foggy to try to make too much sense out of what had happened. I knew Chad (Dan, goddammit, Dan was in my body!) would be coming here later, and I wanted to do what he had told me to. It didn't seem wise to go against his wishes if I wanted to get back into my own skin again.

I fixed the protein drink, a thick, malty shake that tasted really good (hey, it's not like I haven't had one before; guess it's just new to this body), and then crashed on the sofa.

I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. •

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